Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 264

By | November 29, 2019

Unknown Speaker 0:00
should be going live right? We Unknown Speaker 0:01
are welcome everybody to the day before Thanksgiving 2019. It’s Episode 264 of Hump Day Hangouts.
We are all here. And I will put in a quick suggestion. You’re watching this live put
a question on the page. I think everyone’s already headed out for the travel plans. We
got a few questions. But we’re going to go through those and then we all are heading
out to do our things too. So you got a question? By all means, get it on the page. So we can
help you out today. Before we head out and do our Thanksgiving stuff. So real quick,
though, let’s take a minute and say hello to everybody. We got everyone here. So Bradley,
what I guess one How you doing into what are you doing for Thanksgiving? Unknown Speaker 0:42
First, I’m doing very well. Second, let me mention real quick. Yes, what Adam just said
is true, guys. We’re happy to cut out early today on Hump Day Hangouts. But we we are
here as always, so you know if you’ve got questions, post them otherwise, soon as we
run out of questions, we’re out So, but I’m doing quite well. You know, I, by the way,
if anybody missed out on the YouTube app or the Google Ads branding course, wow. It’s
turned out really good. And now it’s been edited the three hour long webinars now been
edited into like 15 lessons for that’s just session one. We’re going to do the next session
on December night. So I don’t think you can get early bird special anymore, but we might
have something on Friday, maybe that maybe we’ll see what happens on Friday right. Lastly,
as far as for Thanksgiving I got my daughter for five days actually just got back from
picking her up. She’s downstairs so she didn’t have to listen to me talk about marketing
for the next hour. But it’s good because I’ve got our for five days and we’ve got two different
Thanksgiving dinners planned one tomorrow, one on Saturday. And just looking looking
forward to taking a few days off and spending it with my daughter. How about you? What are
you doing? Unknown Speaker 1:51
I’m headed out to pick the unfortunate time to head to the beach. We’re going to Big Sur
if anyone’s familiar with that. It’s a lot of forest. A lot of Really scenic areas right
on the beach there on highway one. California. It’s probably a couple like an hour, hour
and a half southwest of Santa Cruz. But we got a massive storm coming on the west coast
of the US has been dumping rain. So I’m going to cross my fingers and hope for the best. Unknown Speaker 2:14
Oh man. Good timing, huh? Unknown Speaker 2:16
Yeah, we might be doing. I don’t know a turkey on Coleman stove. Unknown Speaker 2:22
What? Unknown Speaker 2:23
camping outside? Unknown Speaker 2:24
Well, we got a little cabin, but it’s just kind of more of a structure than a than a
like full on cabin. So we’ll see how it goes. I may have a story for you guys next week.
If I make it back live. So Hernando, how about you, man? What’s, uh, what are you doing for
a living in Buenos Aires? Unknown Speaker 2:42
We don’t do that, Unknown Speaker 2:44
too. I’m happy to see you guys eating turkey and all that stuff. So I’m excited. I’m really
excited to be here. And I have my friend humpy wood here. Unknown Speaker 2:52
And then we’ll Unknown Speaker 2:55
be saying you’re a kinky motherfuck where Unknown Speaker 2:58
Oh, yeah. You go to if you go to semantic mastery comm slash Black Friday there’s going
to be some good stuff coming up daily deals Don’t miss it including that stuff that Bradley
did he always over delivers like a crazy person. And you know it’s really it’s really really
good stuff so go to semantic slash Black Friday to get your stuff and invest
in your business and instead of like getting a new TV that you don’t even need Unknown Speaker 3:25
so definitely and I was gonna say you know her non we’ve had I’m looking right now I
just hopped in to look at the stats event 262 people go so far you can go to semantic
mastery comm slash Black Friday right now. And we’ve got three free training videos that
haven’t been seen one of them is brand spanking new that nobody has ever seen. So we’ve got
that up, but that’s coming down at midnight tomorrow. So if you haven’t gone over there,
by all means head over there. If you’re watching this after the fact after Friday, that’s too
late. That’s all right. You got two days to get over there and check it out. Unknown Speaker 3:57
Let’s see Chris, what the hell are you doing over there, man? Unknown Speaker 3:59
Yeah. Chris How you doing and how’s your microphone Unknown Speaker 4:04
I wanted some attention you know like you taking too long guys. So yeah, like I’m pretty
good here. happy that I don’t have to eat boatloads of foods. I enjoyed Thanksgiving
last year while I was on a cut and it pretty much destroyed me. Let’s call it that way
through me back two weeks so I’m happy that I can pass on that experience this year. And
yeah, enjoy the cold weather in Austria like I’m super excited because it’s snowing. Wow.
