Digital Marketing Q&A – Hump Day Hangouts – Episode 242

By | November 4, 2019

Unknown Speaker 0:02
Alright, well vol hangouts are still here. We are going to be live on hangouts with Hump
Day hangouts Episode 242. Yeah, we’re just gonna, we’re going to switch to tin, tin cans
and strings and how. Unknown Speaker 0:20
There you go. Well, Unknown Speaker 0:22
with that, thanks for being here, and we’re going to jump right into it and just say first
of all, thanks for watching Hump Day Hangouts. Whether you’re catching this as a replay,
whether you are joining us live, if you are live, go ahead. If you got any questions,
pop them on the page. Say hello. Help post your favorite gift. Do whatever you want to
do. Let me take that back. Don’t do whatever you want to do. At least like pG 13. Maybe. Unknown Speaker 0:45
At least keep it relevant. Unknown Speaker 0:47
Yeah, well, real quick. Let’s go down the line. Say hello to everybody. We got everybody
here today. I think Chris is hanging out so he doesn’t die of heat exhaustion. But so
we’ll start with him before he passes out. Unknown Speaker 0:58
How you doing Chris? Yeah, then good. had to move forward to the seller because like
I don’t know the heat wave is like quite unbearable for me. I still don’t know why people love
summer that much. More of a person. Yeah, rest. Life is good. Otherwise. Unknown Speaker 1:14
Coco Hernan, How about yourself? You’re kind of the opposite, right? Unknown Speaker 1:18
Yeah, dude, I’m freezing my ass. But on the good note. I think that if I’m the Hangout
goes away. We can do like you porn type of streaming, you know, and embed that in the
page. Now I’m pretty cool. Yeah. Anyways, I’m great. Dude. I’m awesome. I’m just really
looking forward for powerful live 2019. That’s coming. He’s coming in hot. We had a really
cool. We had a really cool event last year. And we are going to make it cooler this year.
So it’s going to be pretty cool. So Unknown Speaker 1:49
yeah, definitely. We’re going to talk some more about that. But if you’re not sure what
it is, one, stay tuned. And then secondly, go over to pokey which will actually
work now I got the domain resolve so you can actually they type in hopefully live and get
there. So go check that out. Marco, How about yourself? How you doing, man? Unknown Speaker 2:05
What’s up, man? Just to get the question out of the way. Our Hump Day hangouts going away?
No, oh, Unknown Speaker 2:12
no. No. Unknown Speaker 2:14
Before we get asked 1000 times on be the first person to ask it. I’ll be done with with Hump
Day hangout on my watch. Just making sure I took Unknown Speaker 2:24
I took off last week because I had a meeting that I couldn’t get out of. And I feel I felt
like something was missing the entire damn week because this is Episode 242. And this
is only the second episode I’ve missed out of 242. And so it’s you know, it’s Wednesday’s
aren’t the same without Hump Day Hangout. So no, we’re not taking them away. We’re just
saying that Hangouts On Air is going away. So we’re going to have to figure out a new
way to stream and answer questions, which is fine. We’ll adapt. We always do. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 2:55
Anyway. Life’s good. Costa Rica is good. weather’s good. Have a nice little earthquake last night.
66263 woke me up at around one two in the morning. You know, shaken and bacon. But otherwise?
Things are good. Unknown Speaker 3:11
That’s good. I’m glad you guys are all right. That that’s getting up there. That’s not a
that’s not a tiny one. Unknown Speaker 3:16
Now I was off in the coast. No worries. Good deal. Unknown Speaker 3:20
Bradley, you. You’re still with us to I guess weather and everything treating your it. Unknown Speaker 3:25
Everything’s good man. Life is good. Can’t complain. A lot of good things going on. Right
now. We’re Unknown Speaker 3:32
doing some pretty cool stuff in the mastermind, which by the way, guys, we have a mastermind
webinar tomorrow, we’ll be covering some stuff in there. I’m also starting a small group
training inside the mastermind for some select members that it’s going to be really cool
for their they’re going to be kind of learning the new business model that I’m into. Because
it’s so lucrative. So that’s a lot of fun. Just got a lot of exciting stuff going on
right now. Oh, do want to talk about something else though. GMB is are certainly on a ramp.
Google is on a rampage right now suspending shit, that’s even 100% legit for no reason.
I actually had my first client site or GMB suspended just two days ago for doing nothing
other than uploading a photo. And it was dumb. It was just it’s stupid. And I’ve got it in
the reinstatement request going on. And they sent a message back to said originally that
they’ll you know, reply within 24 hours. Then within 24 hours, I got a follow up reply that
said we have a huge backlog of reconsideration, reinstatement requests that we’re trying to
work through, and it will be we’re backlog up to three or two to three weeks. So my clients
pissed, but he understands I didn’t do anything. You know, it’s spammy. It’s just, it’s just
Google, my business is broken right now, guys. So now we have to switch strategies up, I
would recommend staying out of them as much as possible, try not to edit them at all,
if possible, until they get their shit together. It’s just, it’s a bloodbath out there right
now. So just keep that in mind. So I didn’t want to give that update. We gotta shift our
strategy, do adapt with whatever, whatever comes. And this is, um, this is not a very
good time for Google My Business stuff for sure. Cool. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 5:07
There’s more questions about that, too. If anyone watching has some questions, go ahead
and pop that in there. I mean, obviously, it’s a big topic we’ve been covering. It’s
a great way to conduct lead gen, like we’ve been talking about. And if it just because
this is happening doesn’t mean this is the way it’s always going to be things change,
just like it became, you know, a great tool to use and it may swing back that way. So
real quick to just want to say if you’re new to Semantic Mastery, thanks for joining us
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So help us out and subscribe over there. So real quick, we mentioned poker live, I want
to touch base on this real quick for everyone. We just tomorrow or for if you’re a subscriber,
you’re going to see an email about that. And I just wanted to talk real quick because we
just got that up and running. We’re just starting ticket sales mastermind members got first
crack at getting their tickets. And we’ve got two out of the three speakers that we
can announce there on the page. So it’s no secret if you go there, but I wanted to touch
base on this. Jeffrey Smith is going to be joining us again. All right. He was Yeah,
absolutely. Yeah, so he’s going to be joining us again, really pumped to have Jeffrey back.
