Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 244

By | August 10, 2019

Unknown Speaker 0:03
Alright, we are live Welcome everybody to Hump Day Hangouts. This is one where I get
all hopped up on a bunch of cold drugs and pills and pretend like I’m not sick for a
little bit. But this is Episode 244. We’re glad you’re here. This is your first time
joining us. Thanks for being here, you’re in the right place. If you are on Youtube,
you’re kind of in the right place. But you should come over to Semantic Mastery comm
slash HD questions and that’s where you can actually ask the questions and interact. But
real quick before we get into stuff, we got some really good announcements, some fun stuff
coming up. Just want to say hello to everyone real quick. I’ll start on my left. Chris,
how you doing? Doing excellent. Unknown Speaker 0:43
There’s always Unknown Speaker 0:45
good deal. Good deal your situation. Back to normal in Australia. Unknown Speaker 0:50
Yeah, it’s pretty good. Like, many people think it’s chilly because we are like, I don’t
know, between 18 to 20 degrees right now, which is like 20 degrees less. Unknown Speaker 1:01
Three Unknown Speaker 1:04
in Celsius, obviously. But yeah, I like it that way for me to be better. I can work I
can do my projects. I can hit the gym and stuff. I don’t have to sweat all day and actually
can go out and stuff as well. So I’m super happy. Unknown Speaker 1:19
Can’t complain. How are you doing? Unknown Speaker 1:22
Except for the cold. It’s, it’s nice. I’m one of those people man when I get a cold
I just turned into like a hibernating bear. I don’t want to go outside. off that it’s
sunny and nice outside. I just want to sit here be pissed off. But yeah, that’s me. I’m
happy. I’m here though. today. We got like I said some good stuff. But Marco, how you
doing? Unknown Speaker 1:42
Dude, edibles have great medication. We Unknown Speaker 1:47
won’t cure the cold, but you’ll feel a whole lot better Unknown Speaker 1:51
as a cure. what ails you, it’ll, it’ll make you feel better. Unknown Speaker 1:55
We’re going to Denver in October, man. Unknown Speaker 1:59
It’s leaving Air Unknown Speaker 2:02
France to them in Europe. Unknown Speaker 2:05
There you go. You guys, you guys are incorrigible. Unknown Speaker 2:09
Hopefully live is going to take on some new new weird meaning. So Unknown Speaker 2:14
we’re going to have the hump day hang out while we’re there. And we’ll all be big. Unknown Speaker 2:21
Bradley, how you doing? Unknown Speaker 2:23
Good. I’m happy to be here. Excited about a lot of stuff going on with my business and
some new stuff we got going on next week in the mastermind? Well, for a small group. Things
are good. I started a new business, it’s really kicking ass. Somebody’s got a question about
it. So I’ll get to that here in a minute when we get to questions, but it’s been really
fun. Applying digital marketing to a new business model that’s not specifically a marketing
business, there’s a lot of marketing to it. All businesses require marketing. That’s what
we do as marketing consultants, right, we help businesses grow by improving their marketing.
But it’s you know, as a marketing professional, we typically are working on other companies
marketing, not so much our own, you know what I mean? Like to grow our own businesses, even
as a, as an agency, a lot of the marketing that I’ve done for my own agency, which really
hasn’t been a lot has come from word of mouth. And, you know, a lot of outbound marketing,
not so much inbound marketing, and it but as soon as we get a new client or several
clients, whatever, we end up working on those businesses, right, so we help other businesses
grow. Instead of lot of time growing around, of course, the more clients we get, the more
we grow. But it’s just interesting to start another business where I’m generating leads
for my own business. And it’s an in applying all that I’ve learned, and kind of perfected
over the years to my own business. And watching it grow rapidly, which I’ve done for others,
but not so much myself. And it’s just really interesting to see the different dynamic,
to be in different shoes, so to speak. I’m still the marketing professional. But now
I’m applying it to my own business. And I’m watching that really take off. And it’s, it’s
been it’s been a pretty cool experience. And so that’s something that we’re, you know,
I’m really excited about and we’ve got some pretty cool things going on in the mastermind
in a smaller group within the mastermind, specifically around that kind of stuff. So
nice. Excited to be here. Unknown Speaker 4:16
Yeah, yeah. And I wanted to kind of touched on that. Just real quick. If you’re, like
I said, new. Thanks for watching. You know, you’re in the right place. You can show up
every week, same time. You know, I think was this episode 244. We’ve been doing this for
a little while. We’re going to keep doing it for a while longer, but be here for pm
eastern every week on Wednesdays. If you’re looking for the next step, you know, that
is a question we get you know what, what should I do? You know, I’ve been watching your videos,
what’s the next step grab the battle plan, check it out at battle plan dot Semantic Mastery
calm. After that, the place you’re going to want to be at is what Bradley was just talking
about was our mastermind, you can find out more about that at mastermind dot Semantic And then for those of you who are, you know, either doing client work, you’ve
grown your own agency or you know the value of your time. If you want to get premium done
for you SEO Services, head over to mg, why b dot c? Oh, real quick to I wanted to say
we sent out an email. Or you know what all on this one, I sent out an email with a little
bit of a spelling error. Turns out it’s pOH. Food not pOH. fo if you want to come to poke
who live in Denver, it’s October 11 12th and 13th. The 11th is going to be the VIP day.
Wrapping that up right now it is going to be kick ass until I confirm it. That’s all
I’m going to say. But that’s going to be a great way to get to know everybody. You know,
just do the networking, meet up with people, and then roll into the event on the 12th and
13th. And have a great time a lot of actionable content and kick ass guest speakers along
with ourselves. But literally tomorrow, the early bird pricing is going away. So if you’ve
been on the fence, you’ve been thinking about it, now is the great time to buy your ticket
after that prices are going up. And that’s where they’re going to stay until the event.
