Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 270

By | January 23, 2020

Unknown Speaker 0:00
Live Hey, we are live now. Welcome everybody to Hump Day hangouts Episode 270. Today is
the 15th of January already like we’re over what halfway through the month. So halfway
through the first month of the year, and we are rocking on with Hump Day Hangouts. And
wouldn’t you know it My mom is calling me right as I get started. Alright, and this
is where Unknown Speaker 0:22
I’m going to put it face down over there. So we’re going to keep rolling with this instead
of hopping on a phone call with mom. But let’s instead of speaking to her say hi to everybody
and see what’s going on. So Bradley, you’re up top on my screen. How you doing today?
I’m well, Unknown Speaker 0:37
man, one more. Unknown Speaker 0:40
Use three adjectives to describe how you’re doing today. Well, things are good. Unknown Speaker 0:46
Things are good. I’ve got several things popping in my real estate business right now, which
is kind of exciting. And we got to x your agency or double your agency coming up, believe
next week starting that and that’s been fun kind of preparing for that. So Unknown Speaker 1:00
Got a lot of cool things to share. Good deal. All right or not? How about you? You’re jumping
up and down. So hopefully things are going good. Yeah, yeah, definitely. Yeah. doing
real good. It’s good to be here. Dude, your mom doesn’t know that we do have the Hangout
every Wednesday at 3pm. Eastern, you know, she could have been calling to be like Adam,
you know, have a great Hump Day Hangout. You’re going to be great. You’re all right. We’ve
been doing this for the past five years to come on. Now. I really, I’m really excited
for what’s coming. I’m really excited for the launch of to accelerate, this is going
to be awesome. We have some really good stuff planned for everyone that wants to learn how
to increase their revenue, get more agency clients. So if you own a digital agency, stay
tuned, because this is going to be awesome. As usual, we will try to disrupt the industry.
So we’re going to so this is not going to be any different. So it’s going to be awesome.
Stay tuned. It’s launching soon. Yeah, you know, I think something to that. Some one
of the poufy live attendees said to us, or rather, he wrote it I believe is on Unknown Speaker 2:00
Hump Day Hangouts. But I like this one. I’m going to run with it. He said, We’re the Unknown Speaker 2:05
unicorns of Internet Marketing. So there you go. That’s that needs to be plastered all
over me. Give me a little unicorn put at the top of Humpty hangouts at the camel to the
unicorn. Unknown Speaker 2:17
The camel corn. So, okay, before we go totally off the deep end, Marco, how you doing today? Unknown Speaker 2:23
What’s up, man, I’m doing good. If I if I can just take some dissolute a little bit
of time, and I gotta pull that up. Because I got to share this with people. Unknown Speaker 2:33
The charity is doing really well by the donation drive. But what we’ve come up with is just
a way for people to benefit from from donating to the charity. And lo and behold, I can’t
find it. Unknown Speaker 2:57
But I mean, we have a whole list of things that we’re doing Unknown Speaker 3:00
Anyway, so Matter of fact you and her Nan each donated up to half hour slots right?
for one person and I’m not going to share my screen but I know Bradley donated an hour
I donated two hours of my time so what two people are going to get an hour with me then
Rob donated an hour Not only that, we’re going to tack teach someone for an hour. Unknown Speaker 3:22
Robin I and and get them going in in the right direction as far as their online presence
and everything that they’re doing is concerned. Jeffrey Smith donated an hour. Steven Kang
from us the face to the Facebook group that the SEO signals lab he donated, he’s going
to take you through whether the potential ROI for whatever it is that whatever market
you’re in. So he says nobody else has what he does. So whatever that is you’re carrying
is a beast. And we have that. Unknown Speaker 3:57
We’re giving away Dr. stacks, we’re giving away a Unknown Speaker 4:00
Yoshi, Illinois syndication Academy. And so if you haven’t donated, right, for whatever
reason, now would be a perfect time to donate. So you can catch the next webinar, which is
the giveaway webinar. And I keep talking to people. And I keep to Oh, before I forget
Jeremy from precedented donated, three done for you press releases, so three people are
each going to get a done for you press release. So you can see what this is all about, in
case you’re curious. Or if you use them, whatever. And this is, this is randomized, we already
have it, where it’s going to be randomized. Once you win a prize, you’re not no longer
available for any other prize. So that as many people as possible can benefit from all
this. And I’m leaving a whole lot. I mean, we have a list and I and I wasn’t able to
find the page. But just so everyone knows. I mean it’s just a whole bunch of just great
information. A whole bunch of Unknown Speaker 5:00
Things that I’m sharing that I wouldn’t share otherwise and since people have donated to
my favorite charity it’s my way of giving back and then on top if as if that weren’t
enough as if giving your life like the key the keys to the kingdom but for me we were
putting a cherry on top by by giving you even more so there you I just want to get that
in guys. Go donate I’ll drop the donation page if that’s good enough to get you going.
I don’t know what it is Unknown Speaker 5:34
that’s awesome. Yeah, I know is a great result over the holidays you can leading up to it
and like Marco said, I’m not gonna go on and on about this but you’re definitely helping
out a good cause. And hey, at the same time you get to help yourself so when when Unknown Speaker 5:48
Chris How you doing man? Unknown Speaker 5:51
Doing good. Just packing stuff. leaving tomorrow alone. So super excited. If you’re worried
going Unknown Speaker 5:59
to the very Unknown Speaker 6:00
Number one to the tallest mountain of Austria and on that and on the back side. So no internet,
no nothing. And yeah, I’m super happy about it. I’m part time that I take some time off
digital detox, how they call it. So yeah, super happy. Alright, well sounds good. We
just got a few things we need to run through before we get into questions here. And speaking
of questions, if you’re just joining us for the first time, thank you so much for being
here. This is the place to be every Wednesday 4pm. Eastern, you can ask your questions.
I do have to say if you’re asking questions, we try to keep them pretty short and succinct.
