Do I Need a Website? | Search for Beginners Ep 1

By | November 7, 2019

Do you need a website? Before you start, you should ask yourself: who are your customers,
and where can you find them? Do they search for products
and services on the internet? Users often use search engines
to find what they’re looking for, so it’s important for your business
to be easily found online. When users search for something, they usually already have
a clear intention, such as making a purchase. For example, if someone searches
for where to buy a nice T-shirt, we can assume there’s
a clear business opportunity there. There are many ways
to create an online presence. You can create a website from scratch, or use a do-it-yourself
web page generator. You could use
a content management system, such as WordPress or Joomla. You could start a blog, using
a blog-publishing service like Blogger, or you can create pages on social media, for example, on Facebook or Instagram. Are you wondering which type to choose? Think of what you want to achieve
with your online presence. It could be getting
more walk-in customers, more online sales,
or more newsletter subscriptions. Alternatively, you may just want people
to recognize your product, or know about your business. Your purpose will determine
which types of presence are more suitable. For example, if you own
a physical store, like a clothing store, add the location to Google My Business to let thousands of people find it easily
on Google Maps and Search. Social media or messaging apps
will allow you to inform your customers of new products or promotions. You can sell your products there,
or on e-commerce marketplaces. As your business expands, building your own website from scratch
can help it grow even more, reinforce your brand, and lend your business
more authority and legitimacy online. Being able to customize your website
means you can decorate your store in the way that represents
your business best. You can also leverage an off-the-shelf
content management system. Many are free, and easy to get started. Even though there are many options, you don’t need to choose just one. You can use multiple channels
at the same time, as long as it aligns
with your marketing and brand strategy. If you already have a website, make sure to keep your content
and technology updated. Make sure to add your new products,
events, or discount information just as you would in an offline store. At the same time, make sure your web presence
is friendly to search engines, so that search engines can understand them
and people can find them. Take a look at our
Basic Search Visibility Checklist to see some of the points
we recommend you review on your website for better discoverability
on Google Search. Check out the link
in the video description below. If you don’t have an online presence yet,
why not create one! Take your first step
to showcase your business online today! In the next episode, you will learn about how to measure
a website’s performance and the goals of having websites
in the first place. So don’t forget to subscribe
to the Google Webmasters channel and tap the little bell
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