Ooh, nice. Unknown Speaker 4:36
Hopefully don’t get any sound here. I’m trying to bring up something all right. Marco. I
guess yeah, let’s let’s get the the Costa Rica weather update and what are you going
to be up to for the next few days? Unknown Speaker 4:48
No Thanksgiving in Costa Rica. We don’t celebrate it. But I mean to all of you who celebrated
Hope you have a great time. I hope your table is full and That you have lots of blessings
on the table. Not just for Thanksgiving, but for the rest of the year. So yeah, by all
means, enjoy it now. I’m working on my, my charity webinars every year, which I do something
for charity. And last year went over really well. I did four webinars. And we just had
a ton of people attend. And, you know, I’m known when it’s, it’s about the kids. I’m
known to give away a lot of knowledge that maybe shouldn’t go out, but I don’t care.
It’s for the kids. And if you donate, you can come to the webinars, I’ll drop the donation
link on the on the page. And anyone who wants to donate, go there and make a donation or
go find me Go for it. Go to one of the semantic mastery of the free group. Go to my page,
right Mark urban vidas. I’m in Facebook and all of the instructions are there on what
you need to do to it. Turn the live webinar. Things are good man. So when things are good,
it’s good to give Unknown Speaker 6:08
most definitely most definitely yeah and be doing a little bit of that it’s good to just
a general I do try to do some reflection around this time of year and think about you know,
hey I’m joking about going out and being cold in the rain but it’s my choice to do it. I’m
glad you know for the things I’ve got and for having not only you guys as partners,
but also you know, being able to converse with people help other people out on Hump
Day Hangout, so we’ll talk about this more at Christmas we got some good stuff coming
up too. But we’ll concentrate on this week we got some cool Black Friday stuff coming
up so like said in her non did go to semantic mastery comm slash Black Friday, and then
that will automatically roll over training goes away midnight tomorrow, but then we’re
going to have some just killer deals coming up at 12:01am starting Friday. Unknown Speaker 6:54
So we Unknown Speaker 6:57
I’m pumped. I’m getting excited. So we’re Real quick Unknown Speaker 7:00
I want to say though, if you’re new to semantic mastery, you’re in the right place. We’re
going to get to some questions here shortly. You can come here every week, just go to semantic
mastery comm slash HD questions, and you can ask your questions ahead of time, which we
highly encourage just keep it to one question. I know it’s tough sometimes but people start
writing paragraphs and we have to skip if there’s too many questions because we want
to make sure we’re fair and get to all the questions. But then the next step would be
grabbing the battle plan if you want step by step processes for getting results, things
like your age domain or you got a new website you’re putting up or a YouTube channel or
whatever it is you want to do go to battle plan dot semantic mastery. com pick it up,
it’s a steal, we put in a ton of awesome bonuses is a value bomb. And after that, if you’ve
got clients and you’re wanting to grow your digital marketing agency or business, then
come join us in the mastermind go to mastermind, that semantic mastery com and for everyone
that likes saving time, that’s me, right and if you want to not only save time to get things
done Very very well the first time go to mg y b dot CEO originally this stuff started
out as are done for you services and things like syndication networks are always drives
tech stuff we had we had certainly taught about and you could still buy the courses
if you want to understand the real nuts and bolts and maybe have someone do it for you.
