Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 252

By | September 11, 2019

Unknown Speaker 0:03
Welcome to Hump Day hangouts Episode 252. Today is the first Hump Day hangout to September
4 of September here. And I just wanted to say real quick if this is your first time
checking out Hump Day Hangouts, you’re in the right place. We’re going to go through
do a quick introduction, say hi to everybody. Make some quick announcements and then we’ll
get back into it. But if you haven’t asked your questions yet, or you’re checking out
the replay, you can always go to Semantic Mastery comm slash HD questions, and ask them
there and then check us out live or again, check out the replay on YouTube. But for a
second, we’re going to take a break here and say hi to everyone, and then we’ll get back
into it. So Bradley, your top left on my screen, so how you doing that? Wouldn’t have to move
over to the far right. I don’t like being picked on first. No, I’m good. Things are
good. Life is good. You know, it’s um, I was just telling the guys that my daughter just
joined a travel softball team. She’s 14 and she’s going to be traveling every weekend
for the next eight weeks for softball and very Unknown Speaker 1:00
towns, which means I as a parent will have to follow around to and it’s going to be very, Unknown Speaker 1:06
a lot of commitment. But you know, I guess that’s that’s part of the part of the game,
I guess. Unknown Speaker 1:12
But yeah, things are good. Cool. All right, Chris, how are things going in Vienna? thing,
dude, super excited today just finished right up of the Semantic Mastery newsletter for
the next month. So yeah, like if you’re being held back by something or like struggling
or like, couldn’t reach your goals, the last I don’t know, like months and stuff or really
helped by other things. This issue is definitely for you. Gotcha. And you can just so everyone’s
aware, too, though, it’s only for mastermind members, we send out a physical copy of the
newsletter to mastermind members only. So if that’s something you’d like to get, that’s
something they get just for being a member, but you got to be in the mastermind. So as
Marco likes to say, membership has its privileges. So Speak of the devil Marco. How you doing,
man? What’s up, man? I’m good. I’m good. I’m Unknown Speaker 2:01
weather is beautiful. The country is beautiful. My kids are great. Wife is doing good. Unknown Speaker 2:07
Life is good man. I can’t complain. Unknown Speaker 2:10
What can I say I’ve been I’ve spent all morning testing, and then going through threads and
Facebook and seeing what the experts are saying. Now here I am testing something and showing
how it works, right? I’m seeing the results. And we show results, either through traffic
phone calls, or a combination thereof. Because all that really matters. Is is the bottom
line, whether you’re making money Unknown Speaker 2:37
from all of this, and then I go into Facebook and people are telling me that what I’m testing.
I mean, right at that time when I’m doing it doesn’t work. There’s a will so Wow, I
guess I’ll just stop making money because some expert on Facebook is saying it doesn’t
work and people people take it as as you know, it’s God’s command. Long ago. Yeah, it no
longer works. Unknown Speaker 3:00
Please stop whatever you’re doing that’s making you money because the way you’re making money
doesn’t work anymore. And I scratch my head man. That’s how ridiculous it’s getting the
people they kind of make a name for themselves and then whatever they say is a go regardless
of nobody calls them out on it even though you know that the person saying it is absolutely
wrong. Unknown Speaker 3:25
But you know, it’s just it’s just funny it’s just funny how that happens. Yeah, it’s the
cycle continues and speaking of I believe, MGYB just got out some new services right
kind of along those lines of things that don’t work. We got the video heavy hitter, the maps
heavy hitter, and the ID page heavy hitter services, right? Absolutely. Just just went
up today. We got all the kinks worked out, hopefully, guys, if you run into any issues
while ordering, just just write to support at NGYB dot CEO and we’ll take care of it.
I mean, we’re on there. It’s ready. If anything happens again. Unknown Speaker 4:00
Just right to support and will take care of outstanding young people you anyone watching
you can find those at Mt YV dot CEO and also if you’re live I just posted the link to the
Facebook post where Rob was nice enough to update everyone with the release of those
so go and check that stuff out. Unknown Speaker 4:15
Last but not least turn on how you doing man you’re I don’t think we get to see video today
what’s going on down there? Dude I just realized two things. Number one is that I can survive
a zombie apocalypse but not 24 hours without you know proper internet. That’s a fact. Unknown Speaker 4:32
Yeah, I’m told him to prepare for a zombie apocalypse but I’m not prepared for 24 hours
without a decent internet connection number one and number two is that I just want October
to come up so that we can be hanging out at profile live 29 team baby. So that’s gonna
be pretty rad. And I’m excited about that dude, I’m excited about what’s coming said
about the people are joining excited about the speakers. Unknown Speaker 5:00
About the stuff that my partners who are going to talk about, and I’m excited about it. Unknown Speaker 5:06
Definitely, um, yeah, I think you’ve got the right one. You’re excited. I’m excited to
see you too, buddy. But I think getting everyone together. And then like you said, the attendees
to like, I obviously know who’s coming, looking forward, some people who were already there
last year, and we know who are coming back, as well as getting some new people coming
up showing up. And then those ideas. I mean, we’ve talked about it before, but that’s where
a lot of the power comes from. It’s not just like a networking event, but bouncing ideas
off each other, sharing what people are working, working on what’s working, what’s not working.
And, you know, just getting those ideas kind of all in one place together. And then walking
away with that. I mean, it’s on the couple of people were nice enough to share on the
sales page for the tickets. You know, we’d ask people, what do you like about the event?
