Digital Marketing in 2020, Tips from Los Angeles SEO and PPC Agency

By | March 4, 2020

Hey, what’s up? So
today I have a busy day. First of all, we have
to return to sunglasses. We bought three SIG sunglasses
and there’s like a piece missing. So you got to return that. Then we’ve been playing was a
Canon five D Mark four second. All the Canon fans. Here we go, Canon
five D Mark four. Amazing camera, amazing for stills. But since
we are doing most of the work, like a video work, I think it’s time to return to
this baby was two amazing lenses. Okay, look at this brew. That’s a big boy right
here. So gotta return this, this and um, bunch
accessories that come with it. Like the speed light and all that stuff
cause we switching completely to Sony. What else we can do? Oh and also during the whole errand thing
I’ll be talking about different ways marketing can be used in 2020 order
to promote the service or product and different little hacks
temporary throughout this episode. So watch it take notes. It should be interesting and entertaining. So we almost there almost
have the post office. But before I go there as I promise, let’s have a little introduction
of what we’re going to talk about. So the way businesses
or you, for instance, you’re a freelancer or consultant, you could advertise your product
and services in three ways. First is organic, second is beta ads and third is hustle. Let’s go to the office first and cause I
think we were running a little bit late and we’ll continue over there on me. So when you talk are getting is basically they call it, there’s like SEO, right?
Probably a lot of you heard of it. Search engine optimization. So
what are the search engines? Well you have Google, you
have bang, you have Yahoo. You also have such thing as a maps.
You know, Apple, NABS, Google maps, all of these. At the end of the day,
it’s places where customers could find, you remember last time you were looking
for something in the middle of the city. You don’t know how, even in the part of
the city, you don’t know. For instance, we were in downtown. If I go to, uh, West LA or Santa Monica and I need to get
a coffee, guess what am I going to do? I’m going to Google it and see
where it is. But businesses, so basically that business
just got a customer for free. They didn’t have to pay for it.
So that’s what’s called organic. There are many different strategies
how you could do it, but until, but first let’s return
this thing over here. I’ll be right there a few moments later. All right, so the first stop is over. So let’s
continue talking about organic search. So also Yelp, a lot of, a lot of businesses like to use Yelp, especially when the calcium food cause
they could list it over there for free. And you know, they eventually
give you a customer list. But, um, every strategy in our getting search
can be manipulated a little bit. There are different hacks you could
use in order to basically, instead of taking it a year or two so you
could compete with other older, the established businesses, you could just do it in the course
of maybe three months and you could out-compete them. So, and organic also
is very popular in websites, right? Why organic search is really like
organic traffic is very good in, in the search engines like Google or
Bing is because people have certain commercial intent when they’re Googling
stuff cause they’re ready to buy, they’re ready to go somewhere or they’re
ready to learn something new about the new product that potentially
they interested in buying. Cause have you ever researched something
that you’re not interested in buying when it comes to product
and service? Very rare. Usually you do that for a family member
or a friend who cannot do it themselves or they don’t have the
background knowledge. But then at the end of the day
you helping them buy something. So that’s the power of getting search
that you’re getting all of that traffic without paying for it. And now we have to go and
return those bid light AI. It’s really cool flash. But since we’re no longer
need our Canon gear, cause we were switching and living with
Sony, but there’s just a waste of space. All right, follow along. So paid ads. Yeah. So
the second I can wait. You could actually promote
stuff. His paid ads. It’s easier than organic search because
organic traffic takes month five, six was the South. We do at birthstone maybe a little faster
but usually you expecting like five, two months to a year to actually
get some decent traffic. With paid ads you could
have you ad approved. A lot of times people don’t understand. Like when I actually started I thought
I could just pay whatever $20 $30 I have my ad running right away. No there is actual time cause they need
to make sure no matter where you are releasing your ad, is it
on the Facebook or Google. All these platforms they actually
analyze your ad and see if it in some way discriminatory or it’s promoting
something that is illegal like firearms or whatnot in certain States. So there are a lot of rules and depending
on what state you’re promoting your or which country you promoting
your service or product, they will follow those rules and make
sure that the conduct of your ad or whatever you’re promoting
or selling is appropriate. The second thing that is also comes to
many people who want to advertise is the cost of advertising. None are to drive enough traffic
to sell anything. For services, it’s usually fairly cheap. I
mean if you’re a small shop, maybe two 300 400 $500
and you do it yourself, maybe in a couple of months
you figure out how to do it. If you put enough time to it, but it was a couple hundred maybe half
$500 you could actually push a decent amount of traffic. But when
it comes to e-commerce, it’s so much harder. The amount of money you have to throw at
it is so much bigger and you competing on the commerce level, you competing
with Amazon before you start, make sure you have at least $500 a month
to test your ideas or your knowledge because most likely first few months,
which is going to be burning through it, and it’s painful. When you see money going away out of
your account and there’s absolutely no result. It’s painful and
a lot of people, this, they stopped within the first maybe three
or four months because who has extra couple grand in their pocket?