But if you want it done quickly, and you want it done professionally had the MG y b dot
CEO, you can check it out. And we’ve added on link building press releases all sorts
of awesome stuff, which there might be some black friday stuff going on. But we’ll hold
off on that until Friday. So other than that, guys, do we have anything else that we want
to cover? Unknown Speaker 8:37
I don’t think so. I’m ready to answer some questions. Get the hell out. Unknown Speaker 8:43
All right. humpy says yes. Unknown Speaker 8:46
Hobbies cursing since today’s gonna mute Unknown Speaker 8:49
myself and that Bradley dude thing. Unknown Speaker 8:51
All right, let’s do it. Unknown Speaker 8:53
All right, let me grab the screen. Unknown Speaker 8:59
Sweet You guys Unknown Speaker 9:00
should be seeing my screen now. Correct? Unknown Speaker 9:04
Correct. Alright. Unknown Speaker 9:06
So it looks like Dustin Bay was the first one up. He says if I get a penalty on the
www dot domain, so is the sub domain with www as the sub domain, can I delete the sub
domain and redirect it to the route without passing the penalty? No, not if you’re just
doing a straight redirect, you can’t do that it will pass the penalty. So, or is it better
to just delete www without redirecting it and installing the site on the route? Yeah,
you can I mean, you could do that because essentially, well, me think about that. Unknown Speaker 9:44
Marco, what say you because I know with www a lot of the times will be Unknown Speaker 9:51
it’s still treated as a sub domain but just installing it on the route Unknown Speaker 9:56
because some people will have maybe linked to you whatever’s causing penalty, let’s see,
I’ve got to admit or not there is whatever is causing the penalty could also cause it.
Remember, people, if they linked to the root domain version of it, if you had your domain
setup on www and they were canonicalize to each other, or they auto redirected from your
root domain to the www dot version or whatever, then it if people built links to it without
www in the domain, then it’s still going to be pointing links back to the root domain,
even if you remove that, you know, reinstall the site on the root domain, if that makes
sense. So I know if you just did a redirect from the from the www sub domain to the root
domain and then kind of pushed the the installation of the site onto the root and lost the www
it would still pass the penalty. So what’s the best way to go about that Marco? Unknown Speaker 10:52
Yeah, you know, I was thinking about this question really hard and think Okay, so how,
how would I do this because I’ve just lost my lost my dub dub. And if I did any, as you
said, any link building to it, because you still going to have, it depends on the penalty,
right? But you’re still going to have a ton of links coming to the dub dub dub, especially
the way we teach it. Because we use all variations of the URL right? When we link built, so you’re
going to lose that you’re going to lose anyone who’s still and there are people who still
type out dub dub dub dot, and then the address, right, there’s still people who do that. Now,
you are going to pass a penalty be 301? Yes, no question. Now, what if? What if, right,
so I’m just thinking like, this is theory, guys? I don’t I hardly ever do this unless
I tested but this is theory. And this is something you could try. What have you said that that
sub domain to no index nofollow and then have Google crawl it? I’d go into Search Console,
have Google recrawl and see that it said to no index, no five And then three or one it
to the non dub dub dub version or even HTTPS version right to the to the non dub dub dub
and then everything is redirected again to the HTTPS, you might lose the penalty with
with with a couple of jumps and with that with a no index nofollow on the on the sub
domain that’s causing the problem. Now, what what’s the problem? I mean, how did they get
penalty? How do you know that it was kind of like, was it a manual? Because a manual
if if if you remove whatever it is that offending Google, you can request for reconsideration.
So it all depends on on what kind of penalty like why not it’s even hard to get a link
penalty. Right? Because Google just doesn’t pay attention to links that aren’t relevant.