And you know, they share their thoughts with us over and over, we heard that again, people
were just saying, you know, the information was great. We had a blast, but like on top
of it was just getting to talk to everyone and meet other people who are doing this because
we’re usually such an insulated community where we don’t really talk Unknown Speaker 6:00
about what’s going on or share what’s working. So, Bradley, I know you feel strongly about
this too, right? Yeah, I think there’s a lot of people that consider it. Unknown Speaker 6:10
It’s still and I’m not, I mean, I don’t want to paint with a broad brush, but a lot of
people I think, have a scarcity mindset. In other words, if they share any information
about what’s working in their business, then somebody else is going to perhaps use that
to take business away from them. And I don’t I don’t subscribe to that theory. I obviously
come from or, you know, kind of adopted the abundance mindset, which is to share everything
that you you know, to share as much as possible. I’m pretty much an open book and the mastermind
for sure. And it hopefully live goes goes for that as well. And that’s because I feel
like you know, when you help others that’s how you get more coming into your life right
by helping others more comes to you and and I truly believe that and so, you know, I it’s
funny, but we during our live event last year, we had kind of a debate in the dirt Unknown Speaker 7:00
The event through one of my discussions or speeches or topics or whatever, about that
very thing you know about the question was your the debate started with? Well, if you
train virtual assistants on your processes, can’t they go out, start their own business
and compete with you? And the reality is, it’s there’s always that possibility, but
it’s very rare that something like that ever happens. And the reason why is because it
takes a special breed to be an entrepreneur, most of you guys that are listening today
are watching today are probably entrepreneurs or else you’d likely wouldn’t be here. And
entrepreneurs tend to take a lot of risks and have that ambition to go out and create
a business around a skill or something like that. Whereas a lot of virtual assistants,
they want the reliability and the security of knowing that they can just make a certain
amount of money, you know, paycheck, a salary, a wage, whatever the case may be. And so a
lot of the times they want direction and they’re not willing to go out and put up the risk
that it takes Unknown Speaker 8:00
That requires to become, you know, to run your own business. A lot of them don’t have
the desire to do that. And and the vast majority of them in our experience over the years and
so, you know, again, I think that’s that’s kind of like an abundance versus scarcity
type debate. And so yeah, I totally agree. I think I think you’re better off in my opinion
sharing with others and helping others to achieve what they want or to get what they
want. And then you’ll see more come into your life as well. Definitely, definitely. Well,
real quick, everyone, you’re in the right place for Hump Day Hangout. So we’re going
to get into the questions real quick. And again, if this is your first time joining
us, thanks for showing up you can always come to Semantic slash HD questions
ask your questions live or ahead of time. But then the next step if you want to get
her step by step processes for getting results with everything from new a new websites, either
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about that at battle plan dot Semantic and it’s ready to start or grow or really
scale your digital marketing business. Then you want to join the experienced community.
We have Unknown Speaker 9:00
Access to the real world information that testing as well as ourselves and everyone
else in the mastermind all right you’ve heard us talking about it but you can find out more
at join up at mastermind dot Semantic and last but certainly not least, you know
we’ve already talked about it today but get your done for you services at the MGYB store
at MGYB dot CEO. We advise this for people who are you know, if you’re doing client work
it’s great if you’re working on your own projects it’s great we tell our mastermind members
to use it it’s stuff that we use ourselves and either develop the processes for went
out had built whatever it is so that it can be done faster All right, we highly highly
recommend this when you know you have the finances again through clients your own projects
to do this so you can get traction quicker. And then lastly to I guess I have a second
last but not least subscribe to the channel on YouTube. Help us out if you find helpful
videos leave comment, let us know what’s going on. Which questions are how we can help and
and come back here to Hump Day Hangouts and we’ll do that for you. Unknown Speaker 9:57
Sweet, alright, so question time. Let’s do it. Unknown Speaker 10:00
We’ve got quite a few already. Let me grab the screen. Unknown Speaker 10:08
All right, you guys should be seeing my screen now. Correct? Correct. All right. Unknown Speaker 10:13
Let me wine all this stuff up. All right, zoom in a little bit. Unknown Speaker 10:19
Good enough. We’ll start with faith pepper. That’s one thing I don’t like about this chat
app. Unknown Speaker 10:25
Anyways, and this is really your name. And so I apologize for giggling. There’s a lot
of questions here. I think I can run through them very, very quickly. So I’m going to allow
it this time, but typically guys, we limit your questions posted to you know, one or
two, and then allow some other people to post before posting and other you know, because
six in a row is can get really lengthy and it’s not fair to others, but in this case,
I think I can run through them very quickly. So he says, or she says I he or she so far,
I have a very basic knowledge of the big syndication and IFTTT picture and Unknown Speaker 11:00
How it works, but I still have lots of gaps in my understanding, which I hope you can
demystify for me. Would it be best to syndicate just my own posts and curated posts to my
syndication network? Or would it be better to also include other related RSS feeds? So
for question number one, I always recommend just syndicating your own content. Remember,
curated content is going to contain links to third party content, right? Because you’re
curating other people’s content. So you’re going to cite the source, which is like you’re
linking giving attribution through a link back to the original source, but you want
to know follow those links. That’s how I’ve always done it. You can get plugins or install
plugins on your WordPress site. If you’re using WordPress, which I assume I can only
assume you are that are called like nofollow external link or nofollow like there’s a ton
of them, but they they will automatically nofollow External links. You can override
it on a link by link basis if you want but there’s Unknown Speaker 11:51
I don’t know what just happened, but it will you would automatically nofollow links so
you know, curated content is using other Unknown Speaker 12:00
people’s content to create new content. But you’re not linking directly. You’re not publishing
directly to your branded network from other sources. In other words, you’re publishing
other pieces or snippets of content into a blog post that is originally published on
your blog before it gets syndicated out your network. So the short answer is I like to
stick to just my own content which could can be curated. Publishing to my syndicate my
branded syndication network, if you’re using multiple tiered networks or two tiered networks
would be do sell those, then you’re related RSS feeds related content feeds will go in
to the second tier networks, so triggered at the second IFTTT accounts for each one
of those second tier networks. And there’s a reason for that and that’s to help reduce
the footprint from posting from your branded network to persona based networks which should
be still themed but not Unknown Speaker 13:00
They’re not you know, they’re not branded. And the reason why you want to do that is
because you don’t want just a bunch of persona based networks, republishing only your content,
because that’s a clear footprint of, you know, search manipulation, and you don’t want to
do that. So, okay, number two, how long should my content be an article or an article curation
approximation? It really doesn’t matter. The more important thing is that it’s themed well,
and that it’s, you know, topically related or geographically related to whatever you’re
trying to promote or both. That’s really all that matters. You know, ours very, we typically
have, I don’t know, I can’t even give you an example word count, but we typically Unknown Speaker 13:39
Sorry, I had a call coming in, we usually end up with two to three pieces of curated
content. And in common, there’s an opening paragraph, a conclusion. And there’s two to
three pieces of curated content with some commentary in between. That’s it and when
I say curated content, it can be articles, images, mp3, like audio players, essentially
videos. Unknown Speaker 14:00
photographs, it can be a number of things. Okay, so we usually have two or three curated
pieces of content with commentary in between an opening and closing. All right. How regularly
Should I post to my syndication network? That depends on the competition it also depends
on how quickly you want to get results more equals better. As long as it’s like I said,
well, well created content. So it really depends some some industries for example, if you’re
in the technology industry, you might be need to post two or three times a day. Maybe more.
