Do you recommend article marketing as an SEO strategy?

By | August 12, 2019

Today we have a question from
Jeff in Orange County, California. Jeff asks, “Do you recommend
article marketing as an SEO strategy, and how are the back
links treated when other websites republish the
same article?” Honestly, I’m not a huge fan
of article marketing. I mean if you think about it,
it’s you’re writing an article, you try to include
a link at the bottom or something like that, and you’re
hoping a bunch of other people put up copies or mirrors
or duplicates of that article, and then that those
links might flow through. Typically, the sorts of sites
that just republish these articles are not the highest
quality sites. A lot of times the articles
themselves are not the highest quality site. So someone will say you have
to write x many words and someone will write exactly
x many words. You end up with a lot of
duplicate content across the web, sometimes duplicate
anchor text. So if I had to foresee what does
the trend hold, these are not as much editorial links
where someone is really making a choice, I think this is a
great site, as a lot of other links on the web. So should you pursue
article marketing? I would probably lean away
from that and lean more towards great content that
naturally has links. Some good social media marketing
so that people are linking to it organically for
reasons that they really love it, rather than someone needs
five articles to put up on their website and they just go
to this article bank somewhere and they just grab five articles
and they just slap it up on their website. That tends to be not as high
quality in terms of links, as regular links, that people are
actually deliberately making across the web. So if I had to make a prophecy
or forecast about how Google feels or how search engines feel
about them in general, the trend that I’m hearing and
the complaints that I’m hearing are that people
are not huge fans of article marketing. That they don’t view it as an
incredible value ad in terms of the content that gets
added to the web.

71 thoughts on “Do you recommend article marketing as an SEO strategy?

  1. David Sottimano Post author

    00:49 Duplicate anchor text? Confusing. You need specific anchor text to rank for specific keyword searches. I think what he's trying to say is that the article with the content with the same link that gets duplicated from other sites may be devalued. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  2. macfilas Post author

    in Spanish we say "no te mojas" "you don't get wet" with the answer… not a clear answer, not categoric as in other videos

  3. Georg Rauh Post author

    Google/Matt, while i agree with the overall philosophy of the latest "farmer change", please don't stigmatize article marketing as something "bad". If done properly, article marketing is a perfectly legitimate way to "get the word out". How many ways are there for new sites to get their product/service out there? And what should be bad about doing this by writing and submitting articles?

  4. Pradeep Pasupuleti Post author

    @flexy456 I think it could be his trick to address article marketing in such a way. However, if we listen to the whole content clearly, he didn't address anything wrong about the genuine article publishing process but he addressed just about the republishing situation and referred, it is not a high quality process in terms of links, as many assume and also said it doesn't bring incredible value to your content!

  5. Pradeep Pasupuleti Post author

    @DCFinder Not particularly about Duplicate Anchor Text but yes, he is saying about the re-publishing of the content and its value.

  6. Pradeep Pasupuleti Post author

    @miketjstradley In this video or in other videos, Mattcutts didn't say that you will be penalized if someone copied your content and publish them on their website. The new algo affect two things: Content Farms and scraper sites. Which means the new algo affects only who perform these two practices. Are you in these two?

  7. Pradeep Pasupuleti Post author

    @miketjstradley Then you shouldn't see problem regarding the new Algo. Because the new aglo is targeting only those two things: Content farms and Scrapper sites. And yes, Google bots certainly know which are quality and which are not, otherwise how could they concentrate more on filtering the content on the web. 🙂

  8. rebelseo Post author

    The point should not be to get your article republished on hundreds of low quality sites. The point should be to get each article published on a different high quality site, each with unique content and unique anchor text.

  9. Nick Krehnke Post author

    what about press releases? Associated Press And Reuters are all about duplicate content

  10. Peter Nisbet Post author

    It's not my experience that article marketing fails to give excellent Google listings, and nor have any of my listed articles suffered since Panda. Matt Cutts is focusing on links here and the benefits of articles to Google PageRank.

    Matt Cutts heads up Googles web spam team , so his comments will naturally focus on the negatives of article marketing, largely connected with low-quality Adsense sites using scraped articles as content. That falls exactly withing his remit.



  11. Miki Molnar Post author

    @wackywireless No necessarily – most press releases are re-written to give a local flavour, to tie in with other news or to put across the writers viewpoint. This means the articles are unique, and not just repetition – they actually add something.

    By the time you add in the ability for readers to post comments and feedback, the page will have a lot of unique content that should (and will) be valid for adding to the index.

  12. Nick Krehnke Post author

    @JonathanRElder I've done several press releases with companies like Vocus and PR Web and the article has been unaltered by any of the websites or agencies that pick it up

  13. neurodude1 Post author

    WHOA! Matt, I know this is about using AM as an SEO technique, but your definition is completely WRONG! What you describe is spamming article directories for backlinks – that's Google's fault. Article Marketing is about building trust, branding, prequalifying traffic and sharing great content. Yes, some directories are spam farms, but some are still doing everything they can to uphold a level of quality as high as possible. It is still a viable and profitable marketing technique.