Right, but at the end of the day, this is how all the big companies work. Every successful company I’ve
met in the middle, how old it is, and no matter how young it is, no matter what industry it
is in services or products, they all use paid ads to
push themselves forward. They do not rely on organic. Even though our organic traffic is
usually about 80 to 90% of total traffic, they always have that 10 20% pay
it as traffic to push the new, to bring the new customers.
Make sure you follow the rules, make sure you have privacy policy, you
have terms and conditions of service, all those things. You have to have it on your website
or new page to make sure that you’ve, that your ads gets approved. I know a lot of interpreters who went
with this business plan all out and then they plan was to advertise on Facebook
or Instagram to push their products and guess what? When they
tried to post the ads, they didn’t get approved and
they got a letter. You cannot, you cannot sell this
stuff using Facebook ads. And now they’re sitting scratching their
head because their whole thing they build for six, nine months was based that they’ll be
selling it on Facebook and they can’t. So a little little a
knowledge nugget for you guys. Make sure before you’re
relying on Facebook ads or
Instagram ads that you could actually sell it. Okay. And uh, I think we’ve been here for
a little too long. All right, let’s go while ups store
is still open, right? All right, so it’s on the right
side. Like a block of work, huh? All right. So
we’re here GPS. Finally. Amazing weather today. I dunno,
LA is famous for great weather, but today something special about this.
It looks like spring is already here. It’s amazing. But anyhow,
let’s talk about hustle. So when you want to hustle is basically
what you follow is what Gary V strategy, right? You basically DM bunch of people and
somebody will respond is why DME is good because very few people actually do
it because it takes a lot of time. If you try to use a bot back
in a day, two, three years ago, you could put a bod. That bot could DM a bunch of people and
that was super effective and easiest way to promote anything. You have.
What happened now the AI, Facebook and Instagram, they
have a really advanced AI now, so you put a bottle on your, on your account was that half
hour an hour you’ll get banned. Basically what they do, they freeze your account for at least a
day or maybe a week depending on how I aggressive your bot was to
basically teach you a lesson. If you want to play with
our system and automated, which is against this service agreement, they’ll freeze your account if you do,
if you followed your of your strategy. It’s pretty much impossible to get bands. I think Instagram allows
you about 60 DMS per hour, which is a lot. If you do it manually,
have you tried it? Try it. It’s a lot. She’d spend an hour GME people, you’d
be so freaking tired. But anyhow, Gary strategy as a, I think it’s
called like 18 cents strategy. Oh dollar 80 it’s gold dollar 80 I’ve
been in a while. So what he does, whatever the topic is that you promoting
your product service or even your own page, you just want to be
become famous in certain area. You basically go find
the top profiles, right? You just go to the explore page or you
go to the tax and you search certain tags and see what are the top
posts are on this topic. And then you go into the comments and
you leave a meaningful comment about whatever’s going on in that post. Or
were they talking about, so this way, because that post is a top post is
getting lots of attention, right? So a lot of people looking at, a lot of people go read the comments and
if you have something meaningful in it in your comment, because like 99%
of comments are not meaningful. There’ll be like the mortgagees,
right? Like you have the fire emoji, you’ll do like emoji. But most
of them are not meaningful. Whenever you actually see
a meaningful who comment, you stop and you go and check
it out. Who the hell wrote that? Because intelligence even in this time
is actually very scars in our society. Like true intelligence was person
finisher that understood the subject and provide some meaningful information to
another person or to a group of people. It’s very hard. So whenever you could actually see that
in the comment under a post that you are interested in, dude, of course you’re going fricking follows
