Don (1978){HD} Hindi Full Movie – Amitabh Bachchan – Zeenat Aman – 70’s Movie-(With Eng Subtitles)

By | February 27, 2020

Have you brought the gold, don? I have brought all the
gold you asked for, Raj Singh. Money can buy gold
from the market, don. Why would we come here? Give that gold to me. Throw that briefcase here! Aren’t you scared of death,
Raj Singh? Those threats are of no use, don.
Throw that briefcase here. Or else.. All right. I’ll forget
this gold worth a million. But I’ll certainly remember you. Here you are. As an officer from Interpol.. I have worked with the
police force of many countries. This is my first visit to India;
it’s a new country for me. But the names of the
people in this file.. ..aren’t those we
have never heard before. They’re a gang of
international smugglers. Gold, silver, drugs..
they’re into everything. They are wanted by the
police in many countries. They have even been arrested.. But due to lack of
evidence he escapes.. ..punishment from the court. According to our information.. ..they have now made
Bombay their headquarters. What are the prominent
names in the file, Mr. D.S.P..? One moment, Mr.
Malik. I’ll read out the names. Shyam Narang, Ranjit Thakur,
Harihar Jariwala, Atmaprakash.. ..and the most dreaded
of these criminals.. Don. Cheers gentlemen. Don! Why have you shot him?
What harm had he done to you? Will Rajesh come alive
if I tell you, Narang? But there must’ve been a reason! Yes, sweetheart. There is a reason.
Look at his feet. I didn’t like the sight
of the shoes he wore. You hated his shoes, did you?
You have shot a competent man.. Ramesh, take off that
shoe from his left foot. Now turn the heel around. Go on. My God! It has some papers! Mac. This chap was actually a cop,
Narang. He was a police informer.
Look at this. All the information
against us and the numbers. Make me another drink, please. You fool! Mr. D’Silva. The fact that he was an
informer was known to you, to me.. ..and to those officers
who were present at the meeting. Right? – Sure. And they could still discover
that he was an informer. Mr. Malik. Don’t entertain the idea that.. of my officers
are involved with them. I know my boys. Okay.. but couldn’t one
of them be involved with us? Anyway. – What time is it? – 3 p.m. Nice watch.
A saw one in a shop at Geneva. I couldn’t buy it..
it was too expensive. It was presented to me by a friend. Good. Good bye Mr. D’silva. Bye. Who’s that? – Roma. Hello Kamini! I’m glad you’re here, Roma. You’re the only one who
can make your brother see reason. Hi! Hi! What’s wrong now? Have you changed your mind again? You don’t know them. If they as much as suspect
that I’m planning on quitting them. You don’t know Don. I don’t want to know him either.
Before they can suspect anything,.. Kamini and you will
be thousands of miles away. Here are the tickets. I’m your sister, Ramesh.. You must listen to me. Don? Yes Narang. Ramesh is trying to run away. I see. He could prove to be dangerous
for us, if he escaped. It’s dangerous to let him live. We mustn’t be careless. I have never been careless, Narang. I can see that. We have more enemies than
friends in this profession, Don. It’s risky for you to be
a sauna- bath in these hotels. Yes. Who’s it. Don. Taxi! To the airport, driver. Quick! Quick! Why have you stopped? You don’t know them. If they even suspect that
I’m planning on quitting them.. You don’t know Don. Don! Good. What are you staring for?
– What was the name? Sonia. – Yes.. Sonia. There is this species
of girls I don’t like, Sonia. Girls who take their
own time in giving in to me.. ..and those who throw
themselves at me. And I have thrown myself at you,
haven’t I? We didn’t even know
each other four hours ago. And here we are,
sharing a room in this hotel. Why? Having met you, I felt as if
I have always been looking for you. I find this romantic
stuff very boring, Sonia. But I speak the truth. You may tell everything
about the Sun and the Moon.. but never know about
what goes on in a girl’s mind. I’m not interested
in a girl’s mind. Which is why I’m still alive. Oh God! Getting late. How about another drink?
– Some other time baby. Hello police station?
D.S.P D’silva. This is Kamini here! Yes, he’s here! At Hotel Blue Gem. He’s about to leave. No.. hold him there for some time.
We’re coming over. Auntie! I’ll be coming home in a while,
I say! Don’t get worried. I’m fine ok, bye. That’s my aunt! She worries
herself sick when I’m late. In that case, bring her
along when you meet me next. Stay a while, Don.
What’s the hurry? What can keep me
here any longer anyway? “This heart of mine..
it’s crazy about my lover” “Crazy, it’s crazy..
it’s crazy about love” “I very well know how to
scorch myself in the fires of love” “It’s difficult for
you to escape, darling” “This heart of mine..
it’s crazy about my lover” “This heart of mine..
it’s crazy about my lover” “A heart is fulfilled
when it meets a heart it seeks” “Love is fulfilled when one
lays down her life for her love” “A heart is fulfilled
when it meets a heart it seeks” “Love is fulfilled when one
lays down her life for her love” “I will have your
life for a life that was” “This heart of mine..
it’s crazy about my lover” “Crazy, it’s crazy..
it’s crazy about love” “Every moment,
a storm rages in my heart” “I have reached my goal;
the goal I aspired for” “Every moment,
a storm rages in my heart” “I have reached my goal;
the goal I aspired for” “You will never forget
how our hearts clash” “This heart of mine..
it’s crazy about my lover” “Crazy, it’s crazy..
it’s crazy about love” “I very well know how to scorch
myself in the flames of passion” “It’s difficult for
you to escape, lover” “This heart of mine
is crazy about my lover” “This heart of mine
is crazy about love” Your aunt seems to have brought
a lot of your uncles downstairs. Don! Give yourself
up to the police! Don! Before the police drag you away.. ..and before you are hanged
for the people you have killed.. I must tell you that
I came here with you,.. ..and allowed your dirty hands
to fondle my body only because.. ..I wanted to avenge the
death of my fiance, Ramesh. Ramesh? Who’s that? Smart man, aren’t you? The police have found
your Fingerprints in the cab. Oh! I see. Don! This is the last warning! So you are.. Ramesh’s fiancee. No one will open fire..
I want Don alive. That’s an empty revolver, Don. Very smart. Let’s go, Don.
The police are waiting for you. Never mind. The cops in eleven
countries are waiting for me. But let me tell
you something, Sonia. It’s not just difficult to nab Don.
It’s impossible. You mean you can escape?
– Of course. You know the revolver
is not loaded. So do I. But the cops don’t know that. You have been surrounded. This is the last warning. An attempt to escape
will be futile. Just give yourself
up to the police. Hold it Don. You can’t escape. D.S.P. Will I have to tell you
that if you try to stop me.. ..this girl dies? Be a wise man, Don. Surrender. It’s a predicament, D.S.P. I’m not in the habit
of being arrested. It isn’t in the girl’s interests
for you to advance towards me. So, why don’t beware you are? Ok. The police found this wallet
and two plane tickets in .. .. the pocket of the deceased. The tickets were in the
names of Ramesh and Kamini. The deceased was found
wearing this shirt. Where did they find Kamini’s body?
– At Ghodbunder Road. Her hands were tied. She seemed to have been
pushed out of a running car. Inspector! Having seen this, I’m sure my
brother and his fiancee are dead. Here’s some money, doctor. Please have their bodies
cremated after the post- mortem. Thank you. Was this man your brother?
