Do Likes, Comments, & Shares Factor into YouTube SEO?

By | August 15, 2019

Hey, guys, my name
is Tim Schmoyer. And like we do
every Tuesday, we’re going to talk about some online
video news updates, things that are changing here on this
platform called YouTube. And one of the big
things that is changing is how the SEO thing works and
how you get your videos ranking in search results for the things
that you want to be found for. And one of the common
questions that comes up around this whole SEO
issue is, well, Time, do I need to get
people to give me more Likes and more
Comments and more Favorites? And if more people
are sharing my video, does that make it rank
better in Search results? Well, recently, YouTube
actually came right out and answered that question. And they said this. “We’ve tested this in the past. However, these factors
are too easily gained, so they aren’t reliable
enough to use in ranking. However, organic ripple
effects of these actions may help with discoverability
in other ways. For example, if someone likes
your video and their 1,000 subscribers see that
activity in What to Watch, those 1,000
subscribers may decide to also watch that video.” So Google’s direct answer
to this question is, no. Likes, Favorites, Comments,
Shares, all that stuff does not affect how a video
ranks in search results. But they do have
a ripple effect. As they said, for example,
someone shares your video on Twitter, more people
end up watching your video. Then you get more watch
time, which does then influence how that
video ranks in search. Or maybe someone that
you’re subscribed to likes someone else’s video. And then, when you’re
watching What to Watch feed or you’re All Activity
feed on YouTube, it will say, hey,
this person you subscribed to likes this video. And it shows you that
video, potentially thinking that you might be interested
in that content as well. While Google doesn’t directly
look at the number of Likes and Shares and Comments a video
might have in determining how it’s going to rank that
video, those things may influence how
much watch time you can drive to your video. And then, that
thus will influence how that video ranks in Search. I’ll put a link in the
description text of this video, for those of you guys who
want to go see this actually on the YouTube’s
Help Support page. And kind of read
it for yourself. That link is below. And there’s also a
couple of other stories from this past week, which I’ll
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growing here YouTube. I do my best to answer
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you guys again tomorrow. Bye.

58 thoughts on “Do Likes, Comments, & Shares Factor into YouTube SEO?

  1. YaboyLV Post author

    I never really say this but first comment.  Great information.  

  2. Ali Maged Post author

    Great news for a smaller channel like myself! Thanks for sharing this with us, Tim!

  3. gregandcin Post author

    I always wondered how viewer interaction on videos affected SEO. Nice to know it didn't directly affect it

  4. Mesa Sean Post author

    Very helpful. I always thought all that helped with SEO specifically. Glad it actually does not because people can bot likes and shares.

  5. julianjfranco Post author

    Great information here Tim! Do you think it'll be fine to push for likes more than once on a video? Or just towards the end " Make sure to subscribe, comment and like" ?

  6. Shawn Parrotte Post author

    Organic growth is the only thing that I used to get my channel going. What's weird is that my most viewed video was the first one I ever did. No likes, shares, or anything before that. People just wanted to watch it. It was a very strange experience for me because I thought I was going to be teaching to no one for months on end…

  7. Brian's Fish Tanks Post author

    Good to know that that YouTube isn't taking these things into consideration for SEO

  8. Shawn Parrotte Post author

    Also, could you share your experience with Patreon, Tim? I'm considering starting one. I was hesitant before, but I think I'm going to jump on board soon.

  9. CupcakesAndStuff13 Post author

    Thanks for all the information! I have a channel (why else would I be watching? :P) and I'd really appreciate it if anyone wants to help me reach my goal of 100 subscribers by the end of summer 🙂

  10. Crouton Crackerjacks Post author

    While this may seem great, I'm not sure how I feel about it. My 'all activity' feed (which this is the first time I've even looked at it) is nothing but so and so uploaded a video with the very, very occasional 'so and so liked' and those are ones that were liked by the people who I'm subbed to that have millions of subscribers. Or those famous YT'ers that like their own videos or vids they are in on other channels. Now I know there are other people I'm subbed to that have liked videos that don't hide that activity (because they wouldn't know how) so why do those not show up? It seems the videos that are getting into my 'all activity' feed are the ones that don't need the help. And to be completely honest, the only way I find smaller channels to sub to is by shares on FB or if someone comments on my videos saying to check them out. So I don't know what to think about all this because it seems the famous YT'ers are getting preferential treatment in the feeds (and coincidentally are not usually subbed to by others that I am subbed to). Hopefully some of that made sense, LOL!!

  11. Jen Luvs Reviews Post author

    Thank you so much for this! I get asked this question all of the time!

  12. Video Creators Post author

    If you're wondering how likes, comments, and shares factor into video rankings, Google gave us the official answer.

  13. Rafał Marcinkowski Post author

    YouTube is second biggest search engine in the world – They can't tell You the truth about their SEO
    And YouTube Must take all the signals to rank their pages/content (users videos). Social Buzz generating is now the growing factor on google and I think on YT may be similar. 
    But still – user metrics are the most important (bouncing, watch time, taking actions) – this is just a part of google's Panda algo.