So grab those today. I’ll put the link on the page for everyone to go and grab their
tickets. Let’s see. We talked about Oh, Bradley, do you want to mention what’s coming on next
week, you talked about the training for the new business. But I believe there’s another
webinar for everyone next week, right? Unknown Speaker 6:20
Yeah, next Thursday, we’re doing at 4pm Eastern, an mg y being kind of syndication Academy
update webinar, where we’re going to be talking about how to get the most I guess the most
bang for from press releases, how to get the best seo effect and for driving traffic. And
we’re going to talk a little bit about PR stalking and how to how to do that the PR
stalking method, and also how to get just how to even add more power to the press releases
into the PR stalking method. And so it’s again, that’s going to be kind of an mg ye webinar,
as well as the syndication Academy update webinar, because there’s a way that you can
apply the PR method to a syndication network to and use that as another way to amplify
the PR the press releases. So I would highly encourage you guys go check that out, it’s
going to be cool, we’re going to talk about, you know, again, you can get press releases
from MTV, which is the same service that we all use. And they’re very, very powerful if
you know how to how to do it correctly. So we’re going to be talking a lot about that
a lot of the stuff that will be talking about has actually really ever only been explained
fully before in local PR Pro. So we’re going to touch on some of those concepts in the
webinar next week. Unknown Speaker 7:32
Very cool. Awesome. Unknown Speaker 7:33
Yeah. So everyone, stay tuned, you’ll be getting if you’re on the email list, you will be getting
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it you guys anything else before we dive in? Unknown Speaker 8:01
Yeah, either command to subscribe to the YouTube channel. Unknown Speaker 8:06
Agreed, you should definitely subscribe to our YouTube channel. Unknown Speaker 8:11
Okay, Unknown Speaker 8:12
good. So I set up a YouTube ads campaign to help them prove our subscriber increase our
subscribers and are like 90% up from the last 28 days with just a very small ad spend. So
it’s pretty cool guys, you can use YouTube to do that kind of stuff, you know, buy ads
to increase subscriber rates and it’s very inexpensive to Unknown Speaker 8:34
migrate one or other easter egg a surprise coming on our YouTube channel. So make sure
you don’t miss it. Unknown Speaker 8:41
Awesome. Let me grab upsets the wrong button. Unknown Speaker 8:49
All right, let’s get into questions. We have quite a few already, which is good. Unknown Speaker 8:53
See, I guess we start with Justin T. Let me actually blow this up a little bit, guys. Unknown Speaker 9:05
Alright, hey guys, thanks for everything. I’m in the process of setting up my first
lead generation asset I’m going after the photography niche. Should I brand the site
like any other photographer? example, shutterbug photography, or should I go with something
like Edmonton photographer calm now go with a branded name, or branded domain if that’s
what you’re talking about, because you’re much better off with brand guys. With a brand,
excuse me a branded domain and a branded like a brand name than trying to use exact match
keywords or exact match keyword domains. Those are all. Like, you know, we don’t recommend
that for many reasons, because it’s it looks spammy, it sounds spammy. For GMB assets.
Specifically, you want to try to get away from doing anything spamming, including the
name itself. And also exact match domains typically will trigger penalties a lot easier
or quicker with with a lot less, it takes a lot less, in other words, to trigger a penalty,
because even a soft penalty, because again, it’s already optimized right off the bat.
And so everything that you do has that additional layer of optimization. And so I don’t recommend
that at all. If you’re new to the SEO game, then I completely understand why you would
think that that might be something to go after, you know using exact match keyword domain
and perhaps, you know, an exact match or even partial match keyword for the brand name itself.
But I recommend that you go with something that’s branded Instead, it will allow you
to get away with a lot more SEO stuff without actually triggering a penalty. Any comments,
guys? Unknown Speaker 10:40
It’s also pigeonholing yourself if you go Edmonton photographer, right? What if you
don’t want to just what if you want to start ranking for something else besides Edmonton,
or in the surrounding areas of Edmonton, if you just go, but if you if you go with branded
and your look, and then you have a locations page, Edmonton and whatever else, God I’m
sorry, I’m not that familiar with Canadian geography. But you go with photographer, let’s
just say photographer calm, but it should be a brand. And then you’re going to have
a locations page. And then you’re going to have Edmonton and whatever other cities, and
then you can offer services or you can have services plus facility, which whichever way
you set up your silo, you have a lot more flexibility than if you start off with Edmonton
photographer. And you’re going to to offer photog wedding photographer. And so you have
to be really careful with how often you use the word photographer. So that so that you
don’t get filtered for all these things. And you have all these bad things that can happen
with a TL D, when you go with an exact match domain, you have to be really careful with
the keywords and how you use them. Unknown Speaker 11:48
Yeah. And so the next question is from him as well. And he says, and so it clarifies
this first question. He says, I’m confused how I branded this thing, especially when
it comes to the GMB. Is it a it? Is it a photography company branded like a regular business? Or
is it something like wedding photography, location name, if it is set up as a business,
then when someone calls once they be confused when another business that they that they
are sent to? Yeah, and so, you know, there’s, and I’ve talked about this a lot and local
least pro on how to resolve that kind of an issue. So typically, what, what I’ve done
in the past is I would set up kind of a generic type name. But again, it would still be a
brand name, not a, an exact match keyword because, or even even for that, for that matter,
a partial match keyword. So for example, I use tone prose a lot like I would use the
city name home Pros for like remodeling or general contractors and things like that,
because it’s, it’s, you know, it’s a related type term. But it’s not something that is
a keyword that people typically search for people don’t search for Remodeling Contractors
by typing in, you know, home pros, but it makes sense because it’s related, right. And
then once the the assets would rank and start producing, when I would find a service provider
that wanted to purchase the leads from me or lease the asset from me, however, however,
we you know, whatever agreement we came to, then after a few months, if they had proven
themselves to be good service providers, and it looks like they were going to be long term,
then I would rebrand it. Okay. And that’s part of the reason why we’ve talked about
not building citations. There’s a number of reasons why you don’t want to build citations
for lead generation asset. One would be if you plan on rebranding it because then you
have to go back and update all of the existing published citations. But the other thing is
if it’s a spam GMB, in other words, if it’s a Google My Business address, that you use
to verify or excuse me, a listing that you’ve got verified, that you don’t have access to
the actual address where it was verified to, then you don’t want to build citations, because
that once once you start building citations, naturally, that physical location will start
receiving mail, as solicitation offers from marketing companies, and directories and other
all all kinds of things. And it will be addressed to that business name. So if you purchased
a GM bs that it was verified by somebody else, then you don’t want to do citations. Because
next thing, you know, you’re going to start getting business mail sent to that location.