Miss Roma. Don’t you want to see
his face one last time? No, doctor. What will I gain from it? I have just to see to
the man who killed my brother. You?! You want to learn
Karate and Judo? – Yes. I see. How did a beautiful girl like you.. interested
in Judo and karate? Whom are you out to kill? The one who killed my brother. It isn’t for a delicate darling
like you to learn judo and karate. This gorgeous body
is meant to be loved. Take my suggestion.. Good! You have passed
the first test. Judo and Karate helps those.. ..who are determined to fight back. I wanted to see just
how courageous you are. Will you..?
– I will teach you everything. That’s the first lesson. Never offer your hand
to someone carelessly. Okay? We have a warrant in your name,
Miss Roma. In my name?
– Yes. We’ve been looking for you. What have I done? You are accused of murder. You must accompany
me to the police station. Murder? .. Murder! Miss Roma. Roma! Give that pistol to me! You can’t escape! Till I have accomplished my goal,
the police can do nothing to me! Now look; Let me tell you.. Stop it. Raja! You need not look behind. Just start the engine
and begin driving. I want to get out of here. Consider us to be
your friends, lady. We can help you. There are cops ahead.
Get down that seat. Narang sir. This isn’t a joke, is
it? What use is this girl for us? Vikram. You wouldn’t have said that
had you seen her shoot at the cops. Vikram,
I’m telling you she’s great. Even a cat leaps at
you when it’s trapped. I could flatten out
ten girls like her.. Just a moment please. Very good. Narang, I saw and heard everything. This girl is dangerous and deadly.
She’s a wild cat. And I’m fond of wild cats. Keep her. You will work with us. Thank you, Don. Have you been paid? Thank you.
– Good. No one must know
of the drama we played. Should anyone squeal.. I will not use fake bullets nor
will you shed ketchup for blood. We might be actors, sir.
But we do have a conscience. All right. You may go now. Thank you.
– Ok sir. – Thank you. Bye. You have passed the second test. Thank you. An ace.. a king and a queen. My turn to deal?
– Sheikh hasn’t called yet, Don. He will. Don’t worry. You take everything so lightly. Narang here. – Tarachand here.
I’ve received word. He’ll be at Silver Beach by 11:30 11:30 sharp. 11:30? All right.
Don will be there. Thank you. What diary is this?
– It’s very useful for us. All the contacts in the
big cities of the world.. ..and names of all our
men can be found in this diary. Hello everybody. Don. Don’t even dream of escaping. We have every gun pointed at you. I’m carrying a lot
of money in this briefcase. I can pay for my escape. Shut up! Raise your hand and start walking! You mustn’t have seen the kind of
money I’m carrying in this, D.S.P. Take a look..
you might change your mind. Take a look here, Constable..
and you go there. We have men posted even on
the other side of the hill, sir. We’ve arranged
for the Search light. It’s impossible for him to escape
if he is indeed somewhere around. Good! Verma. I’ve got to go to the Headquarters.
– Yes sir. Continue with the search operation.
– Ok sir. Easy. Keep driving.. Don? How did you get here? You forget. Even if I’m injured.. I’m still the Don. It’s not just difficult
to nab Don.. it’s impossible. You’re badly wounded Don. There’s only one way you can live. Surrender to me. I’ll take you to the hospital.
– Shut up! Keep driving. The place is swarming with cops. I want to get out of here. Don. Listen to me. You can’t escape in that condition. I said shut up. Just keep driving, okay? Okay. I’m sitting right behind you. The nozzle is aimed at your brains. Any nonsense from you
and I’ll squeeze the trigger. Just keep driving.. Just keep driving.. Oh, God. You will keep this a secret. All right, Inspector.
I’ll do it for you. Mr. D’silva., Can you tell us. Why Don wasn’t arrested
despite being shot? Could he have drowned?
– Why was the police withdrawn? Couldn’t he be hiding
someplace out there? Neither has he drowned,
nor is he hiding there. What makes you say that? I saw him swimming
across the creek. Did you? – And why
didn’t you try to stop him? The police admit that Don
has slipped out of their hands. But the police have not lost hope. We are sure we will
arrest him some day. Good day gentleman. Roma.
– Yes. Have you read the news? Yes. According to the police,
Don was seriously injured. He could’ve drowned in the
very lake he took a plunge in. The police mustn’t have
found his body. And so.. No, Uncle Dayal.
That can’t be true. The D.S.P.
has himself seen Don escape. He mustn’t die of drowning
or be felled by police bullets. What enmity is this
that you want him to live? Yes, I want him to live. Because he has to die at my hands. Sharma!
– Yes sir. Remember what happened
about six months ago? A man entered my
office with two kids. The simpleton? The kids had lost
their mother and.. the father had disappeared. This chap had found
the children somewhere. It had to do with
something like this. And I had called you
to register a complaint. Do you remember? Yes, there was something. May I go through the report again? Bring the file to me.
– Yes sir. That’s all right. You can go. Yes sir. “Glory to Lord Krishna” “Glory to Lord Rama” “And glory be to Bombay” “This is.. ” “This is Bombay, my boy” “This is Bombay, my boy” “Made out of gold and silver..” “In this city of
gold and silver.. ” “In this city of
gold and silver.. ” “in this city of magic.. ” Fortunes swings quickly. “This Bombay, my boy” “This is Bombay, my boy” “From afar.. ” “from afar come they all,
to try their luck” “They come here to try their luck” “They leave their villages;
they leave their kin.. ” “to come here to
make their destiny” “What will happen of me?” “What will happen of me,
I don’t care” “I have just begun
to roll the dice” “This is Bombay, my boy” “This is .. this is Bombay, my boy” “Some of them are rich” “Some of them are rich;
others are paupers” “Life here is strange” “Life here is strange” “They’ve made so much of money.. ” “Yet every man prays for more” “Yet they pray for more” “Change your fortune
for the better” “Change your fortunes
for the better” “Encash this check of your destiny” “This is Bombay, my boy” “This is.. this is Bombay, my boy” “This city is unique
among all other cities” “Everything here is so topsy-turvy,
And yet, Bombay wows everyone” “Check out the launderer’s lake..
which has no water” “Look at” “Look at what water costs” “Look at” “Look at the way they stake
millions on horse- racing” “Look how fond they
all are of girls beautiful” “There isn’t a bunder (monkey )
in sight, yet the place is Bandra” “With only a gate there.. the
church is missing at Churchgate” “The church is missing..
the church is missing!” “Strange are the ways here;
strange are many hues” “Unique are the desires;
distinctive is the ethos” “If some are tight-fisted..
others are carefree” “They’re at war here all the time” “They’re warring here all the time” “Like opiate in the seas.. ” “I’m dumb-struck at
what this city does to me” “Do you get it then?” “This is Bombay, my boy.. ” “This is Bombay, my boy.. ” That’s another rupee! That Shambhu is a bloody shirker.
He doesn’t play any other beat. I’ve told him so often
that I want a faster beat. But he won’t listen. I’m sick of this cymbal. How much have we made today, dear?