  14. My Nontraditional Life Post author

    While likes may not improve search results for the video, I have noticed that after I like a video on a channel that I am not subscribed to, YouTube adds more of that channel's videos to "What to Watch," and recommends that channel to me more often. Is this common?

  15. Brothgar Post author

    Well that's good to know. So not a direct factor, but  secondary one that brings in more people where youtube can gain more information about there watch time experience. So really it's still very important, it's just our understanding of the system that's changed.

  16. sciencetutorial4u Post author

    so Tim, watch-time outweigh more than share, likes and comments in video ranking, right?

  17. Zesty Old Channel Post author

    1:25 You're subscribed to me <3

    Keep up the good work Tim! Looking forward to working together again!

  18. Michael Warbux Post author

    Nice to know I've been wasting my breath telling people to like, share, and favorite my videos haha. Maybe instead of forcing that saying on to them, I should try to see if they'll do it organically. Or use reverse psychology and tell them to NOT like/share/favorite 🙂

  19. MsDessertJunkie Post author

    OOooo fancy new intro 🙂  I would love to send you some money but I don't really want to go a subscription. Anyway that I can ? 

  20. DProxima Post author

    Your topics are always so relevant to what us creators want to know. Thanks Tim!

  21. Chad Wild Clay Post author

    I was so shocked to read this but also glad. 

  22. Brad's Woodshop Post author

    Thank you for the information! Great videos. 😀 

  23. Ash Almond Post author

    Thanks for important info, Tim. My other question: Do Google put your video ranking equally worldwide or country based? – I mean if the Creator uploads the video in Australia, will that video get better chance to top the ranking for Aussie viewers and lower ranking for overseas viewers? Thanks.

  24. Hungry to live Post author

    Hi Tim, after 3 years of being away from YT and now moving to a new channel, I'm almost ready to start posting videos regularly (travel/vlogs). I just need help with animated logos/intros and was wondering if you had any recommendations on who can help me with that. Thanks!

  25. Martín Bonari Post author

    I didn't have the time to read the whole YouTube Creator Discovery Handbook but certainly your videos help discover a lot of tips. After all it all comes down to creating great material worth watching and spread it as much as possible and – as well – to try to make people watch your videos to the very end! Greetings from Argentina.

  26. RudeOnion Post author

    So it kind of looks like, while Likes, Comments etc can certainly help, the only factors that directly affect your ranking are tags, views and retention?

  27. ItsJustMyLifeCA Post author

    I always love the information you give in your videos. Thanks for the tip – Annie

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    Nice new intro! Thanks for this tip, as it is something I have been wondering about for some time.

  29. COnTV • #SejaMEMBRO Post author

    Great tips! Is all about watch time now. Better this way, quite better! There'll not be any tricking anymore!

  30. Korpah the Dutch Gamer Post author

    Thanks for sharing the information always good to learn more about the platform we use!

  31. Christian Adventure Films Post author

    This is some good stuff to know!  Thanks Tim!

  32. KlausGaming Post author

    Great info – was looking for a straight answer to that question. I guess watch time is the key.

  33. Sophia's Emporium Post author

    Stopping by to get schooled by Schmoyer again.  Enjoy making the U-tubes…love my webcam…trying to bond with the new Canon that is hard to download with ease.  Thank you for sharing your life & talent.

  34. Will Chou's Personal Development Show Post author

    Just what I needed. Thanks! I'm considering disabling comments on some/all of my videos because of a bunch of reasons

  35. Family 4 Real Post author

    Hi Tim! I recently had one of my videos receive much more dislikes in the past few weeks than it typically gets…I had nearly 70 likes to only 3 dislikes. However in the past 2 weeks it's received only 23 likes to 7 dislikes and I noticed significant drop in views per day (for that video) during this period as well. My question however is regarding my next point. I searched youtube for "why is my video getting dislikes suddenly", expecting a list of videos like yours telling me what may be the reason for dislikes…However youtube's search results was a list of the most disliked videos on youtube….I think something is off with their contextual algorithm in a query…any thoughts. (on either question). Thanks!

  36. Learn to Love the Word Post author

    huh… I saw a video recently where a guy said that not only do likes help SEO, but Google Plus likes also help, just not as much as YouTube likes. Once again, thanks for clearing things up, Tim!

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    Is this still active? Does likes and comments still not factor in?

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    it would be unfair to be honest if those would effect SEO because people can just start hate train for no reason and dummies ride it

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    I was under the impression that likes, comments & shares would effect the ranking. This was very helpful information. Thanks!

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    thank for your tips,

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    I used to get negative comments that can also give other viewers negative thoughts and comments. If I remove such comments, will it affect my channel views? Kindly help me out Tim. 🙂


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