He joined us last year for the first pope who live gave a killer talk. He was a blast.
He was there all weekend, hanging out talking to people dropping some some bombs and some
great gold nuggets, there are some information. And he’s going to be coming back and doing
it again. So really looking forward to that. And then Adam Benjamin is not only an because
he’s got a great first name. But also He’s the founder of brain Hickey, this guy is a
killer copywriter. He’s got a lot of real world experience dealing with clients both
at scale and with high ticket, high end clients, tons of information, tons of knowledge he’s
going to share. So looking forward to having him he’s a Colorado, local. So he’s going
to come down and help us in Denver and be pitching in and dropping some knowledge there
too. And then we are going to have potentially a third and maybe even a fourth guest speaker
who we will be announcing in the coming days. But the reason I bring this up to you is if
you want to go to poker, you live in Denver and October 11 12th and 13th of this year,
you’re going to want to get your tickets in the next week or two, shortly after the Fourth
of July week, the prices are going to be going up, we want to offer you an early bird discount.
It’s our way of saying thank you, if you get the tickets now helps us plan accordingly.
And we can do this a lot easier. So as again, our way of saying thank you is we offer you
a lower price for that. But as soon as that’s over, prices are going to go up. There’s no
you know, special offers coming. There’s no you know, last minute sale, anything like
that. Unknown Speaker 9:10
Yeah, the way just quickly to clarify, our events are not a pitch fest guys, it’s not
like you’re going to come to our event, we’re going to pitch you additional training and
products and the speakers are going to be pitching training and products. It’s not how
it works with it’s a training event. You know, if you want to reach out to any of them afterwards,
and you know, pursue what they have available, that’s perfectly fine. It’s up to you. But
it’s not about that it’s about training. It’s going to be a really good event. You know,
we talked about holistic business building, right. So it’s not just about SEO, or this
or that it’s about the overall building a business, scaling a business, sustaining a
business, all of that. So again, we would highly recommend if anybody’s interested Get
your tickets now, because it’s going to go up after the Fourth of July ish area timeframe.
So now would be a good time to get them at their lowest price. Unknown Speaker 10:02
Definitely. And I mean, I will just say to it’s a good time, you know, you can go These
are real people on the pages, the real attendees from last year, you know, we can tell you
about it. And if you have questions, feel free to contact us at support at Semantic
Mastery. com will answer them. Or you can ask them here on Hump Day Hangouts. But you
can go and see what other people had to say about the event. You know, a lot of really
good points, people got a lot out of it and a lot out of each other the networking that
happened there, just like being in the mastermind, a lot of the power comes from the people you
meet there the connections, you meet the ideas that are generated in that kind of smaller
group setting. So really looking forward to doing that again, and narrowing down the list
for the VIP day. That last time was a blast, we did a kr a chartered brewery tour in Washington,
DC. And this year, we’re going to be in Denver. So I’m looking at something else I’ve got
it narrowed down to a couple but I think it’s going to be just as fun. It’s a good way to
get to meet everybody, relax, to have fun, get introduced, get up speed and then hit
the ground running the next day for the main event. Unknown Speaker 11:04
Sweet. Unknown Speaker 11:07
Yeah. Are we going to let’s talk briefly about the press advantage webinar? If we can, Unknown Speaker 11:12
Oh, definitely. Yeah, you want to fill people in in case they missed that brother. Unknown Speaker 11:15
Okay, uh, if you guys didn’t see it on Monday, we had Jeremy, the developer or one of the
CO developer of press advantage on and you guys know, we been pitching or using press
advantage I have been for many years actually. But we did a promotion for press advantage
when they when he kind of relaunched it as two dot o at the end of September last year.
And so we’re talking, you know, eight months ago, and he was gracious enough to come on
on Monday to open up a very, very good offer. Again, for people that want to subscribe have
their own subscription to press advantage, which there was two different levels, there’s
one level which is three done for you press. So written for you press releases on a monthly
basis for 350 bucks, which gives you the ability to have an organization page, which, if you
followed any of our trainings, that is an integral part of what we do, we use that organization
page as a very powerful tier one property branded property. Very, very powerful. And
a lot of things that you can do with it are powerful as well. Then there’s the other offer,
which was amazing that he swore up and down, he wouldn’t open up again, the previous time
that he in September when we did the webinar, but I did twist his arm and he he opened it
up again. And that was for 497 a month you get six written for you press releases and
unlimited, write them, write it yourself, press releases, or submit yourself. But here’s
the catch that I mean, there’s no catch. But you can buy additional press release writing
services from press advantage for 50 bucks. So essentially, you get six for 497 a month.
And then you can buy each additional one for 50 bucks, or you can go out and get your own
writer and all that. But I’m telling you the best and most efficient way to run it is to
just use the writers. And anyways, we did a webinar with him and ended up going two
hours. Again, there’s a lot of new and additional features that have been implemented since
September when we did it the first time. And so we cover all here, he covers all of that.
And I you know, I comment along in the webinar, if you want to watch it. Otherwise, just skip
to the end or, you know, go to the sales page or the checkout page, I should say and subscribe.
If you’re doing anything for your your own business, a light like court press releases
are incredibly powerful content marketing through press releases are incredibly powerful.