If you ask a really tough question or a lot of questions in a series, we can’t get to
them. We might have to skip it if we have time. Maybe we can come back but we always
tell people limited to one question and then if you’re attending live you know you can
come back and ask more you know, after that, we just want to make sure that everyone gets
a chance. I know today we had at least one really in depth kind of multi part question
come up. So wanted to say you know Unknown Speaker 7:00
That, that we’re going to be able to answer what we can but some of that stuff goes into
way more detail than we would even have the time to answer here. So make sure you guys
keep it as short as you can. But we do appreciate all the questions. And like her Nan said,
I want to touch base on this again, because next week, we’re going to be doing something
a little bit differently next Wednesday just for the intro. Next week w agency is going
to be kicking off. So like Bradley said, not said we’re excited about it. But we’re going
to be talking a little bit more about that again, explaining you know, exactly what you
can expect from that. And then there’s definitely definitely a very special chance for people
who are subscribers who attend Hump Day hangouts at Find out more about that, but her non you
mentioned it real quick, but do you want to tell people a bit more, you know, just kind
of who this is for and what we’re intending to go with this? Yeah. 100% So, um, so we’re
really excited about it. And the reason why is because for the past couple of years, most
of our audience has been, Unknown Speaker 7:56
has been mostly digital digital agency owners in one capacity. Unknown Speaker 8:00
You’re another right maybe you have a couple clients, maybe you have two to three clients,
and you want to take it to five to 10 clients. Or maybe you’re dealing with a whole team,
you’re going, you know, you’re going out hard and have like 20 clients and the team over
years and whatnot. And whatever that is right now, in order for you to take it to the next
level, you need to learn new skill sets, maybe it is to prospect a little bit better that
is to always have your pipeline full of new leads that want to talk to you that want to
hire you. Or maybe it is delegating a little bit better, right? You cannot do it all on
your own. So just imagine if you were from five clients to 15 clients in a week, there’s
a high chance that you will potentially go crazy. So how do you solve that? Right? So
basically, we sat down and we asked the audience, what what they wanted. And one of the main
things was I need more clients, I want to get more clients, I want to get more productive,
I want to double my revenue. So that’s where double your agency Come come to play. So it’s
going to be a really in depth program where we’re going to take Unknown Speaker 9:00
People that have a couple of clients again and want to, you know, get those 510 clients
that they want, or maybe they want to completely revamp their business. I’m going to be showing
you how to do it through paid advertising, SEO, PPC on Google, Facebook ads and whatnot
are going to be teaching you stuff that you can deploy for your current clients and you
can charge more money. Last but not least, how could how to actually build your team
delegate and set up processes and whatnot, remote guys that we have like 20 plus VA right
now working for mg y b. So we kind of know our stuff when it comes to generating process.
Hiring those VA is where hot VA is working with us for the past five years, growing your
personal brand so it’s all going to be there. It’s gonna be pretty awesome. And yeah, really
excited to get that going. Sounds good. Definitely. We will have more coming out on that. If you
haven’t and you’re watching live you can sign up, put the link down below to get early notification
that that will definitely pay off. I highly suggest you do that. And also wanted to mention
that Unknown Speaker 10:00
If you have not gotten mg y b emails, you should head over to MTV sign up, we got some
really cool things that you can get for free if you’re not quite ready to take advantage
of all the great done for you services over there. But right now there is a sale going
on only for MTV subscribers 25% off all link building and embers, which is awesome. I think
we’ve already had, I don’t know, 10 or 15 people already taking advantage of that today.
So you get 25% off a little bit of flash sale celebrating the beginning of the year helping
people out with their projects. So I’ll pop that info onto the page here. And you can
go and grab that stuff. So with that said, Did we get anything else before we get into
questions, guys? Yeah, well, one more anyone donating will have access to all of the past
webinars and last year’s webinar. So even if you think about that, you’re only going
to catch the last webinar that’s not so you’re going to catch all of them for just a simple
donation. And as I said before, I’m not asking for any amount Unknown Speaker 11:00
said before your heart is going to dictate whether you donate and your wallet is of course
going to say how much you can donate. So I don’t want to I don’t want to put anyone out.
Just do what you can. Unknown Speaker 11:16
Sounds good. Alright guys, let’s do it. Sweet. Alright, let me Unknown Speaker 11:22
figure out where I’m supposed to be here. Okay, I Unknown Speaker 11:25
think I got Unknown Speaker 11:32
you’re seeing my screen correct? Unknown Speaker 11:35
Yep. Unknown Speaker 11:37
All right. Uh, looks like we’re going to start with that’s Keith Goodwin under that super
spawn article. Do you recommend What’s up? Keith has been a long time and he says do
you recommend to allow pingbacks from IFTTT network sites on Main sites? What is your
take on pingbacks in general, I think that’s like Unknown Speaker 11:54
2008 technology. Unknown Speaker 11:58
I don’t know that those have been benefit. Unknown Speaker 12:00
Show in any way, shape or form for many years, so I’ve always disabled that stuff. Unknown Speaker 12:05
I’ve always blocked up, you know, just that’s just standard operating procedure when a site
is deployed, I just disable comments altogether. So that includes pingbacks, and all that trackbacks
and all that crap, too. Does anybody have any reason why they would suggest ever using
any of those? I have nothing recent for that, man. I stopped doing that. So here’s the thing.
I’m not saying that that they don’t work or that they do work. They did have their place.
