Discovering Linking Opportunities for SEO

By | September 4, 2019

Let’s talk about discovering link opportunities,
as we are on the same vein. So has a great tool here to discover
a great linking opportunities for you. So they call it the Link Intersects Tool and
the basic idea is if one side is giving links to your competitors, maybe they’ll give links
to you. Now if a site’s giving a link to one of your competitors, that’s great. Good for
them. But if a site is giving links to multiple of your competitors, now this might just be
a thing that they do. They might just provide backlinks to companies in your industry. They
might have lists, which we’ll talk about in a moment or they might just be a supporter
of good content but in any case, they are clearly interested in have some sort of relevant
relationship with other people in your industry. That’s a good invitation for you to start
trying to create those relationships and developing some sort of an additional link profile with
them as well. So the way that the Link Intersect Tool works
is really cool, very simple. You just enter in the names of the domains of your competitors
and then you enter in your own domain. So it says, who is linking to these, one of our
competitors and who is not linking to us. And if I click through that, it will then
provide me with an entire list of all of the domains that are linking to both of those
people and not linking to me. So, yeah, some of these at the top, Google
or might not be the most useful or medium or something like that. But if we go
down a little bit we’ll see that okay,, this is sort of in the digital marketing world,
Guru or Premier source of information.,, these are sites that have really,
really high domain ratings, you can see that they are in the high 80’s, low 90’s in terms
of their value, that have linked to both of these competitors so maybe this is a place
where we can come in and see, well, what did they link? What was the content that sort
of drove those links and how can we produce content that is equally if not more valuable?
In a moment, we are going to go through the sort of content creation or content production
process with a focus on data but this is the sort of thing that can also help drive that,
that content production process, sort of seeing what has led to backlinking success among
the competitors. The other kind of main area that I like to
look when evaluating link opportunities or what I would call list links. So a list link
is basically when some sort of central firm or central directory or however you would
want to call it, is putting together lists of relevant information for people to peruse.
This can ratings, these can be just top 10 lists. You know we see this all the time for
all kinds of things like the listicle is a whole thing on a lot of content sites, blogs
and so forth. But for any people who are creating these kinds of lists, is a really nonintrusive
way to try to develop good quality links. If someone is making a list of or publishing
lists like “here are the top five products in your area,” reach out to them even if that
content already exists in the past. They might still be trying to refresh it or get useful
value from it so contacting them and saying, hey, I saw this article that you put out that
shows the top five people in our industry. I would love it if you’d look at us and if
you think that we are equally competitive or in the same ballpark, include the same
kind of review or listing of us as well. And a lot of these sites will actually be
super responsive to this because this is exactly what they are trying to do. You are actually
doing them a favor by helping them get fresh content without having to do a bunch of additional
research or work themselves. So this a good way to develop sort of an additional link
profile and also be able to see if you are doing an analysis of where your competitors
are getting links. You will often find these types of websites showing up. I just Googled
one for digital marketing agencies here but you will often be able to find where your
competitors are being listed. And those are almost always the easiest, or among the easiest
to go do some outreach to and connect and see if you can get more links. So how do you find these sort of like lists
link opportunities? Well, honestly, the first one is just Googling them. List of XYZ products,
competitors or lists of review of this product versus that product and so forth can pretty
useful. One thing that we haven’t really touched on a lot yet is when you are doing outreach
for links in general, especially to either these list type of website or to any of the
sites that are sort of featured in that Link Intersect function. If you are doing outreach
to them, it’s really useful to have some kind of great content that can spark or create
or sustain a conversation. Surrounding a great, upcoming Webinar, a great E-book that you
guys are putting together, a thought leadership blog series, joint content with other industry
leaders or market leaders. Something like this that says, “hey, this is, we are producing
some really valuable stuff here. This is worth consuming and it’s worth being a part of.” I once saw in interview with this sort of
legendary social media and viral marketer, Guy Kawasaki. But he basically said, anything
that is King Midas’s touch, anything the Midas touches turns to gold. He said, Guy’s rule
is anything that is gold, Guy touches. So this is kind of, if you are creating gold,
influencers and link developers will want to touch your content. So that’s kind of the mind frame that you
want to have when creating competitive content. And then lastly, once you have this content,
be persistent but pleasant in outreach. And this is something that takes some hours and
some organization and it’s not maybe the world’s most pleasant task. It’s one that we get outsourced
to us a lot because we have a link development team that does this but you have to do some
sort of outreach to these people, say, hey, we actually have great content. We’re really
marketing to you. You’ll benefit greatly from this content and you can pay us in links essentially
or, I mean your not supposed to directly do that kind of exchange but it doesn’t actually
have to be a shady links for content direct exchange. You can just be, hey, we produced
this, we want to get our name out. You are someone who gets people’s names out, enjoy
it. Use our content and get benefit from it.

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