– 11 Rupees and 75 Paise. Damn it! I sing myself hoarse.. ..and all I get is
Rupees 11 and 75 Paise! Now what are we going
to do with this much of money? C’mon, uncle! We’ll not only eat,
but even pay the rent for the hut. I’m not worried about that. It’s worrying for you
kids that gnaws at my heart. What will I have to do to
get you an admission into a school? The two of you are
my responsibility, you see. Or else.. what do you
call your old man? – Dady! Yes dady. When your dad meets me,.. ..he’ll say I’ve brought
his children on the streets. Our dad would be
very happy to meet you. But naturally.
He has to be happy. And why not? But as I said, should he.. But, sir.. why are you
telling me that Don is dead? You haven’t even told the
police department.. why tell me? It was necessary to tell you..
– Necessary to tell me?! I’m only a street performer, sir.
How am I connected with this? There is a connection.
A very strange one. Look at this.
It’s the Don’s photograph. Is.. Is this Don? It’s me. It’s Don. In which case, you don’t
want to plant me.. do you? Yes. You will be giving us great help. No, sir.. not me. You just told me that they’ve
bumped off three of your informers. So what if we look alike?
They’ll immediately discover.. Now hold this for a moment.
Let me explain. There is this Don, who
opened fire at the drop of a hat. And look at me!
I haven’t even played with marbles! I’ll teach you everything. That’s hardly going to help! His gang will know I’m.. They won’t get to know anything! You and I are the only ones
who know the secret of Don’s death. And that you are not Don,
you are somebody else.. ..will be a secret
known only to me. Like his gang, even the
police will think you’re Don. I see.. but what happens when the
cops catch me, taking me to be Don? Won’t I land in trouble?
– I’ll take care of that! I’ll tell my men that
you’re not Don. You’re my man.. informer. That’s all okay. But.. you’d rather spare me.
This is terribly dangerous. What kind of a man are you? You’re shy away
from a little danger! I didn’t earlier. It was different then.
I was all alone. I’d have agreed to it then..
so what if I had died. But now.. I’m no longer alone, you know. Come, see this. I have Deepu and
Munni to look after. And suppose I take the plunge
into it because you ask me to.. and those guys discover
I’m an imposter.. ..they’ll kill me. And what happens of the kids then?
They’ll be back on the streets. You seem to have fallen
in love with the children. Yes, sir. That’s true.
They have no one but me. They love me so very much. But what are you giving them
in return for their innocent love? A life of streets performers?
Of vagabonds? They can go to school, if you wish. And learn to be
doctors or engineers. How will that be? – I’ll
give them everything they need. I’ll send them to a nice hostel.
They’ll go to a nice school if I.. That is.. if I pull this
thing off for you, right? Look.. I have no personal enmity
against Don or his gang. But their crime is as big a cancer
on society as these kids’ poverty. Help me wipe out their crimes.. ..and I will help you
put an end to the kids’ misery. Do you agree? All right.. okay. In exchange for your favor, Vijay.. I take responsibility
for the children’s education. I will also try and trace
their father and find who it is. Why’re you always so worried,
Jasjit? It’s only a matter of a month. You’re bound to find
your children once you’re out. But how did all this happen? Man gives up crime, Kaka. But his notoriety
always stalks him. I had totally cut off
myself from my old life. But the world couldn’t forgive me. Hello!
– Hello. C’mon.. get in. No thanks, Narang.
I go a different path. Which is why you
walk your way. Jasjit. Well? Can’t we share a ride
even if we’re going different ways? Come.. I’ll drop you home. I have an assignment for you. On the 1st of every month,.. ..a van leaves Ratanlal Mills
with salaries for its workers. The amount is over
a million rupees. There are guards around the van.. ..and it takes half
an hour to reach the mill. We can make you get into the van. What reminds you of
me for such a noble task? You have so many other men. The money lies
in a safe in the van. Who, other than you, can break
open the safe in just 30 minutes? You’re a sensible man. Stop the car, driver. You haven’t given me an answer. Our tread different paths.
I told you. Don’t be stupid! What do you get from that
silly job in the circus anyway? I’ll pay you 150,000
for a single job. You stand no chance! Jasjit I’m happy being a poor man, Narang. Thanks for the lift. Let’s go, driver. Daddy.. Why are you crying? They’ve taken mom to the hospital.
– The hospital? Yes. Mom fainted and the neighbors
rushed her to the hospital. Don’t worry.
Mom’s going to be all right. Wait here..
I’ll be back from the hospital. Your wife is in danger. We must conduct the
operation immediately. We will have to call
in a doctor from abroad. It’ll cost a lot of money..
– Don’t worry about the money. Save my wife, please!
I’ll raise the money. I’ll be back soon. Forget the money.
You’re not even employed anymore. What are you saying, sir? Just what you’ve heard. I’ve decided to give you the sack. You need not report
for work tomorrow. Litsen! But what for? I don’t have to answer you. You may go. Scoundrel!
I feel like crushing you! But I don’t want to dirty my hands. Very good. Remember this. If he gets to know that
we’re behind the sacking.. ..this bullet will
give you a third eye. This is the route the
van from Ratanlal Mills takes. At the rail-crossing here,
you must enter into the van. But you didn’t tell me this,
Mr. Narang. How will I get in? That has been arranged
at the van’s workshop. You just have to open 2 screws. One moment.. You forgot your cigarette
case in the van. Remember this? Search him. Good! Give me any punishment
you wish, D.S.P. But let me have this money now. It can give my wife
a new lease of life. You have stolen that money! I’m willing to pay
for my crime, D.S.P. For God’s sake! My wife will..
– I’m sorry jasjit. I can’t help you. Take him away. Stop there, or I’ll open fire! Stop Jasjit. Having suffered that bullet injury, I, who walked the tight rope once.. couldn’t even walk
on the ground properly. My wife died.
My children were separated from me. And it all happened
because of the D.S.P. I’m not going to spare him..
I’ll kill him! Uncle! – Here you are..
my Deepu and Munni! See our uniform, uncle?
– Fantastic! Know what? I didn’t recognize you. I thought it was
a gentleman and a lady. But then I found
it was the two of you. Fooled me properly, didn’t you? It’s a very nice school, uncle. The teachers and
the hostel is good too. That’s it. You must study hard. With God’s blessings, Deepu
will grow up to be a magistrate. And you will make a
very nice good officer too. Hey! How could I forget! I’ve got some roasted
grams for you. Here you are. Open.
– Oh, spicy grams. We don’t get any grams here.
They give us only pudding. That’s exactly why I brought
this for you. Eat it.. go on. So you have kept your promise,
Mr. D.S.P. It’s my turn now. What will
I have to do? I’m ready to start. You aren’t ready yet. You’ll be ready only
after you have been trained. Study every mannerism.. ..his gait,
his way of looking at people. Whatever you have shown
me about this character,.. ..has been very sketchy.
I mean, it’s too little. For example.. I don’t know the names
of his colleagues in the gang. I know nothing of his habits.
The way he conducted himself.. ..his way of behaving with people,
his likes and dislikes. You get what I say, don’t you? I know I haven’t told
you much about Don, but.. Yes. I have an idea. When Don reaches his gang,
he’ll be badly wounded. He’ll have lost his memory.
Do you understand? All right. I do. You will gradually
regain your memory.. and when you discover
things about Don. Okay? May I say something, sir? You ask me if I understand
every little thing. Do you take me to be an idiot? Why won’t I understand?