  14. Mike Stewart Post author

    What Google doesn't tell you is that article marketing does work. Blog articles is a great method of article marketing. Having a niche and also writing great content is the key. We also appreciate the value of article marketing that maintains a holistic approach vs the synonym swap junk on the web.

  15. Iris Acevedo A. Post author

    Hi Matt,
    First of all, I want to thank you for sharing so much information with all of us who are trying to comply with Google Webmaster Tools Guidelines.
    I would like to ask you a short and brief question;
    I have submitted several sitemaps to google webmasters tools and I get the impression google has not crawled my site for some time now.
    What can I do? Gracias from Costa Rica

  16. [HeaD] Post author

    a lot of useless eHow results are still indexed on top, and I agree: the exploding self marketing caused bad results, so it was neccessary to do the panda update

  17. john r Post author

    I don't get it Matt. Isn't articles what content is all about in the first place? If there is no information on a website that is informational by nature, then why on Earth would people still want to visit that website?
    I thought that search engines "want" to find articles when they visit a website. If I am wrong and videos are actually what the search engines want to see the internet flooded with, then let us know so we can all give up article marketing and start creating videos!

  18. fazapops Post author

    Wow…I know you work for the Big "G", but personally, I believe "G" BEGS to be gamed. I would LOVE to do it the right way. Personally, I do not think "G" leaves people a choice, unless you just have one site and that is all you concentrate on. If you are in a market that is competitive at ALL, you're just NOT going to end up in the first three spots on the first page. Aggressive marketers will game "G" through bogus high PR profiles, bogus bookmarks et al. This is effective social media mktg?

  19. Slow Dating Post author

    Yep – most article marketing is utter junk, and should be flagged as such by Google.

  20. Joseph Bison Post author

    Article marketing is a waste of time 2011 to much effort for little reward, the only site that truly benefits is the actual article directory that has domain age and a high page rank.

    There was a time when search engines counted back links from a directory in a more positive way. Nowadays your better of doing blog comments on decent sites weather it be a no follow link or a follow link.

  21. SLAP Company Post author

    No manager wants success completely defined on the company’s terms. They want success defined by their own terms too.

    Definition of Success for Managers: IMPACT. slapCompany

  22. JJ Currie Post author

    This is yet another clear indication that social signal is becoming more important…

  23. Wes McDowell Post author

    he didnt say that it doesnt work… just that hes not a fan of it.

  24. Post author

    Having a variety of different links is probably the best way to do SEO.

  25. Icarus Windjammer Post author

    @slowdating Isn't that a chance for one to stand out then? Article marketing doesn't have to mean using absence farms to place articles. You could simply setup your own content distribution sites for your personal use and have them perform just as well. Of course I have only meet a few people willing to put in the effort.

  26. Saul Rosenberg Post author

    So when did Google get put in charge of what is good and what is not on the Internet?

  27. Tim Garcia Post author

    article marketing does work! if you have the right tools …

  28. AmazonMojo14 Post author

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  29. The Corporatethief Beats - Hip Hop Instrumentals Post author

    Im confused should I continue to write articles on my site or should I write them on other sites like tumblr or hubpages and link them to my website ???

  30. Tyler Ellison Post author

    Even the originator of the 'bum marketing' method agrees that times have changed. You can see that there's a whole new strategy by going to BumMarketingReloaded (dot) com

  31. Mendenhall Creative Post author

    The principles still remain: Get good links to good content from good sites. If you write articles and they fit this golden trio, there's no problem. I recall when people were deriding reciprocal linking and people were getting the Google Slap. It was my only linking method at the time, but the difference was that I only exchanged from credible and relevant sites. I remained up top for my keywords.

  32. elena reedus Post author

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  33. Sarah Bernier Post author

    I just wanted to say thanks for removing some of the mystery of SEO best practices. Seriously, I appreciate the time you've taken to help out us webmasters that are trying to do it the right way.

  34. Ken Lagasse Post author

    I sure would like to know why my youtube videos are ranking much higher in searches in than Google .ca even though the Channel is Canada and the linked url is a .ca domain. This is consistent with all of my videos -18 of them on the same channel. Any ideas?


  35. robert skyels Post author

    Hear ye hear ye – the Mouth Of Sauron hast bespoke

  36. Post author

    Article marketing is for sure an outdated topic.. way to predict the future back then Mr. Cutts!

  37. Mega Bro Post author

    Oh how wrong you are. Ezine still provides a good link as it's still a high PR site.

  38. Mega Bro Post author

    EZA is still a pr 6 domain. It will still increase your rankings. It's foolish to not have it in a link building strategy where you're utilizing content such as squidoo, blogger, etc.

  39. Alex Dees Post author

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  40. Erik Wahlen Post author

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  41. eazzy9666 Post author

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  42. Marty Wald Post author

    I will try this with " Stranded on Existence" Trailer-YouTube

  43. Andrew Post author

    Having people post your articles across the web is called article syndication not duplicate content. I don't know why people say article marketing doesn't work. If you're providing unique and useful content, then why wouldn't it work? People now say that guest posting is better and what not. People think that just because it's a guest post it's higher quality. Makes no sense! They are all articles people!! Articles and video are what drives the internet! They provide info to users!