But we moved on to something else, right? Unknown Speaker 12:36
It could be that people coming in and interacting with the website, and getting all all of that
activity will have a signal for Google a positive signal. But since it’s that’s something that
I’ve tested, I would only have be able to theorize about the other stuff that we do
just worked so well, that we haven’t needed to go in and check whether pingbacks still Unknown Speaker 13:00
have their place in in SEO Unknown Speaker 13:03
yeah yeah I haven’t I don’t I think you long time ago they there I’m sure there was some
SEO benefit to it but I haven’t used them since God I want to say probably 2010 or 12
or probably 2012 somewhere around there is when I just always started disabled and all
that stuff so and I haven’t never looked back so Unknown Speaker 13:25
I don’t think they’re helpful at all Keith but you know, maybe somebody somebody somebody
has found a way to manipulate them Unknown Speaker 13:32
there’s there’s such it’s such an old kind of feature with WordPress that you know, I’m
sure if there was some sort of super cool hack it would have been exploited to the point
where it was terminated anyways, you know, so Unknown Speaker 13:44
yeah, it’s, it’s been there forever. Like since the beginning of WordPress, I would
Yeah. Mostly because if you would leave a comment or if you would, leave a link on that.
Will ping back to the to the post if it was for Unknown Speaker 14:00
Press and whatnot. So and then you will have a lot of pingback spam as well. Yeah, I remember
like going through and deleting a bunch of them. So yeah, I haven’t used them, which
is part of the reason I eliminated them entirely was because of that I got tired after to go
in and clean out pingbacks and trackbacks spam, you know, and that kind of stuff. So Unknown Speaker 14:21
wraps up, he says, Hey, gang, how do you get the five stars that show up in some Google
searches? That seems to be random. I’ve never been able to accomplish this. It’s with structured
data. Unknown Speaker 14:31
That would be what they call review, review schema. And so you can do that by marking
up like product reviews, it could be customer reviews, you know, so basically, like user
reviews, that kind of stuff. But that’s all accomplished through structured data has to
be added to the web page correctly and invalidated before Google and it does. There’s no there’s
no guarantee that Google will pick it up and display them. But it’s that’s how you that’s
how you put it your site in a position to have the reviews stars show Marco Unknown Speaker 15:00
Is there any secret tips for that? Unknown Speaker 15:04
Ha, Na, Mama. I really don’t have anything. Okay. Unknown Speaker 15:10
It’s It’s It’s in it’s in the schema. Right? And sometimes they appear, sometimes they
don’t. And Unknown Speaker 15:18
the Google came out not too long ago, advising against, because they they see this as just
being self promotional. And that that’s not the intent not to say that it does or doesn’t
work. And sometimes, what Google says not to do works really well. So you keep on doing
it. Unknown Speaker 15:37
So this is this is just totally the structured data. On the website. There’s a way for you
to get the stars in there. If that’s something that I bother with. Unknown Speaker 15:49
Yeah, agreed. Unknown Speaker 15:51
I mean, I bother with structured data. Don’t get me wrong, but I don’t you know, there’s
some plugins and things like that some third party services that you Unknown Speaker 16:00
You can use that will import like, for example, Unknown Speaker 16:04
I should I can’t remember the name of the plugin suite now but they have a Yelp plugin,
a Google, Unknown Speaker 16:10
Google My Business plugin and a Facebook plugin. So it’s essentially a plugin plugins for WordPress
sites that will import it connects via API to Google Maps, Unknown Speaker 16:23
Facebook and Yelp. And so what happens is will pull in for that particular business
location, the different reviews that are published on each one of those sites. And so you can
buy each plugin individually or buy them all together as a suite. And what happens is that
that actually imports the code. It’s like an iframe, it gets it iframes in the code
from those review sites, so that it’s essentially not you pasting your own structured data into
the site, which will show reviews, which is what Marco was talking about, because Google
thinks, you know, Google knows people can spam that, but it’s actually pulling in publicly
posted reviews on other Unknown Speaker 17:00
reviews sites and that’s a good way to do it. And I’ve actually been able to accomplish
that using the Google My Business one for what I’ve got a roofing client that we weren’t
able to ever get reviews stars to show for his site, yet, he had hundreds and hundreds
of Google reviews. And I mean, across all the different platforms, he had hundreds of
reviews on each platform, but we could never get the review stars to show and then I added
the plugin, as you know, as a premium plugin, but I added the plugin to put in the Google
My Business reviews. And we just put embedded the widget in the sidebar of this site so
that it was constantly being updated with new reviews. And that that actually ended
up pulling in Unknown Speaker 17:39
or was a car that actually triggered the review stars to start showing for the site. So there
I know there’s other ways to do it besides just adding your own structured data. But
you know, typically that’s that’s how you would do it. It’s just add structured data. Unknown Speaker 17:55
Okay. Another one is from Ralph says one of my clients had Unknown Speaker 18:00
Six of his GMB sites removed by Google they were his were home addresses of people that
worked at his company. Why would Google do that and when p o boxes without using p o
box and the address be the best thing to get ranked in eight other suburbs? Unknown Speaker 18:15
Uh, that’s a good question that I mean it’s I’m curious Ralph is to we’re all six suspended
at the exact same time or they suspended at different times there’s a ton of questions
I have for you regarding that because for example if they were if I’m assuming it’s
the service area business right because Unknown Speaker 18:37
wouldn’t you wouldn’t have other gmv Unknown Speaker 18:42
you know other GMB profiles for storefront businesses, right because that wouldn’t make
sense then that would be like six separate locations and that’s not the way that you
know it wouldn’t work. So I’m assuming as a service area business and that you hid,
or didn’t pop chose not to publish the actual physical Unknown Speaker 19:00
location of the business because it’s a service area business. And if that’s the case, then
I can’t imagine how it would have been suspended unless it was something that you know, you
were editing the GMB after it had been verified. I don’t know that that’s still an issue. But
I know, many months ago, there were this kind of a threshold that no one really knows what
that threshold was. But, uh, you know, once you cross that threshold with a number of
edits of your GMB profile that it could trigger an automatic suspension. I know because I
experienced it with one of my clients. It’s a it’s 100% valid business and has been been
a valid location for many years and it got suspended. And again, it was an automatic
suspension just from making a change to the GMB listing and all I did was publish the
GMB website Believe it or not, for some reason he had a GMB website. It wasn’t published.
