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By | September 5, 2019

Welcome to Clearun Marketing, we’re a
Digital Marketing Company that can help you to appear on the first page of
Google, increase conversions on your website and utilize several other
marketing tools such as social media, pay-per-click campaigns and analytic
analysis to help grow your business. In this video we’re going to look at our
Custom Dashboard which is available for SEO clients. This will help you to access
different statistics on your website and rankings at anytime as well as your
monthly reports. Once you’ve logged in you’ll see your Search Engine Rankings,
Website Audits, Manage Backlinks, Link Analysis, Website Analytics, Site Up-Time and Social Networks. Let’s start with Search Engine Rankings, this is where we
see how the site is performing in Google and another search engines. It will show
you which keywords have made to the first page of the search engine, which
individual pages on your site are ranking the highest and see additional
information on your domain as a whole or subdomain if any. In the Website Audit
tab you will see detailed reports that show how fast your website loads any
errors or warnings and so on. All this is information that helps you to improve
your website and the user experience of your potential customers which leads
higher conversions. These Audits will also help you to find duplicate content and
personalize it in order to have unique content on your site and avoid any
Google penalties. You’ll also find more technical data on your website for your
web developer or your content manager that they can use to make any changes as
needed. Under Manage Backlinks you can keep track of important Backlinks to
your site and make sure that none are lost which could affect your Google
ranking. Link Analysis gives us more information on the links pointing
towards your website.This will help you to make sure there aren’t any spammy
links pointing to your website which could hurt your rankings and also to
find quality links similar to ones you already have. Next we’ll take a look at
Website Analytics, the Website Analytics tab has a lot of useful information. It
shows how many people are coming to your website, how they got there, how long they stay, what devices they use and how many visitors are new visitors and how many
are returning. For example you can see which external websites are sending
traffic to your page and which page that traffic is being sent to. With that
information you can perfect those pages that are already doing well and improve
those that may be performing. If you’ve signed up for a Social Media
Marketing package, You also see your Social Statistics here as well. The last
two tabs are Up-Time and Social Networks. Up-Time monitors your website and makes sure
that it’s always available for your customers and also to ensure that you’re
getting what you pay for with your Website Hosting. The Social Network box
will show your Facebook stats in comparison to those of your competitors.
All of these tools help you to keep track of your website and see how well it is
progressing. It also lets you see how effective our efforts are as far as
optimizing your website and also to identify opportunities for continued
growth. If you do have any questions or run into any problems, feel free to reach
out to us we’re always here to help and support you. And remember with Clearun
Marketing our marketing team will help you to take your business or brand to
the next level Please visit us online: Please visit us online:

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