And it could very well very easily be reported by whoever’s at that location, right, whether
it’s a business or a residential address, somebody is going to be getting mail that’s
addressed to a business that doesn’t actually exist there. And so that’s one reason I said,
don’t build citations. But another is if you are going to rebrand it, for the service provider
that you end up ultimately, you know, securing for that location or for purchasing that lead
those leads or whatever, then you also don’t want to be you don’t want to build citations,
right? So that’s why I said if you’re gonna if you’re going to do one of the things that
I’ve done, as far as how do you resolve that? Well, we would I use a call center for all
of my lead generation assets, where the calls go directed to a you know, what I use? It’s
called answer, connect, answer, connect calm, and I set up a script where they answered
the phone. And so let’s say that it’s, you know, shutterbug photography is the name of
your business, right, your lead generation asset. And let’s say it’s going to Joe Smith
photography is the actual photographer that’s going to be handling it, then I, the way that
I would set it up is that the call center would answer it as shutterbug shutter bug
photography, part of the Joe Smith photography group, or something like that. And so it’s
just a way to inject the actual business name, that the leads are going to be serviced by
into the introduction or the the greeting that the when the caller answers the phone.
So again, you know, I’ve said this many times, if you’re going to be building lead generation
assets, you’re better off using a call center, if you’re going to be directing leads, or
you know, field having calls coming in. Because another reason why you want to do that, and
I talked about this, I think in the last week, last month, Hump Day hangouts is because when
you start getting calls, if you direct the for forward the phone number directly to the
business, unless they have a full time receptionist in a photography photographer might, unless
they have a full time receptionist, they’re going to get hammered with a bunch of solicitation
calls. It’s funny how when you rank a Google asset, or rank on the first page, but primarily
in maps, when you rank in maps, all of a sudden, you start getting a bunch of calls from marketing,
and advertising agencies, like Yelp is one of them. Again, I use contractors a lot as
examples. But home advisor will absolutely start hammering contractor lead generation
assets, with phone calls, trying to sell them leads. And so and it’s funny that that only
happens once you’re ranked on page one, when you’re ranked on page two, when you really
need those types of lead, like in other words, I would you know, as I would think as a marketing
and advertising agency, they would be targeting page two, but they’re always targeting the
page one people. So anyways, my point is, is that the business will get inundated will
get hammered with solicitation calls. And so that could actually piss a business off.
And I know it because I’ve been doing this for years. So that’s why I always recommend
setting up a lead or excuse me a call center, because the call center will screen the calls
and filter out the solicitation calls, those won’t ever go those messages won’t get to
the business, it’s going to be purchasing leads from your leasing asset, or however
you work it out. Now, if they got a full time receptionist, the reception, that’s the receptionist
job, you can still forward it to them. But in that case, I would have a whisper on the
line. Right? If you if you’re directing the phone calls directly to the business and the
business has a receptionist or somebody that answers the phone regularly, then I would
put a whisper on the line that states that the call is coming from your lead generation
asset. So for example, if again, if you’re if you named it shutterbug photography, I
would have the winner per se shutter call from shutter bug photography or call from
shutterbug, or something like that, so that when they answer the phone, they’re going
to hear that, right as soon as they pick up the phone. And they’re going to know that
they should greet it as a shutter shutterbug photography, part of the Joe Smith photography
group or something like that. Does that make sense? However, you word the the greeting.
But it’s just a way to inject the actual service, whoever’s servicing that lead into that actual
greeting so that it doesn’t confuse people. And I’ve always told this to people in the
past, like a lot of Tree Service contractors wouldn’t know, when I was caught what like
how to how to respond to a Unknown Speaker 18:41
customer, when they would go out to the customers location to give them an estimate for a Tree
Service job. When they you know, the caller called in and it was a different Tree Service
Company Name because it was a lead generation asset, I’ve always told them, You just tell
them that smart our lead generation website, and it just hasn’t been updated with our brand
name that’s all about that’s all you have to say. So my point is Don’t lie. Just try
to work it into come up with a creative way to work it into there, to where you say, you
know, the service providers name in the greeting as well as whatever. And if anybody if the
question ever came up why called Soderbergh photography? Why is Joe Smith photographer,
answer, you know, answering line, so Well, that’s because that’s a lead generation website
that we’ve had on the web that just hasn’t been updated yet, or something like that.
And that’s I’ve always been able to get around it that way and never had any issues. So that’s,
that’s how I would recommend that, again, you you build build it with kind of a generic
brand name, like shutterbug photography would work? Well, I know, don’t know if that’s really
what you’re planning on using. But use that as your your brand name until you get a service
provider that’s going to be in place for what you hope to be long term, don’t do it right
away. Don’t switch the brand right away. Because what happens if you find out that they’re
not, you know, they’re not going to pay you on time, or they’re a pain in the ass to deal
with. You don’t want to start switching the brand name of a champion that said, just so
you guys know, a lot of stuff that you’re doing in GMB right now is a bit, you know,
I would caution you making any sort of significant changes in the Google My Business assets except
for perhaps when you first set it up, because Google is certainly on a rampage right now
with triggering suspensions for like the slightest kind of changes. And it’s, there’s no rhyme
or reason to it. So I don’t know that change. I’ve gotten away with changing the location
name of Jambi assets, I mean, many times in the past, even changing the location address
without being triggering a suspension or re verification. But right now, Google’s got
like what I call an itchy trigger finger, they’re looking to suspend with some of the
slightest changes if it’s a brand new list, and you might be able to get away with some
immediate changes. But once it’s been established or aged for any period of time, it seems like
any sort of significant change can can trigger a suspension. Now that all might change again,
and a few weeks or a few months, I don’t know. Right now, it’s a bit hairy. I would rather
and staying away from any sort of big changes, but that’s, that’s why I said guys, you know,
there was a period of time of almost an entire year now that we could get away with murder.
And now they’re really cracking down on it. And this is a fluid type of business guys,
it you have to evolve with what’s going on in the current state, or you know what I mean?
And so that’s why I don’t recommend going after building a bunch of lead generation
assets right now. In fact, we kind of more or less, I think Marco would agree with me.
I have kind of switch back to building like a real GMB asset that you can have access
to verifying the address that kind of stuff and then building that out local GMB pro style,
instead of building a bunch of additional assets that could potentially get terminated
or suspended right now. Mark, do you want to comment on that? Unknown Speaker 21:49
Yeah, I hate doing a whole bunch of work for you know, when it’s possible that you’re going
to get shut down. Think about this. And I mentioned this in another group that I was
talking to, so has an Uzi right now. And they’re just blasting anything that moves. Why in
the fuck would you stick your head out right now. It’s really that simple. Think about
it. So that’s happening. Someone’s got the Uzi out there shooting anything that moves,
you don’t stick your head up, you turn around and get and get the fuck out the way. So right
now just leave it alone. And the way to do it is you go to local GMB Pro, which is totally
you can work in somebody else’s asset, right, a real company with a real GMB. And if anything
happens, you can go and and ask for it to ask for the suspension to be removed. So a
whole lot simpler, you can still apply all of the principles that are taught to to this
area except that controlling the asset has become just almost impossible, I’m not gonna
say impossible, because nothing’s impossible, somebody will figure something out. Another
way to get around Google and it’ll go wide open again, Wild West. But in the meantime,
it’s just it’s almost impossible for you to control the asset. It meaning that if it gets
suspended, there’s no way for you to recover the the asset, you just have to let it go.
