Creativa Web Videos, increase web traffic and lead generation – Sketch & Whiteboard videos

By | January 22, 2020

if you are in business then you probably have a website, and if
you have a website, then you probably have a video on your home page
explaining to potential customers who you are and what you do. You’ll
probably send this video to customers who ask for more information the sales team will probably take it
to meetings on a tablet or laptop and potential customers will probably
find it on Google or YouTube or Facebook Or Linkedin Or Twitter or Blogger because that’s where they go to do the
research before they buy things if you have a complex product or
service your video will probably be animated because these are entertaining and engaging they help to make complicated things easy to understand We call this the de-complicated
reconstruction of a complex idea or simplification process of course you may have a whole bunch of
landing pages because you offer a few different products so it’s probably more cost effective to
have a spokesperson produce a series of Videos… Either way, it’s great, because who has
time to read pages of text in the hope that The answer might be buried somewhere deep among all the paragraphs you might just be using video to advertise
online and… who wouldn’t it is pretty easy to see that the reach is better than TV and so is the cost and then there is the sharable videos cool, catchy, quirky, creative, short pieces designed to build brand awareness and
be passed around it’s a competitive market out there but you know you’re ok because you
have a targeted well-planned, professional video which
keeps delivering enquiries just like this one…

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