Day 123 of #365 connect Sean Somers

By | September 14, 2019

hey Linkedin Bill Smith of Boston SEO
services in today is day 123 of 365 Connect 365 connects with each day I
introduce you to one of my LinkedIn connections it’s a great way for me
personally to learn more about my network and get a little more connected
on this platform I was inspired by Christopher gray he mentioned me I went
to his post a while back I thought it was really cool so I started doing it
myself if you look above right around here somewhere there’s a link to
Christopher’s profile and also some of my other LinkedIn connections instead of
doing something similar so today I’d like to introduce you to Sean sohma’s
and he is the you see here executive director of public relations and
strategic development at sohma’s pubs so most problems they have like like six
pubs or so around Boston I believe what I think I pulled it up so if you look
here they have yeah six pups and they’re all in the Boston area
oh there’s one in Cohasset so I’m yeah the cool-looking pubs I think I’m sure
I’ve might have been in a couple of these before at least I know I’ve been
by them because they look familiar so I’m checking out Sean’s profile here
on LinkedIn connect with him and have a great week

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