And now you lost whatever however much time you invested in it. That’s another one of
the reasons why, you know, all this time, time is always is so valuable, that I had
to come up with a way instead of rebranding these assets I didn’t for somebody else come
up with to come up with it with it with a simple solution. So that I wouldn’t my staff
or I wouldn’t have to go through all the work of rebranding with it. And that’s just giving
the person that answers the phone. A simple line couple of seconds. Yeah. And that takes
care of everything. Think about how much time you just save. If you do it that way, then
if you do a brand and you try to rebrand so it’s time Don’t waste all that time on shit
that might not pay off and it might you might get away with it. And I mean, if you are willing
to take the risk, then go ahead and gamble on and I’d rather go on work on something
that I know is going to be around for a while and and especially if it’s a client or something
that that’s really important. That’s making me money. I don’t want to lose it. Agreed. Unknown Speaker 24:17
Okay, next is I am building out an authority site and health niche. It seems that our wise
stacks are geared towards local GMB assets. Do any Do you have any case studies that are
wise tax benefit authority sites and broad niches? Well, they they most certainly do.
You know, Marco always says local is relative. Right? So it really, you know, we we have
been pushing because there was a wide open loophole guys for the last year, really, because
it was July of last year that the loophole opened up for GMB stuff that is now being
shut, which is what we’ve been talking about today. But you know, for a year, that’s why
we really shifted our focus because there was a wide open opportunity, and we will wanted
to exploit it. And that’s what we did. But now that loophole is closing, but our y s
was actually built the that was developed that that that strategy, that method was developed
not strictly for local at all. Ok. So again, probably because we had been touting GMB stuff
for the last year. That’s why it may seem that way. But that’s that is absolutely not
the case. Like in other words, our Why is Dr. stacks can push authority into national
global global sites, national sites, you know, regional sites, whatever you want. Your local
is relative. And that’s what Marco always says. So Marco, how would you best explain
to him? Yeah, like I Unknown Speaker 25:41
I can’t go into into that I’m not going to reveal anything that I’m that I’m working
on, you know how difficult it is, especially if it’s making money because people will try
to go and tear it down, spam it, reverse engineer it and then say they did it. So I don’t like
revealing any any particulars of what I’m doing. But I mean it as Bradley said, your
local is relative. And the only difference between a local niche and something national,
global, regional, whatever it is, is the way that you approach it is the way that you approach
the entity. We teach all that in our ys Academy reloaded or if you order a done for you are
is that you will get the done for you user’s guide that tells you what to do. We’ve also
died also done countless webinars on entities and I frames and entity stalking iframe stalking.
I did the the webinar for the for the charity right when I was holding the charity drive
where I did a series of three webinars where we went over the entire thing and and highlight
get the most out of a Dr. Stacie kit. Think about it just local, are you going to miss
the point of what Dr. Stack and T site can actually doing? How it pushes power to the
destination and to everything that’s attached to it? It just is Mrs. The but if you only
think of it as local, then that’s the only way that is going to work for you. Because
you’re not thinking outside the box on how you can push that power to whatever it is
that you’re looking to do. Unknown Speaker 27:13
Yeah, yeah. And again, that’s, you know, I certainly understand the reason why somebody
might assume that it’s only for local in this because that’s what we have been talking about
how to apply it to local since local strategy was what we were really pushing for the last
year. However, like I said, we have all with what the current statuses, right that whatever
the current situation is the environment. And right now, again, I’m not pushing hyper
local stuff. In fact, I’m working on, you know, my new business model and just maintaining
my existing client base right now and looking at different ways to produce results without
having having to rely specifically on hyper local stuff like we have been for the last
year. So I’m you know, my point is that our Why is Dr. stacks are still absolutely foundational,
because they’re so damn powerful. And what’s great about it is they become an SEO firewall,
like, we use that as a foundational method, because from from there, we can do all of
the additional nasty SEO stuff that we want to externally to the actual drive stack and
protect our money sites are our primary assets within the drive stack, right. So it’s almost
like building up a shield around it that then we can do everything NASA we want to to that
shield, and it’s not going to hurt otherwise, all it does is end up helping it to rank.
And we have countless examples of that. My new business model, specifically, I created
a new business, like I said, new website, which is actually just Click Funnels page,
it’s a single landing page. And I’m ranked in the top three for my state now for my primary
keyword. And all I’ve done is I think four or five press releases, and a Dr. Stack. And
I haven’t even built links to the Dr. Stack yet. And so it just goes to show you that
it’s very, very powerful. And that’s why you know, we always suggest that a standard operating
procedure, if you haven’t gotten a battle plan, go pick up the battle plan, there’s
the the the banner to go buy it right there. And that explains how and when to use them.
Whether it’s a local site or national site, it doesn’t matter. Okay. Unknown Speaker 29:10
Scott’s but by the way, before you go on for the new mastermind project that we have, we
will be building an authority site, and it’s going it’s going to be national. I don’t know
if that’s ever going to get out of that specific group. But it’ll be available for anyone who
is lucky enough to get in there. At one point or another. We’re still working out the details.
But we are going to be building a National Authority site to take down the top guy in
the niche. Unknown Speaker 29:41
I know we will do. The next one is Scott, I think is Scott Walker. He says I belong
to a number of groups and get a lot of questions about how to I feel these people really need
your courses. How can I become an affiliate? A reach call just contact support support
at Semantic Mastery. com? If you’re looking I don’t think we have an affiliate program
for me. Why be yet but we we probably should at some point? We don’t? Unknown Speaker 30:04
I think we do. It’s really simple to set up a failure, right to both support at Semantic
Mastery calm and support at n g Y v dot CEO, Scott and and we’ll we’ll take care of you
Well, we’ll figure out how to give you affiliate links so so that you can push our stuff. We
don’t mind you pushing our stuff. Unknown Speaker 30:22
Yeah. And I know we’ve got affiliate stuff Semantic Mastery training, as far as the done
for you products. I wasn’t sure but yeah, you know, I’m sure we can get you that too.
