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By | August 21, 2019

hello my name is Philip Sanko and i’m
an SEO and marketing consultant based out of denver colorado today i wanted to
talk to you about SEO New York so what’s a denver guy making videos talking about new york
SEO it’s just so turns out that because the living the castle
running a business in new york is just so much than it is out in denver and so i’ve
actually done a little research into some of the asio firms out in new york
in actually so got some uh… quotes from some companies out there just see
what my competition is up to emg i’m not gonna lie theirs they are charging a lot of money for the
simple services for the that i can do for fractions of backoffice and so what is a really take to get your
business plans uh… in new york seo right it takes knowing how to fill out local
directories correctly and actually for that i use it be doing keyword research so you know what keywords to be putting into those
local directories need to know about uh… how to get more people to those local directories giving you really good ratings and reviews there’s some simple things you can do
both offline and online massive amounts but the rave reviews
coming about your business the third thing is unita understand exactly how to work your social media see so many companies out there that the
just this laptop a face book page in they
think that that said that they’re not going to be number one they’re sales
against are rolling in no there are simple things that you need to understand how
to how to do it her work with social media
and haven’t gauge with your ah… potential customers and
your your current customers teds to really dl by role with your business uh… the next thing is video marketing
just like i’m doing right now unita understand how consistency with video marketing quite literally dominate all of your competition locally did not say that politely i do a lot of video marketing and i
teach a lot of video marketing to businesses in denver l_a_ dallas and now in seo new york so uh… that one of the deal marketing
it it’s one of them biggest money makers for local
businesses and most businesses or not doing it and then the last thing that a lot a lot
of companies want to jump to ease the advanced marketing which is the
pay-per-click marketing doing so ads at doing a lot more advanced but if you do that those first four local directories ratings and reviews
social media and video marketing and then get into the morgue and stuff i guarantee you uh… the platform but i setup for you
in those five steps it in those sequential five steps flawless so what i want you to do you have two options if you’d like to
work directly with me and you just want me to take care of
everything and all this a make sure everything that i just
talked about us in care of just give me a call three oh three eight
seven seven two four zero eight and you know we can talk about that let
me know you know typewriter company where your goals are admits no with the
intention of your companies but if your company and you really if
you have some top extra time word you want to do it yourself maybe well ideal offer up product it’s called social media in
seven minutes and it’s something that kinda takes you step by step uh… through what you need to be doing
every single day to grow your presence online and now just click the link below if you
want to get access to that there’s i think they’ll set her free devote
there’s a free webinar on the kind of goes over everything but it also
describes that product it literally takes you to like fifty or sixty videos of what you need
to do everyday and again that’s called social media and seven minutes because these figures are only seven minutes
long now we know your business owner and uh… you know your your time is
precious cat sock either click that link or feel free
to give me a call and ask me a few questions and area opened uh… talking to people and even
if we don’t necessarily do business together i’d
love to work here about your company in sickness i’l
maybe we can do with your company uh… dances phil sankalp uh… talking about new york seo and i am a denver i see a consultant take care of buddy give me a call

17 thoughts on “Custom SEO New York | New York SEO Services That Are Affordable!

  1. Michael Nestor Post author

    Thanks for the info Mr. Sanko. Looking forward to hearing your proposal for my company. Just messaged you.

  2. Cynthia Lundeen Post author

    Just signed up for the webinar Philip. 2pm tomorrow!

  3. Philip Sanko Post author

    The days of those big phone books are dead. Nowadays there are numerous online business directories. By filling out local directories with congruent information about your business, it raises the validity of your business in the eyes of the search engines.

  4. Micheal Smith Post author

    What would you say is a standard SEO cost for you to just do everything for my business online?

  5. Angela Morris Post author

    Hey Phil, glad I stumbled on your video. I've received a few quotes from different firms here in NY, but not sure if I'm getting taken advantage of or not… I'll send you a message about it.

  6. Philip Sanko Post author

    Well Michael, not every business is the same. I would need to talk to you on the phone and understand a few things about your business before being able to quote you any prices.

  7. Philip Sanko Post author

    Thanks Paul. Hope you enjoy the webinar!

  8. Philip Sanko Post author

    I've been doing online marketing for quite some time now. I recently made the switch to help out local businesses and it's been very rewarding. Looking forward to hearing about your business!

  9. MEGALOG Post author

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  10. Nikola Savic Post author

    There are a number of tutorial about making your zero rank site to the top rank on search engine. But for more information, please search "speed rank seo" on Google.


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