Deliverables You Should Expect From Your SEO Company

By | August 9, 2019

Hello this is John Locke, from Lockedown Design. Today, I just wanted to take a few minutes
to talk with you about the sorts of things that you should expect from your SEO company. What sort of deliverables should you be receiving
from them, and what sort of reporting should you be getting from them. I’ve talked to all kinds of business owners. It seems like in the SEO industry, like every
agency, and every consultant, does things a little bit differently, but this is what
I feel comfortable with. In the very beginning of the engagement with
the business what I like to do is a full-scale SEO audit of their whole site. Doing keyword research. Looking at their back link profile. Digging into who their target customer is. Doing a technical SEO audit of their site. Looking at all their competitors And just
looking at the overall structure of the site. That’s usually the first deliverable that
I hand off to people. On an ongoing basis, I like to give businesses
a weekly report of just some of their top keywords, and where we’re tracking them, where
they’re ending up. Just giving them a weekly report of the kind
of progress that we’re making. Now, I’ve heard all kinds of different things. I’ve heard some people say that they only
get a report from their SEO company each month, once a month. I’ve heard some people say that they never
get a report at all, and they don’t know what they’re paying for. For me, letting the business owner know just
whether their rankings are going up or down for different keywords, it just kind of clues
them into the process, and just keeps that communication going. I think communication is very important when
it comes to something like SEO, it’s just some peoples like an arcane, like black art,
and they don’t understand it at all. Once a week reporting, SEO auditing at the
very beginning. I think these things are good. For my clients that are here in Sacramento,
I like to go and meet with them at least once a month, in person. Just talk with them. Sit down, and just continue to have a strategy
session, and open dialogue with them, and talk about the things that we’re doing. Answer any questions that they have. Just let them know what’s working, what’s
not working. For out-of-town clients, I do something similar. We’ll set-up a conference call, and I use
video-conferencing where we can talk face-to-face. Touch base with each other. I think it’s good. Another thing that I like to give clients,
is a graph of where their traffic has been over the last couple of months through Google
Organic Search. Not the entire graphic through every channel,
including social, and paper click, and everything else because Google Analytics is pretty cool. It’ll let you compare a certain time frame
to the time frame that came right before it, so you can compare apples to apples, and see
whether the search traffic is going up or going down. What I found is an SEO, when your rankings
go up, your impressions go up. If your meta descriptions and titles are good,
then people are going to click on them more, and if you can beat the clickthrough rate
for the average for that position, then your rankings going to go up. There’s many ways to keep a track of that,
so those are things I like to share with clients. Basically, weekly reporting is good. Having a full SEO audit at the beginning of
an engagement, types of a traffic that’s coming through, and whether it’s going up or down. Checking in face-to-face once a month. Those are the kind of deliverables that you
should probably expect from your SEO company. If you have any follow-up questions, you can
get a hold of me on my website which is This is John Locke signing off.

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  1. John Locke Post author

    Every SEO agency does thing a bit differently. Deliverables that I believe you should receive would be an in-depth SEO audit (at the SEO campaign start), and a weekly or bi-weekly keyword ranking report (ongoing). If you have a SEO question, leave it in the comments below, and we'll answer it in a future video. Peace.


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