So absolutely. He says I don’t plan on making this a full time career, but would like a
bit of financial incentive for serious referrals. Your courses are still the best bang for the
buck. Thanks. Yeah, I thank you. I appreciate that. Scott. He’s Ernest is up. He says, Hey,
Bradley, how do I find out more about the Real Estate Group you have? I’m new to this
page and don’t know how to access it. Thanks for all the great information well, artists?
That’s a great question. So unfortunately, the accountability group that started as a
very small accountability group, it’s only available to mastermind members that have
expressed an interest in and that’s only because it’s, it’s the first time I’m going to run
the accountability group. So I wanted to keep it very small, very exclusive. And part of
being in our mastermind is that our mastermind members always get the first opportunity at
these sort of things. Beta testing, for example, they get the first opportunity for new training
that we release, or new small groups like this, like the one that I’m talking about.
So unfortunately, it’s not something I can share with the greater public right now. Or
the broader public, I should say, we at some point, it may be something that we present
outside of the mastermind, but I can’t guarantee that I can’t tell you when that’s going to
happen or even if it will happen. So unfortunately, if you want more x, more information specifically
about my accountability group, you have to be in the mastermind. However, that said,
I do feel strongly enough about my new business model that I am willing to share where you
can learn about the actual business, you want have the account access to the accountability
group with me, and my partners, and all this cool stuff that we’re doing to help our members
get very profitable very quickly. I’ve been very fortunate with this new business in the
last three months, and done very, very well very quickly. And it’s because of our I think
it’s because of our ability, like our knowledge. And I’m not saying me specifically, but just
like us as a group, like we know, and you included, you’re on this hump day hangout
webinars, so you have access to a wealth of knowledge just from us in our Semantic Mastery
YouTube Channel, as well as probably other groups and things like that. And the new business
model that I’m in is primarily being as being like the competition is primarily using Unknown Speaker 32:44
traditional marketing methods like direct mail and stuff, and don’t get me wrong, I’m
doing that too. And it works. But knowing what we know about digital marketing, and
being able to apply that to this business that is virtually uncompetitive, compared,
you know, relative to digital marketing, it’s giving me like an unfair advantage, a competitive
edge over most of the other people competing in this space. And it’s not an overcrowded
business space anyways. And so again, I think that I feel strongly enough about this. And
I’ve done so well, so quickly with this, that I don’t mind sharing this URL with you guys
to go check it out. Because I learned from this guy, he’s got a great course. And I’m
going to post the link here, and the course is called, there’s a webinar for it specifically
if you want to, and I posted the link to the webinar, so you guys can get an idea anybody
that’s interested in what the new business model is, I’m flipping vacant land. So it’s
kind of like flipping houses, but I’m flipping vacant land, it’s kicking ass. It’s a relatively
uncompetitive business, especially if you know digital marketing, and you know how to
apply digital marketing principles to the business, you can absolutely crush it. You
know, I can’t, I can’t tell you that you’re going to repeat my results. But I pretty much
I feel very strongly that most people, especially in our group could, because of like, I guess
said how, how quickly, I’ve been able to get, like, make serious, serious money with this
business, and just a few months. So again, the course is fantastic guys go to Semantic
Mastery comm slash LPG webinar, that’s LPG dash webinar that stands for land profit generator,
webinar, the guys from Austria or Germany, excuse me, his name’s jack Bosch, it’s he’s
kind of a goofy guy, but he’s great. He’s a great teacher and instructor, he’s got a
great course, if you go to the webinar, it’s obviously going to pitch you the course at
the end. But it’s exactly what I took and went through. And it took me one month to
go through the course and set up my will because we know, we know marketing guys, right? You
know, everybody on this webinar knows how to set up a landing page. So I spent a month
going through the prop product there the training, and then I set up a landing page and kind
of developed out my SEO plan. And my ads plan because I’m using paid traffic to. And within
my first month, I you know, a month later I started my marketing. And within my first
month I landed my first deal and make $15,000. Again, I cannot say that you guys are going
to make that kind of money. But it’s very, very possible. And since then I’ve closed
several other deals and made many 10s of thousands of dollars on top of that. So it’s a great,
great course, this is not an affiliate webinar, or guys, and I’m not trying to pitch you on
this for any other reason other than I think there’s a lot of opportunity in this business
for digital marketers, that a lot of the people actually competing in that space, really have
no clue how to implement what we do you know what I mean. And so I think there’s a lot
of opportunity there. So again, if you ever wanted to come join the accountability group
that I’m hosting, where we have a small group, and we’re we’ve got like a slack, slack group,
you know, Slack channel, where we can communicate in real time, we’re holding weekly accountability
meetings where we discuss current events within the within the business and like current deals
that are pending, and that kind of stuff, you have to be part of the mastermind to get
that. So, anyway, it’s pretty exciting guys, I’m really, really, really excited about this
business, something I haven’t been this excited about a long time, because it’s not the typical
cat and mouse game with Google that we’ve been that I’ve been playing for 10 years now.
You know, it’s, in fact, it’s a breath of fresh air, because it’s, you know, I can very,
very quickly have been able to generate a lot of leads for my own business, my own real
estate business now, using the principles that we know. And and it’s almost like I said,
the competition is almost non existent my SEO, I’m already in the top three for my primary
keywords for the state of Virginia, which is the, the, my my local, I’m into, I’m targeting
the entire state of Virginia. And I’m in the top three for with within what, two, two and
a half months, with just a handful of press releases in a DR stack, and a single page
landing page. It’s It’s incredible. And I’m getting leads every single week, eight to
10 leads every week just from Google and a couple from Facebook, actually. And then I’m
doing some direct mail. So it’s crazy. But you know, I get 25 to 30 leads per week and
about a third of them come from Google and Facebook. Just from our you know, organic
stuff, really, and some paid traffic to. So it’s a great business model, go check it out,
you’ll get to see what it’s all about. And if if you really want to get in on the accountability
group, then come join the mastermind and you have an opportunity there. All right. Great
question, though. artist, thank you for asking. Next one says, ran across a WordPress plugin
called Google Site kit made by Google, really a WordPress plugin made by Google No shit.