So even if you’re your own business owner, as opposed to like an agency or a marketing
consultant, using press releases, frequently and often is going to be very, very powerful
for your business, we’ve seen it time and again. So I would say if even if you’re a
business owner, or definitely if you’re a consultant, or an agency that you should look
at to get your own subscription, you can buy press releases from us at in our store, mg
Y v dot CEO, and they’re one off press releases for a very good price. And you still get the
benefit of having that press release published, which drives a lot of links. It can get a
lot of traffic and all that kind of stuff. But if you’re going to be doing volume, which
you should be doing because they are so powerful, it should be an integral part of your your
content marketing strategy, you should have your own subscription period. And we stand
by that statement. So it’s a great service, I highly recommend you go check it out. Check
out the webinar if you want to see all of what it can do for you. Otherwise, just go
straight to the checkout page and subscribe. Unknown Speaker 14:27
Did you drop the link? Adam? I assume you did. Unknown Speaker 14:29
Yeah. Did the webinar replay page is on there. And I think we are good to go. Is there any
other announcements? Yes. I don’t. Unknown Speaker 14:38
I don’t have any. I’m ready for questions. Unknown Speaker 14:40
Yeah, I have a comment. Our shit works, period. Boom. Unknown Speaker 14:46
All right, I’m taking the screen. Let’s do it. Unknown Speaker 14:52
Okay, cool. We probably have some new listeners or watchers, viewers, audience members, whatever.
Because I did a podcast with Tommy, Tommy mellow as a podcast, which does handles a
whole bunch of home service type contractors and got a really good response from that.
And so anybody that’s here from Tommy mellows podcast, welcome. Come back post off, you
know, post questions here often about anything that has to do with your contracting businesses
as far as marketing, getting better results, lead generation, that kind of stuff, we’re
happy to answer them. And again, definitely, you know, engage with us, and we’ll try to
help you out as much as we can. So Alright, so the first question I see comes from Scott
n, and I’m assuming this may be one of them. I have a hardwood floor and staircase renovation
business, my main point of interest is to learn how to best utilize the Google My Business
Page to get the most out of the account. So that’s really good. Now, there’s a few things
that I would recommend, number one, if you heard the beginning of this webinar, or today’s
Hump Day Hangout, right now is not really a good time to be doing a whole lot of editing
of your Google My Business Page, right. So if you’ve got it already, and it’s running,
that’s great. I would recommend that you really stick to just doing Google My Business posts
or GMB posts right now, and not do a lot of editing of the page itself or the profile.
because things are being suspended. Right now Google is on a rampage to eliminate spam
listings, in part because of some high profile people running their mouth, to high profile
publications and getting a lot of unnecessary attention to them. And so anyways, my point
is, even if you’re a legit business owner, with a legitimate business with the physical
location that you can verify, I recommend that you stay the hell out of it. As far as
making edits to the actual profile, at least until Google fixes its itchy trigger finger
so to speak, because right now, barely, I mean, for no rhyme or reason that I know of.
You go in and you make an edit of any kind and boom, it can get it can be suspended.
And it’s a crapshoot every time, right? You roll the dice every time because you never
know what’s going to suspend the listing or not. And, as I mentioned before, their backlog
for reinstatement requests are two to three weeks currently at the moment. So if it gets
suspended, you’re going to be shut out, you know, dead in the water di Tw until you can
get it reinstated if they’re going to be gracious enough to reinstate it. So that’s just the
caveat, I want to you know, disclaim everything here with that, number one. Number two, it
really one of the best things that you can do is to Google My Business posting, right,
do that frequently and often. Look for the keywords that you want, or search queries
that you want to get more traffic from. Also look at the GMB insights. And you’ll see what
kind of search queries are actually bringing your maps listing exposure, and start using
those search queries that are relevant more often in posts. Okay, that’s really important.
And in something else, we you know, we talked about our store mg y b dot CEO. And just for
anybody that doesn’t know what mg yc stands for, that’s make Google your bitch. So mg
y b dot CEO is our store. If you go there, we’ve got some products that will help help
you to actually really boost your Google My Business profile. As far as you know, getting
better results from it. Number one would be a syndication network. Number two would be
a Dr. Stack. And we can you know, we can offer assistance as to how to get the best use out
of those. For people that don’t know, those of you that are not in the SEO industry. Some
of that may seem foreign to you. But really, it’s not difficult, the concept is quite easy,
I’m actually going to walk through a brief example of how you can gather the type of
links that you would want to promote. So your profiles within a Dr. Stack, Dr. stacks are
incredibly powerful, especially for Google My Business stuff or maps ranking. So I’m
going to I’m going to walk through that here in just a moment. But first, I just want to
say, for your Google My Business Page, really again, I would stay out of trying to edit
it right now. But I would take advantage of the Google My Business posting feature. Post
often post regularly, use the search queries or the keywords that you want to get traffic
from MIT. So for example, in this case, like it might be flooring, floor restoration or
floor renovation or flooring, contractors or gills notice a lot of near me keywords.
near me type search queries are driving a lot of traffic to maps. So flooring contractors
near me floor flooring restoration near me variations of near me like nearby in my area
close to me, that kind of stuff. So mix and match the keywords, the types of service keywords
that you want to rank for, along with near me and variations of near me. Also, if you
cover a wide surface area, you want to start including some of the locations that within
your service area. So location names, do it be via city names, even neighborhoods, things
like Burrows, districts, things like that, if you have different names that you can start
to include. That’s why I said there’s really no way that you can do too many posts in my
opinion. That’s really important and that as far as I know, is not getting GMB suspended.
I haven’t had that happen from a post yet, but I have from doing editing the profile
at all. That makes sense. Okay. Marco, do you want to comment on that while I pull up
some examples? Unknown Speaker 20:19
No, no, I agree. Totally. I mean, we have the train local GMB Pro, which could be the
next step. In the process except in gi in local GMB Pro, we do tell you to go and make
edits and and all of these other thing which you shouldn’t be doing when you submit it,
especially if you have a real business, right? A real, whether it’s service area, brick and
mortar, whatever it is that you have, fill it out as thoroughly as you can right at the
beginning before you send for that pin. So that you don’t have to go back and mess with
it. Because it’s when you start going back and messing with it that you get into problems.
So that the only change that I would recommend right now is if you’re doing some that’s legitimate.