– No.. Don never chewed betel-leaf. Didn’t he? And why not?
That wasn’t a good thing he did. I’ll have to give it up.
Or else, they’ll.. That reminds me..
how will I get there? I have an idea. You do, don’t you? I wouldn’t want to.. you know? Hello. Who’s that?
Speak up.. I can’t hear you. Mr. Varma..
I can tell you where Don is hiding. Don. Let’s not talk about my identity. Just let me tell you
where Don is holed up. Excuse me.
– Yes Mr. malik. Sir, Looks like we have found Don.
– Really! Yes sir. An anonymous caller
told us about Don’s whereabouts. So what are we waiting for?
Let’s go. Mr. Malik! Mr. D.S.P. Verma. The doctors say Don
has lost his memory. He remembers nothing
about his past. We must rescue Don from
the police at any cost. But the hospital is
swarming with policemen. In my opinion, Don can be freed.. ..when the police shift
him to the jail from the hospital. Mac. Do you think from
hospital to prison.. ..don will be sent
on foot with a policeman. Since they are guarding
the hospital so closely.. ..imagine what they will
do on the way to the jail. So what do we do? We’ll have to rescue
Don from the hospital. Excuse me.
– Yes madam. May I go in? I’ve got to give the
patient a sponge-bath.. ..check his temperature
and his Blood Pressure. All right. Go on. Thank you. Thank you very much. What’s problem?
Yes, what do you want? Excuse me. Could you go out for a while?
– Why must I go out? I’ve got to give the patient a
sponge-bath and change his clothes. It’ll take just 5 minutes.
– Okay. Hurry up. Thank you. What is it, nurse? Sister, sister! Open the door. Where has he gone?
– There.. out of the window. C’mon! What is it, Inspector? Sorry for stopping you. I’ve been asked not to allow
any vehicle without a checking. What’s in the van?
– A dead body Oh I see! Come on Inspector May I see his face, sister? Thank you and sorry. Okay, let them go. I don’t mean to criticize
the police department, Mr. Varma. But you didn’t make
proper arrangement.. ..for Don’s security
at the hospital. There’s nothing I can say
to you in this regard, Mr. Malik. The arrangements were left
to the D.S.P., who is my senior. I understand your position. But there’s no doubt now
that he has been very careless. In any case,
Don has lost his memory. He’s of no use to us,
nor to his gang.. Maybe you haven’t studied
the medical report thoroughly. Mr. Verma. The doctors opine.. ..that if the patient were
to be taken into the past.. ..and old incidents played again,.. ..he can regain his memory. I see! You will recover.
You will remember everything. You have always won
at the card-game, Don. Remember the 3 aces you
showed me before you left? Remember Tarachand who called then? Try and remember, Don! You must certainly remember this diary
which you saw before you left. It has the names
of our all contacts.. ..their addresses
and telephone numbers. You had personally
put it in the safe. Does he recall anything? It’s taking him time.
But he isn’t normal yet. He looks at everything as
if he were trying to recognize it. But he’s better now.
He recalls quite a few things. And what are you waiting for? I’m waiting for him
to recall everything. When I kill him, he must
know what I’m punishing him for. When I talk to him about Ramesh.. ..he ought to know
who I’m talking about. It’s a matter of a few days. I have feeling that
he will recover very soon. I know so much about Don now.. ..that I can pretend to
have recovered of my memory. Good. But you must be careful. They mustn’t suspect anything. That’s what I was thinking about. There was no reason
for him to lose his memory. There has to be a reason
for him to recover it. I’ll create a situation
for you to recover your memory. Stop your car at the petrol
pump when you’re returning. Fill the tank.
– Yes, sir. I’ll be back in a minute. Don. Start the car, Mac. Hands up.. You can’t escape today. Now quietly get into
the police jeep. Go on! Turn right! Stop here. I get it.. I remember everything. This is exactly what
happened that day. I was speeding away in the
car and the cops were after me. They were firing away and.. I remember it all! You remember everything, Don?
– Everything! I’m Don; you’re Anita,
Azad, This is Narang, Ashok,.. Vikram, Mac..
I remember everything! I’m all right now!
– Don. Do you remember just your friends? and enemies too? Remember this man? Ramesh. This is.. This is the traitor I killed. No, no don.
– Come on. Come on. Have you noticed, Mac?
– What? Don is a changed
man after his recovery. Nothing surprising. It happens.. ..after an accident of this kind. What I mean to say is that..
I can’t explain this. Don isn’t the same old Don anymore. He’s the same man, Anita.
His girlfriend has changed. You were his girlfriend earlier.
And now.. Please stop it. In which case,
the change in him won’t be forever. That’s because the girl isn’t
going to be around for very long. There’s a message from Mr.
Kapadia, Don. Now what does Mr. Kapadia want?
– A thousand gold biscuits. Will he take delivery here?
Or does he want it at his place? Neither place. His man
will meet you at China Creek.. 4 p.m. today. Ok. How many of Kapadia’s men are
we expecting to meet, Mr. Narang? I forgot to ask. You’re right. It isn’t safe
for you to go there all alone, Don. I want to accompany Don. You want to be my bodyguard,
do you? Good idea. Roma knows how and
when to use her revolver. Not just how and when. I also know whom to use it on. “The moment I have waited for” “The moment my heart longed for..” “is here now” “I must cross all
limits of love today” “I must either give you
death today.. or I must die” “The moment I have waited for..” “The moment my heart
has longed for.. ” “is here at last” “I must cross all
limits of love today” “I must either give you
death today or I must die instead” “How would you know
what I’ve been through” “You won’t understand,
you’re crazy” “I will have my revenge from you” “I am here to quench
the fires in my heart” “You’re a killer..
you can’t escape” “You’re a killer..
you can’t escape” “You will get from me just
what you have given unto me” “The moment has arrived at last” “I must pierce your heart” “I must either give
you death or I must die” “It will be decided some day whether
your magic has worked or not” “That moment will arrive.. ” “You have yet to know me.. ” “We will see who gets
to live and who dies” “Even if the world
is in love with you.. ” “and even if you’re targeting
every heart in sight.. ” “be not so proud of yourself” “I’m good at hitting
the target, too” “I could teach the old
hands how to play the game” “I could lure the predator
into his own trap” “That moment will arrive;
it surely will” “I’ve got to tell you
when the time comes.. ” “as to who will get to live,
and who will die” “We’ll see who gets
to live and who dies” Wait here. He’s all alone. I’ll deal with him on my own. Don’t move, Don. I have eagerly
awaited this day, Don! What kind of a joke is that? I wanted to know if you’d be scared
to find a gun pointed at you. So you’ve been putting
my courage to test, have you? You weren’t scared at all.
You’re really a brave man. Know what?
I was scared for a moment. Let’s go. What’s that? Roma doesn’t know she has
left with an empty pistol with Don. But why did you do it? That’s because Don
can save himself.. ..from the police
and other dangers. As for Roma.. Hi! Hi! Give that to me. I’ll do it. I’m sorry. It’s all right. Hello.
– This is Vijay here. I’ve got my hands on
a very important diary. Good, very good. Look! We know that Narang
is not the brains behind the gang. But.. Maybe the diary will tell us ..who’s masterminding
their operations. No one must get to know
that the diary has been replaced. Before they discover that
the diary has been swapped.. I want to come over to your place
tomorrow and hand it over to you. Don’t be silly.