Okay to connect all Google functions like AdWords analytics to site any thoughts on
using a plugin like that? I’m now because I haven’t seen it. Unknown Speaker 37:37
Um, Unknown Speaker 37:38
I don’t see why it would be an issue. I mean, I know some people don’t like, like, they
think that they want to keep Google out of their site. But trust me, Google knows everything
about your site. Well, regardless. It’s funny, because I remember a few years ago, people
would say that they wouldn’t put analytics on the site or, or submit the site to search
console. What used to be Google Webmaster Tools, because they didn’t want Google knowing
what was going on with their site. Yet they’d have a WordPress site with Google Fonts installed.
Or, you know what I mean, it would they’d access it from Chrome, you know, so it didn’t
make any sense to me. But, uh, you know, I it I don’t see anything wrong with it. Margaret,
do you have any thoughts on that? Unknown Speaker 38:20
Ah, you know, me, I hate giving Google more information than they need. I don’t know if
I’m going to be putting all that together. Although Yeah, if you already have analytics
and and search console, by all means. If you’re using AdWords and and YouTube might as well
because they’re already on your website anyway. But if you don’t, and you don’t want you don’t
want to get it. There’s websites that I simply refuse to let Google into, then they are you
going to have to make that choice? Do you let them in? Or do you not? Unknown Speaker 38:55
That’s interesting. I might actually play with that. I might even put that on my new.
No, that’s just a minute. Well, I’ve got a blog setup on a subdomain for my new business,
I might put this on that. So I can play around with this plugin a little bit. I’ve never
cared guys, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve never given a shit about it. Because I always submit
everything to search console so that it can get indexed quicker and everything anyways,
so I know everybody teach their own, but I’ve never had any issues with that. I like to
use analytics. I’m not an analytics nerd, but I do like the data that it provides. So
you know, honestly, and I and I put, I put the Google Tag Manager and the remarketing
tag on everything now because if you’re not using remarketing, and the Google Display
Network for remarketing, you’re you’re out of your mind, you’re missing out on a lot
of additional traffic, because it’s and it’s very inexpensive. So to run remarketing and
retargeting, it’s remarketing on Google retargeting on Facebook, but I run a lot of remarketing
ads for clients as well as lead gen assets. And my new business as well, just just because
once people land on the side, if they haven’t converted, why not continue to market to them
until they do convert? Or until they get annoyed? Which I don’t care. So anyways, but that’s
pretty cool. I’m going to actually install that. Unknown Speaker 40:05
There is also one more thing that many people never think about. So if the site before you
has like Google tools installed into the site after you as Google tools installed, Google
knows exactly like when the past it’s going, you know, like users going. So you can hardly
like eliminate Google idol. If you want to hide. Unknown Speaker 40:28
Yeah, it’s very difficult. Because Google owns the internet, or big, big part of it
anyways. Anyway, next is Gordon, what’s up, Gordon? He says, Hey, guys, thanks again for
helping us customers. Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Gordon. He says last
week, someone asked a question about whether or not it was more difficult to rank a new
site for local business niche and location if you didn’t want to set up a related GMB
listing but your answer was about local organic rankings in general and did not address the
GMB question. If you want to rank a new site for a local business niche location, if you
didn’t want to set up a related can be listing but your answer was about local organic rankings
in general and did not address the GMB question. Okay. I’m not sure how those are two separate
things. But could you please comment on whether it’s more difficult or the same difficulty
to organically rank a new site locally without setting up a related gym be listening? I think
you misunderstood my explanation. So I’m going to try to explain it again. But it’s going
to be the same explanation. So I may, maybe, maybe Marco can chime in here in just a moment
and rewarded or convey what I’m trying to convey in a different way that makes more
sense to you. But it’s the same answer that I’m going to give you before the problem with
ranking a local site, or a site for local keywords is that in the organic section, instead
of in maps, is that you’re competing with a lot of directory style sites now, which
are highly authoritative, highly or, you know, very aged domain, typically, which carry a
lot of inherent authority. And it’s very difficult to outrank them, depending on the locations,
you know, obviously, if it’s more of a smaller area, then you can typically get much better
results because they’re not, if you’re targeting like neighborhoods or suburbs, those kind
of things, you’re you can usually get much, much faster results similarly to what you
could within maps, but I’m talking about in the organic section, because a lot of times
the directory sites are not optimized for any of those smaller areas, right, that they’re
optimized for the greater metropolitan area, right, which is an all encompassing type of
keyword, location, keyword, location modifier, so to speak. But when you’re talking about
trying to rank organically for like, again, I’m going to use Fairfax, Virginia, because
that’s a big area. very competitive SEO area for SEO in Virginia. So Fairfax, Virginia,
if you’re trying to rank for like plumber or plumbing contractor, Fairfax, Virginia,
again, and I’ll just approve it, you know, we’ll go just do a quick search if I said,
you know, plumbing contractor, and I always use contractors, guys, but that’s because
that’s primarily what I’ve done for the last 10 years. If I say Fairfax, plumbing, Fairfax
County plumbing contractor, excuse me, Fairfax VA, what do you see here? Yelp, home advisor,
branding. Unknown Speaker 43:24
Go ahead. Even before you get to the organic tea, scroll back Oh, look, Unknown Speaker 43:29
right. You got Well, this. It depends on the industry, but Google guarantee. No, but yes, Unknown Speaker 43:35
yeah. Then Then ads, then. Unknown Speaker 43:41
Yeah. And then then then what do you get, then you get three directories in a row, then
you get a company that’s been around for a long damn time, john c floods a big contractor
up in that area, then you get another director directory, then another really aged authority
if type site that company has been around, then another directory, you see what i’m saying
about this? out of the top 10, it looks like seven looks like seven of them. And the organic
section which is already buried by Google guarantee. ads and maps. It looks like seven
out of the top 10. organic rankings are of other directories. So again, I’m not talking
about GMB stuff. I’m talking about organic rankings. Can you rank a local a site for
local terms in the organic section? Yes, but it’s a dogfight is what I’m telling you. Yes,
you can. And it depends on the location modifier the that you’re trying to rank for. Right?
If you’re Fairfax is a broad that cut because Look, listen, like in this example. Fairfax
is a county, Fairfax as a county, but it’s also there’s the city of Fairfax, too. But
there’s 23 locations within Fairfax County like Vienna and oak 10 in Tysons Corner. And
so trying to rank for those would be much easier, it’s still relatively hard or difficult.
But trying to rank for like plumbing contractor, Vienna, Virginia is going to be easier than
trying to rank for plumbing contractor Fairfax, because that’s essentially targeting the whole
county or the city. But either way, it’s it’s basically one in the same, they’re synonymous.