If you’re in the roofing industry, you might only need to post once a week I still for
most of my clients, which are mostly all contractors, we usually post either two or three times
per week to the blog, okay, for most of my clients, Unknown Speaker 14:46
or for how many backlinks to my properties should my article articles contain I usually
only have one just because we we publish regularly. So generally my my bloggers only post one
link back to Unknown Speaker 15:00
Some other page or post within the within the website within the money site, if that
makes sense. It’s usually one link per post because again, we post consistently and regularly
so it accrues builds up over time. Generally, what you want to do is if you have a well
siloed site, which you should, you want to make sure that your your posts are only linking
within the silo. So in other words up either to the previous post or to you know, any previous
post within that same silo or page for that matter, you can link up to the silo header,
which would be the, you know, the silo landing page, whatever the case may be, you want to
keep that very, very tight if you’re going to link to other content that’s not within
the same silo, which you can do just nofollow those links. Okay. Unknown Speaker 15:44
But I usually just do one you can do more but honestly, I it’s an it’s a it’s a longevity
thing for us because we just do it consistently and regularly. So there’s really no need to
put more than one internal link and if we do a lot of the times it’s in a second internal
link to some other content and perhaps another cat Unknown Speaker 16:00
Glory or silo, in which case we would know follow it. And that’s more of a navigational
link as opposed to an SEO link. That makes sense, is the main purpose of syndication
for driving traffic or gaining backlinks both but to be on, I mean, in all reality, it was
primarily for SEO purposes. And that’s really where it is because you will get a little
bit of traffic from some of the other platforms. Sometimes you can see it in analytics, for
example. You know, you might get some traffic from WordPress, or from a Facebook if you’re
if you’re syndicating to Facebook or Tumblr occasionally, you know, things like that.
But a lot of times it’s mainly for SEO and for entity validation, as we like to call
it now. Unknown Speaker 16:36
Right? And lastly, are my syndicated properties likely to get banned? No, not as long as you’re
not spamming them. Like I said, if you’re doing a well created content, and it doesn’t
have, you know, again, it could be curated. But if its content that’s well done, then
you’re not overly injecting links into the content and that kind of stuff I’ve got, I
swear I’ve got syndication networks out there that have been logged Unknown Speaker 17:00
Since 2012, that are still being posted to, you know, occasionally you get a suspended
property and but a lot of times you can even contact support at whatever like Tumblr, for
example and request that it be reinstated, and then they’ll come, you know, sometimes
they’ll, as long as it’s nothing really spammy been done, they’ll actually reinstate it because
it’s sometimes it’s just an algorithmic ban, or suspension. And it was kind of like, you
know, caught up in some sort of filter for some reason. But I’ve actually recovered a
lot of sites that had been it doesn’t happen very often. Now. However, keep in mind if
you’re using two tier networks, and you are using related content feeds on your second
tier, which we recommend, that’s part of the reason why I don’t like to use two tier networks
for blog content or blog syndication is because you don’t have control over those second tier
RSS or those related RSS feeds. And sometimes a feed will go haywire and like publish a
bunch of crap or and like all of a sudden your networks get spammed and it wasn’t really
your fault, because Unknown Speaker 18:00
It is because you use somebody else’s feed, but you didn’t have control over that feed.
So that’s part of the reason why I got away from doing that. I use more multiple tiered
syndication networks just for video syndication, because there’s no footprint issues there.
But for blog syndication it becomes if you’re just managing one project, it’s okay or easy
to manage one multi tiered syndication network. But when you’re manage multiple projects,
multiple websites, then it can become a real nightmare to manage all that stuff. So I recommend
just sticking with one branded syndication network for blog syndication if you’re, if
you’re doing this for more than one project or client or website. Anybody want to comment
on that? There’s some good questions. the only the only comment that I would have is,
are they likely to get banned? If you do too many posts at once? Yes, WordPress will get
you. Sometimes bloggers, sometimes Tumblr. But as Bradley said, you can recover them
are you going to need a new one because they might just get you for spamming. So if you’re
in a Unknown Speaker 19:00
In a niche where you’re going to be posting a lot, start off, Unknown Speaker 19:05
build it up, build it up, during, I don’t know, a couple of weeks, so that by the end
of the two weeks, you’re doing however many you’re going to do per day, because that’s
the only way that I’ve seen to get around that a algorithmic band that you get, or algorithmic
suspension from, from WordPress, Unknown Speaker 19:25
blogger and Tumblr sometimes. Yeah, that’s true. It’s called seasoning the networks.
So Unknown Speaker 19:33
all right, Tommy’s up says, Hey guys, does NGYB plan on offering content curation services?
That seems to be the one main thing missing from your store? I’ve heard you mentioned
content kingpin, but I’ve had a client that needs articles. I have a client that needs
articles now so there’s no time for kingpin training and finding a VA to do it. We tried
I writer but output was garbage in text broker didn’t work out either. As nobody bid on our
project, can you recommend a quality curation service Unknown Speaker 20:00
Thanks. Uh, you know, I don’t, I can’t speak for the store entirely. Maybe Marco can shed
some light on this, that might be something that we would offer in the future. It’s not
on the drawing board at the moment. I know, we’ve had people ask for us that for that
in the past, we could offer that, you know, if we, if we made that a goal of ours, so
it might be something that we do, I just can’t tell you when it’s not going to be anytime
soon. Um, that said, you know, again, content kingpin, you can train a VA in a week. Like
seriously, you can hire a VA and have them go through the training in one week and have
them start curating the following week. And, you know, if you at least for the first week
or two that they’re publishing, Unknown Speaker 20:43
curated articles, you monitor them, have them send you the preview link before they hit
the publish button so that you can point out how to edit and things to correct and stuff
like that. And within two weeks, you can have a VA trained for very inexpensive to be able
to blog for you all of my blogs. Unknown Speaker 21:00
Where’s the blog for my clients? That’s how they got, that’s how they learned, I put them
through that exact same training. And then all I did was offered, you know, my own advice
and, you know, editorial advice, so to speak, as, you know, as they first started publishing
content, and I wouldn’t let them hit the publish button without sending me the preview link
first, so that I could, you know, suggest edits and things like that and how to improve
it. And once they reached a level, usually within about, oh, just one week of publishing,
you know, 567 posts or something like that, they would they would be on, they’d be off
to the races on their own. So it’s not something I mean, again, I wouldn’t I wouldn’t shy away
from it. If this is something that you’re going to do in your business, which I highly
recommend content. Marketing can be a steady stream of revenue for your business and it’s
very easy to manage content curators or bloggers essentially. So I would recommend that you
just go ahead and go put them you know, fire, find a VA that you trust, and if you can’t
find one of those, we have another course that will show you how to find vas to Unknown Speaker 22:00
Which is called Unknown Speaker 22:01
outsource kingpin. And those two methods together, you can literally start an entire content
marketing business just from those to learn how to hire, train and manage VA, and then
put them through content kingpin and turn them into curation bloggers or curating bloggers.
