dan + yeon seo | ❝am i in your head?❞

By | September 2, 2019

I’ll stay here until morning. Imagine that it’s just us two in this world. Thank you, Kim Dan. Thank you. I mean it. Are you going to return to being someone who’s in solitude and grumpy? None of this matters if you’re unhappy. Did you like me? Do you? That was really pretty. This part of my body felt itchy. Don’t go. Don’t go. It’s you again? If you need an audience to dance, I will watch you. Should I? Should I give up on everything, only show my dance to you, and live forever with you? No one likes me in this world. I don’t care about that. But, it’s not okay for you to not like me. How could I not like you?

27 thoughts on “dan + yeon seo | ❝am i in your head?❞

  1. Xahha3 Post author

    I love this edit. It captures them so well.

  2. Minmin Stay Post author

    Oh my god this edit is beautiful 😭❤

  3. wildcard.edits Post author

    this is the best edit of them uwu, I was mesmerized by this omg

  4. Vedrana C. Post author

    Your last edit of this drama got me out of my kdrama slump. Last drama I watched was 30 but 17

  5. Aliza Adams Post author

    Yessss I was waiting for this

    Thank youuuu 🙏

  6. bonykoko Post author

    This is piece of art. I'm crying ❤️👏🏼👏🏼🎨😍

  7. There is no such thing as a bias in my dictionary Post author

    Your videos are art. Please don't ever stop making them

  8. justSSOuknow 86 Post author

    Yesss i was waiting for your edit😍 this is too beautiful 💓 your editing and this drama. I am hoping for a good ending 🙏

  9. Tania Damaris Luna Briones Post author

    This is so beautiful ❤❤❤

  10. bpwinces! Post author

    HOLY MOLY this was BEYOND beautiful! WHat masterpiece you created * _ *
    Will certainly be coming back for more whenever feeling the need for inspiration ❤ Thank you x

  11. MJ LAND Post author

    Este dorama me tiene mal🤪, es una obra de arte and thanks for make That video😍😍

  12. missshiannelee Post author

    THIE COLORING, the V/O , the scenes OMGGG THIS DRAMA IS SO GOOOOD . I love this & them so much !!! Your editing always motivates me >>>> ughhhh amazing

  13. Blessed Post author

    A video of my favourite couple and show of 2019, done by one of my favourite editor's channel. ❤️ Couldn't ask for something better!

  14. vlon Post author

    Favourite actress!! And the drama my favourite right now! The editing was amazing!!!

  15. Awedcx Post author

    All the scenes… voiceovers…. coloring…. everything was beautiful ❤️

  16. Kiki Toni Post author

    I love them😍❤❤💞💞
    You did a great job 👍


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