Doing SEO Right

By | August 21, 2019

If you’ve got a small team of one or two people
who are trying feverishly to learn SEO and do all your backlinking for you, I think that
game is finished. You really need to be focusing more on the content side of things. So if
I had only one or two people, I would have them producing my videos and audios and images
and text, and I would be I’d be building blog posts that have conversational tones that
answer big questions your customers are asking and that people find very valuable. So, think
about what your audience want to know about. Go and check your analytics and have that
conversation on our blog. Publish the content. Now, if you’ve got really good content like
that and you want to support it, then what companies like we’re doing at SEOPartner,
we’re really concentrating on places that we can put good quality content that leads
back to your website. The best way to get links to your site, of course, is to put really
good content on your site and then have people share and syndicate that. Now, sometimes a
great way to seed that is to have someone like us go and put a really high-quality guest
post somewhere for you. We will get your core brief. We will then research the topic. We
will create something by hand and then submit it to you for approval. And then we’ll put
some original pictures and we will submit it for you to someone else in your market
side as a guest post and we’ll have that guest post published. And when it’s published, you’ll
get a link back to your site perhaps from the byline or somewhere in the text. They’ll
publish it and we will get that happening for you and that will link back to your site
so it gets the party started. So if you need some seeding like that, then that’s where
a company like ours can come in. We can also access some very strong category-based
social profiles and some private websites as well that are not part of any big link
racket or round robin of blog networks, I think those days are gone. Most SEO companies
are either doing the old trick of keyword manipulation where they set up new sites over
and over again and get them smacked down or they’re a content-based company like us where
they’re hand-creating articles, hand-creating images and posting them to really good quality,
relevant sites. That’s what we do. In fact, we’ve made a decision
not to even work on sites that have been damaged in the past. So, we really want to work with
you if you have a good quality site — it might be a new site, it might be an established
site that you care a lot about. We work for high-caliber companies who are publishing
content in markets like the high-end luxury motor vehicle market, the high-end legal market.
We’ve dealt with some top 100 Inc. customers. We do some really high-quality stuff but we’re
charging the wholesale rates because we don’t have salespeople. We just have these videos.
So, what I recommend you do is go along to SEOPartner and have us boost your best piece
of content. Other trends that I think we’re going to see
is as Google reduces the amount of keyword data that they’re sharing with us, we’re just
going to see more influence in terms of branding, brand signals and conversational content.
You know what the big problems and issues in your market are, that’s exactly what Google
wants to see. So put it on your website. Don’t try and do anything super tricky, give people
a good user experience, have them come back over and over again and combine it with good
strong social signals. If you are putting out really good information,
people are going to share that. They’re going to Google+ it, they’re going to Facebook it,
socialize it on Twitter, pin it and they’re going to repin it, they’re going to retweet
it. I’ve been looking at some pieces of content that are actually very simple but have been
shared over a million times and that’s because it resonates, it hits a chord, that’s what
you want to strive for. We’re also going to see more story-based media.
We’re going to see more rich media, a lot more podcasting and video and image sharing.
Images are just one of the best things that we’ve been doing. We’ve been able to run our
own marketing with very little paid traffic, without any sort of manipulation tools, tricks
or short-term tactics. So think long term and you’ll be in business long term.
Also, you really want to pay attention to site speed and usability. Get your site on
a fast server like the one we use at where we will host your site for $59 and we’re
going to speed it up for you, we’re going to make it run smoothly, we’re going to back
it up and make sure that when Google goes to visit it, it’s working and it’s operational
and it’s up. That way, you’re getting a good experience, Google doesn’t find errors and
they think that it’s a good site for customers so that fast loading sites are also going
to convert better. Focus on your conversions because it gives you more money to be able
to reinvest back into content and to syndication. And be sure to put your videos using something
like Wistia. I did that recent post about video SEO. You can get your video thumbnails
appearing in the search results which have a much higher clickthrough than just a text-based
link. And every time you put out a video on your website, that is another landing page
for your customer. Now, if your customers or if you’re a customer
who doesn’t want to make videos, hire someone to do it. Hire someone to come around and
take stock shots. Hire an illustrator or a designer like the one we have at ATLWeb to
make pictures for you and put them everywhere — on your website, on social media. People
love pictures, people watch videos, people listen to audio, so make that type of content.
That’s where we’re going with this. It’s really important that you embrace this as early as
possible. Even if you have a traditional text-based blog, read the posts out and make an audio
version of it and submit that to iTunes and get into that Apple platform because they
do it well. I think the main theme for SEO in 2014 is
natural, high user-quality experience, less tips and tactics, don’t worry so much about
your PR rank and all of that. Worry about your cache date, worry about your Google webmaster
tools, bill of health, worry about who’s linking to you and who’s doing it naturally, and worry
about if your content is converting into sales. That’s what you should focus on and we’re
here to help you. Have a great year. I’m James Schramko and I’ll catch up with
you soon.

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