Or if if you’re really talented, then you send emails years of length, then you get
and you do get an unnatural. LinkedIn, you could get that. But it’s usually manuals that
you get. So trying to think it through, you may, you may not pass a penalty if you do
a double hop, or it might, it might take time for it to catch back up. So you’re going to
have to test on this and see, but by all means, move it to the non dub dub. And remember that
any links going to that you lose that once you remove that dub dub dub, if it doesn’t
get redirected, so you’re going to have to read redo all of those links, especially if
you had some some really powerful links coming through there. That’s that’s what that’s what
I would recommend trying again, theory. I haven’t done this. I haven’t, haven’t ever
tried it. But in theory, if Google sees that it’s knowing that’s nofollow, then there’s
no reason for that website to be penalized anymore. Unknown Speaker 13:50
Yeah, right. Can you real quick? This is more like a question. Can you read direct? I guess
you could, like you could read direct a subdomain Outside of the route and then back into the
route, you could like, yeah, you know, like, so as to clean it up. Unknown Speaker 14:09
I was gonna, I was going to suggest, you know, something that would be a little bit more
elaborate because I’ve done something similar in the past, where not specifically what I’ve
done it to an external domain and then redirected the external domain back to the domain that
had the penalty, but just on a different sub domain or, or, you know, a different sub domain
entirely. But here’s what I was thinking might also work. Again, this is theory, but it would
be putting inserting Google in the middle of it, which could absolutely reduce or, you
know, eliminate any negative, you know, equity link equity from point coming back through,
something you might want to, you might consider would be like creating a G site mirrored to
what the original site was. So you have the same page structure and all of that, linked
from the sub domain, redirect all of that on a page by page basis to the G site and
then The site, you can have the pages that are built with the link linking back to your
root domain, right? It’s a mirror of the site anyways. Or you can even iframe those pages
into the G G site pages, if that makes sense. So that you’re pointing any negative link
equity that’s come through that. That might be why you’ve got a penalty to the G site,
which we already know, the G site will clear clean that up and won’t penalize itself. So
you’d actually be passing page rank to your money site pages on the new domain, whether
its root, the root domain or whatever, different sub domain, whatever, but it would be filtering
through the G site. I don’t know. I’ve never actually said I’ve done that with an external
domain before but not with a G site. What do you think Marco about that? Unknown Speaker 15:40
You know, I’m really I’m really liking that, especially if you if you can map out your
custom domain, right? The dub dub dub version over to Google so that stays but but you still
have the the D side underneath, right? Right. And that that’ll filter out any other Yes,
this is guaranteed that’ll filter out any penalty that that could have. Which, but if
we’d have to see what the penalties you guys, you don’t tell us what the penalty is that
we can’t really give you the advice, or the answer that you need. But yeah, I mean, again,
in theory, you get three on one that penalize subdomain that dub dub dub, which is a sub
domain, to a G site, which which links over to the root where the new site was built,
and it can all be the same content and Google won’t give a shit. Unknown Speaker 16:34
That’s it, right? I mean, that’s, that’s what I would do. Because again, you’re then you’re
doing you’re you’re putting an SEO shield between the penalty in your domain, right?
I mean, that’s what we’re talking that’s what we talked about the SEO shield. Go check it
out on MTV and you’ll if you don’t already know what we’re talking about, and and now
you’re basically doing that you’re inserting part of that shield in between the penalty
and the domain. So Check it out and try. Greg’s Up next, he says, Is there a preferred way
to add a video from our YouTube channel to our website page and maintain site speed my
site pages load in around one second. And I don’t want that to slow to two or three
seconds as a result of adding videos. My goals are to increase time on my site, have specific
videos, keep visitors on specific pages, increase views on the videos and improved website ranking
by adding videos but not slow down page load times. Any suggestions? Yeah, they have lazy
load plugins. You can also I know there’s some way to code that into but I know there’s
if it’s if it’s a WordPress site, they have lazy load plugins that will lazy load images.