Do it right the first time get get you know, use the guidelines that we set up in in local
GMB Pro. But do it right the first time send for that pin, make sure all the information
is correct. And then it’ll come back to you. It’s your business. And if something happens,
you can always go back in and get that business reinstated. Right that GMB whereas others
are the problem that they’re having. And why it is a problem to begin with is we were just
spamming in and getting a ton of businesses that didn’t really exist. But if yours does
that, then you right now, the second problem is Bradley mentioned is that you’re in a queue.
And until they can get to you because of spammers like Bradley. You’re waiting three four months
and excuse me weeks. And right now, whatever it is that the summer businesses, right? Well,
the summer businesses, like a pest control Tree Service, anything having to do with outdoors,
the are in the queue, and this is like the top of the season. So they’re moving a whole
lot of money. And they shouldn’t be because they have legitimate businesses. So that’s
that’s the only thing that I would add. Unknown Speaker 22:12
Yeah, that’s my client is an outdoor pest control company. And he’s, you know, this
is the peak of their season. And it’s just, it’s just really shitty. And, you know, again,
we didn’t do anything spammy or wrong, it just suspended, it’s dumb. Anyways, I’m going
to use home remodeling as opposed to floor restoration only because I know this industry
a bit better. So I’m going to use it just as a quick example, for those of you that
are, we get questions all the time about how to how to order a drive stack within MTV.
And I’m going to cover that just briefly, guys, because I’m telling you, it’s one of
the very most powerful things that you can possibly do. And you can get it 100% done
for you on our store. And I say that because it’s absolute truth. I started a new business
about two months ago, a brand new business. And all I have done is three press releases
and a Dr. Stack. That’s it, I haven’t even done anything else to it at all is a one page
website with a Dr. Stack and three press releases. And I’m on the number three position for the
state of Virginia for my very top keyword. So and that’s just and it’s been two months.
So I’m telling you, it’s incredibly powerful, you’re going to see results if you use it.
So my what I want to just walk through very quickly is just give an example here. So for
home remodeling, Fairfax, I use Fairfax because I’m in a rural area called Cole pepper, there’s
not a lot of activity around me, but Fairfax is a very busy area in Northern Virginia.
So let’s just say that your business was Daniels design and remodeling general contractor.
Well, what I would do is to figure out which URLs which links you want to include or submit,
when you order a Dr. Stack. You know, if you’ve been following us, you know that we recommend
getting a syndication network first, and then ordering and Dr stack and including your syndication
network URLs, profile URLs in the or the links that you submit when you purchase the drive
set. So that’s that’s number. But if you’re just coming to us, and you don’t know what
a syndication network is, well, we’ll cover that at a different time. We’re covering Dr.
stacks right now. But what what I would do is just go to Google and use another search
for Google. In this case, I was just looking for a brand that I could use as an example.
So I’m going to take Daniels design and remodeling as my example. Okay, so all I’m going to do
is copy. So let’s say whatever your company name is just go to Google, paste it in, and
also pasting your phone number to so not just your name, but also paste in your phone number.
Alright, so this is what we’re going to do, we’re going to say that this is your business,
we’re going to do a quick Google search on your brand name, and your phone number. And
then what we’re going to do, and apparently they got some shitty Yelp reviews, but that’s
probably because Yelp filters out all the good ones, right unless you’re a paying advertiser.
So what I would do is come in here, and I would just open up these links, all the links
associated with your first two pages that are, you know, obviously that are Unknown Speaker 24:57
relevant links to your business, I would just go through and over up every single one of
those links, they’re also plugins that you can use guys that will that are called like
link grabbers that will actually scrape all the links off a Google search page and put
them into a text file or a notepad file. But you can do this manually, just go through
and click right click, open Lincoln new tab, and then just go collect all of those links,
put them into a notepad file, because that’s how you submit them inside our dashboard.
Anyways, once you place your order, and go through the checkout process, then you go
submit your order details. And what you can do is submit a text file with all the URLs
that you want included in the drive stack. So that’s all you do, I’m not going to go
through this guys, you understand the point, just go through the top two pages, select
all of your URLs that you want included in the drive stack, and put them into a text
file, save it and then upload that text file as your target URL or for the order. Right,
then the same thing goes for keywords. for keywords, you’re going to want to take your
top level keywords that you know, including your brand name, and use those as the keywords,
create a nice little text file with your keywords in there. So your top level service products
and or services, some of the location names that you want to include. Also your brand
name, use, make sure that that’s included in your keyword list and upload that. And
then our team will go out and build you a very, very, very powerful drive stack, which
are Google Drive properties that are going to be branded and themed and have your profile
URL, or excuse me, your profile logo, your logo as the profile image, your header images,
it’s just going to be a very, very powerful thing. And now that becomes your insulator,
your SEO firewall, all of the other stuff that you can do an SEO that we would never
recommend you do directly to your money site, you can now due to the DR stack, and the Dr.
Stack pushes all of that relevance back to your money site will help in your maps listing.
And we’ll help you to rank that makes sense. So that’s a quick down and dirty way to figure
out how to get the URL was that you’re going to submit is just go to Google use Google
to tell you and just go through the top two pages. That’s all you need. What are what
are the most powerful or authoritative branded profiles or citations in this case that Google
thinks for that particular brand your brand, right, so put your brand name in your business,
your phone number and click Search. just collect all the URLs from the top two pages, put them
into a text file, save them, then work on your keyword lists. Again, you can find out
the keywords that are bringing your traffic through your GMB insights and just select
the relevant keywords. And then also if you if you have some search queries that you desire
more traffic from add those in as well. Mark, do you want to comment on that before I move
on? Unknown Speaker 27:42
Yeah, the only thing that I would add to this is that they do get a spreadsheet when they
order that their syndication network. Those should also be included. Unknown Speaker 27:50
That’s correct. And I said step one should be a syndication network but for those people
are coming to us from the podcast. I just wanted to talk about the Dr. stacks first
networks maybe we’ll cover that the beginning of next webinar. But that’s correct. Alright,
so anyways, welcome Scott Scott Walker says I guess he’s asking where he’s at. Okay, cool.