whatever will have certain opinion and if if you do that on 90 posts
you’ll live 90 comments per day. Dude, you will become a pretty famous person
probably within three or four months. If you do that every day they’ll become
pretty famous person within that niche, within that topic because people will be
seeing your comments and understanding like, Oh wow, this person really knows a lot because
you are leaving 90 comments and that’s why he was saying you leave 2 cents on
every post and that’s why it’s like 90 posts, 2 cents on each
is dollar 80 strategy. Follow that GM people do do
cold email outreach and yeah, sorry about the noise downtown. The noise is not coming from behind. It’s coming from the top of the
helicopters. It’s coming from the side. It’s like, so anytime you do do
direct messaging through Facebook, Instagram or email or
calling, cold calling, all of that is hustle. So after such a long and
busy day and this weather, it’s the best thing is
going to a new spot. Having a little beer and the burger,
that’s where I’m getting my stomach from. Cause I love beer and burgers. I think I should have been born in
Germany anyhow. Let’s go and eat. That’s pretty cool. Spot like it. And then tonight, so we’re going
to try some burgers, some beer, but before the food gets here,
let’s recap today. Uh, what we, what we talked about today. Uh,
you could, uh, market in 20, 20 in three ways. First is organic
especially as like are getting search, Google girl, Google maps, Yahoo, Yelp,
all that organic stuff, you know, building web pages and whatnot and
optimizing keywords and all that stuff. Um, number two is paid ads. It’s
probably something you always see, uh, on your Facebook, on
your Instagram, on, uh, even on Google when you’re looking up
stuff or even in your Gmail when you’re reading stuff, there’ll be
like a Google ads showing up. Yeah, sure. Great. Thank
you. Alright, cheers. All right, so Facebook counts, right? And you could provide services
and promote services and whatnot. The only thing you need to remember is
you need to have really good privacy policy and check before if
you could actually promote
that service or product on Instagram or Facebook. Okay.
A third thing is a hustle. So you basically where you DME people, you’re leaving comments and you spending
everyday lots of hours reaching out to people when you like when you are leaving
comments on very popular posts and you provide comments that are relevant to
the post and they’re not just spamming, but because the Instagram will actually
block you for that too is your spam comments, they’ll find it, they’ll catch onto that within an hour
or two is if you provide relevant, valuable comments to everyone
else, that’s when the person, the other person will actually read it. He’ll be impressed by how insightful or
interesting your comment was and they’ll go back to your profile and buy or be
interested in whatever you selling. What is marketing is basically
you creating awareness
about the benefits of your service or your product, right? So the better your comments and the more
people you jamming or leaving comments on and are you providing value to them? I’ll front don’t spam people with like
buy my shit that no one likes that. That’s like so 10 years ago it’s 2020
right now if you go and email somebody with something, buy my stuff, you go
straight up into a spam folder. Okay. But anyhow, provide value in comments in the DMS
and only then and tell people how your product could actually help them
make their life a little bit better. And that’s when you will create awareness
and positive karma in the marketplace. Karma plays a policing role. Positive,
positive, positive vibes. Okay. About your product, your company, your service that they will be actually
attracted to you to come and buy yourself. I hope you guys
learned something today. Please come and below questions about
what part of today’s episode do you want to learn more about? I could talk about
any part of today’s episode four hours, cause I spend years learning
it and practicing it. So I’m not just a core
seller, don’t have a course. I’m just trying to share the value with
you and give you a little bit inside of what is like to run a marketing
agency in Los Angeles. So cheers. And now it’s
time to [inaudible] enjoy the [inaudible].

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