Right. So my point is, it’s very, very difficult to do that. And that’s because Google is for
whatever reason, they’re promoting index pages of other directories on their primary index
page, page one, which remember, Google is nothing other than an index of listings. And
so all and when what happens when you click through to this, it’s an index page on Yelp,
for plumbers in Fairfax, which I think is stupid. Like you go from one index to another.
I think that’s dumb, but it is what it is. And so again, like I said, That’s why I have
I’ve shifted years ago, I shifted away from ranking, trying to rank organically through
just sticking to maps, because again, look at it like that, that always came up first,
it tended to be a lot easier to rank for maps than it did for organic. But yet, can it be
done? Yes. But you’re in for a dogfight. That’s all I’m saying. So I don’t know if I explained
that any differently than I did last week. Marco, do you want to take a stab at it? No,
that Unknown Speaker 46:15
was perfect. That’s all I added to what you said was the amount of power that you’d have
to push it I mean, it? How do you explain the amount of power to take down Yelp? And
the amount of work that you have to do? And is it going to be worthwhile going for that?
It could be for your for your contractor, but you may not be getting paid enough to
get you paid back for the work that you have to do to get there. I know that you have to
push massive amounts of power. We have ways where you can push massive amounts of power,
but it’s going to require more money than most local people are willing to pay. Unknown Speaker 46:54
That’s correct. That’s the point with the right budget, then then yeah, you could do
it. There’s no question. But a lot of times trying to, you know, like, because these like
the plumbers here that I’m talking about, like f john C, flood and fH for their well,
big established companies, that they’ve got a lot big. They’ve got deep marketing budgets,
like deep pockets, you know what I mean? So, you know, if you’re trying to get your foot
in the door with a smaller company, a newer company, whatever, that’s got a smaller marketing
budget, there’s really no way to compete with that. I mean, you can, but it’s going to take
a lot of time and a lot of effort. And it’s not going to again, Marcos correct, absolutely
correct. They’re likely, it’s weird how they turned blackmail, but they’re likely not going
to have, you know, pay you enough for the amount of effort that you’re putting in. So
it makes sense. And if they give you a small, if you have a smaller budget to work with,
then it could possibly still be done. But it’s going to require more time, because you’re
going to have to stretch, you know, do a little bit at a time because that’s all the budget
allows. And chances are you’re going to lose the client before you ever get them reach
because it’s taking too long. But it’s hard to explain. I know because especially again,
I don’t know that you’re dealing with contractors, but I’ve dealt with a lot of smaller contractors,
in fact, that was my primary client base for the last 10 years is smaller contractors.
And so it’s difficult to, you know, explain to a contractor, and it’s like banging your
head against the wall, when you say, Listen, if you want to get results really, really
quickly, I’m going to need more money. They say I don’t, I don’t have any more money.
But I want you to give me results right away. If you got me results, I’d have more money.
Well, I can’t get your results without more money. And it’s like, you know who’s on first,
you know what I mean? It’s that it’s that whole chicken and the egg type thing cart
before the horse and that kind of stuff. So, again, I don’t know if I explained anything
different. But um, there you go. Based on your experience, what are the niches in addition
to pest control that you believe Google thinks has a lot of spam listings, and that Google
may have a trigger finger for regarding their suspension tirade for just editing, listening?
Thanks, again. You know, Margo, and I actually talked about this just briefly right before
the Hangout today. And it’s hard to say I mean, there are certainly that some that are
more known to be spammy than others. pest control is definitely one of them. I know
that for a fact, garage, like overhead garage doors is another one that’s incredibly spammy.
And so you know, that I know that one would be one that I’d stay away from locksmiths,
I believe is another one. So there’s a number of them that are there. But as far as you
know, I don’t know because right now, Gordon, a lot of the, like Google’s on a tirade period.
And as Marco said, it’s like somebody firing an Uzi. Why would you ever want to stick your
head up? And it’s almost like, I think anything’s a target right now. I don’t know that to be
sure. Because I’ve stayed out of intentionally I’ve stayed out of a lot of the GMB listings
recently, for even even my clients other than just doing GMB posts, specifically for that
reason, because I don’t want to stick my head up. That makes sense. But so, you know, again,
we don’t work for Google. So I can tell us specifically which niches are worse than others.
I do know some that have historically been spammy and pest control is one of them. So
I probably should have kept my ass out of my clients pest control. But it’s such an
established site. We’ve never done you know, business and we like free for seven years.
I’ve never done anything spammy. All I did was change, deleted an image of photo, uploaded
a couple new photos and published the GMB website because for whatever reason, it had
been created, but was never published. And I click the Publish button and boom, suspended.
And that was two over two weeks ago now is about Yeah, it was just like, I don’t know,
1718 days ago now 17 1717 or 18 days ago now and it’s still suspended. So again, I don’t
I don’t recommend really doing a whole lot in GMB. If you can get away with it. Marco
made a good point last week where he said if you if you’re just got a new listing verified,
you can make all your changes right away that does make sense as likely won’t get suspended
because it’s new, you’ve got to you got it up, you know, kind of updated that kind of
stuff. But if it’s been established, I’d keep your ass out of it for right now. Honestly.
Yeah, and I’m trying to do Unknown Speaker 51:08
and and to clear that up. Once you get it back, I think maybe the I didn’t communicate
that correctly. Get all of your edits and all of your work done before you send for
the pin, get as much information in there as possible images, videos, however much of
the information what we teach it in local GMB programs, I’m not going to go through
everything that you can do for the listing. But once it comes back to the there should
be no reason for you to touch it, because everything is then correct already. And then
you can just concentrate on the next part of local GMB Pro, which is post images post
posting in in a certain way. Your images, your images have to be done, right. They have
to be done correctly, we show how to get images we show it all. But the whole point is, once
you’ve sent for that pin, and you verify it, don’t touch the fucking thing. Don’t do anything,
leave it because now you’re taking a tense at at at at getting suspended. And that’s
that said this for now. It might change. Yeah, we don’t we don’t know when we don’t know
how long we don’t know which which niches and which ones are going are still going to
be have that hair trigger. We just we don’t know. Yeah, sometimes I wish I were a fly
on the wall of Google GMB to know what the hell is going on because there’s no rhyme
or reason to what they’re doing. Unknown Speaker 52:32
Correct. Next one’s from Scott again. He says a few weeks ago, you mentioned a service for
done for you schema markup creation. I have a multi location client and my schema markup
needs some major help. Would you please give us the name and the URL again? Thanks. Yeah,
it was Ryan Rodan, he was a mastermind member for quite some time. And he got really, really
geek out on schema. And he really did. And so like he created a certain he he ended up
because he got so good at it. And he had so many people asked, I’m all the time like for
help with their schema, he decided to create this. And I’m assuming he still does it. I
haven’t talked to him in probably two years now. But it’s schema dot Pro. And it’s spelled
instead of the way that schema is really spelled he spells it’s SK II ma dot Pro. So just go
to SK II ma Pro. And you can check out a schema code order structured data overhaul, he’s
got several he’s got, you know, the guys guy knows what he’s doing, at least he did two
years ago. And as long as he’s still staying up to date with what’s going on, which is
geek out as he was about schema back then I’m assuming that he is still up to date,
or he’s staying on top of that stuff. But just reach out to him. Tell him that we sent
you. We don’t get any affiliate referral or anything for that. But it’s always good to,
you know, give credit to people that refer business. So check it out schema dot Pro,
and that’s spelt, sk II ma Pro. Right. Fitz is up. He says Good afternoon, gents. Thanks
for allowing this forum to continue. It is greatly appreciated. My question today is
Google loves QA should we add a single question and answer to one page post? For the website?