And then you can literally have a content marketing business from that alone Unknown Speaker 22:21
market where you’re going to comment. Yeah, the problem that I see with that putting it
in MGYB store is that we’d have to get native English writers or people who write English
well, which means that that automatically increases whatever price, the price point,
we start with, with how we outsource things, and the VA is that we hire now. So now we’re
at that point where we need to gauge the English of the people who would write for us to if
if you’re in a particular niche where it needs, its technical, then we would have to further Unknown Speaker 23:00
train that VA. I mean, I’m looking at the cost of training all of these people training
and training all of these people for the different niches. Right? Yeah. How would we do that?
How would be able to be able to handle all of that. And then not only that, it would
be just a madhouse with with with people sending back content that and they’re not satisfied
with having the editor because we see it with press releases, right. Sometimes people aren’t
satisfied with the right they send it back, they get, they get redone. And so it just
becomes a, the thing that you think would save you time, would actually might take three
weeks for you to have a piece of content wherever you train. Here you go, and you get content
kingpin, and you train your own pa and you train your own VA in your niche and how you
want your content done. And you’ve just saved a lot of money and time you’re looking I think
you’re looking at this the wrong way. You’re actually going to save money and time. If
you go the content kingpin. Well. Yeah, and I want Unknown Speaker 24:00
Just follow up with that, because I agree that there, that is one of the issues with
being able to provide that as kind of a white label services, we would get such a variety
of topics that we would have to curate about that would make it very, very difficult because
one of the one of the parts of this is is for for training, or having a good blogger,
a good curating type blogger is finding reliable content sources that they can use to curate,
right, and part of that, again, part of their job is to go out and research regularly to
try to find new topics, or new new new content sources, I mean, which again, can be video
audio can be a number of things just to support whatever theme of a post a blog post or an
article that they’re trying to create. And, and again, all of this is taught in content
kingpin. So it’s something that it’s you know, there’s there is some front end work, originally
to come up with at least the initial sources of content that you’re going to use for Unknown Speaker 25:00
curating, but then it’s an ongoing thing where because, you know, as they continue to blog
about that particular topic, whatever that topic is, they’re going to look for to continually
add to their content source. And they just keep that in a spreadsheet. Or you can do
it with like a bookmarking Unknown Speaker 25:17
service, you know, for example, but that way, they can just very quickly go in and look
at different pieces of content that are available for that particular industry. You know, on
any given day that they’re there, they’ve got to draft a post, and then they can just,
you know, find some, and again, I teach all of this and content kingpin, but they can
just go read through like the headlines of articles and content that’s available that
day or recent content, it could have been published within the last week, whatever,
and find something that stands out to them that they say okay, that’s going to make a
good topic. And then what they do is try to look for additional supporting content to
kind of support or you can even do, like pros and cons or comparison type articles where
you might have Unknown Speaker 26:00
You show two sides of the story or two sides of an opinion, right? So you curate a piece
of content about supporting an idea. And then you curate a saying, here’s the contrary opinion,
you know what I mean? So there’s a ton of different things that you can do with that,
which again, I recommend, if you have your own VA, they’re going to get better at that.
And there’ll be able to speak in your voice, so to speak, or your clients voice in this
case, right? Well, you can train them to have that kind of that tone that they want. And
it’s very difficult to do that with a white label service. So that’s a great question,
though. But yeah, I think if you’re going to be providing content marketing services,
you should really hire that stuff in house, you know, virtual assistant based, if possible. Unknown Speaker 26:42
Anybody else? Adam, I know you. You’ve curated content and run that kind of stuff in the
past. Yeah, definitely. I haven’t done as much of it lately. But I agree. I think it’s
something we could do because I understand where people are coming from where you know,
especially if they’re dealing with clients were having us do it could be really beneficial
to them, but they Unknown Speaker 27:00
You know, bring it on and house if you’ve got more than one or two clients, maybe that
that may be the way to do that. So Unknown Speaker 27:07
yeah, just not much more to add think that, you know, it’s just one of those look at what
you’ve got time versus money and go for it. Yeah, and the last thing about that, before
I move on is that the, you know, you can, you can make a pretty substantial stream of
revenue from that two guys, because, you know, I pay my VA is between 10 to $15 per curated
post, and then I charge the clients, you know, 25 to 30. So it’s a it’s about 100% markup.
And, and it’s, and it’s really good, because once they’re trained, which really only takes
a couple of weeks, like I said, and occasionally you know, I’ll get something kicked back to
me by the by the client or something like that, that says that they’d like something
edited, which is not a big, big deal. And in fact, some of my longer term clients that
I’ve had for long longer periods of times actually have direct communication with my
bloggers now to where it cuts me out from even really have to manage them much, which
is even better, but I don’t recommend that right off the bat. Because then Unknown Speaker 28:00
You know, you could you have to have a really good trusting relationship with your client
to be able to do something like that. But my point is that, you know, it’s just, it’s
a good stream of revenue, it’s just part of our overall SEO, monthly retainer packages.
You know, they if they get, you know, three posts a week, and I’m charging him, you know,
$30 a post, that’s $90 a week for content marketing, and then I might pay the VA $45
a week out of that. So that’s just additional revenue that my, my agency generates for something
that’s really hands off. That’s why we call it hands free content marketing. So, all right,
Gordon’s up he says, Hey, guys, thanks again for helping us customers on update your generosity
is greatly appreciated. As always. Thank you, Gordon. He says, I know that edits on GMB
listings can now cause suspensions. But in your expert opinion, if you just add a call
tracking phone number to a GMB listing, but leave the original phone number as an alternate
number, but no longer the primary number. Do you think that will still be considered
sufficient of an edit that it could put your listing at risk of suspension? I don’t know
honestly, because it’s just so up in the air. Unknown Speaker 29:00
Right now I do I can confirm Marco what Marco was saying, though the other day, I just got
a new client. Unknown Speaker 29:07
Oh, no, I’m sorry. It’s for an existing client that I got about three or four months ago,
but he opened a second location. You know, he opened a second location. It’s really just
another maps listing. But yeah, you can pretty much optimize an entire GMB listing while
you’re waiting for the verification card to come. And then once it comes, like I don’t
plan on touching it again. But I was able to completely deck the the entire I just did
it yesterday, in fact, but the entire GSB listing has been optimized. And you know,
I’m still waiting on the verification card. But once that comes, then I can verify it.
And I know I won’t have to touch it again. I know that doesn’t answer your question,
Gordon, I just wanted to confirm that we because we’ve talked about that over the last couple
weeks, and I couldn’t remember if all of the tools that are available could be completed.