I click the Publish button and it suspended it. So my point is, there’s there’s a there’s
a number of things that may Unknown Speaker 20:00
have triggered that. My question is, like I said, we’re all six suspended at the exact
same time because if so then there had to been some identify, identify both, excuse
me identifiable footprint that connected those sites together other than through the brand,
but that also triggered them as being identified as spam. And also, again, I don’t know if
that was an algorithmic or it was a manual suspension. It’s I they don’t give you that
much information. So it’s kind of hard to determine market. Do you have any comments
on that? I yeah, I would just have to guess I had one suspended. And in fact, if it’s
the land solutions network, companion, GMB really, and and nothing Yeah, I mean that
the you know, the entity was tight. The entity was really good. And we did nothing to it.
That is that that’s the whole thing it we had not gone gone in there in about a month.
And then all of a sudden, while I can’t remember how long exactly but all of a sudden it gets
hit and get suspended. Unknown Speaker 21:00
So that that’s definitely algorithmic, if you’re not in the triggering anything, then
it was just a random ID or Unknown Speaker 21:07
I don’t like this for whatever reason in the code, and it got it got hit. Yeah. I’m curious
to to know, what was being done to them. In those eight GM bees that they would get off,
they would all get hit at the same time, or did they not get hit at the same time, but
separately, and since this is all in people’s homes, what I would suggest is that is that
each one of these people, you get them to call Google and get them to try to get that
suspension lifted, go through the process of getting lifted, because in a home business
is a legitimate way to get a GMB. Unknown Speaker 21:42
Yeah, the only thing would be difficult to I mean, unless you know, because sometimes
depending on you can contact Google My Business support and try to request reinstatement. Unknown Speaker 21:53
It depends on Unknown Speaker 21:56
sometimes they’re going to require you to jump through a bunch of hoops sometimes Unknown Speaker 22:00
So for example, let me make an example here. The one that I was talking about was for an
outdoor Pest Control client of mine. Unknown Speaker 22:09
One main GMB that’s been in he’s a valid location. He’s been in business for many years, never
had any issues whatsoever and then it got suspended. And again, all I did was click
the Publish button on his GMB website because for whatever reason, it was never published
and I don’t know why. But anyways, uh, so I submitted as a manager to the GMB right
so my my account is attached as a manager to the GMB and so I submitted the GMB reinstatement
request and it was a two to three week backlog at the time and it ended up taking like four
weeks before I got the rejection email saying that they had rejected it because it didn’t
meet quality guidelines, which was total bullshit. So and that was it that was the vague rejection
response that I got so I emailed to that I mean, you know, replied to that rejection
email with like, Can you give me some explanation as to why Unknown Speaker 23:00
Doesn’t mean quality guidelines this has been a valid business has been serving local customers
for you know set the past seven years or however long they’ve been in business or whatever
it was that I said. And you know anyways long story short, it just was ignored that went
into oblivion somewhere that that request for more information as to why it was suspended
or didn’t meet quality guidelines. So anyways, I ended up contacting the owner who was listed
his primary gmail account was listed as the owner, the primary owner for the GMB. So I
contacted him and told him like I was ready to say Okay, look, we’re just going to have
to start another gmv from scratch which would have sucked because this was his main location
I put a lot of work into over the years. But he said was there anything that I can do and
I said, Well, if you want to attempt I’ll give you a Unknown Speaker 23:44
you know, a quick tutorial video showing you where to go and how to do it and what to say
but if you want to attempt as the primary owner account to request reinstatement do
so you know, like I’m let’s give that a shot before I try starting with a brand new GMB. Unknown Speaker 24:00
all over again. And he agreed. So within about I think, I think it was less than 10 days.
He had the next day he submitted the request based upon my instructions. And I think it
was less than 10 days and we got the notification. Well, he forwarded it to me saying that it
had been reinstated. So the reason I tell you all of that is because Unknown Speaker 24:25
if you have different GM bees, it depends on how you have them all together. Do you
have one owner? like are they all under one GMB account? Are they all under separate GMB
accounts? How are they connected? Do you have a common manager through all of them? If so,
then that means they have if they have individual separate primary owners, then the primary
owner I guess could go in and potentially try to request a reinstatement. Unknown Speaker 24:49
You know, that would be difficult to do if each location like if it’s all part of one
brand, you just got to be real careful. There’s a couple things that you could try to try
to get reinstated as well. Before starting all over Unknown Speaker 25:00
My point, because if their home addresses as Marco said, you know, you could potentially
verify it, even if they required you to do like, you know, take photos of the office
space and things like that, because you’re allowed to have a home office, right, you’re
allowed to run a business from home. Even if it’s a service area business and you’re
hiding your physical address, you just have to prove that there’s like business being
operated at that location. But again, it would be a lot of the times they want to see like,
you know, corporate logos, and they want to see, you know, mail being sent, that I’ve
had to do that in the past with another client, Mario’s cab service where we had to have a Unknown Speaker 25:38
utility bill that had the company name on it with the new address on it, because we
were changing locations in order to re verify a listing. So I mean, there’s just a number
of things that they could require you to do. I would try to go that route before starting
new ones if possible. Unknown Speaker 25:52
But you know, as a last resort, if they were suspended, you could always try it again.
Po boxes are a good alternate Unknown Speaker 26:00
If Unknown Speaker 26:01
somebody’s house is hands down the best way to go first if you have access to somebody
that will receive a postcard for you at the residence Unknown Speaker 26:10
that that’s that is hands down the best way to go in my opinion. But if you can’t do that
then my opinion the next best is the P o box method. Remember you do not put PO box in
the address field when you’re trying to register it will automatically reject it you have to
use the street address option which means you go down to the post office you rent the
P o box and you tell them you want to use the street address option and they have to
fill out a separate form it doesn’t cost anything additionally, but then you get to use the
street address of the post office itself and then you get a box number so it but if you
don’t put box you just put the number sign and then whatever the box number is so like
123 Main Street number 212 right. Unknown Speaker 26:50
Any town whatever that that’s the that’s that would be the address that you use, and that
still works. It’s not doesn’t work 100% of the time but I would say probably you know
80% Unknown Speaker 27:00
Greater it does. So Unknown Speaker 27:03
those are good questions. All right. Unknown Speaker 27:06
CJ, I guess is what I’m going to call you. He’s got a lot of setup here for a question.