I asked because the new schema requirement is to only have one q&a per page, but in an
industry with a good number of Q and A’s. Do you put only one page for 10 or more pages? Unknown Speaker 54:20
Do you think that is valuable? Okay. Unknown Speaker 54:23
I’m not I had always lumped similar questions together. And q amp a post guys are great
content for for blog posts, and then you could break them out as individual like GMB posts.
You can create syndicate, you know, blog posts with them, that kind of stuff. But my point
is, q&a posts are great. And a lot of times and I’ve talked about this in syndication
Academy, I can go over it just now we don’t have enough time. I was gonna say I can go
over briefly. But we only got five minutes, I show you some ideas on how to do that. But
I had always lumped similar questions together on the same page. However, if the new schema
requirement is to only have one q amp a per page, then yeah, I mean, I don’t see why not.
I would just do it as blog posts. Right, I would do short blog posts and mark each blog
posts. So no, I wouldn’t dedicate a whole page to it. If you’re going to have a page,
I would have q amp a, you know, grouped in similar questions into groups and separate
and different headings sections, right header sections within the page. And then even then
you can create a table of contents with jump links. And again, can’t get into that, because
Margot, kill me. But you can do things for that page to make them more powerful too.
But what I would do is for the blog posts, yeah, I would mark up blog posts with individual
q amp a markup, right, that’s what I would do. And in fact, you could even probably link
from the page where you group them together with within certain headings and that kind
of stuff, then you could probably link the individual Q and A’s to blog posts. And again,
fits in fewer in the mastermind, which I think you’re trying to get back in Actually, I heard
something about that. We can go much more into depth on how you can get the most power
out of that same setup that I was just mentioning, and specifically how to structure the linking
the internal linking from within that site, because you got to do it very specific way.
Now, Marco just revealed in the mastermind recently about certain things that have changed
recently that pertain to internal linking that we’d have to cover in the mastermind.
So all right, I think we’re just about out of questions. And we’re almost out of time.
Justin says for new Jambi, would you include geolocation information in the photo files?
Or do you think that’s spamming? No, I would absolutely include that. Because here’s the
thing, if you’re taking photos, like if, if if the business owner, so to speak, was taking
photos from a mobile device, with GPS enabled, which almost all of them are, that’s going
to have that embedded information by default anyways. And if they’re uploading it to their
own GMB listing, then it would see that if customers are uploading photos, remember,
like for stores and places, like you know, I’m a Google local guy, you know, I do review,
I don’t do it all the time. But when I think about it, if I’m at a restaurant, or if I’m
in a hotel or something, and I and I think about reviewing it, then I’ll take a photo
and upload that with my review. And guess what, it’s got my GPS, my access data, right?
My geolocation, geo metadata is it is embedded in that file. And that then gets uploaded
to that GMB listing by as a customer photo, right. So, by the way, that’s if you’re going
to be doing a lot of uploads to a GSB right now, I wouldn’t do it as an owner, I would
do it as a customer. So you could do that through persona, email, persona Gmail accounts,
guys, you know, persona profiles, Google profiles that you set up, so that you’re you don’t
trigger a suspension from uploading photos, I haven’t heard of anybody actually will actually
Marco had one that was triggered from uploading a photo. But if you upload as a, if you upload
a photo to a GMB listing as a customer, then then Google can’t suspend the listing as far
as I know. Now, you know, as far as I know, I haven’t heard of that happening. But I have
heard of uploading a photo as the business owner, so from within the GMB dashboard, and
it causing a suspension. I haven’t experienced that myself yet, yet. But a customer photo
wouldn’t do that. So again, think about that. It’s it’s not spammy at all. Now, if it’s
an image that Google knows is on the web, which Google’s image recognition is incredibly
good, and all you did was change the metadata, then that could perhaps look spammy. And that
might be something that trigger trouble in the future, I haven’t seen it trigger anything
right now. But a quick way to determine that guys, as you can always go to 10, nine, calm
is one of them. Unknown Speaker 58:40
There’s probably other ones at Google, I think even has its own image recognition engine
that you can play with, I think Marco shared that in our y es or something. But tonight,
calm is free. And you can just actually go grab the image and drop it in here. You can
even take the if it’s already on the web, you can take the URL and drop it in here.
Or you can just actually take the photo from your country from your, you know, your file
system on your computer and upload it. And it’ll tell you if that image has already been
indexed on the web. And I will show you where if it has been. Right. And again, 10 is not
as good as Google with that, but it’s, it still will give it So again, if you’re just
taking an image that’s already been used on the web and changing the exit data, then you
know, that may cause an issue in the future. I haven’t seen it cause any issues currently.
Although it’s not as effective either, though, just keep that in mind. And we’ve proven that.
Alright. Unknown Speaker 59:30
Want to keep that tab open. So I want to check that out. All right. Unknown Speaker 59:35
Let’s see. Thanks for your answers before thanks so much for the information off topic,
but I’m in Richmond VA toda from a totally familiar those areas mentioned. Okay, so he’s
talking about like Fairfax and all that. Yep. Alright, guys. Well, we appreciate y’all being
here. mastermind webinar is tomorrow. For those of you that are in the mastermind, and
thanks, everybody for sticking around. You guys. All hung out. Thanks. Unknown Speaker 59:56
Whoo, you all right, man. Unknown Speaker 59:59
See you guys tomorrow. Then. Transcribed by

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