And I think it’s like about 80% is like what Marco said. That’s it. I think you’d be okay,
but I don’t want you to take that Unknown Speaker 30:00
That is law and then go do it and have it suspended. And then you’re mad at me, Gordon? Unknown Speaker 30:04
Does anybody have any insight on this? Yeah, no, I’m yeah, I can’t say yes or no. This
is one of those. I’m sorry, but I just can’t. Because there’s no telling how much you’ve
done already, to get you to that tipping point where the next thing that you do is going
to push you over the edge and you’re going to get suspended. Or if at that point, when
you’re doing something Google is added again, and it’s going to be enough to get it suspended.
So since Google is so trigger happy, yeah, I can’t say whether changing the number is
going to get you. If that’s something that that I that I will tell Yeah, yeah, sure.
Go ahead. You’ll be fine. I can’t do that. Sorry. Yeah. And, Unknown Speaker 30:47
you know, again, I, I would hesitate to do it. I mean, I think it would be okay. But
I, I just can’t say because it’s really odd how, you know, like I said, some of these
suspensions, I don’t have Unknown Speaker 31:00
Really to that really got hit by the suspensions That really hurt. I got one of them back finally,
my the pest control company. But you know, there was really no rhyme or reason and so
I can’t say whether that would do it or not, in my opinion, it should be okay. But also
the the edits that I had made on the two suspensions that I did get, should have been okay, so
I really can’t say I’m sorry, go ahead. And he says, and, and for clients listing if doing
that as a risk, so putting a tracking number in place, also in the listing and keeping
the original phone number as a secondary phone number. If doing that as a risk is having
that proof of results worth the risk. Again, that’s a judgment call on your end, I cannot
provide you with an answer for that. Unknown Speaker 31:43
Right now, especially if it’s a client’s listing, I would probably I’ve suggested to all my
clients don’t request any edits right now. Don’t ask me to make any edits right now because
if I make an edit based upon your request and it gets suspended, you’re going to hold
it against me. And and I don’t want to be responsible Unknown Speaker 32:00
For that, so it really is up to you. I personally wouldn’t want to do that right now. Okay,
here’s something that you can do though. You can have the client, your client as the business
owner, you can even create a training video of short training video showing them how to
do this. But you could always have your client contact, GMB support, right? And get on the
phone with Google’s Google My Business support and ask them to make the Edit. Right. I don’t
know whether they’ll honor that or not. But I had another client I just took on an AdWords
Google Ads client just within the last week. And he had a question at first of all, he
was a surface area business but he was showing his address physical location. So I told him
that he needs to clear that address. But then he had also asked if he he’s in a little tiny
town right outside of a big metro area. And he he said he would rather be located in the
metro area and he had any instance he’s a surface area business people do not come to
his business. He said what would I Unknown Speaker 33:00
What I’d be able to change the physical location if I haven’t addressed in the metro area.
And I said, Yeah, but I wouldn’t suggest you do that. Now. I pulled up a Citation Report,
I only had like eight citations. No kidding. Because it’s I don’t know why. But anyways,
I said, if you Yes, it would help for you to rank better in the maps, you know, potentially,
in the metro area. But if you’re going to do that contact, GMB support and ask them
to change it for you. That way it you know, I can’t imagine them suspending it if Google’s
the one that’s making the change, and I don’t know that they do that. But I would I would
recommend, if it’s really important to you, Gordon, to contact him, and I wouldn’t do
it as a as a, you know, marketing consultant for the business, I would have the business
owner do it. Right, just create a short video show them here’s Google, given the link, here’s
the Google support. This is what’s going to happen, you’re going to click on this link.
It’s going to ask you to enter your business name and a callback number and who you are
in relation to the business which in your case, you tell them Unknown Speaker 34:00
You’re the owner. And then they’re going to call you back within about 10 minutes. Generally,
that happens within about three minutes, you get a call back from a Google support Rep.
And then you could have, you could tell him what to say. And that is I want to install
a tracking number into my, my Google My Business listing in addition to the original number,
but I want to make the call tracking them the primary number, can you do this for me,
or show me how to do it or something like that That way, if there if it triggered a
suspension, while you’re on the phone with Google support, you might be able to say,
look, you know, you just told me what to do, and it suspended it, you know, and again,
I’m just giving you other options. But we’re going to move on. Also, I think, in the past,
you mentioned that if we do change the primary phone number in a gym, be listening to a call
tracking phone number, but leave the original number in the alternative number alternative,
or alternate, excuse me, number of position, will there will be no negative ranking effect
even though all the citations only have the original number. Is that correct? Yeah. Well,
I’ve seen Yes, I’ve done that. And I have not I’ve not seen again, it may have changed
since the last time. I did. Unknown Speaker 35:00
It’s probably been about a year since I’ve done that. Unknown Speaker 35:04
But one of the, and again, I got this answer directly from Google My Business support,
which they could have been blowing smoke up my ass. You know. Unknown Speaker 35:13
There was also, not only have I done that with the tracking numbers in the past, but
also the physical location, like I’ve got a preschool client, it’s got three locations
now, but one of the locations, we had updated the physical location address to the proper
formatting based upon the United States Postal Service address formatting, right. And it
saved and it saved in the dashboard where you can see it correctly. But Google, my business
was always continuing to display it. And it’s properly formatted fashion, like the way that
it had always been shown, which was not correct, according to US Postal Service formatting. Unknown Speaker 35:54
And so you know, after many weeks because I kept thinking, well, I can’t build citations
to this this way with the current Unknown Speaker 36:00
formatting, if it keeps showing the bad, you know, the improper formatting. And so I contacted
Google My Business support, and I got on with the rep that said, No, we not because I said
in the back, you know, if I go to edit the info, it always shows as I have entered it,
but it’s displaying and maps differently. And and I was told that as long as they have
the correct data in the back end, that the display doesn’t matter. Again, I don’t know
whether that was 100% accurate or not. But that’s what I was told. And I’ve not I’ve
never saw any sort of ranking decrease from that after starting to build citations and
actually update existing citations to the correct formatting, even though display showed
it improperly. So I’ve had that happen with both phone numbers and actual physical addresses,
and I haven’t seen any negative ranking effect. Unknown Speaker 36:49
Anybody want to comment on that? Unknown Speaker 36:53
Okay. Unknown Speaker 36:55
Gordon says, By the way, I’ve read previously that Google loves WordPress and if you want
to be ranking on the first page, Unknown Speaker 37:00
Or if you want to rank on the first page more easily, you must use WordPress. But lately
I’ve been reading how Google Now loves HTML sites much better. And that is what we should
be using. What is the real truth? Thanks again. Um, Unknown Speaker 37:11
I mean, WordPress has always been kind of an industry standard. But I like HTML sites
because they load so damn fast WordPress sites are typically very slow, depending on what
type of themes you have, and plugins and just a number of other things. WordPress sites
are easy to manage, but well, relatively easy to manage. But they’re they can be incredibly
bloated with plugins and code and all kinds of shit. I like HTML pages because they load
very quickly. But you know, you’re limited unless you’re really good. you’re limited
to what you can do with a HTML site. So honestly, it depends on what kind of work you’re doing.
