DATA GEMS: How to Access Data about the Hispanic Population on

By | January 24, 2020

[Music] Hi, I am Alexandra. Let’s talk about how to access data for the
Hispanic Population. There are so many ways you can go about doing
this. But on this data gem, I will show you how
to access some really interesting tables about the Hispanic Population using Let’s check it out. I am going to show you two ways to find data
about the Hispanic Population using First, you can use the quick search bar and
just type Hispanic. The category of Hispanic and Latino is available
right away. And once you click, you’re already able to
get a variety of tables about the Hispanic Population in the United States. Let’s check “view all tables”. A variety of tables for different topics is
available on the left side. The default table here’s for the United States. If you’d like to change the geographic level,
just click on filter and select a different geography. Now let me show you a different method using
the advanced search. Let’s click on the logo to go back to the
initial page and click on advanced search. For this example, let’s say that you want
to find data about a Hispanic population in all counties in Florida. My first step is to select my geography. In this case, it will be county. My counties will be located in Florida, and
I have an option to select individual counties or all counties in Florida. This will be my selection, and it’s now part
of my query. Now I’m going to click on topics and find
the category Hispanic or Latino. Let’s go down to race and ethnicity, and within
race ethnicity, you’ll see a variety of topics. The topics that don’t have a checkbox next
to them, it means that there are more details available within. So, if you see here Hispanic or Latino and
click on it, more detail will be available. For detail Hispanic or Latino for instance, you can click on and see all
the different groups of Hispanic or Latino available to you, but for this example, we’re
just going to go with the main category Hispanic or Latino. Let me check that, and it’s now part of my
query. Click search and right away you get a few
tables about a Hispanic population. If you like to see all tables available, just
click view all and on the left, you have a list of all tables about Hispanic or Latino
Population. Let’s take a look at Hispanic or Latino origin
by a specific origin. On this table, you can see all counties from
Florida. You can scroll to the right to see all the
counties. On this table for instance you are able to
find out how many persons of Hispanic Latino origin by specific origin live in Santa Rosa
County, Florida. If you’d like to access more demographic socio-economic
and housing characteristics about the Hispanic or Latino Population; you can go back to the
filter option and select other topics. For this example, let’s look at medium household
income. So, from topics, I’ll select the category
income. And here income and earnings, and within the
breakdown of incoming earnings; I will select income for household families and individuals. It’s now part of my query. I will hide the pop-up window, and now I have
the table from the American Community Survey 5-year estimates year 2017, all the counties
in Florida and income break down for the Hispanic or Latino householder. I hope you find it easy to access that about
Hispanic Population at for more videos like this visit
and subscribe. Thank you. [Music]

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