And thanks, guys. given us a shout out Gordon says Hey, guys, thanks again for your hump
day out. Hump Day help, as usual was greatly appreciate it. Thank you, Gordon. He says
this may be a dumb question, but I’ll ask anyway. When using a press release for boosting
the rank of A GMB listing, is the URL that you use? Is it backlink in the PR the same
as the one that you get by going to the GMB dashboard and clicking the Info tab and going
to view on search or view on maps? Or is this something else? Yes. That’s the link that
we suggest. I’ve shown a kind of a funky way to get that URL in the past. If you go into
your info tab, and you right click on the view on maps, and copy link address or right
click copy link address and paste it into a notepad file. It’s going to be an HTTPS slash maps, question mark. See ID equals and then that’s going to be
a string of numbers. And that’s the maps URL. But that’s actually a 302 redirect to the
final, the correct URL for maps, which is instead of, excuse me, it’s going to be that
this is what it’s going to look like. I’m just going to give you an example real quick.
So it’s going to be maps, forward slash maps, question mark, see ID equals and
then it’s going to be a string of numbers, right? It’s going to be several numbers, something
like that. Right. That’s what Google is going to give you. When you right click view on
the view on maps and copy link address. All you want to do though, because if you put
that in a redirect checker, you’re going to see that it actually redirects with a 302
to this. That’s it, it doesn’t change anything except that it changes that map subdomain
to dub dub dub. And now that’s the URL that you want to use right there. Right. And what
happens is, when you actually take that URL and check it in a redirect checker, it’s going
to say test, okay, there’ll be a 200. htm, code 200, which says test, okay. But if you
actually go to view that URL in your address bar, like paste and go, it will, once the
page loads, it actually switches to that really long, stupid, ugly URL that maps gives you
when you’re viewing your map in the browser. Does that make sense? So again, it’s it’s
a straight URL, and that’s the best URL to use. So you can get it that way. By the way,
by going in and getting it from your GMB dashboard. Right click, go to the Info tab, right click
view on maps, and then copy link address the other way which one of our mastermind members
shared this with us Unknown Speaker 30:41
is to go to standby I’m looking for it now. I think it’s Unknown Speaker 30:49
Where the hell is it? Unknown Speaker 30:52
Shit guys, give me a minute. Unknown Speaker 30:56
Damn, somebody gave me a tool the other day. Maybe that’s it? Is that it? Let’s see this
is it? Unknown Speaker 31:02
Yes, that’s it. Use this one right here, guys. So this is GMB reviews maker calm. I’m going
to paste this on the page for you guys real quick. And then I’ll show you how this works.
Okay, so if you go to this, this will make it so much easier. All you gotta do is start
searching. So if I say like, Unknown Speaker 31:24
excuse me, guys, I got a should have muted notifications. Unknown Speaker 31:29
Oh, no, it’s fine. A Bradley. Just take the call will listen to. Yeah. Unknown Speaker 31:34
Standby. I gotta hang up on that. Unknown Speaker 31:37
Alright, sorry about that. All right, let me grab the screen a green screen. Again,
this is the actual pretty cool tool that somebody posted from our group, if I just start typing
in Semantic Mastery. And it’s not going to show me now. It’s okay. You can type it you
can paste in the URL as well. So let’s just go let’s go Semantic Mastery. Unknown Speaker 32:06
And why is it not showing our knowledge base? Wasn’t that some shit? Let’s do it over here.
Let’s just use this guy. So let’s go to his map. Unknown Speaker 32:16
We’re going to grab the share URL here. Unknown Speaker 32:25
paste that in. Unknown Speaker 32:27
And let’s see why is it not? Unknown Speaker 32:33
Okay, so for some reason, we can’t find your business and drop down hit to code, place
it Okay, there we go hit the code place ID and then enter in your map URL, wherever that
goes are right there and click the code place ID. And what it does is it brings that URL
back right here, the same one. That makes sense. So it’s this is the same one. But like
I said, if you grab that URL right there, and you go to a redirect checker, so let’s
go to like redirect detective calm, for example. And you’ll see that that’s what I was talking
about. This actually does a redirect through a 302 to the same version of the URL, but
it’s just as opposed to maps. google com. Does that make sense? So if all
you got to do is take this URL here, and swap that this out with the www, and it ends up
being the URL that you want to use, right? So again, or Here we go. You can always copy
it from the redirect checker. And that’s what it looks like. Does that make sense? And now
if we take this URL, and we put it in the browser bar, click paste and go, you’ll see
that once the page loads, it’s going to automatically switch to this long, ugly thing. That makes
sense. So again, that which is a cleaner URL to use this one, certainly as much cleaner
than this one. So this is the URL that I used to build links to. Okay. That’s a good question
now. Moving on. Okay, Gordon says when you post a backlink on an embedded page, on an
embed page of a video you’ve uploaded to the GMB listing. When you post a backlink on an
embed page of a video you’ve uploaded to the GMB listing is the same URL used for PR a
different URL. Thanks. I don’t understand that question. Gordon, sorry. Does anybody
can anybody decipher that question? For me? Unknown Speaker 34:32
If he’s talking about the video for prs, it’s I don’t know if you could use a GMB URL for
the video. I think he’s they’re using it. They said Vimeo and YouTube, the other page
right now about embedding on press release. Is that what you mean? Yeah, I think that’s
what this means. I don’t know. You’ll have to clear it up. Yeah, I’m just I’m just taking
it as that what it means to be talking about the video that you can embed the URL that
there may be is that any YouTube video URL or a Vimeo URL? That’s what they’ll embed? Unknown Speaker 35:12
Yeah, I’m not sure I understand the question. I’m not sure if that was it or not. But thanks,
Marco for attempting. So yeah, if you can clarify, Gordon, that’s great. If not, that’s
fine. So Muhammad’s up, he said, What’s up, mom? And by the way, he said, Hey, guys, what
do we do with a client that has a Wix site run away? Now? I’m kidding. I’m pretty close
to signing a national insurance leads provider, but I’ve just noticed the site was wicks.