And they also I’m pretty sure will lazy load iframes or whatever. So videos I’m pretty
sure that you can also lazy load those which means it will allow the page to render entirely
before it will start to load the images or the external iframe such as a YouTube video.
Any other subject The only other I mean obviously if you use a CDN, but a CDN, I’m not sure
I don’t think a CDN affects the loading speed of iframes. Because those are external sites,
right? It’s just a tunnel to an external site. But CDN a content delivery network would still
allow your page itself to load incredibly quick. The iframe would still be would load
as slowly as it you know, you don’t have control over that the speed at which the iframe loads,
that makes sense. Mark, do you have any suggestions for that Unknown Speaker 18:22
lazy load suggestions is perfect. I would say don’t be too anal about paint speed, because
it’s one of over 200 factors. And we don’t know how much of a factor it is. Everything
else considered. And since we teach PageSpeed, doesn’t really matter. Nothing, nothing matters.
This is the three pillars, that it’s foundational principles, what we teach activity, relevance,
trust and authority and how we build that up. So if you go from one second to 2.2 seconds
or whatever, doesn’t matter, it’s not going to matter to anybody, especially Someone coming
and they see the video, you have it in a prominent place where the person can watch the video,
they’re going to wait for that video because they want to watch the video. You’ve driven
them to your pace. Now if it’s if it’s taking a ton of time to render, that that might cause
a big deal, but you can just do it lazy load and and have it render after the page loads
and and you’re good to go. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 19:24
Yeah, I mean, yeah, there’s not a this narrow sorry, Bradley wishes to speak about what
you said. There’s never like there’s there’s not a good reason why you shouldn’t be using
a CDN anyways. CloudFlare being free, you know, or something like that. So you should
be using it anyways. So, Unknown Speaker 19:41
yeah, yeah, I mean, it’ll help to load the page quicker and also will load the page from
multiple servers or, you know, from multiple locations. So, and also helps in case something
happens where your site goes down. For whatever reason, people can still view the pages that
kind of because they’re cached. So there’s a lot of good reasons to have a CDN. It’s
good for security. There’s a lot of reasons for that. But it will help the page itself
to load quicker. Again, it’s not going to help the iframes to load any faster because
those are external sites. It’s just a tunnel to an external site within your web page,
right? So you don’t have any control over that. But you can control at which point does
that load so that you can tell that like, again, with a lazy load plugin, you’re basically
telling the page to render before it will start to load any external iframes essentially
embeds so okay. Try it and see. Oh, let’s see. Tom says Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks,
Tom. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well. Fitz. What’s up Fitz? He says on Marcus charity.
Is he going to give a 30 minute call if they donate a certain amount to his charity this
year? Unknown Speaker 20:43
No, this year I’ve decided to match donations dollar for dollar. Unknown Speaker 20:49
Very cool. Unknown Speaker 20:50
Okay. So there you go. Fitz. Adams got the black friday special there and we’re almost
out of questions guys, which were only 20 whoever. Unknown Speaker 20:58
Sorry, sorry, Brandon. But I think Adam I’m not sure if he’s here because he he needed
to start driving but I think that we have a deal in the black friday deal that we’re
doing that if you spent x you get you get some consultant time would meet with us like
now with me but without Unknown Speaker 21:20
her no one’s going to come to your house and have Thanksgiving dinner. Unknown Speaker 21:23
Okay, give Yeah, I’m gonna cook the turkey. Unknown Speaker 21:26
And it was about say we should make it the other way. We could be like, yeah, you get
an hour with her non you just got to go to him. So right, Unknown Speaker 21:32
she need to fly down here. And then I yeah, we do that from Monday 3pm to 4pm and then
you go back, you know, fly up another nine hours or whatever. Unknown Speaker 21:44
But um, but yeah, I wonder like a deal that we’ve got both for Semantic Mastery and mg
y b, depending on you know, if you’re spending your money in both places, that’s great. And