I’m not going to read through all this, guys, anybody watching this can read through the
questions if you’d like, I’m just going to get cut right to the chase, which is how would
you approach making this decision? What matters and what doesn’t? What are the pros and cons
of each approach? And so essentially, he’s asking, he’s got a brand site, that he wants
to utilize some of the other content and, you know, content assets that he has out there
and he was considering Unknown Speaker 27:38
creating separate, like satellite feeder sites to use to kind of push traffic from those
sites into his main entity, but they’re all all tied together. So I’m going to give you
a very brief answer and then let Marco expand on this a lot more because he’s the our entity
guru. But I would say no, keep all of this Unknown Speaker 28:00
Those feeder sites essentially within the same brand, so either if you want separate
websites for each one of them, because you want different design, you know, and that
kind of stuff, different functionality for each one of those sites, that’s perfectly
fine. I would use sub domains of the primary asset, the primary entity, the primary website,
I would use sub domains if you want separate websites. But that way, they’re all still
tied to the brand. They’re physically connected to the brand through the domain, right. And
then I would still make sure that you brand consistently brand all of those so that you’re
not in big, ambiguous aging the entity, that’s number one, but if you’re not worried about
different design options and functionality for each one of those types of sites, then
you could you should and I, Marco mentioned this prior to starting the webinar, but I
totally agree you should keep them as inner pages, you will get more benefit. By building
out even you could even build silo structures for those types of content content types with Unknown Speaker 29:00
The site and use it that way, you get more SEO benefit using inner pages than you do
from subdomains, but subdomains will give you some additional options that you wouldn’t
be able to use with inner pages. So either one of those are going to be the better approaches
than trying to build separate websites. And Marco can talk more about how you utilize
Mgi be to help, you know, help with a lot of this fulfillment and to get the most results
that you can from this sort of a structure. Unknown Speaker 29:29
Yeah, what I’m thinking about is, is we clone the money site, right. Unknown Speaker 29:34
And so if he’s got these different parts of the company sections of the company, however
it is that the it’s going to be structured, I definitely go with inner pages with companion
inner pages on the G side and drives tech targeting those keyword sets. So so he wants
more Unknown Speaker 29:54
SERP real estate, right? But I would argue that that what you actually want Unknown Speaker 30:00
Go further up for your top level Unknown Speaker 30:05
keyword, right, the market level keyword because what we seen from that approach is that when
you start targeting that market level keyword is it brings everything else up. So you’ll
be ranking for a whole lot of keywords that you didn’t even think about just because you
targeted that top level category. And then when you see that there’s a keywords that
are sticking maybe second page, maybe towards the bottom 910 you can isolate those I mean,
we have the webinars at at mgu ib, that show how to add power to your drive second, push
that power over to the website. So I would say to you focus on that so that your website,
your main brand, your entity produces as much power as possible and brings up as many keywords
as possible and you add those inner pages. I like I Unknown Speaker 30:59
didn’t Unknown Speaker 31:00
The only way that I would go to a subdomain or to a separate website is if it’s if it
were just a completely different part of the business that would break up the semantic
relevance if it were included on the on the money site. Now, if it doesn’t, if it’s if
everything is totally related, then you put that in an inner page. And what you do is
individual schema for each one of those inner pages that relates those pages to the main
brand. Look at look at what all of these different companies don’t look at what Google does.
Google definitely takes advantage of of subdomains, right they go the subdomain route. Unknown Speaker 31:39
That’s one way. Another way you know, Apple has it all on the main domain. Amazon has
a lot of this stuff on their main domain. What I would say is you get a whole lot more
power, and you’ll you’ll be ranking for a whole lot more keywords a lot quicker. If
you add the power to the G side and competitive drive stack and push it over to the money
site. Unknown Speaker 32:00
Because then everything benefits, right? Everything that that on that route those all of those
inner pages when you pushing all of that power, the entire website is going to benefit from,
from all of your efforts. That’s how I would approach this. Unknown Speaker 32:15
Yeah, the only thing I and I agree. Unknown Speaker 32:18
But like, for example, the glossary site is one of the examples that he’s talking about,
I think that would be better suited on a sub domain like glossary dot whatever your domain
is only because I think that’s kind of I mean, again, you could do it on an inner page or
even a separate category within the site. I think that’s kind of more of a reference
type thing could be on a sub domain. But like Marco said, is, if you can, if you can work
with it in the existing, like layout, Unknown Speaker 32:43
you know, the design that kind of stuff of the existing site, then you can, you can accomplish
that with inner page stuff. But the second best option would be subdomains In my opinion,
but not separate websites all together because you want to make sure that you’re continuing
to tie all of those together. Structured Data could do all of that together. Unknown Speaker 33:00
Well, you have proper structured data across all of them, you’re going to be tying entities
together or the entity together through all those different assets anyways. So I was a
good question. Very long setup, Unknown Speaker 33:14
fences up, he says, What’s up, Vince? He says, When embedding links into a Google site, is
it better to iframe the sheet with the links into the Google site? Or is it better to iframe
each link and embed them one at a time into the Google site? I don’t know how you iframe
each link unless you’re talking about each individual file. So I’m not sure I understand
the question fits. Unknown Speaker 33:40
embedding is good period. Like that might be the easiest answer. Margo was What do you
say? I don’t think I can understand uncomprehending the question fully. Unknown Speaker 33:51
Yeah, I’m Unknown Speaker 33:55
fits. I don’t I don’t know why you’d be looking to embed individual links. Unknown Speaker 34:00
g site. That’s what you get the spreadsheet for. And that’s exactly what we do we embed