What if they suspect you? Oh I see. Not a bad idea. All right.
I’ll wait for you tomorrow. Best of luck. All our customers and agents are.. ..expected any time next week, Don. It’s after ages that
we’ll get to meet old friends. And I’m going to meet
a sworn enemy tomorrow. One last time. Who are you talking about? The D.S.P.
He has attacked me twice. He’ll go to sleep tomorrow..
but he’ll never awaken again. Do you know that D’Silva lives on
the eighth floor of his building? There are police guards
on the seventh floor. They won’t let you go up there. I’m not going to go upstairs.
I’ll take the route downwards. That’s terribly dangerous, Don.
And then.. Narang. I won’t be at peace till I have
extracted revenge from the D.S.P. If you must extract your revenge.. ..why not do it tomorrow night? Roma. You.. what are you doing here? I’ve been waiting for you, Don. Hold it, Roma! Have you gone mad?! I went mad the day you
killed my brother Ramesh. Was Ramesh your brother? Yes, My bother. I wanted you to
know why you’re dying. Now listen to me, Roma.. Believe me!
I haven’t killed your brother! Roma! Don’t cut that rope! You’re making a very
big mistake, Roma! I’m not Don!
– Shut up. Hang on, Roma.. Roma, don’t cut the rope! Listen to me, Roma.. Listen to me, Roma.. Go to hell. At least hear me out!
You’re making a mistake! I’m not the one who killed
your brother. – You’re lying! He’s telling you the truth.
Let him go. Oh God! What a mistake I’ve been making! Who could ever say
that he’s not Don himself? You’re the only one who can
say that, apart from Vijay and me. I’ve told you everything. You thought he was an enemy.
But he isn’t. Like you.. He’s against those.. ..who’re responsible
for your brother’s death. I’m terribly sorry, Vijay. Why be sorry? Anyone in your shoes
would be taken in. Not even the police
know my true identity. Tell me something, sir.
– What is it? When you go to give
this diary to police.. ..won’t you’ve to
tell them how you get it? Till such time as we carry out
a big raid and nab all of them.. ..your assignment isn’t over. I don’t want to take any risk.
So the diary remains with me. I’m glad you could bring it to me. It could’ve got
ruined in the water. I’ll keep it in the safe. I’m terribly sorry that I have.. I’m the one who’s sorry, Roma. The truth is that I’ve been
acting with everyone in this drama. But I was really drawn to you. And when I got to know today
that you’ve been acting too.. I find such a distance between us. That’s all right. You had
once bridged the distances.. ..and I will do it now. Vijay. Should the D.S.P. see us,
he’ll lock me up with the diary. Now tell me something. I had to do all this because I wanted
to avenge my brother’s death. But what makes you get
into this dangerous game? I have two reasons
for agreeing to this game. Here you are, Roma.
My two reasons.. Deepu and Munni. Hello! This is Roma, children. Is she your aunt too?
– Your aunt, maybe. For me, she’s.. All right. Go on, children. Bye uncle!
– Bye. – Bye Roma aunt!. – Bye. Lovely kids. Yes. I’m not related to them. But they mean the world to me. Everything I’m doing
is just for them. I wonder where their parents are. Their mother is no more. As for their father,
I wonder where he is. Let the gate remain open, guard.
I’m going to return very soon. Not to walk out of this gate again. This time,
I’m going to hang from the noose. Throw that ball here, please! Throw that ball here, please! Throw that ball here, please! Hello. – Mr. D’Silva?
This is Vijay here. The gang’s agents and customers
are coming here tonight. The diary reveals that they’re
working for a smuggler called Vardan. But who is Vardan?
I couldn’t figure out. Let’s hope Vardan attends
the do with the others tonight. They’ll be here by
8.30 tonight. – Good. This is just what
I’ve been waiting for. And listen. Ask Roma not to be present there. I don’t want her to take any risk. Anything is likely to happen. The police will raid
the place at 9 sharp. Nine? Very well then. Nine. Ok. Good luck. I was right. You’re not Don! You’re someone else..
an agent of the police! I’ve heard everything! I will.. Mr. D.S.P. Here is your revolver. Recognize me?
– Sure, I do. D’you recognize this? It’s the bullet
you had fired at me. What do you want? I want to kill you. I hope you don’t mind. Give me that revolver, Jasjit. It’s important for me
to be someplace right now. You can extract your revenge
some other time, if you must. Let me go now. How can I let you go, D.S.P. ? My wife died because of you!
I was crippled because of you! I wonder where Deepu and Munni.. ..are begging right now..
because of you! Hold it! Deepu and Munni?
Are they your children? Why? Do you know where they are? Yes. I know where they are. But you must first
return my revolver to me. I’ll tell you where your
children are, after I return. Why must you tell
me after you return? Why don’t you tell me right now? Suppose you don’t let
me go after you get to know? And suppose you arrest
me once you have the revolver? That’s a distinct possibility. But you will have to trust me. You may go ahead and shoot me,
if you can’t trust me. But remember.. I’m the only one who knows
your children’s whereabouts. Also remember that should
you choose to kill me.. will have had your revenge. But you won’t see
your children ever again. Think it over. I don’t hate you as much.. I love my children. Go now.. I’ll wait for you here. “Hey crazy guys.. ” “recognize me” “Where have I landed from?
Who am l?” “Hey crazy guys” “recognize me” “Where have I come from?
And who am I ?” “Who am I .. ?” “Who am I .. ?” “Don! Don! Don!” “I’m the Don.. I’m the Don” “That which you have
seen and thought you knew.. ” “is not the real me” “That’s not the real me” “What you folks see me as..
is not the real me” “is not the real me” “Who has ever been to tell
about a cloud that drifts?” “Hey crazy guys.. ” “recognize me, make the attempt” “I’m the Don” “I’m a friend to those
who are my friends” “I could lay down
my life for my friends” “That’s the real me” “That’s the real me” “I’m an enemy for my foes.. ” “I could knock them out cold” “That’s the real me.. the real me” “I can’t say if you know,
but I have realized.. ” “what the guys out here are” “Hey crazy guys.. ” “recognize me.. ” “recognize me.. ” “I’m the Don” “I’m the Don” “I’m the Don” “I’m the Don” What’s all this about? What are you watching for, Vikram?
Go and help her. Wait.. let her be. Have you then.. ? But what for? She’s been talking too bloody much. But I know how to
silence such girls. C’mon.. this party has
no place for a girl like you! Come on! Insolent girl, get in! I want to have a word with Anita,
Mr. Narang. What for? What’s your problem? I smell something fishy. What do you mean?
– Hands up. Take it easy. Don’t anyone try to escape. The police have
surrounded the building. Verma take care of them. I’m going to search
the other rooms. – Yes sir. Take a look on either side.
Go on. – Yes sir. Hands up, come on. Where did those gun-shots
come from? C’mon! You expect us to believe
that you’re not the Don! My name is Vijay.
I’ve been an informer of the D.S.P. He planted me in the gang as Don. They’re behind the bars
right now only because of me. You’re a smart man, Don.
But you can’t con us this once. Take him away!
– What kind of a joke is this? You can’t lock me up like this! Why can’t you summon the D.S.P.