we can certainly work something out but we’ve got I don’t want to give it away but I will
Go to semantic slash Black Friday on Friday or over the weekend. And yeah, you’ll
be able to see what you can do there. MTI bees also gonna have a great promo and depending
on how much you spend you can get consulting time with the team for free as a bonus Yeah. Unknown Speaker 22:17
Yeah, So bottom line, go to semantic mastery comm slash Black Friday update that daily
because the deals galore going to be there and one of them will include some consulting
time with Bradley one on one. And Unknown Speaker 22:31
you’d like to get like, I know. You know what I’m saying? Unknown Speaker 22:35
Yeah. Unknown Speaker 22:36
You’re all over and kiss your wife and then roll over the other way and kiss me. Unknown Speaker 22:43
Well, it says pumpkin or become pie for Thanksgiving which will benefit my SEO the most well, I
don’t know which will benefit the SEO but both pumpkin and pecan pie for God’s sakes,
it’s Thanksgiving. Unknown Speaker 22:53
So right when choose. Unknown Speaker 22:55
That’s right. Unknown Speaker 22:57
Lastly, Greg says it looks like we’re going to run out of questions. Which means we’re
all going to get the hell out of here and go enjoy it with their families. Greg says
thanks, guys will check out the lazy low plugin I do I do own and use SEO ultimate plugin
from Jeffrey Smith. Good choice, Greg, by the way that’s coming very, very soon. The
Pro version is coming out if you’re in the mastermind, you get access to that a hell
of a lot sooner I can tell you that. But I’m really looking forward to that being launched
guys. And if you are a member, I think of the ultimate plus version that you get grandfathered
in at least a some licenses. I’m not sure how that works. But it’s a good choice. Neither
either way, Greg, and it’s going to get better. I promise you that. There might even be a
way to make them work together. Well, yeah, possibly. And that looks like it guys. So
unless you got something else you want to talk about. Let’s wrap it up. Unknown Speaker 23:48
You know, if they have conflicting plugins, which we did, then all you have to do is let
us know with the new version coming out, and we turn it over to the developer and the developer
will take care of I mean, this is going to be fully supported that’s that’s why it’s
a paid version of the plugin there is a programmer that’s behind this a developer with it. There’s
a whole team behind the pro version of the plugin Plus we’re in the middle of all this
too and we always take care of the people who use our products and services. Unknown Speaker 24:24
Yep, man. Unknown Speaker 24:25
Yeah Thanksgiving. Go Yeah, Unknown Speaker 24:27
very happy Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. I’m really I just want to say I’m
really thankful for you guys for coming in asking questions. And you know, joining the
group, the free the paid, really thankful for all of the support throughout this year.
I’m really thankful for my partners here. So yeah, Happy Thanksgiving. Hi. Unknown Speaker 24:49
Before we go, sorry, one that I started to stomp on that her know and I feel the same
way obviously, but I want to say something. I had three different calls yesterday. Three
different people potential clients in And all of them had no firm plans for Black Friday.
If you run a business where you have some sort of contacts with your potential clients
or clients, do yourself a favor, write an email, send people out. If nothing else, you
can always send them out a good faith or goodwill email saying, Hey, here’s all the cool deals
in the industry that I found, you know, help them out. If you’ve got things you could do,
or you have for sale, maybe it’s a product I service that you could offer a discount
on, you know, send it, it’s not just about Oh, you’re just raking in the money. But you
know, people are expecting it. I’m looking, you know, we create offers, but I’m also looking
for deals over the Black Friday weekend. So, you know, don’t don’t think just because you
don’t own like a physical goods store or something that you can’t get in on this. There’s a lot
of cool stuff you can do. And create some goodwill, you know, amongst your network.
So do it. Very cool. Unknown Speaker 25:51
Very cool. Unknown Speaker 25:52
All right. Let’s wrap it up then guys. We will see you all next week. Happy Thanksgiving
once again. Unknown Speaker 25:58
Bye, guys. Yeah, run. Bye everyone. Bye bye Transcribed by

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