the spreadsheet if you need to go to another page with the spreadsheet, then by all means
and link below to everything. So that the entire again, yeah, you have to think of this
as a whole. You can’t You can’t break this up into into little pieces and think that
one is is better than the other unless there’s a purpose for that individual link embed Unless
Unless you’re pushing power from an inner page over to a money site, inner page. And
that’s what you’re trying to accomplish with either that iframe or that link. Otherwise,
there’s no reason Think about it. We, I mean, literally have thousands of links on on that
spreadsheet, right when when when we turn it into one of our clients. And if we were
to embed each one of those links instead of two Unknown Speaker 35:00
Bill taking between six and eight hours, it would take between six and eight days. So
that there’s no reason for that we get tons of power, the way that we do it. And the only
other reason to do one, not all of them, but one will be when you’re trying to isolate
keyword and I saw the power so that you can push from that drive stack to the G site inner
page to the companion money site, inner page. Unknown Speaker 35:28
Very cool. Unknown Speaker 35:32
Okay, uh, Jim says he missed donating last month, you can donate at any time correct
Marco. You can donate at any time before after all of the replays will be available. Unknown Speaker 35:44
We have a webinar coming up on Monday. So you’re still in time to be at the next live
webinar. And I might do another one after because it depends on on how confused people
are. And I see that from the questions and from the comments and everything. Unknown Speaker 36:00
during the webinar, whether it needs another one, so that might be another one we already
this one will be the sixth one, the one that we’ll be doing Monday. So there’s a lot of
information. There’s just so many things that we need to go into. Because it it, the way
that we approach it is just as basic principles. But just because it’s basic principle doesn’t
mean that it that it’s simple. And it doesn’t mean that it’s simple to explain. And it doesn’t
mean that people will grasp all of these concepts during the first go around. Unknown Speaker 36:32
Yeah. Unknown Speaker 36:35
That’s cool. That’s a lot. That’s a lot of content to for Unknown Speaker 36:39
an all it’s requested as a donation, no matter the amount, which Yes, people want to see
the information like like, what’s actually being given away. I posted the link in there. Unknown Speaker 36:51
Back to Yeah, you mean for the prize list and that kind of charity information so they
can go and take a look? Unknown Speaker 36:59
Right there. Unknown Speaker 37:00
Look at it. Look at that. And we keep adding to it. Unknown Speaker 37:04
Wow. Unknown Speaker 37:06
Very cool. Unknown Speaker 37:09
All right, moving on. Next one is Unknown Speaker 37:13
looks like from Joey. He says, Hey guys, I have a client who’s ranked on page one for
a few keywords, but his bounce rate is high. So now he wants to change the layout and content
up on these pages. As he says rankings don’t matter if everyone just bounces will try and
optimize the site for conversions by changing the images and unstructured data like so the
content of the site basically, or the content of the page. Would that confuse Google and
hurt our rankings? Well, yeah, I mean, it can’t. I don’t know that it will confuse Google
and hurt your rankings. It will cause dancing, though. Unknown Speaker 37:49
Structured Data is not enough to hold the ranking. I mean, I can’t say that for sure.
But it’s very likely that it will it will start the dance if you significantly change
the content or the layout the structure of a Unknown Speaker 38:00
Page, it’s going to typically dance almost 90, you know, almost 100% of the time, it’s
going to dance that if all you’ve done is in, if you haven’t changed the the theme of
the page much, Unknown Speaker 38:15
you know that it will probably it was still likely going to dance, but it will probably
end up settling in the same location. Unknown Speaker 38:23
Maybe give or take, you know, plus or minus a couple of positions. But it will likely
end up in the same as long as the theme of the you know, of the actual page hasn’t changed
much. Unknown Speaker 38:34
But that’s hard to tell and who can determine what you know how much how can you determine
if it’s changed that much, right. So the thing is, if you made an improvement, it’s going
to dance but then it should come back to the same location. if not better, like when it
finally settles from the dance, it will likely end up settling even better if you’ve improved
the content if whatever you’ve done is decreased the ranking score, so to speak, which is also Unknown Speaker 39:00
possible, then it could end up settling lower than where it had originally been. So it’s
likely that you’re going to see some changes and all that kind of stuff. But I agree that
you should, you know, conversion optimization should be a focus, you know, keeping people
on the site. But I do have a question before we get some other opinions in here on this.
And that is, Unknown Speaker 39:21
how do you know that the bounce rate is exactly is truly people landing on the page and bouncing
back. And the reason I say that is because I know now it’s been a while since I’ve done
I haven’t built a new website, except for my own, which is alpha land Realty. I haven’t
haven’t built a new website in quite some time. So I know there used to be a known bug
with Google Analytics that you would add just a snippet of code to the analytics, Universal
Analytics tracking code Unknown Speaker 39:49
that would change the what they called, what was event, event timing or something like
that. It was, it was it was a way to prevent people that landed on the page. Unknown Speaker 40:00
And click the back button within a certain amount of time from being counted as a back
or a bounce because they they’ve stayed on the page for, you know, two seconds or something
like that. I can’t remember exactly what it was, if I went back into my files, I could
find the specific code and the parameters for what, of what it changed. But I know that
there was some known bugs in that they’d like that may have very well been fixed, because
it’s been probably a year and a half, two years since I’ve had to actually install that.
But I know that there had been some known issues from that. So, you know, I would just
question first of all, are you validated that that is indeed true bounce traffic number
one. And number two, if that is the case, then you know, I do agree that you should
be working on trying to keep people on the site and there’s a lot of little things that
you can do to make them dwell on the page or even scroll a bit, you know, those all
of those things will actually prevent a bounce from triggering, right dwell time scroll depth,
like those are taking some sort of engagement, like a link click, or something like that.
