DIY How to Make a Ruffle Blouse ft. AnBella Designs(slovenské titulky)

By | March 11, 2020

Hi guys and welcome back to my channel. In this video I will show you how I made this white blouse with ruffles and tie-up detail at the neckline. This video was made in collaboration with AnBella Designs. They are a deadstock supplier who offers beautiful embroidery products of high quality which are produced solely in Europe. Their goal is to build a community of sewing lovers and give them the opportunity of sourcing locally and sustainably. The material that I use can be found in
the category named Broderie Anglaise and there is a link in the description bar
which will take you directly to this category . This is the material that I used, you can see that it is 1.5 m wide and the piece is 2.3 m long. And if you pick up something that you like AnBella Designs provided us with a discount code. In the checkout section type in “Martina
M20” and the discount will be automatically applied. You can use it with any product of their webpage. So definitely go check out their website,
there is plenty of beautiful products. To make a pattern for my blouse I traced
this t-shirt that I had at home. I folded it in half and placed it on some paper. Then I traced half of the backside. I added my seam allowance and cut the pattern out. I also shortened it to the waist length. I made a straight line starting at the
shoulder to make the front neckline. Then I traced half of the sleeve of the
t-shirt. I made it longer, added my seam allowance and cut it out. Here I have the beautiful material. To make this blouse I used about 1 meter. I folded it in half and cut out one backside on fold. I folded the pattern along the line which
I made for the front neckline, then I folded the material and cut out one
front side on fold. I folded some more material and cut out two sleeves. I also cut out two strips of material to make the neckties. I measured the bottom of the sleeves and cut out 2 rectangles which were 1.5x longer. So if the bottom of my sleeve was 30 cm wide I would cut 45 cm long rectangles. For the width I chose 13 cm. I repeated the process for the bottom of the blouse. I measured the edge and cut out two rectangles which were 1.5 x longer. The width was also 13 cm. I used this white cotton fabric that I had at home to make the lining for the blouse. I cut out one front side and one
back side on fold. I sewed the front side to the backside
at the shoulders both at the main fabric and the lining. Then I joined them right sides together
and sewed along the neckline. I slipped into the corner close to the stitching and I also clipped the curve. Then I flipped the lining inside. I gave it a good press. I folded the neckties in half and sewed them along the edge. I trimmed the seam allowance and using a safety pin I flipped them to the right side. Then I gave them a good press. At the front neckline I made markings for the ties and seam ripped about 1 cm. I then inserted the ties into the openings. I top stitched along the entire neckline. I also sewed along all the open edges to lock the layers in place. I sewed a basting stitch along one edge of the sleeve rectangle. Then I gathered it to the same width as the bottom of the sleeve. I sewed the ruffle to the sleeve. Then I sewed the sleeves into the armholes. I sewed a basting stitch along one edge of the bottom rectangles. I gathered them to the same width as the
bottom of the blouse and sewed them in place. Then I joined the blouse and sewed
the side seams. In the end I hemmed the bottom of the ruffles by folding it inside twice. And that’s it. The blouse is finished. So this is the final product. Thank you guys for watching and go check out AnBella Designs website. I’m sure you will find something you would like and don’t forget to use the discount code. All information is in the description
bar. See you next time.

9 thoughts on “DIY How to Make a Ruffle Blouse ft. AnBella Designs(slovenské titulky)

  1. Sonia Santana Post author

    Martina you used a non- stretch fabric
    The fabric of a blouse you used for make a pattern is non- stretch too?

  2. Ishant Mandhan Post author

    I am your biggest fan . I am 13 year old and love in sewing

  3. Hannern Sewing & DIY channel Post author

    thank you. Your diy always never failed to inspire me 😍

  4. maria aguado maya Post author

    Gracias, lo simple de la explicación me motivo a continuar aprendiendo. Quedo hermosa la blusa.
    Saludos desde México.
    De qué pais eres?

  5. soyearold Post author

    Cute and easythe way I like it. but if I don't put the straps it is going to fall down. ??? And for bigger boobs do you think I need to sew darts? Thanks


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