Does SEO still work?

By | August 21, 2019

Hey everybody. Today we’re going to talk about SEO and
one of the biggest misconceptions on how important it is because most business
owners I work with tell me one simple thing. They want to know how to get to the top
of Google and while that’s important, there’s five other things that are more
important to getting to the top and driving new leads to your business. Okay. The first and single most important thing is having the right business listings. When you think about
searching for something, so let’s say I’m looking for a new
Italian restaurant in New York City. The first thing I could do is pull
up my phone or I’m just going to ask, Hey Siri, what’s the best Italian
restaurant in New York City? And the results I get is
actually a map listing. Okay? That is what the business listing
is. We used to use yellow pages, but now we’ve evolved to
Google business listings. The second type of business listing is
going to be other things like Yelp or your Facebook page, but making sure that your
business listings is accurate
and it’s easy for people to contact you is far more important
and it’s going to actually out rank your organic listings that you would
see in Google. The second thing is making sure you have a good handle
on your reviews and your reputation. If somebody gets to your business listing
and you have a bunch of one stars or you don’t have any reviews, chances
are most people are going to walk. They’re not going to do business with you. So making sure that you get reviews
and manage your reputation properly is really, really important. One of the caveats that will tell you
when it comes to managing your reputation, if you get a bad review, all you have to do is respond to it
inside of both Google and Facebook, they watch to see the engagement and
make sure that you’re managing their reputation. If you do have
a bad experience with a
client, which we all will, that you go in there and comment
and make sure you’re engaged. The third thing is having
a social presence. Okay? Making sure that you’re active on the
social platforms helps feed back in to this business listings. It shows that
you’re active. It’s also a place where, especially if you’re a
service based business, people are going to ask their community, who would you recommend for EC services? So if I’m looking for a plumber
or a contractor or a Roofer, they’re going to want to be able to list
the business. If you haven’t done this, then they can’t post it and
have your business page show up. So this is fundamentally important. You
notice, we haven’t even touched SEO yet, but if you think about how people buy, these are the primary three
things that are super crucial. The fourth is your website and most people will spend
all their time trying to get a killer website, get them ranked
online and get it to the top. But if you think about search behavior, people get your website
until the fourth step. So if they get to your business
listing and they’re go to here, you have to make sure that
it is mobile optimized. More than 80% of traffic is
going to come through mobile, so if your site doesn’t load, they can’t connect you with your get
the information they’re looking for and think about that same
Italian restaurant example. If you go there and you’re trying to
check out the menu but it doesn’t load properly or it’s a pdf and the fonts
are this big and you can’t get the information, all you’re going to do is click back and
you can go to the next listing on the page. The fifth is ads over all of the organic listings. You’re going to see
advertisements take the first, second and third placement over
top of everything you’re seeing. So if you don’t have a strategy
and haven’t done these left, you don’t see the chance
of people finding you. Now what’s interesting and most of the
client campaigns we manage ads for, we see an organic lift when they’re
running the ads because the people are getting the clicks for the terms
they’re trying to rank for. So making sure that you do these in this
sequence is fundamentally important. And the sixth is SEO. Now SEO is dying. Well I should say it’s changing because
of this structure and the way people search for things. They’re
looking in different places. This used to work when the only
result was an actual website, but now because there’s
so many other options, you need to have a strategy in place to
make sure that your business listing is good. And by 2020 more than 50% of search
results are going to be by voice. And voice looks at the characteristics
here, making sure you have this setup, plus making sure that this
information is linked. And you have pieces of code which are
called Schema that help tell these business listings in the search engines. This website and this
business help with x problem. So if you follow all of these five things, SEO becomes a lot easier to
manage and to get your ranked. Thanks for watching. [inaudible].

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