& ask him, if you can’t believe me? He’ll tell you the whole truth. The D.S.P. was badly injured
in the shoot-out during the raid. He’s lying unconscious
in a hospital. Unconscious? You can ask him when
he regains consciousness.. We will certainly ask him..
“if” he regains consciousness. “If” ?! Please take me to the D.S.P.
immediately. He’s the only one who
knows that I’m not Don! Should something
happen to him, I’ll.. I want to meet the D.S.P. Please! There’s no point in continuing
this conversation, Don. You’re making a mistake!
I’m not Don! I’m not! Take me to the D.S.P.
– Hold it. Mr. Verma. There’s no reason why we
mustn’t take him to the D.S.P. Maybe.. – Maybe he’s
speaking the truth? Isn’t that what you want to say?
– Yes. Mr. Verma. A police officer must never
dismiss anything as impossible. Ok. Let’s take him to
the hospital right now. Thank you, Mr. Malik. We’ll soon know whether you’ve
been lying or speaking the truth. Let’s go. – Come. He’s speaking the truth.
That bastard isn’t Don. Mr. D.S.P.. Mr. D.S.P.. Mr. D.S.P.. It’s me.. Vijay. You recognize me, don’t you? They’re mistaking me for Don.
But I’m not Don, am I? I’ve done it all only for you. I did it for Deepu and Munni.. ..but they don’t believe me. Didn’t you have the children
admitted in St. Terera’s school.. so I’d do this job for you? Please explain it to them.
I’m Vijay, you know. I’m Vijay. And you know I’m Vijay..
Mr. D.S.P. ? Mr. D.S.P. Doctor.. Doctor.. ? He can’t do anything for you now. Let’s go. Sir.. !
– What is it? I have further proof, sir! I gave the D.S.P.
a diary I stole from Narang. He had kept that diary in his safe. As Don, how would I know that the
red diary is in the D.S.P.’s safe? Am I right? What he says is right, Mr. Varma. You don’t expect me to..
– Inspector. If that red diary
is indeed in the safe.. it’ll prove that this
man is speaking the truth. This chap is Don himself!
He’s only wasting our time! We thought to head for
the police station now. Please! Sir, please! See! As a responsible officer
of the Interpol.. I have followed
Don to this country. I want to make sure that
everything is absolutely clear. So why not look at
the D.S.P.’s safe, too? Ok, Mr. Malik. I’ll wait for you
in the police station. Officers, you’ll go with Mr. Malik. Whoever you are..
this is your last chance. I know that Mr. Malik. I know.. How could this happen?! How did.. all this happen? I’m telling you the truth, sir!
That diary was lying in this safe! You don’t believe me, do you? I’ve given you every
opportunity, Don. But you can’t deny anymore
that you are Don himself. Sorry boy. Mr. Malik.. I am not Don! You listen.. Wait.. There’s something more! A
report I had filed with the police! You stand exposed, Don! None of our files contain
any such report that you mention! How can that be, sir? I had
indeed filed a report.. – Officer. Take Don to his friends’ cell.
– Sir. Sir. Inspector Verma! Take him away. If you must lock me up,
don’t throw me in with them! Whether you believe me or not..
they’ve got to know I’m not Don! Mr. Malik, Inspector Verma! Hello Vijay. Idiots! Kill him and the
police will know that he’s not Don. I don’t want that to happen..
Go away. Smart cookie, aren’t you? But you’re in a jam now. The police think you’re Don.. ..and we know for
sure that you’re not him. Don will be sentenced
to death by the courts. If that doesn’t happen, we
can always bump off Vijay in jail. Inspector Verma! I don’t think it’s safe to keep
these dangerous criminals here. We to shift them
to the prison tonight. Use that stare on
someone else, baldie! I could straighten you
out with a nice bashing! Sit properly,
or I’ll punch your mug! Shakaal! He’s trying to provoke
you into a fight! So the police will keep
him in a different cell. Oh, let him be! You need
to be man enough to put up a fight. Not this rat, no sir! I’ve somehow managed to escape. But I don’t know what
I am now supposed to do. Apart from the D.S.P.,.. it is only the diary
which can prove my innocence. And it’s impossible to find it now. We will find it. Anyone who stole the diary isn’t
going to hand it over to the police. He’s bound to try and sell
it to Narang or his agents. You’re right..but Narang and
his men don’t suspect you, do they? Try and get in touch with them.
Remain with them. And let me know as soon
as you have some information. Where will you meet me? At Mahalaxmi Station,
exactly a week from today. Only that diary
can save me now, Roma. Uncle. This is a mere diary. It’s a check-book
from the Bank of Smugglers! What does it say? It says that I will
soon be a millionaire. This diary contains
the names and addresses.. ..of Narang and every
other member of his syndicate. This envelope here has a letter
for the police from the D.S.P. It conveys the news of Don’s death. It also says.. ..that the D.S.P. sent someone
called Vijay to impersonate Don. Uncle. Narang will pay me any
price to have this diary back! Who is it?
– The police. Open the door! It’s already open, my friend.
C’mon in. Did someone come here?
– Yes. You are here. And so is he. I’m talking about a tall
man who came running this way. Sorry, Inspector. No one came here. All right. Let’s go. They’ve left. You may come out. Not that door.
The cops are waiting for you. Take the rear exit. May I know why you didn’t
hand me to the police? I have a reason. I’m a cripple and I live all alone. Besides, I have known
the cops for a very long time. Good bye! Good bye! I’ve been waiting for you.
– I can’t help it. The police seem
to be everywhere I go. I’d have met you long ago.
But then.. I have a suggestion.
Why don’t you.. ? Ganges flows in
the beautiful village. Ganges flows in
the beautiful village. Ganges flows in
the beautiful village. Who are you, mister? Who are you? And what do you want? How do I say? I’m from
your part of the country. – Ok. I’m looking for shelter.
– Oh God! That’s fantastic, mister! He dresses up in suits and boots.. but speak a language that comes
from the natives of the Ganges. Welcome.. ! Do come. Govinda,
I’m overwhelmed, my friend. Please sit down. Go on. Try some opiate.
It’s in the name of the Lord. Gulp it down in the
name of Lord Shiva. Wow.
– Wow. Drink it quickly! Go on.. have another! Stop it, Vijay. Aren’t we leaving? Oh sit down, lady.. Where will I go anyway? I have neither home
nor the world to live in! That was great of you, D.S.P. Swell arrangements
you have made for me! What’s the good word?
– What is it? How would I know? Suffice it to say
then that I suffer.. ..for what those who are dead, did. I had a strong feeling not
to get into this godamned thing. It’s a dangerous game. But he asked me to take the plunge! And there I was..
I must suffer now. What to do? I’ve to endure it. Come on Vijay Please. Don’t use those dark,
seductive eyes.. Don’t use those dark,
seductive eyes.. stare at me, oh lady. Vijay!
– Wow! – Wow! Your eyes are like sharp knives.. don’t you pierce
my heart with them. “I’m leaving now.
Avert your sharp gaze..” Have some betel-leaf
before you leave, mister. What was that?
– A betel-leaf. A betel-leaf?
– Yes! Well, give it to me. It could knock you out
of your senses, just you see! It’s a betel-leaf from Benaras.
