Does Bluehost Charge Monthly Or All At Once? How Much Does Bluehost hosting cost?

By | January 28, 2020

does Bluehost charge monthly or all at
once hey guys Bryan here with wp cupid blog and in this video I’m gonna be going
over two common questions I see being asked online about Bluehost the
questions are does Bluehost charge monthly or all at once and how much does
it cost to get Bluehost I provided the link to Bluehost below in the
description if you decide to go with Bluehost you will get a free domain name
with your hosting purchase your hosting purchase will be discounted as well
you’ll be receiving up to 63 percent off a little disclosure the link is an
affiliate link I’ll receive a commission which helps support this channel and
helps us put out WordPress tutorial videos on a regular basis let’s get
started so can you pay monthly with Bluehost
Bluehost currently does not charge monthly for their hosting plans after
your first year you can purchase Bluehost hosting a month-to-month but
starting out it has to be done annually there is however one excellent web
hosting company that this charge month to month and that is Hostgator so if
you’re looking for a month-to-month hosting
Hostgator is what you are looking for i provide a link in the description for
hostgator hosting with this link you will get hosting for up to 60% off use
promo code Cupid 60 under enter coupon code at checkout they have fantastic
hosting in case you haven’t heard of them if you do decide to pay monthly
with Hostgator you’ll be paying more per month than Blue Hose the monthly price
after the up to 60% off discount is 1095 a month if you pay month-to-month
Hostgator has a 45 day money-back guarantee so you can always cancel with
Bluehost you can get hosting for as low as 295 a month you just have to purchase
hosting annually as they do not offer monthly hosting Bluehost does offer a
30-day money-back guarantee so for any reason you aren’t happy with their
service you can cancel and get a refund the next thing I want to cover is how
much does it cost to get Bluehost I’m gonna break down the cost of Bluehost so
you can see how cheap it is and how much their hosting service costs they offer
three different plans consisting of a basic plan plus plan and prime plan
here’s a screenshot of the three different hosting plans as you can see
you can get web hosting for as low as two ninety-five a month with the basic
plan the Plus plan you can get hosting for as low as 495 a month and
prime plane you can get hosting for as low as 5:45 a month the farther out you
purchase your hosting for the cheaper your monthly rate will be here’s a
complete price breakdown we hope this video does Bluehost charge monthly or
all at once was helpful let us know in the comments below if you signed up with
Bluehost or if he chose Hostgator for their month a month option we would love
to hear from you be sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to our
channel for more wordpress tutorial videos leave us a comment we love
hearing from you

5 thoughts on “Does Bluehost Charge Monthly Or All At Once? How Much Does Bluehost hosting cost?

  1. WP Cupid Blog - WordPress Tutorials Post author

    Link to Bluehost:
    Link to Hostgator:

  2. Bryan Peterson Post author

    Great information regarding Bluehost's pricing!

  3. Steph Sancia Post author

    Just been to sign up but the 295 a month is only if you sign up for three years and because I'm in New Zealand the figures are in American dollars so for the very basic plan I would have to payout NZ $108 at least even with a free name that's quite a lot of money for someone who is just starting out with a website and when I go to hostgator once again their figures even on a monthly charge it's working out to $18 a month and I've been going round in circles for three days and I'm on the point of giving up and just using local auction sites where I'm paying 8% commission fees because I just haven't got the time and there's webhosting malarkey is just a total mind field for new people who have no idea and I am pulling my hair out because there are so many what I would call traps because there's no mention on any pages about what currency we are talking about and invariably I get charged American dollars for what I think are New Zealand dollars etc etc and I think someone needs to explain this in layman's terms because all I want is a simple classy website with two or three pages to sell a limited amount of clothing that I make from home with a PayPal button on but if only all these companies could actually be straight up about these charges. You've got a good video here and the fault is not yours but I am going stir crazy with the serious discrepancy and minefields with all these web hosting companies it's just crazy for the newbie. I enjoyed the video though


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