Do multiple links from one page to another page count?

By | November 12, 2019

Today’s question is a little bit
about PageRank sculpting. The question goes like this. “Hi Matt. If we add more than one links
from page A to page B, do we pass more PageRank juice and
additional anchor text info? Also can you tell us if links
from A to A count?” So first I will answer your question, and
then I will tell you why you probably shouldn’t be worrying
about it at this level. So let’s go back to the original
formulation of PageRank as published
by Larry and Sergei way back in the day– or at least Larry. So PageRank, the way that you
compute it is you take all the incoming PageRank, and so now
you have PageRank at a page. A certain amount of it
evaporates or decays, but don’t worry about that, that
just makes it so that everything converges. And then you say, given the
number of out links to this page, take the remaining
PageRank and divide it by that. So if I have four out links,
the PageRank that’s left on that page will be divided by
four, and the PageRank will flow equally across each
one of those links. Makes sense. So now the question is what will
happen, if say, two of the links go to page B and these
two go to other places? And the answer is– at least according to the
original formulation in the PageRank paper– both of those links would
flow PageRank. I’m not going to get into anchor
text, but both of those links would flow PageRank. And so twice as much PageRank
would flow through that link. So that’s the way that
things worked in the original PageRank. And then the other part of the
question was does a link from A to A– so a self-loop– does that count? And the answer is that in the
original formulation of PageRank, yes it does count. So those are your answers
to your question. But let me just try to pull you
back a little bit to the 10,000 foot view. And the 10,000 foot
view is this. If you’re thinking about that
level of minor amount of PageRank sculpting, you’re
probably not spending your time in the most effective way
at the point where you’re trying to say, how can I get as
much PageRank as possible? How can I hoard my PageRank, or
recirculate it through my site, or something along
those lines? That’s probably not as effective
as concentrate on making great content that a lot
of people will link to, so you get more PageRank, and then
it just flows naturally throughout your site. So there are a couple
of common sense things you can do. If you have your site, and you
have a little logo up on the top left or something like that,
making sure that if you click on that logo, you go to
the root page, that’s just good for users. That’s good navigation. That’s a very nice
thing to do. If you have pages that you think
are important on your site, don’t bury them 15 links
deep within your site, and I’m not talking about
directory link. I’m talking about actually– you
have to click through 15 links to find that page. If there’s a page that is
important, or that has great profit margins, or converts
really well, escalate that. Put a link to that page
from your root page. That’s the sort of thing where
it can make a lot of sense, because your user lands on a
page, they find a product they’re interested in, they
convert, they buy, that sort of thing. But worrying about how can I
ideally formulate my site to get the maximum amount of
PageRank circulating, so that I keep all my PageRank, and
I maximize all my internal anchor text and that kind of
thing, it’s safe to assume that we’re looking at
ways to make sure that all that PageRank– if everybody were hoarding
it, it wouldn’t do anybody any good. And so we look at mathematical,
and algorithmic, and different ways to make sure
that you don’t get that much benefit by paying
that much attention to PageRank sculpting. So I absolutely would emphasize,
rather than worrying about issues like that,
worry a little bit more about how can I make something
that’s really compelling, some content that people love,
because that’s the sort of thing that attracts the links
in the first place, rather than worrying about the second
order effect of what can I do with my PageRank once
I have got it.

14 thoughts on “Do multiple links from one page to another page count?

  1. SEO Mofo Post author

    *changes global footer links*

    Home | Home | Home | Home | Home | Home

  2. Jeff Yablon Post author

    Holy COW!

    Matt, the first half of this is the most direct answer to the kind of question you usually answer indirectly I've ever seen you kick up! Seriously? you can mold the value of your PageRank that way and you're saying so out loud?

    Umm . . . but yeah, what you said afterward is sure right, huh? Valuable content means more than anything else!

  3. GoranGrooves Post author

    @whichgroup Well, if you had only page B linking to page A (with links to no other pages), then it wouldn't matter if you had just 1 link or 10000 links. It would still pass the same amount of link juice. I suppose it is different when there are more pages involved, since (as Mat says) all links get equal amount of juice. Therefore some pages may get 2/4 of the total juice, while others get 1/4 (for example).

  4. Ján Januška Post author

    Exists any way, how can I provide Slovak subtitles to this video?
    I asked this in webmaster central, but i didn't get required answer.

  5. Ryan Underdown Post author

    I think Matt is hedging his answer here:
    "according to the original formula" of pagerank ….

    I don't think that quite qualifies as a definitive answer.

  6. Chris Bane Post author

    We have two forms of Navigation on our site, TopNav & LeftNav. The TopNav allows users to access any part of the site no matter where they are, like a sitemap. The LeftNav is relevant to the the current page the user is on. Because of this double navigation we have well over 100 links on every page. For the sake of PR sculpting would it be wise to add a rel="nofollow" tag to the links in the TopNav? Keep in mind that the bots can access all the links in the TopNav from the copy. Thanks

  7. Smile A Mile Post author

    He went around and around yet did not answer the question!

  8. ptetesting machine Post author

    hello,i wantedto ask, like i build a website and from the c panel, i can create another single webpage ? like lets say yahoo,com then from the c panel i could create a page which would have a link and i can put my pic when i send to myself, it would open as a page

  9. Dimitri Sabra Post author

    So in the finally multiple links will be count????


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