Do Law Firms Really Need SEO?

By | August 10, 2019

Does a law firm really need SEO services? Well, I think it depends on
a lot of different things. It depends on what else you’re doing. If you spend $1 million
a month on television, then probably not. If you’re really big on social media or if you do a ton of stuff on pay-per-click, then you probably don’t. I think it
depends on your circumstance. If you can make social media work, I’m sorry, you could make search
engine optimization work it’s a very affordable way
you could get cases. Now, one caveat for social media, one caveat for search engine
optimization, for SEO is that often you will get
a lot of tire kickers for search engine optimization. It doesn’t mean it’s bad. We have clients that have gotten cases
worth millions and millions of dollars from search engine optimization. I’m not knocking it, but the thing that you always
have to remember with search engine optimization is that you’re always competing
against Google. So you’re competing against the thing
that you’re trying to game, that is difficult and Google is
getting better and better at the paid ads and they’re adding more
and more paid ads everywhere. It’s good to invest in search
engine optimization and a lot of my clients do really well
with search engine optimization. But in terms of do you need
search engine optimization, t really just depends on what
else you’re doing. If you’re really good at social media, if you’re always out there providing all
kinds of value and stuff like that, maybe you don’t need to a search
engine optimization. If you have a really, really
good PPC campaign, maybe you don’t need a search
engine optimization. It all depends on what you’re doing.
I think it’s always good to do it. But it’s funny because I own an SEO
company and we don’t do SEO. SEO is not part of my marketing
strategy whatsoever for myself. And the reason is, is because
I do social media, I provide a ton of content and I’ve just chosen to focus on that because it’s something that can’t go away. I’ve got my email list. For example, I have a big Facebook group.
If Facebook shuts down tomorrow, I still have my email list and I can say,
hey guys, follow me on Instagram. I own my list. And that’s something else where you start
getting a little deeper into marketing. There’s the difference between traffic. You don’t control traffic, you control
and traffic you own. And the goal is always to turn all
traffic into traffic that you own. Traffic that you control, search engine optimization is an example
of traffic that you kind of control because basically what you’re doing
is you’re manipulating Google so that Google shows you at the top so that someone searches Chicago
bankruptcy attorney, they end up on your website, or whatever
your practice area is. But the problem is, is that Google
can take that away at any time. And it happens all the time. I call it the Google roller-coaster because you’re doing great and then an update hits.
It happened in August. We had so many websites
that were doing great and then in August the Google
metric update hit and we lost a lot of traffic
and took three months and it was a lot of work. And now they’re doing great again. And I’m sure at some point we’re going
to have to fix things again for them. It’s the Google roller-coaster because Google
at the end of the day can shut you down. If they decided tomorrow, they
don’t like you, you’re toast. Let’s say they changed their algorithm. If we have put a lot of time
into building back links, a lot of money in the building back
links and that’s what it’s based on. And then one day, let’s say tomorrow, they switch it to over to user signals is what the main ranking factor. Then you’re gonna lose all your rankings. The goal is always to take the
traffic that you control. Like search engine optimization,
pay-per-click and turn into traffic that you own. And basically what that means is
trying to get the email addresses and try to make it so that you
actually have their email list and you’re building up an email list
that you can then provide value to. To answer your question, SEO,
it kind of depends. If you’re not doing anything else, then yeah,
I see why you probably do need it. But there’s a lot of other things. It’s
not the end of marketing. But it is a good thing and it’s a cheap
thing if you can make it work.

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