  44. Andrew Post author

    How can you say that? Articles and video are what drive the internet! Why is it so hard to understand that all Google is looking for is quality unique content. It doesn't matter if it's a press release, guest post or article (btw a guest post is an article!). Just provide good quality content and that's it. Any form of back linking can be used for spamming. It doesn't matter what methods you use to build links. What matters is how use them. If you abuse them then of course it doesn't work..

  45. Andrew Post author

    Article marketing only works if your articles are getting syndicated. Think of it like guest blogging, which is essentially article marketing. You're trying to get other sites to re-post your content. If your guest post sucks, then nobody will want your article. Same for article marketing, if your article sucks, no one will post it on their site. Article marketing isn't just posting articles on directories. That's like writing a guest post and having it sit in your hard drive expecting results

  46. john adams Post author

    I own/operate several large article directories. Google hates us. Period. They won't come out and say it, but I can show you huge traffic differences upon each Panda, Penguin, Koala, Pigmy Monkey, etc. update. The reason is, it affects their money with advertisers. They call our sites spam bc of repeat content or poor quality…not everyone is a novelist, and the web is huge! There is duplicate content everywhere! That's fine, we will continue on..and win.

  47. john adams Post author

    Oh, and I am so SICK AND TIRED of all of the "sheeple" out there saying " but matt cutts said this, or that" GROW A PAIR and do your own thing. If enough people have an opinion of their own and don't sit around and be told what to do, you might actually change something. Now, go ask matt cutts if that's okay with him. PS- Google is NOT the internet police. Change is coming.

  48. Fred Showker Post author

    So, let me understand what you are confessing to:

    You threaten press agents if they send articles to multiple magazines, newspapers online with the subject's URL? Or, you're threatening the media?

    Super Bowl ads are free to use their URL. But in articles sent to news outlets, bloggers, etc, Google penalizes them for including a URL ?

    Did you realize you just publicly confessed to committing text book racketeering, prescribed in Title 18 of the U.S. Federal Code!!!! A class 1 Felony.

  49. Fred Showker Post author

    A thug storms into a convenience store brandishing an assault weapon . . sez

    "Look here, blog owner … if you run that article from those publishers, we're going to KILL your search engine rankings…"

    What do you do? Nothing you can do. You don't want your rankings killed. Nobody else will go up against these thugs — they've got the police and the government paid off. What's a small blog owner to do. Hmmmmmmm

  50. Sapta Nugraha Post author

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  51. Wynn Ryder Post author

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  52. Cathy Dunham Post author

    You should create articles as a content marketing strategy, not an SEO strategy. When you focus on writing or posting on blogs, social media, etc., and doing it as a natural way of sharing information or expertise, that will deliver more value – directly and indirectly – than trying to write for search engines. Please don't lose sight of what you're trying to accomplish with content. Focus on providing relevant, educational, unique, fresh information on a regular basis. Done well, it works.

  53. Adaptation StDenis Post author

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  54. Spook SEO Post author

    Article marketing just doesn't have the effectivity that it ones has. Although there are still ways to make it work in this SEO's day and age, going for guest posting, social media, clearly shows more promise.

  55. William Burnell Post author

    Good video. Thanks for the information.

  56. Nuallid Shara Post author

    For me it works but not article marketing per se but press releases. I've been working with dolnetmedia . com and the PR, especially those submitted through SBWire direct work wonders for my websites!

  57. Enrique Adame Post author

    Off-site article marketing might not be as powerful in terms of link juice, but they still show up in the SERPs for good keyword variables. If used wisely you can have multiple articles from ezine show up in SERPs with your company name on it in the author box.

  58. Dave Keys Post author

    "Great content that naturally has links…" Let me pass that right along to my client who owns a small short sale and foreclosure help business. Yeah, he's going to go right out and start blogging about losing your home in a way that is so awesome that everyone will link to it because they really love it… On social media too. "Please like my losing your home and short sale help page." Well, alrighty then!

  59. circa blonk Post author

    He's not a fan of it because he works for google. That's why he's so adamant about "high quality" lol. Google, offers their customers information. You, the blogger, are the person they get the information from. when a customer goes to search, Google wants the to see the most high quality, and relative content. Point blank period. With that being said though, Quality content won't get you far. Essentially, the more money you put into your blog, the high it is ranked.

  60. Jake Pranger Post author

    this is great information. I'm new to the busniesss. how long have you been in the industry?

  61. Sunnyvale SEO Post author

    Thanks for the advice Matt, good to know.

  62. bry Eunade Post author

    The difference is in between selling your product or providing relevant information about it.

  63. Martin LeRoy Post author

    Interesting. I think of what Matt says about "a good article with good content that people just like" as article marketing. But what he describes as article marketing? I don't know what the heck that is. Algo's are becoming more organic, so all this artificial crap people try to do to fool the algos seem a waste of time to me. Maybe this is an example of article marketing?

  64. ADEL SEO Post author

    Does Article marketing still works in 2014? Does google penalised the links coming from Article Directory like Ezine Articles?

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  66. Esmond Pemberton Post author

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