Gordon, if you’re just creating, you know, simple lead gen type sites for clients or
just for your own lead gen business, then yeah, I mean, I like HTML sites. But if you’re
going to be doing Unknown Speaker 38:00
A lot of content marketing, stuff like that it would be nice to have a CMS with an RSS
feed and all that other stuff. I know there’s some opinions from you guys about that. I
like WordPress. I mean, seriously, it does work. It does what it’s supposed to do. You
can keep it so that it doesn’t blow. Right like it like you can get rid of the virus
that’s Yost and go with Unknown Speaker 38:24
you know, the guys, I like SEO ultimate. There’s others like like, don’t put loaded with a
bunch of security plugins, if you can use just one. And I always think about speed,
yes, because they will be bloated and they will be slow, if if you allow it to but if
you can control that up to a point, I just like to me WordPress and the things that you
can do with tags, and then tag tags and the tag tag tags and I could just go on and on
and on. You do some wicked stuff in in WordPress, and for some reason, and don’t ask me why
Google just seems to really like it. You could see it in Unknown Speaker 39:00
Your search console and in analytics, where your tag pages or rank really, really well
and very quickly. And so I like it HTML. Really, if you’re pushing enough power, it doesn’t
matter. So you could you could think of it this way. Having said that about WordPress,
the only thing that that’s a little slow would be it’s JavaScript that but that depends on
on how you load the JavaScript, how slow it is, and what you allow the search engine to
see. Or assuming that the spider and what the spider can can go into with your JavaScript.
So there’s some Unknown Speaker 39:38
pushback there, right where the but may not load up may not see all of the JavaScript.
So I don’t recommend the 100% JavaScript website. But there’s some awesome things that you can
also do with with JavaScript. It really it’s right. It’s your imagination and how far you
willing to go with testing to see how well something can rank because you can rank Unknown Speaker 40:00
Just about anything there is even free WordPress sites as a matter of fact. Yeah, you sure
can. ranking for SEO Virginia with a Bradley Venter dot wordpress. com have been for many
years. So and there’s no content on that page except for one line of text. Seriously. It’s
crazy. Anyways, we’re going to keep on moving. Next question is Hey, guys, I’m curious about
ranking in Google My Business with a verified address that you end up hiding, because it’s
not a real address. Do we need to have the address showing or can we do it without the
address? Well, first of all, Unknown Speaker 40:32
yeah, you don’t need the address unless it’s a server, excuse me, a storefront business
which means customers come to your location and obviously if it’s not a real address,
then it’s not a storefront business. It’s most likely a service area business and as
per Google’s Terms of Use, Google My Business Terms of Use, if you are service if you the
business goes or the business goes to serve the customers, the customers location, that’s
considered a service area business. Unknown Speaker 41:00
And you’re supposed to remove the address so that it does not show publicly on the listing,
just so you’re aware of that, and that’s as per their terms and conditions. So if you
have a service area business, which is really the only type of business you should have
if you’re using a spam GMB, in other words, a fake address, then yes, you should absolutely
remove the physical location from being published. Okay. As far as building citations, I’ve said
this a bunch, but I can’t assume that you were here for any of the times that I’ve said
that. And for everyone else’s benefit. I’ll repeat it. If you are using a spam GMA, which
means a Jambi that was verified what to an address that doesn’t really exist. Unknown Speaker 41:41
There and there was a lot of that out there. Do not build traditional citations. Guys,
you don’t need to write if you if you have a real address for a business, whether it’s
a service or a business or a storefront business as long as it is tied. The GMB is tied to
a real address that you have access to or your client Unknown Speaker 42:00
or whatever, then build as many citations as you can. That’s, that is still very, very
helpful for ranking in maps. However, if you have a fake address GMB, that was verified
to address the address that doesn’t really exist. Do not build citations. But for two
reasons. Number one, a lot of the times the addresses that were in that were were verified
to is an actual address is just not actually where that business is located, if that makes
sense. And so what happens is you start to whenever you start building citations, guys,
it’s there’s no way you can get around this, the address with which you use and the citation,
the business directory, as that you will start to get junk mail, business related junk mail,
right, you know, Vista print, for example, when, you know, all these different types
of companies will start sending you, you know, business loan offers and all kinds of stuff
like that. They’ll start receiving Unknown Speaker 43:00
mail in the business’s name at that address. And so if it’s an address that was just selected
from Google Street View or something, then all of a sudden that address is going to start
receiving mail with your business’s name on it, or your GM B’s name on it. And so a lot
of times, you got to worry about people reporting that and saying, Hey, I’m getting mail to
this some business that says that they’re listed here, and it’s not. And so you could
end up getting your account suspended for spam that way. Unknown Speaker 43:27
You know, and again, it’s not necessary. We have proven over and over and over again,
that you don’t need citations. If again, if you have an address, that’s valid, that’s
real that you can you know, you can access and collect mail from or your client or whatever,
then absolutely build citations. I’m not saying don’t build them because they are still effective.
But what I’m saying is, if you’re using a spam address, then it’s not. I recommend you
not using them because you can still get results without citations. That makes sense. All right. Unknown Speaker 43:57
Next one, Tommy says if I buy a new Unknown Speaker 44:00
True kit web to auto link building package from NGYB. Is it necessary to also buy the
MGYB link indexing service? Or will go Google crawl those links anyways, as the index service
only needed if tier three GS things links are added to the purchase? Thanks. That’s
a good question. I typically do not by the indexing service, unless I’m doing the really
deep tier stuff, but I’m usually just using the web to auto links, and it would help to
get I mean, it’s not I’m not gonna lie, it helps to have the indexing service run because
you’ll get, you’ll start to see the effects sooner. In other words, a lot of I mean, if
you’re if you’re not in a big rush, then you could probably omit it, but because I think,
and I could be wrong about this, but I think daddy runs the SEO when he does the the links
whenever he builds a package through the index through an index or he might not do the extra
layers of indexing, which he does if you if you purchase the indexing product but I think
he runs it through the end Unknown Speaker 45:00
indexing service. So like I said, it depends on what area you’re in. Hey, buddy, Daddy
runs the RYS the drive stack and the G site through the indexing service. But no, there
is no auto on on a link building pack the indexing for link building packages, which
is why it was included. You guys want if you guys want them indexed, it gets it’s not as
if it’s dripped over time, what happens is they have to be submitted several times through
different indexing services to get to the 60% or so. Unknown Speaker 45:38
That that we say that we can get through the link been the link building indexing, sorry,
the link indexing service. So to get to that point, it’s going to go several times through
several link link indexing services. Yeah, so that your links can be indexed, and you’ll
be at around 60%. So you don’t have to wait on Google to go in and find Unknown Speaker 46:00
them and index them and call them and start pushing power that way, you can just go get
it. And it’s that much more that much better when yeah and faster. I mean, that’s, that’s
really what it comes down to, you’ll get faster results if you use the link indexing service. Unknown Speaker 46:17
And so just keep that in mind. Definitely, when it comes to if you’re using GSA links,
in my opinion, no doubt you need to because those are, let’s face it, I mean, they’re,
they’re lower quality links. That’s why we recommend using those out of like tier three.
