DMOZ Dead! The Future of SEO? – DMW #19

By | September 8, 2019

The 3 Big YouTube Numbers That Will Blow Your
Mind Why Video Subtitles Are Still Critical To
Your Business The End of DMOZ And The Evolution Of SEO And We Invite You To Learn How To Make Your
Own Video Newsletters! It’s Friday March the 10th, and this is
Issue 19 of Digital Marketing Weekly… Hi guys, Wayne here from Noble Samurai. Each
week, DMW gives you a quick summary of the biggest and most important news that impacts
your business, in the fast moving worlds of… Video Marketing, SEO and Social Media! Alright, let’s get stuck into it… The 3 Big YouTube Numbers That Will Blow Your
Mind have revealed the 3 BIG
YouTube numbers that every video marketer must know: A massive 70 percent of YouTube viewing is
happening on mobile devices Every single day 1 BILLION hours of YouTube’s
incredible content Is watched by people all around the world 85 percent of YouTube’s
algorithm is currently weighted towards “Watch Time” So what do these numbers mean for your business? You MUST optimize for mobile devices. Desktop
viewing is to be a secondary thought, with all of the content you Create beingoptimised
for mobile viewing. Your videos must encourage viewers to watch
until the end. Longer views, and repeated views, will boost your video rankings in YouTube. At the end of your videos, prompt viewers
to check out your other videos on YouTube by displaying clickable thumbnails. Why Video
Subtitles Are Still Critical To Your Business Facebook’s recent announcement that all
videos will soon auto play with sound was a big change to video marketing. It’s clear that Facebook is wanting to deliver
engaging video content to users, and they believe that sound is a critical part of that.
So every video you create MUST include an engaging audio track. However, don’t think for a second you can
do away with video subtitles… Subtitles allow users to watch video content
regardless of where they are, even when their device is set to “sound-off”. With mobile
video overtaking traditional desktop video, more and more people are electing to mute
their mobile device, so they can watch videos in public places without fear of an embarrassingvideo
blasting sound for everyone around them to hear. The bottom line is… people want control
over how they consume video content, so let them choose! Create videos that have engaging
subtitles alongside an engaging audio track that way you’re optimising for both types
of viewers. The End of DMOZ And The Evolution Of SEO DMOZ have announced they will be shutting
down in the coming weeks, and it’s the nail in the coffin for ‘old school’ SEO. If you do not know what DMOZ is, it is an
artefact of a bygone era in SEO. It was an online directory created to help boost SEO
rankings back when Google was a simpler beast to conquer. Webmasters would submit their website to the
DMOZ directory and in turn they’d generate backlinks to their website – and it was a
simple way to give your SEO Rankings a boost. With Penguin and other recent Google algorithm
updates, link building in this way has become harmful to your website, and is now a big
no no. So what does the end of DMOZ mean for you? The good news is that it reiterates that creating
valuable content and earning genuine backlinks is what you need to be focusing on. The hacks
of old school SEO are no longer applicable, and will damage your SEO Rankings. Create content that delivers a great user
experience, share your content in as many places as possible, and you’ll earn natural
backlinks that will boost your SEO Rankings. How To Create Your Own Video Newsletter Video newsletters are highly engaging, help
build authority with you and your audience, and with the right tools can be done very
quickly and easily. If you’ve ever wanted to create your own
video newsletter like DMW… we have some exciting news… In Content Samurai Webinar
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the registration link… in the description below this video Ok, so that’s what’s
been happening this week in the world of… Video Marketing, SEO and Social Media… If
you’re not already subscribed, then make sure you click the link in the description
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latest developments to keep you and your business on the leading edge of digital marketing. Bye for now!

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