What’s the best course of action here? Can I still follow the battle plan and SM methods
in general on wigs? Would it have the same effect? Yeah. I mean, it can, yes. Um, you
know, there’s not much you can do about that, if that’s what they’re on. I believe Wix has
an RSS feed. So you can still use that for blogging and everything else. I personally
not crazy about wigs. But as far as I know, you can still do everything pretty much that
we recommend with WordPress, via wicks. It’s just a different type of, uh, you know, user
interface and all that kind of stuff. I don’t know that wicks has any benefit, or is any
worse as far as SEO stuff that you can do with it? Like the coding of it? Maybe Marco
or somebody else can comment on that. But as far as I know, wicks can still be used
for all the stuff that we we do because it’s similar to WordPress. Unknown Speaker 36:18
Yeah, I’ve never even I think I built one. But I never followed through with it. Because
it’s just learning a new platform, just as isn’t. I don’t know. There’s there’s nothing
in it for me and learning a whole new platform. So I stick with WordPress. And I’m trying
to even get away from that. And what we recommend this if it doesn’t have the same functionality
as WordPress, then install up a WordPress on a subdomain. Yeah, and block from there.
That’d be it. That’s that’s been our constant recommendation, since forever, when people
come up with HTML or whatever else what other whatever other a CMS that you’re using outside
of WordPress, or if it’s eco RC or something, yeah, just whatever it is just do a WordPress
install on a subdomain. Unknown Speaker 37:05
Yeah, I totally agree with Marco could be like a blog.or, a news.or, something like
that sub domain that you could use as the content distribution engine, essentially.
You know, like I said, my new business that I was just talking about earlier, I’ve got
a single page. It’s just a Click Funnels landing page. And that’s my, that’s on the root of
the domain. So it’s a one page site. So I had installed a WordPress on blog dot domain.
com, essentially, and I’m using that as the blog, but I’ve only done two or three posts.
So anyways, but yeah, you can do that. That’s what I would recommend. But he says, following
on from the previous question, is consistent content creation necessary? Still? I know
of course, it helps a ton. But assuming I still have a syndication network may do I
lose a lot by not doing it? Well, I mean, we certainly recommend that you do market
your do content marketing. As like I said, If wicks has a RSS feed, but I’m pretty sure
it does, you should be able to do it directly from Wix. But if you don’t like the interface,
then just use the blog write blog, dot sub domain with WordPress installed. And then
you can still do the same thing. I do recommend content marketing. I mean, again, guys for
it. Google loves that they love the freshness, the updates the activity. You can automate,
obviously, you know this mom and syndicating your network. You can automate syndicating
to GMB, there’s a lot of things that you can do. So I do recommend that you get on somewhat
of a content a consistent and regular content marketing schedule, although that you don’t,
depending on the industry, you know, some you don’t have to do it three times a week,
you could do it once a week or once every two weeks. It really just depends on the industry.
But I do recommend that you are updating the blog regularly with content. The frequency
is going to really depend on your competition that you’re dealing with as well as what industry
you’re in. Okay. Unknown Speaker 38:51
Wayne, Clayton, you prick. Unknown Speaker 38:55
Keep moving. Scott says I am in the process of placing an embed order with mg Why be question
do you recommend adding keywords into the iframe? Marco? let you answer that one. But
I mean, you can. Unknown Speaker 39:05
I haven’t seen it from everything that we’ve done add that much to the to whatever iframe
you’re embedding, whether it’s map or video. I mean it could I I’ve seen it a Google will
read anything before the closing iframe tag. And so if you’re adding information in there,
whether it’s schema keywords or whatever, Google will read it. The thing is, like, only
SEOs do that. And it’s a really good way to get picked out. I mean, at some point, if
they ever come after I frames, that would be the first thing that I would pick out anyone
adding any information before that closing iframe tag because it’s mostly just SEOs that
add information in there doesn’t work. I’ll be Scott nothing beats a try but a fail so
so we do allow you to submit keywords and and data will add it before the closing iframe
tag. So try it out. That’s all I can tell you. Do I do it? No, I’ve hardly ever done
it. We tested with it. And since we get similar results without we just don’t add extra information.
Yeah. Unknown Speaker 40:16
Correct. Alright, so the next several comments are Adam to spamming the comment box, and
I roll. Unknown Speaker 40:24
So doings got a nice meme about the bloodbath. It’s pretty cool. can manage What’s up, Kenny
says I have a new GMB. It’s a real business and above loaded pics, logo description etc.
I haven’t built the GSB site. What do you thoughts about completing the site? Do you
think that might kick off a suspension? Yeah, it may I mean, the thing is, is I haven’t
had any issues with real client businesses like real bona fide businesses, GM bs until
this week, and it was Monday. And that was one of those. All I did was I head up, I deleted
one photo because it was showing up as a, like the primary image and mobile and the
client said that he wanted a different photo. So and I don’t know how to force Google to
select a different photo. So I said, Okay, well, let’s delete that one. And then I uploaded
some new photos because he had some new photos recently of some of his technicians and such.