Those all will prevent Unknown Speaker 41:00
from registering is about market. Do you have any comments for him or anybody else for that
matter? Yeah, the one thing here also is, is are you in a niche that naturally have
high bounce rate? I mean, your client, in essence is right, what good is ranking if
the people coming are bouncing, but that would be if you have 100% bounce rate the people
that he is getting and it depends on what each person what each lead is worth. And what
each close client is, is is worth to this person. All of that needs to be taken into
account before you make changes to a page that ranking number one for for keywords.
So there has to be a heat map on that website so that you can know what people are doing
on your website and why they’re exiting. So it before you even think about making changes
right for conversion rate optimization Unknown Speaker 42:00
You have to see what people are doing on your website. The only way that you can do that
is through a through a heat map Yeah. Now the analytics give you gives you entry entry
and exit pages and you get some Unknown Speaker 42:11
superficial information. But the only way is through those heat maps so that you know
where it is that you need to place your CTA is maybe your phone number, maybe your form,
maybe you need a form on the sidebar, there’s a whole bunch of things that are involved
here this is this isn’t just a simple I’m going to chase it around and see what happens
now because then Unknown Speaker 42:31
once you do once you do make the changes you could even increase the boss rate if you’re
not sure what it is that people are doing on your website, so I’d be very careful yeah Unknown Speaker 42:46
uh, let’s see. I think they would call it event tracking code or something like that
I can’t remember that was that was anyways it for analytics. It was a known bug but yes,
I still have it but there’s also a plugin reduce bounce bounce rate. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 43:00
Well plugin that will do something exactly what automatically inject that code snippet,
which supposed to fix that. But yeah, that’s right. Reduce bounce rate is a plugin. They
even have a premium version of it, I believe. Unknown Speaker 43:13
Let’s see what schema see. Unknown Speaker 43:17
Yeah, okay. Anyways, I was just trying to see if there’s something else john says, Can
you use the same syndication network and ROI stack for a subdomain? Sure, you can. I mean,
think about if you have a, just assume that you’re going to put WordPress on a subdomain,
it’s going to have its own RSS feed. Right? So you can use that I mean, again, you want
to, if it’s going to be the same brand and everything, there’s no reason to have a separate
syndication network, if it’s the same brand, you know, what I’ve talked about in the past
is, for example, let’s say you’ve got a multi location, local business that you’re working
with. Then what I like to do for multi location businesses is have the root domain. So the,
you know, company, for example, would be the root domain and that’s basically like Unknown Speaker 44:00
generic info about the company their products and services, you know about them, that kind
of stuff. But if they have multiple locations, then each location will get its own subdomain
WordPress installation. Unknown Speaker 44:14
And then each one of their individual sub domains, you know, or locations, which has
its own subdomain site, you know, has its own RSS feed and all that kind of stuff. But
we would I like to blog from the root domain or might, you know, have my my team blog from
the root domain, and set up what we I always talked about having, you know, we talked about
theme marrying, but you mirror the category structure to match the location. So in other
words, you would create a category for each location. And then you can actually publish
blog posts from the root domain that syndicate out to the syndication network, and you just
make sure that they’re placed within the proper location based category that makes sense so
that you can do all of your link building to your sub domain through the content that’s
published to your root domain blog. That’s one way to do it. Because now you Unknown Speaker 45:00
You have all these different locations, but you’re feeding content from one source, which
would be a root domain. However, you could do it the other way around where you have
one syndication, branded syndication network, and you have each individual sub domain publishing
content from their specific locations but into the brand, the branded syndication network.
reason why we do that is because there’s no reason to have multiple branded syndication
networks out there that could actually get you in trouble for being a footprint unless
you made them like location specific, or you know, in this case could be topical specific
sub domain Unknown Speaker 45:32
syndication networks. But all of that becomes more complicated and it’s unnecessary try
to get results with the least amount of effort is always what we say. Right? So having one
brand new syndication network that you syndicate all the content from that brand to is that
is, in my opinion, the best route to go and then you would only add additional syndication
networks, if needed. And as long as you know how to structure that properly to where you’re
not going to cause any problems. So the short answer is yes, you Unknown Speaker 46:00
You can and you should be using the same if it’s for the same brand. Unknown Speaker 46:06
Okay. Now, Blake, I think you’ve asked this question for multiple weeks, and we’ve never
gotten to it just because that always comes in as a late question. So he’s asking, how
do you how does Unknown Speaker 46:18
Google determine the breadcrumbs, the first layer of breadcrumbs? And as far as I know,
that should be from the domain. Unknown Speaker 46:26
In this case, it looks like I mean, yeah, I’m seeing as on a mobile level, and I’m used
to looking at desktop but I’m pretty sure that the first layer of breadcrumbs is determined
by the domain name itself. And the association that the domain has, like in this case, that’s
just showing what do they call it? The favicon image right? So it’s pulling the name brand
from the the name the entities name of the website, right? So the name, but it’s usually
coming from the domain anyways, and then also that’s pulling in the fabric on but again,
I’m not Unknown Speaker 47:00
100% sure that’s how I assume that it works market, or anybody. Does anybody have any
other data for that? Yeah, I can tell him definitively that it’s according to the website
heart hierarchy. Unknown Speaker 47:14
But you can play a little bit with schema. Now don’t let Google catch you fucking with
schema Unknown Speaker 47:23
that are outside the parameters allowed for structured data. But there is if you go to, forward slash Unknown Speaker 47:35
breadcrumb list one word, then you’ll see how you can start Unknown Speaker 47:42
or give the bot an indication of what your schema should be. And if you scroll down,
you’ll have them the markup and microdata RDFa. And JSON LD Unknown Speaker 47:56
you said was bread crumbs schema. Unknown Speaker 47:59
It’s Unknown Speaker 48:01
bread crumb list is there in life. Yeah, forward slash forward slash. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 48:10
breadcrumb list one word. Okay. forward slash bread chromeless Why is this
not working for me? Unknown Speaker 48:19
I have no idea. Let me drop it in the chat in slack. Unknown Speaker 48:28
Oh, it because it’s it’s capitalization sensitive. Unknown Speaker 48:32
capital B and a capital L. That’s Unknown Speaker 48:36
okay. Unknown Speaker 48:37
That’s like one of those Bitly links. You know what I mean? Yeah. Okay, cool. So there
you go. You can read through this and see if there’s anything that you can manipulate.