– Let me have it.. That’s wonderful! It’s ages
since I’ve chewed betel-leaf. Let’s go, Vijay. Just you wait, lady. After the betel-leaf
comes a song.. what say, guys? Yes.
– Heard? “With opiate ruling your senses..” “..chew a betel-leaf” “It could stir your heart.. ” “..and make you feel
you were born again” “A betel-leaf from Benaras..” “A betel-leaf from
Benaras opens up the mind” “A betel-leaf from
Benaras opens up the mind” “Such wonders will I work then
that I’ll straighten out everyone” “For I’m the lad from
the banks of the Ganges” “For I’m the lady from
the banks of the Ganges” “A betel-leaf from
Benaras opens up the mind” “My God!
What a mess I’ve landed in” “I’ve landed my life in trouble..” “I might as well get the noose” “I was such a simpleton” “I was so naive” “I was such a simpleton;
I used to be so naive.. ” “I rue the day I had anything
to do with the educated” “I was slaughtered in good faith” “I’m the lad from
the banks of the Ganges” “A betel-leaf from
Benaras opens the mind” “Join us, lady!” “This maiden so sweet..
has fallen for my face” “She’s like a sharp knife..
she’s made a place in my heart” “She’s so fair-skinned
and so very seductive” “She’s so fair-skinned
and so very seductive” “She has stolen my heart” “I have been fulfilled
ever since I have met her” “For I come from the
banks of the river Ganges” “A betel-leaf from
Benaras opens up the mind” “A betel-leaf from
Benaras opens up the mind” “I work wonders then
and straighten them out” “For I’m a lad from the
banks of the river Ganges” “For I’m a lad from the
banks of the river Ganges” “For I’m a lad from the
banks of the river Ganges” Hello! R.K. Malik here. This is Vijay here, Mr.
Malik. The Vijay you think is Don. Whoever you are,
I have a suggestion for you. Surrender to the law. I certainly will. But I
want you to give me some time.. I can give you proof
of my innocence. I let you have all the opportunities
I could. What else can I do? I want to meet you, Mr. Malik. Meet me? Yes, sir. I’m sure we can help each other. Yes.. ..all right.
I’ll be there at 11 ‘o clock. I’ve been waiting
here for half an hour. I know how I got here.
There are cops all around. What do you want me to do? Mr. Malik! I don’t know why, but I have
a feeling that you can help me. The police are hounding me.. and I’ve been running away
from them like a wild beast. If you could get them to
give me another opportunity.. I can prove my innocence
and also prove.. ..that I’m Vijay and not the Don! You don’t need to prove anything.
You’re Vijay, I know that. What? Do you know that? Yes. I knew Don very well. And so I know that you’re not Don. Why didn’t you tell the
police when you knew all that? I’ll tell you the reason. What reason could there be,
Mr. Malik? Mr. Malik! Mr. Malik! We have been surrounded! Not I, Vijay.
You have been surrounded. What?!
– That’s right. Just as you are not Don,
I’m not Malik either. They’re my men. You had slipped out of my hands.. ..but destiny has returned
you to me on a silver platter. Come on boys, Come on take him. One moment.. May I’ve a betel-leaf?
– Sure. Go ahead. You don’t chew betel-leaf.
Neither did Don. That wasn’t right. What are you doing?!
Can’t you see how hard I’m trying? I seem to have fallen! The name is Vijay..
I’m no pushover! C’mon.. 2,3,4. Swing! What do they say? Rock it! Never mind if he’s run away.
We’ll deal with him later. He’s got to know that you’re
not the police, Mr. Vardan.. And he might tell the police.
Isn’t it? And who will believe him? Don’t worry, guys.
Just leave it to me. You act as if nothing has happened,
Mr. Vardhan. Had there been anybody
else in your shoes, he’d have.. He’d have panicked, isn’t it?
– Yes. That’s just why there
isn’t anyone like me. ‘Inspector Varma.. ..that man who claims to be R.K.
Malik from Interpol.., in fact, a dangerous
international smuggler.. ..and is a mole for the
smugglers in the police force.’ Do you know, it’s a serious crime.. abduct an
officer from Interpol? Should you be told of our
entire list of crimes, Mr. Malik..’ll find this
crime to be kid-stuff. Anyway. In any case,
the world’s biggest smuggler.. Vardhan has ably
taken over your duties. You need not worry about all that. But should you have any
problems here, you may summon me. Good day. Mr. Varma? When did you arrive? Just now.. ..there’s something I have
to discuss with you, Mr. Malik. Really? But there’s something I’d
like to discuss with you first. Go on. I received an anonymous letter
yesterday. It was about you. Yes. Mr. Verma! The writer claims that you are
hand-in-glove with the criminals.. ..who work in Don’s syndicate. He says that you’re an agent.. ..of the criminals
in policeman’s guise.. etc. I wonder who has
played this joke on us. You had something to say..
didn’t you? I.. ? It’s rather strange,
Mr. Malik. This is just what
I wanted to discuss with you. I’ve received a
letter about you too. Really? Let me see it. This is fantastic!
Don’t you still understand? No. What date today? Date? Today is April 1.. We’re the Fools! Please sit down.
I’ll be back in a minute. Sorry to be barging
in like this, baldie. I know you hate to
meet people in the evening. But I’ll take just
10 minutes of your time. The first five minutes,
I will bash you up. And you will answer my
questions in the other five. Shakaal! You had better answer
my questions about Vardhan. Or else.. I know it for a fact
that when the den was raided.. and your
friends were present.. the room where
the D.S.P was shot. You have killed the D.S.P.,
Shakaal. I will have no hesitation in
killing you. – No.. I’ll explain! It wasn’t I who killed the D.S.P. It was Vardhan himself. Vardhan? Yes! – How did it happen? I didn’t get to know that
the police had raided our den.. I was having a drink
with my friends. Vardhan suddenly arrived there. Shut up you fools. The police has raided the place
and you’re enjoying yourselves! Police. – Yes! Now just
get the hell out of here. Go on! There’s no way they
can get out of here. D.S.P.? You?
– I’ve heard everything. You’ve been fooling the police.. the garb of an
officer from Interpol. Your game is up, Mr. Vardhan! Vardhan doesn’t play
games that get over, D.S.P. Oh God. You rogue don’t move. What happened, sir? They’ve killed the D.S.P.!
Arrest them! Shakaal! You will have to
say this to the police. I want all the evidence
against Vardhan. Then? Don’t try to run away,
Shakaal.. Don’t! And so you’ve squealed
on the D.S.P.’s murder? I had no other way.
He seemed to have gone mad. Had I not told him.. ..he was bound to kill me. And you didn’t want to die,
isn’t it? Anyway, that is now in the past. Should Vijay get
to be a threat for us.. I have something to stop him. Narang. The two children Vijay spoke
about at the police station? – Yes. The kids the D.S.P.
had admitted in the hostel? – Yes. I want those kids.
– How will they help? Look Narang. Maybe not today. But the kids can be used
against Vijay in the future. Send someone and
have the kids picked up. Are you Uncle Vijay’s friend?
– Yes. C’mon.. he has called you. Sir, Jasjit is here.
– Jasjit? Yes. He claims to have the diary. He has it?