And then I published the GSB website because for whatever reason that that he never had
published that website for his GMB. And so I went in and publish the website, but I didn’t
even add any content. It was just the straight publishing. Before adding any content to it
or anything. All I did was published a website and I don’t know if you know this can but
when you publish the GMB website, it forces the change of the main URL for the for the
GMB profile. From the money site to the business site GMB website URL, it forces the change
with the UTM code on it to its really long and ugly, and you have to go in and then once
you once you publish the site, you have to go edit the Info tab and change the website
to back to the money site URL. And that’s all I did was I published the website didn’t
even edit it. Right. All I did was then go to the Info tab. And I had to I changed the
URL from the business site, which is the GMB website URL back to the money site URL. So
to the branded domain, and immediately it’s suspended. And that’s where we’ve been we’ve
been at ever since. You know, it’s only been a couple days, but still, it just sucks because
I didn’t do anything spammy. And it’s a legitimate business. You know, we can certainly can’t
confirm and verify that, but that’s the that’s the case. So yeah, I don’t know. Honestly,
I can’t tell you if it’s the GMB site that does that. Or it could have been a combination
of doing both photos that day and the GMB site, I have no idea. I haven’t had any issues
with legitimate businesses until this week. And now that I’ve experienced it, I’m skittish,
right, I’m a bit gun shy, I don’t want to, I don’t want to really poke the bear, so to
speak, you know what I mean? So I recommend and you know, until this shit settles down,
which who knows when that’s going to be, I would say, try to stay out of that as much
as possible and only do stuff that, you know, you can do either via API, like, posting GMB
posts. Or you can probably post manually, I haven’t heard of anybody losing it from
just doing the GM post GSB post inside the you know, the dashboard. But even then I might
even want to do that through a manager account or content. What do they call it a site manager
or something like that? Now, there’s a couple different levels that you can add additional
users on one that would be make more sense to be like a, I think it’s called a site manager
used to be called content or communications managers or something like that. But I think
they’re called site managers now. So Unknown Speaker 43:37
Okay, next is? Unknown Speaker 43:41
And no, man, I guess he says, Hi, thanks for a wonderful webinar. My question is, if I
use a subdomain, Google will treat it as a separate brand, or just like a silo? No, you
know, it depends on how you set it up. But if you’re setting it up as a branded sub domain,
you know, for example, like using what we talked about earlier, setting up a blog on
a subject, you’re going to want to brand it the same. But you can also like, for example,
I’ve got a lot of multi location clients or stuff that I do, where each subdomain is we
have separate sub domains for different locations. So each city has its own sub domain, so to
speak, right? And that, that they’re all the same brand, but they each have their own WordPress
installation or sub domain that is city specific. So but you can set up sub domains to treat
them as two completely different entities if you want. So it really just depends on
how you theme it and how you interlink between the sub domain and the root domain or other
sub domains or all of them. Does that make sense? So the good thing is that Google does
treat sub domains as separate web entities like another, in other words, separate websites,
you can create the relationship, the association between the sub domain and the room if you
want or the from, you know, the association with the brand. But the actual, the web asset
itself, the domain itself, the sub domain is treated as a separate website, if that
makes sense. So that way, that you know, that’s why we do what we’ve been talking about using
sub domains for like multi location stuff for a long time, because it’s a bit safer.
If you put separate landing pages as internal pages of a website for multiple location stuff,
and any one of your location pages catches the penalty for some reason, then it will,
it can pull down the entire domain, right, it can affect all of the other locations because
it affects the route as well. However, if you do stuff on subdomains, and you like,
for example, have separate sub domains for each location, if any one location gets hit
by a penalty for some reason, then it will be isolated to that particular sub domain.
It won’t affect the route and it won’t affect what I call sip the other sibling subdomains.
So that’s why we tell you to do that. But again, it just depends on how you enter LinkedIn
and what type of associations you make. Jordans up, he says, related to a man’s question and
reciprocal links, the blog sub domain should link heavily to the money site, right. Also,
is there anything we can do to schema wise on a subdomain or rel canonical to tie it
super tight to the main money site? domain? Yeah, that’s what I would do. Yeah, I mean,
if you’re using a blog on, like what we talked about, for Mohammed, above, we’re like an
e commerce site or whatever. So if you’re using a sub domain name for blog, yeah, you’re
gonna be using that to do like content marketing and link building from the sub domain up to
the money site, typically, you’re not going to want to link back from the money site back
down to the blog, it’s, you know, I mean, other than perhaps a navigation link that
says blog, right, or whatever that links down to the root, or excuse me, the sub domain,
but from within the individual pages and posts, now you’re going to use the sub domain to
link up to the pages on the site that you want to rank. Okay. And then yeah, can articles
are always very powerful? You know, you can do that. It’s up to you. That is the blog
link heavily to money site, but the money site not Yes, correct? That’s correct. Right,
that as far as the money site, linking down, the only thing I would do is a sub domain,
or excuse me, a navigation menu link that says blog that links down to that. And you
know, you could do some sort of like sidebar widget for if you have, you know, for silos
and things like that to show like related content and things like that you could do
that on the money site. But typically that stuff that you would isolate to the blog anyways.
All right. Look, Gordon’s clarifying his question, good. or non? Is the ad info information still
available on Facebook pages? Turn on still here. Unknown Speaker 47:43
I’m here. I’m here. Unknown Speaker 47:45
Hey, can you hear me? Unknown Speaker 47:45
Yes. The info and ads? I think so let me see. The adding for information is still available
on Facebook pages. I’m working on the 30 day challenge and can find any info on certain
business pages? Yes, I mean, they have switched that. So if you go to, forward
slash ads for slash library. So, forward slash ads for slash library, you will
be able to get like a public library of all of the all of the ads that are being run right
now. So on certain business pages, if there are running ads and whatnot, it’s still available.
