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By | August 24, 2019

So the second profession I’m going to
talk about is being an SEO consultant SEO stands for search engine
optimization and these days just about all traffic to websites okay I shouldn’t
say all traffic to websites but a very good amount comes from Google and
companies are desperate to rank well on Google you know if someone has a problem
they’re looking for a plumber they’re looking for a maid they’re looking for a
new graphic designer they go to Google and they type in that search and the
companies that ranked hi make a killing and the companies that aren’t there
don’t and they miss out on a huge amount of business so companies will hire SEO
professionals to help them rank well on Google this involves basically setting
up and optimizing their page so it follows the technical specs that Google
looks for you can tell I don’t know a ton on SEO here but it’s basically you
have your basic stuff where you’re setting up the page properly you’re
making sure the keywords are built into the page that’s called on-site SEO and
then there’s also off-site SEO where you would have articles YouTube channel
maybe social media accounts all these things linked into the business and
those can be good ways to rank as well often SEO works on a contract so you
work for a company in an ongoing basis for you know $500 per month and I’ll
manage your SEO and I guarantee you’ll stay on the first page of Google for
three keywords things like that are common contracts if you have a technical
love you know if you like spreadsheets numbers analysis SEO might be something
for you where you can really get on that the technical side analyze how the page
are doing look at ways of improving and then track it month after month and see
how it’s doing for me I’m terrible at this it wouldn’t work I like to do
something once you know build a course put my heart and soul into it and then
sort of back off whereas something like being an SEO consultant you do have a
lot of upfront work but then there’s the ongoing work because things are always
changing Google’s always changing and competition will spring up so SEO
involves that ongoing analysis and work as well alright that’s it for being an
SEO professional hope you enjoyed this one and see you in the next one

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