– Yes. Whoever he is.. show him in. Ok. Long time no see! How are you? You see me limping..
and yet ask me how I am. The deal I struck with you proved
to be pretty expensive for me.. I’m sorry about that, J.J. That’s all right. But this deal will prove
to be expensive for you. That’s how the tables turn. Let’s talk business. Do you have the diary? You’re a strange man, Mr. Vardhan. You want me to talk business
and ask me silly questions. Am I mad to be here,
if I didn’t have the diary? How did you get to know
my name and this address? That’s another foolish question. I have the diary which
has every name and address. Listen. How much money do you want?
– Now, that’s a sensible question. You know very well that should.. ..the police get their
hands on the diary.. ..all your businesses
will be shut down. Name the price. I’m not a very greedy man,
you know. For a million rupees. What?
– A million? Is that too little? Listen lame duck! Nobody blackmails
us and gets away with it! Are you out of your mind?
If he dies, so do all of us! We must get back that diary..
at any cost! All right. But this rascal here..
– Roma is right. She’s a sensible girl.
– All right. Bring the diary to us
and you’ll get a million. You are a sensible man too. But I will tell you how
and when I will take that million. And it’s I who will decide
who I will give the diary to. Whom will you give it to? This girl will come to a place
I decide, with a million rupees. She must come all alone.
And I will give the diary to her. Why the girl? – Because
she appears to be sensible. I’d hate to see a devil
coming along to claim the diary. Devils, who are fond
of using noisy guns. Keep that. All right. But which place? Give this girl a million
Rupees in a briefcase. And.. Mr. Vardhan! Mr. Varma is here.. Everybody inside. Go on! I’ll call you later. Welcome, Mr. Varma. Daddy! Deepu, Munni. Deepu, Munni. Where have you been?
Where did you go?! How did you get here?
Who brought you here? I must leave now.
– Very well. Bye. Don’t tell anyone
that I’m your daddy. I’ll take you away tonight.
Okay? – Very well, daddy. Go on. Go to your places. Come on. Whose kids are they? Vardhan’s? Mind your own business.
Okay? Let’s go. Stop screaming.. the diary makes a mention
of a guy with a beard too. But they’re cute kids.. no,
they can’t be Vardhan’s children. Let’s go. Could you find out where
they’ve hidden Deepu and Munni? I know where they are.
– Do you? So tell me.
I’ll go and bring them tonight. Your turn.. drop a card.
– Wait, brother. Where could Shakaal be? Come on.
– This is mine. J.J. Daddy! Open the door, J.J. ! What’s going on, Shakaal? Open the door, J.J. ! What’s going to happen now?
– Don’t worry. Just wait here. Open the door! Open the door, I say! Shakaal! Stay here.
Don’t go away till I return. How about you, dad?
– Don’t worry about me. I’ll go and fix the
man who’s been following us. Had there been anyone
else in your place.. You have once saved
me from the police. I don’t want to fight with you.
Just hand over the kids to me. I did save you from the police. But I doubt if I will spare you
if you talk of the children again. Go away! Where are the children? On the other side of the lane. And you will not cross
this lane till I’m here. Daddy! Deepu, run with Munni!
– Uncle Vijay! That’s Uncle Vijay, dad! He looked after us in your absence. He’s a nice man! This is our daddy, Uncle Vijay. Daddy! Forgive me, Vijay.
I thought you were their enemy. That’s okay.
Both of us have made a mistake. You have been my children’s
support. What can I do for you? No one can help me.
I’m trapped in a mess. Why were the police
chasing you the other day? Now what will I tell you?
It’s just that they think.. Police. I must leave now. So long! Have you seen someone around? Sure, I have. I see you.
I see the guy in the jeep. Let’s go. Roma! This bag contains a million Rupees. You will give this
briefcase to J.J.. ..only after you receive the diary. And you will bring the
diary straightaway to me. Where will I find J.J.? I received a call from J.J.
just now. He will wait for you
at a cemetery near Malad. Here you are. Right! Wait.. Is it okay for
her to go alone, Mr. Vardhan? What do you mean. Don’t worry Vikram. I have all the faith in Roma.
Right, Roma? Listen.. Follow her and keep an eye on her. The moment you have the diary.. ..finish J.J. and the girl. Have you brought the money? Yes. Good. Set the briefcase on the
second grave to your right. Where is the diary?
– Keep the briefcase there. Now walk towards me..’ll find the diary on the
grave where the wreath is placed. Ok. Ok. I was the one to arrive first. But you will leave before me. Out of that gate. Why go anywhere? This graveyard has enough
place for the two of you. You think you’re very smart,
don’t you? Now baby.. give that diary to
uncle. That isn’t meant for kids. Come on. I’ll deal with J.J, later.
I’ll fix you first. We won’t have to put
in much of hard work. There’s a grave already
waiting for you. Vikram, keep an eye on J.J. There’s a saying, old man Narang. Those who dig graves for
others end up in the same pits! Do you get that? Boy’s get them. Yes! C’mon! J.J! Wherever you are.. can very well see
that I hold the trump card! It would be in your
interests to come on out. Deepu! Vardhan! Leave my children alone!
I’m coming to you. Vijay! These are the children
for whom you turned Don. Won’t you walk a couple
of feet for them today? Come on Vijay. .. or else, J.J.’s innocent
kids will die because of you. That’s like good boy. Roma! Maybe you’re not interested
in the children’s lives.. ..but you will surely
mourn Vijay’s death. So step out! The poor guy’s waiting for you. Come on out you.. Strange thing, this love is.
Be it for children, or.. Anyway. Listen to my last
wish before you die. I want that diary. Where is it? Could you tell me, Roma darling? It’s not with me. Very well. But I will “check”
you thoroughly, if I don’t find it. Now look, Vijay.
You mustn’t be stubborn. Give me that diary. I don’t have the diary, mister. In which case, J.J.
should have it. Well, J.J. ? I don’t have the diary. Oh I see! This is a problem. Here’s what you will do, Narang. Bury these kids alive. Vardhan! Scoundrel! This is no time for jokes, J.J. Narang go ahead. Wait.. I have the diary. Good! And here’s the D.S.P.’s letter Thank you. My court now decides that
the three of you are guilty. I now pronounce a common sentence..
a death sentence. Hands up! No one moves! Except me, that is.
– Mr. Malik? Yes, it’s me. I have, at last,
nabbed the culprit, Mr. Varma. This man is not Malik, Inspector! Wonderful!
I’m not Malik. And he’s not Don. This is no time for nonsense,
Inspector Varma. Just arrest them! Do you have any proof
to back your claim, lady? I did have the proof, Inspector.
But this rascal has burnt it! Which means she has no proof.
See that, Inspector Varma? Inspector Varma has seen it,
all right. But, Mr. Vardhan.. didn’t check whether
the diary you threw in the fire.. ..was the real one or a fake. Here’s the real diary.
And here is the D.S.P.’s letter. I didn’t show you the real diary. Thank you. J.J. Here you are. You must forgive me, Mr. Vardhan.
But you have been outwitted today. Where are you going? C’mon.. get out of that place! I don’t want to bury you alive. This graveyard is
meant for human-beings.. ..not for monsters like you!
C’mon out! A stick can’t get him out,
Inspector. Help yourself. “A betel-leaf from
Benaras opens up the mind” “Such wonders will I work then
that I’ll straighten out everyone” “For I’m the lad from
the banks of the Ganges”

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