But some templates are like hiding it. But you know, all of the ads are being run on
the platform can be found on slash ads slash library. If you go there,
you type in the Facebook page, and even the niche, you will be able to get a lot of intelligence
out of that. So yeah, that’s basically how I do it. Unknown Speaker 48:44
Cool, thank you. Unknown Speaker 48:46
So Gordon’s clarifying his questions. He says if you have time, here’s what I was trying
to ask if I upload a video to a GMB listing and use that same video with an empty Why
be in bed job is the backlink URL that is posted on each page of wherever the video
is embedded the same URL used for press releases or as a different hope that clarification
makes more sense. Okay. Remember in a embed, it’s not a backlink. Right? So you’re not
linking to the video, you’re not paste, you’re not posting the URL to the video, it’s an
embed, so it’s not going to be the same. And if you’re if you upload a video to a GMB listing,
then you’re going to get a GMB post URL. Not an embed code now, am I unless Marco, you
said that you can embed a GMB post the correct you absolutely can. Okay. Now, I haven’t tested
that where if you were to upload a video to GMB, then grab the as a GSB post, then grab
the post URL, turn that into an embed, and then ask for an embed campaign for that I
haven’t tested that that would actually be kind of an interesting test. Because then
you’re doing an embed blast to a GSB. Post video. Does that make sense? So you could
do that. Now if that’s what you’re talking about Gordon, then the URL, the the the iframe
is going to be the same on all of the video pages or the embed pages. But you’re not going
to be able to use that for press releases, not as an embed. You can use because the press
releases for press advantage. You can embed a Google map, Google My Business map, and
a Vimeo or YouTube video. And the way that you do it in press release, and the press
release is that for you? Well, first of all, if it’s a GMB map that you want to embed that’s
now I select if you have your own subscription, when you go to submit the details for the
press release to be written, there is a drop down menu at the bottom that says, Do you
want a Google Map embedded? And if you say yes, then it’s going to embed the GMB map
that you have associated with the organization page. You say no, then it won’t. If you want
to embed a video, then the way that you do it is you put the YouTube URL or Vimeo URL
on its own line with a line break above and a line break below within the content body
of the press release. Okay, and then when it publishes, it will publish as an embed.
But you can’t do that with the GMB post URL. Like if you put the GMB post URL on its own
line, it’s going to publish as just a URL. And unless you hyperlink that URL, it would
literally just be a text URL, not not hyperlinked, so just keep that in mind. Now, if you want
to embed a YouTube video, then like I said, that’s, that’s all you do is put it on its
own line. And then that’s going to be an embed code, it’ll convert to a competitive excuse
me convert to an embed code when it publishes. That makes sense. So you can take a video
that you upload to YouTube though, and upload that same file to GMB as a post as a video
post. And now you’ve got the video uploaded as a GM post. And you also have it embedded
or uploaded to YouTube, which now you can use that in press releases. Ok. Ok, says I
was talking about a video upload to the profile, not embedding it in a GSB post. I use such
a video and Emma, can I use such a video and again, I don’t know how what you’re talking
about. If you upload a video directly to GMB as like a photo, which you can do that to
not a post, but you can upload it as a photo in the photo section, you can upload videos,
it doesn’t give you an embed code. As far as I’m aware, it doesn’t give me an embed
code. Does anybody can anybody clarify that? Unknown Speaker 52:39
You can actually embed a video in in the photos section. It does overview but customer photos
only up to texture, Unknown Speaker 52:51
and video. So you can upload a video, then that video will have a URL. And if that video
has a URL, you should be able to get to get an embed unless Google has a frame breaker
on it. So I mean, I would have to test that and see if you could embed. I think I have
one. But you’d have to test it. And then yes, you can submit that to MTV dot CEO. And dad.
Yeah, we’ll take that and he’ll run an embed gig on on that. That URL as long as as it’s
an embeddable URL. Right. Unknown Speaker 53:32
Okay, I think that’s complicating Gordon a bit. I don’t understand exactly what it is
that you’re trying to do. But I do know that you can upload a video to GMB directly as
not a post, I get that that’s fine, you can do that. I don’t know that you can get you
can get a share URL for it, but I didn’t know that you could get. I don’t know that that
is embeddable. Unknown Speaker 53:52
I’m taking right now. Okay, cool. I’m checking right right now and I’m saving the file, hang
on a second. Unknown Speaker 53:59
Because like clicking the photos, for example, just click on that photo, and we click Share.
This is the share URL here. I don’t know if that would actually embed. So I’m it’s the
same type of link that you get from an uploaded videos my point. And I don’t know that that
would embed. So you’d have to you’d have to play with it and see. And that’s what Marco
said he’s doing now. No, Unknown Speaker 54:24
no, it’s not coming up. It breaks it, doesn’t it? It’s Yeah, it has a breaker. Unknown Speaker 54:28
Yeah. Oh, fuck, Unknown Speaker 54:29
yeah. So you’re better off uploading it as a GMB post, video post, and then taking the
post URL and turning that into an embed. Right. So Unknown Speaker 54:41
anyways, Unknown Speaker 54:43
all right. Well, looks like there’s no more questions. So if we don’t have any more questions,
we can wrap it up about five minutes early. I’m okay with that. Are you guys okay with
that? Unknown Speaker 54:49
I’m go with it on the woods. Unknown Speaker 54:51
Okay. All right. All right. Well, everybody. Thanks. Thanks for being here. We’ve got mastermind
webinar tomorrow. Don’t forget if you’re in the mastermind, 330 pm. We’ll see you all
there. Thanks for everybody being here. Thanks, guys. Unknown Speaker 55:03
We’ll see you guys. Unknown Speaker 55:04
And before we hop off, Bradley, we’re going to be going over some sales stuff with mastermind
tomorrow. Unknown Speaker 55:09
Yes, that’s right. Each one of us are going to chime in on that. Awesome. I’m gonna Unknown Speaker 55:13
get my slides out. Get that stuff and the slides, but I got some good stuff. Looking
forward to tomorrow. Unknown Speaker 55:18
That’s right. That’s why you asked to edit that. Today, I was wondering why I was like
what’s going on with that? Now? I remember so I’ve got to prepare for that. I appreciate
you mentioning that. Unknown Speaker 55:27
Yeah, no problem. Yeah, Mastery, everyone else mastermind members can get a little inside
look into how we do sales individually. Since everyone’s a little bit different. And you
know, there’s a lot of templates out there. But it’s a different thing, I think to hear
people say exactly kind of what they do in order to, you know, move from prospect to
actually closing deals. So looking forward to chatting with you guys about that tomorrow.
Yeah, definitely. Unknown Speaker 55:47
That’s gonna be a good one. I’m looking forward to Unknown Speaker 55:50
definitely see y’all then take it easy, guys later. Unknown Speaker 55:53
Bye. Bye. Transcribed by

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