Deep Link Referrer Analytics for Google Search

By | August 12, 2019

I’m Jarek Wilkiewicz, and today we’ll talk
about how to measure the additional engagement
your mobile app’s getting from Google Search. Let’s say you run a
coffee shop like this one. People come and go. Some just hang out and
don’t buy anything. Others spend a small
fortune on coffee or tea and muffins every day. These are your best customers. When a patron buys
something at the counter, instead of just hanging
out, how can you tell where they
came from so you can get more customers like that? Your coffee shop
has two entrances. There is the office
side entrance, where busy workers stream in
to get their caffeine fix, and the street side entrance. Are the office
workers more likely to buy something than folks who
just walk in from the street? How could you tell? Suppose you could tag customers
as they entered the store. You could then assign
a different tag to the office and the
street side entrance to see how their
behavior changes, depending on where the
customer came from. GIRL SPEAKER: OK, Google. JAREK WILKIEWICZ: Let’s say
that some of the customers find your store online–for example,
by searching on Google. It would be nice
if you could tell how much money these customers
spend in the store, which items are their favorites,
and even offer a special discount and
personalized experience just for them. If you’re watching
this, you probably don’t run a coffee shop. But if you have built an
app, and if you integrate with Google Search for
developers– for example, through app indexing, voice
actions, or Google Now, Google Search will start sending
referral traffic your way. Whenever Google Search invokes
your app, in addition to the deep link into your
app, a piece of data called the “referrer”
is also included. The referrer is the string,
and it looks like this. It helps you differentiate
between direct traffic and referral traffic to your
app coming from Google Search. Once the user
enters your app, you can look at the value
of the referrer string using the API to confirm the
user was sent to your app by Google Search, and then
analyze their app activity, or even build a complete
conversion funnel using Google Analytics. If you are wondering how
to integrate the deep link referrer data coming from Google
Search with Google Analytics, we’ve built a quick code
lab for you to get started. In the code lab,
you’ll learn how to detect that the user entered
your app through Google Search and how to record
this information using Google Analytics. You will see how to build
fancy graphs or slice and dice the data
anyway you please. Follow the link on the
screen to get started. And thank you for watching. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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