Because because of that reason, the web to auto links, especially if you’re using two
tier links, the second tier actually helps to index the first tier, but then what about
the second tier? Right? So that’s why I’m saying that you’re going to get eventually
Google will crawl a lot of them I won’t even say most of them. But if you want to get much
faster results and ensure that more of those links get seen then you you want to order
the link indexing service I’m not it’s and it’s and it’s inexpensive. So All right, next
one says Hey guys, I’m a first timer my question Unknown Speaker 47:00
is regarding the best course of action to rank GMB pages using done for you services.
citations are being built as we speak. And I’m thinking about your always drive stacks.
But I’m not sure which one to go for. If it’s, if that’s a good idea with the smaller package
suffice to start and how can I prove to my client that it is working? In other words,
how can I track it? Okay, we actually answered a similar question last week as far as to
how you can prove that it’s getting that it’s working. So But first, let me just start with
with Dr. YS, Dr. sacks, and we were chatting about this in our Slack channel. Unknown Speaker 47:32
You want to have at least that the Dr. Stack plus the G site, right, at least if you want
to admit the Twitter, the Twitter ads power to and everything else, that’s fine. But in
our opinion, you really the only time that you should ever just get the DR stack without
the G site is if perhaps you already had your own g site bill or you’re adding an another
like an additional dr stack to an existing stack that already had a G site for example.
Like if you’re expanding that kind of stuff. Unknown Speaker 48:00
In my opinion, you just like us, it should always be standard operating procedure, you
get the Dr. Stack with the G site. Okay, so, but remember we talked about this if you haven’t
gotten our battle plan, get the battle plan and follow the plan. Essentially what we talked
about citations are important for maps the rankings if you have a real address like I
just mentioned earlier, but your syndication network will help absolutely will help even
a GMB. Even if you’re not publishing content to the syndication network, it will help them
solidify the entity have it branded have it all linked back to the Google My Business
website, for example, if you’re not using a self hosted site, all of that helps. Then
when you get to Dr. Stack bill, you include all of the URLs from the syndication network
in the Dr. Stack order so that they can be built into the DR stack which then powers
up the syndication network, and your GMB if that makes sense. Okay, so, and again, you
want the GMB as well as the G site. Excuse me the drive drive stack RYS stack along Unknown Speaker 49:00
With the Google site, something else that we’re going to be offering, if it’s not already
available is the ad ID pages. Again, it helps to kind of tie this entity loop together,
all of those and in the ad ID page can get I framed into the G site. And that creates
additional power. So and then from there, you can start doing link building link build.
And again, press releases, all of that is covered in the in the in the Unknown Speaker 49:23
battle plan. And so I recommend that if you don’t already have that, get the battle plan.
It’s inexpensive, and start following that. And remember, if you omit steps, if you take
shortcuts, you won’t see the results that we claim. Because again, you can’t it I’ve
said this before, but if if all if you like the sum is greater than the the the pieces,
if that makes sense. In other words, when you add all of the pieces together, you see
significant movement. But if you only do bits and pieces of it, like let’s say there was
four or five components, you think, well, if I do three components, I’m going to get
60% of the results. Now that’s not true. It’s It doesn’t work like that. Unknown Speaker 50:00
You have to get 100% of the results, you need all five components? In other words, so mark,
do you want to comment on that? Absolutely, you get the the Dr. Stack only Unknown Speaker 50:10
if you’re going to build your own g site if you if you have an existing g site, and you’re
going to do the additional work, Unknown Speaker 50:19
but you should never have just a DR stack without the companion g site because as Bradley
said, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Meaning that if you do everything
separately, and don’t connect it, it’s never going to be as powerful as if you connect
everything and you push power the way that it’s intended to. And we build the G site
for a reason and a very specific reason that that right? We’re going at foundational principles
on the web. It’s something that you cannot get around. This is our work. The web is built
this way. You’re Unknown Speaker 50:59
everything Unknown Speaker 51:00
That the web is is founded upon. And this is WC it’s not Marco speaking, this is how
it’s done. And it can’t be done otherwise. And so we worked those principles to achieve
the results. It just, it just so happens that we’re currently doing it inside Google and
I’ve been for, I don’t know, over five years, your your Virginia, SEO has been ranking for
four and a half years almost. So we do it for a reason. There’s a very specific reason.
So if you could cut it up into pieces, you’re never going to get the power that you get
from the whole, which means g site plus drive Second, if you want additional relevance.
You throw it into a Twitter with its own embed network, right with its own syndication network.