I don’t, I don’t usually do it. But Unknown Speaker 48:49
see, Unknown Speaker 48:54
look at this right there is Jason LD for breadcrumb. Yeah. Look at the use of at type and Unknown Speaker 49:00
At ID Unknown Speaker 49:01
and that that sets up your your your breadcrumbs you telling the but what your breadcrumb list
is, and then what that breadcrumb is referencing. That’s the ID page. Right? Yeah. Yeah. So
that’s kind of cool. I’ve never looked at that before. Unknown Speaker 49:19
I’ve been diving deep into all this shit, man. Unknown Speaker 49:22
I’ve never looked at that before. Something else you could probably do. I don’t know if
this is what you’re going after. Unknown Speaker 49:30
But let’s see favicon generator Unknown Speaker 49:35
this one I believe it is. Unknown Speaker 49:40
Yeah, I’m pretty sure this is it. Unknown Speaker 49:46
One of these does really good job. I’m pretty sure it’s that one. It’s the only purple link
on here right? I think so. Yeah. So this is the only one I think that I visited just recently.
Maybe this. Unknown Speaker 49:56
Anyways, there’s one of these will do. It’s not this one. I think it’s Unknown Speaker 50:00
This one anyways, one of these, you know, if you if you, even if you’ve already got
a fav icon on your site, I would take the same file that you use and upload it here.
And then what happens is once it generates of avocado, it creates a HTML, a list of HTML
commands that you put into the header of your site that will have the fabric on display
on different systems like iOS, you know, and the Unknown Speaker 50:29
Android or the you know, the the Google Play Store, you know, all that different kind of
stuff. And so it’s just, it’s just a snippet of code that tells different it created, it
takes your image and creates a whole bunch of different from formats or versions of it,
you upload that zip file and then extract it into your root folder of your domain. And
then there’s the HTML directives that will tell the browser which to go to which version
of the fabric on image in the root folder of your domain to go to and to display and
that might actually you Unknown Speaker 51:00
might be able to do something like that to get it to show up in to show something specific
if that’s what you’re trying to do. And I don’t know that that is but like these images
over here, I don’t know if that was what you’re asking either, but I know that there’s something
that you probably do there too. Unknown Speaker 51:14
So, all right, I think that’s it, guys. Do we have anything else because I don’t see
any other questions. Anybody want to cover anything else? Unknown Speaker 51:21
No, just be aware. Go to to x your agency com sign up there because it’s gonna be awesome. Unknown Speaker 51:29
Yeah, Unknown Speaker 51:30
I cannot said more coming next week. Unknown Speaker 51:34
Okay, cool. Well, let’s wrap it up then guys. Thanks, everybody. Oops. Let’s try that again.
Thanks, donate to Donate to the charity. Get caught up on on what’s working right now and
what will be working for the next three, four or five years. It’s what’s been working for
the last, I don’t know. 15 years only. So get caught up. I do have something we could
talk about. Very briefly. Unknown Speaker 52:00
About, I know that there’s apparently like another update has occurred. Do you have any
insights on that yet, because I hadn’t even noticed until, as always, somebody posted
in one of the groups. Has anybody noticed any dancing or jumping or bouncing? Unknown Speaker 52:18
I have I’m seeing a an upward trend. And because we’re working it, I’m calling an entity based,
worry less SEO. Unknown Speaker 52:30
Because we work on the entity we present it right with them at the unstructured data level.
We make sure that the entity is also represented Well, in the unstructured data so that when
the bucket and then we just spam the shit out of the bot with all of the information,
tracing our entity so that it has no choice but to say, this is this is the best entity
on earth. And then lo and behold, here we go, and it just starts giving you love left Unknown Speaker 53:00
Left and Right. So all of these people saying that Yeah, they’ve had negative result they
did it trapped in the tank thing, whatever. Come on over to the dark side. Come on over
and take take some of this medicine, because we got the cure for its ailing you. I’m telling
you. Unknown Speaker 53:17
I’m looking at at all of our stuff and all of our stuff that has an entity, a well, well
defined entity, Unknown Speaker 53:27
an ambiguous entity, it’s just moving up, I mean that the traffic that it gets us is
just crazy and the way that it’s reacting. It’s crazy what but it may be a little bit
too early to tell you right? It might settle because Google, do a hard push. This is supposed
to be a big update. And then just when they start affecting some of the big sites, they
start rolling it back, right. And they collect all of the data from all over the web to see
what happened with it with the update. That’s that’s usually the Unknown Speaker 54:00
VMO with every Google update, but ever since we came out with always Academy syndication
Academy, we package it all up. And you know, I call it the SEO shield. Of course, we have
the SEO shield packages at MTV to ever since we started doing that, dude, I don’t worry,
like, all of these people are in there, they’re freaking out and they’re losing traffic and,
and they’re losing their lives. And it’s like, oh, my God, the sky is falling, the sky is
falling. Unknown Speaker 54:28
I’m not seeing it. I’m sorry. Now, if I were to go and test and see Yep, I could probably
put something out that would get penalized. But why do that? If I don’t have to, if I
can just shield myself from everything that’s happening. And you know, my clients and whatever
it is that we’re working on, keeps getting low. That’s that’s that’s how I see it. Unknown Speaker 54:52
Cool. Unknown Speaker 54:53
All right. Thanks, everybody, for being here. We will see you guys next week. Thanks, guys. Unknown Speaker 55:00
Everyone Unknown Speaker 55:02
yeah Transcribed by

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