So it’s indicates that secondary Twitter is going to syndicate your main Twitter’s fee
and is going to retweet those along with Trello Unknown Speaker 52:00
In authoritative accounts, in the niche, that’s what that’s what that’s for. And I go over
it in detail in the black book. And we also go over it in the done for you User’s Guide,
which you get as part of ordering a dry stack. So if you get that PDF and you don’t read
it, that you’re missing out on a bunch of power and a bunch of additional information
that you could be using if you hadn’t just left that up that PDF unread Unknown Speaker 52:28
so the last part of that question, and we’re almost out of time guys, I’m sorry, I see
some other additional questions on lower down on the page, but we’re not gonna be able to
get to all of them because I do have to leave at 5pm today. Unknown Speaker 52:39
But the second part was how can I prove to my client that it’s working in other words,
how can I track it well, what as I said, I think it was last week but this is something
that you should be doing anyways, in my opinion is tracking analytics or track you know, some
sort of traffic tracking as well as Search Console search console is provides a lot of
insight guys Unknown Speaker 52:58
you know, if you’re Unknown Speaker 53:00
You have a site that you can attach to search console, like the, you know, self hosted site,
for example, then as you know, as part of the Google My Business profile, and then ultimately
the drive stack and everything else, what happens is, you’ll start to see within just
a couple of weeks, you’ll start to see the number of impressions that the site is being
recognized for, or that the site is being given exposure for, for people that have typed
in search queries, you’ll see that number really start to go up and it will go up month
after month after month. And that’s a way to show to your client that you’re the work
that you’ve been putting in is getting his site recognized for more search queries and
more terms, right. So it’s more exposure because of the topical relevance. So that’s one of
the key metrics that I use. Now. Ranking rank reports guys are a secondary metric to my
clients. Now, for the longest time it was the primary metric, but now I’ve explained
to them that even rank trackers are, you know, considerably inaccurate because the rank trackers
are Unknown Speaker 54:00
rank, their search results essentially are going to be almost unique or somewhat unique
to each individual user based upon search history, location, you know, all that kind
of stuff and is the mobile index first. So rank trackers can simulate Unknown Speaker 54:16
to a degree as to where they’re searching from. But it’s never going to be as accurate
as they used to be because of what has happened the way that Google’s changed how it serves
search results, right to the individual user more so. So again, I always can rank tracking
as a secondary metric that I share with my clients is just kind of an aside like, Oh,
yeah, here’s some kind of benchmarking as to where your, your site is ranking for particular
keywords. But the metrics that I always push our analytics, Search Console phone calls,
visits to website, web form submissions, conversion goals, essentially, that’s the the primary
metrics that I used Unknown Speaker 54:57
to to prove results, what I’m getting Unknown Speaker 55:00
Results. Okay Unknown Speaker 55:02
Good question. Unknown Speaker 55:04
All right Lloyd up and then I think we’ll probably have to wrap it up he says really
enjoy the Hangouts in regards to Dr. stacks Should I switch box domain be used or should
the money site be used Reason being to stand on the radar Google and competitors is to
not leave any footprints I’m in a pretty competitive niche I eagle and don’t want the competition
to know what strategy I’m using to rank? Um, yeah, you you always can use a switch box
domain for people that don’t know what he’s talking about. It’s it’s just having a redirect
domain. That is a domain redirected to your money site. And that way, if something were
to happen or something were to be considered spammy or start producing negative effect,
you can just undo the redirect, right? You can eliminate the redirect and it’s like turning
a switch off right. You know, that’s something that you certainly can do. I I haven’t worried
about that with Dr. stacks at all. Unknown Speaker 55:52
Honestly, you can do that though. The only thing that the problem that I see with switch
box domains for Unknown Speaker 56:00
Especially if it’s if you’re if you’re trying for local stuff is you’re kind of you’re creating
citations on Google properties with with the drive stacks and with the syndication networks
or whatever else it is that you’re doing. And if you use a redirect domain, then you’re
kind of ambiguous getting that NEP data, right, and that that can create an issue with your
maps ranking. That’s part of the reason why I just go with the money site, because that
way I can put the full na PN, the drive stacks and all the different files and, and all that
kind of stuff. And it’s consistency across the board. The problem again, with using a
redirect domain is it invigorates that NAP data? So it’s up to you? It can work if you
were going to do it, I might, I might suggest using a subdomain redirect from the actual
domain as opposed to at least that would be less than regulation, although it’s still
as an evaluation factor Mark already. I know you can comment on that a little bit. Yeah,
I think I think it’s it’s getting more complicated than it needs to be. Because it’s it’s already
on its own search box because Unknown Speaker 57:00
You control the Gmail account, the mac and cheese that are delivered. And so since you
have that, if you do everything through the drive second g site, the money site will benefit.
Now if if, if for whatever reason the client stops paying or whatever, then what you could
do is just turn it off, right, you turn off the drive, you make the the dry stack private,
and and you eliminate the GC. And that’s a switch box. Now, if you don’t want the competition
to know what you’re doing, I mean, you could try the Unknown Speaker 57:35
you could try to a subdomain, but it still has to be on the client side to get the full
effect. I don’t like adding an additional jump anymore, because it cuts down a little
bit on the power but but other than that, stay under the radar with Google he we don’t
give a shit about Google and competitors. You’re leaving footprint, you’re always gonna
leave footprints. If your competitor is determined to find what you’re doing. They’re going to
find it Unknown Speaker 58:01
reverse engineered RYS Academy, they the entire thing from the Dr. Stack and the G site, and
everything else that we were doing it and then contacted me about the wicked things
that he was doing with it. That’s how Rob runs and UIB now that’s how he ended up with
Semantic Mastery in the first place reverse engineering everything someone determine is
going to do it no matter how you try to hide it. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 58:27
Last one, because they’re gonna wrap it up guys, this is I have a client that I have
ranking in two cities, but the third is getting tough. Should I throw links to stack press
release or something else at it? Yes. All of the above. Now again, just again, get the
battle plan if you don’t already have it, follow that process. I’m telling you guys,
it’s exactly what we do. Step by step, each component builds upon the net the previous
and then once you have all of the components in place, then you buy links and you know,
press releases are part of that link building process in my opinion, but um, but you know,
then you buy links and embeds embeds to the GMB or to the Unknown Speaker 59:00
The Unknown Speaker 59:01
ad ID page, things like that all of those things help. So again, it’s just it’s very
clear cut we may be sometime in the near future offering a more live type training like hands
on step by step battle plan process training opportunity for people, we were kind of kicking
that idea around right now. So maybe that would be something that some of you guys would
benefit from, I can tell from some of these recent questions that it looks like. It’s
something that many people would benefit from. So, but anyways, just follow the battle plan,
guys. Sorry, we can’t answer any other questions we have. Real quick Bradley just wanted to
say sorry, because I do want to answer last night I’ll make you a liar. But the guy was,
Greg s was asking if he comes quickly live, can you get a site review? Or is it only speakers?
And Greg, I’m going to say the answer lies in between. If you really want someone to
check out your site, that’s fine. We’re not going to guarantee you some sort of detailed
site audit, but we’re going to have an additional speakers going to have time to hang out, both
in the evenings and we’re going to have a roundtable where you can do one on one or
at least you know it’s not going to be everybody against Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
One person but to be able to get some more personal time asking questions go through
stuff like that join the mastermind will take a look there. Yes true. So all the time we
yeah we do suck com site audits and we do it all all the time inside the mastermind
so guys also last thing we do have a mastermind webinar tomorrow so those of you in the mastermind
come join and I was gonna say Greg then what you might want to do then if you want to really
get a hell of a deal, go over to pokey grab yourself a VIP plus ticket you can come
to hopefully life you can talk to us there you get a year the mastermind get site audited.
Boom, there you go. Unknown Speaker 1:00:34
Well said bye guys. Bye later, man. Transcribed by

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