Creating a Website Using FrontPage : How to Create a Guest Book Web Page With FrontPage

By | January 23, 2020

Hello, my name is Luis Estrada and I’m a Software
Developer. In this video, I’ll show you how to create a guest book web page with FrontPage.
FrontPage is a registered trademark of Microsoft, a company to which I have no affiliation.
To save the data provided by visitors of your FrontPage website, you need to host your website
in a web server that has FrontPage server extensions installed. These extensions are
a set of programs and scripts that provide common functionalities through web pages like
guest books and contact forms. The idea is that once these extensions are installed,
you don’t have to worry about storing and retrieving data. This is done automatically
by the FrontPage server extensions. If your web server does not have these extensions
installed, then you will need to write your own scripts to have no data. Also, you might
need a database installed in your web server to store the information. This can be quite
complicated because it requires that you learn other programming languages like CGI or PHP
and SQL to manage the database. If you choose a hosting server that has FrontPage server
extensions, then adding the guest book is a very simple process. Press the new button,
select page and choose the guest book template. When you are in design mode, you can edit
the appearance of the guest book to match your needs. By default, data entered by visitors
will be stored in a separate html file called guest log. This file is then included at the
bottom of the guest book page. If you want to change the default name or modify the appearance
of the data display, right click on the form and select form and properties. Press the
options button. Now you can enter a new name for the file. From the drop down box you select
to format for the file. As a definition or bulleted list or as a text file. Optionally,
you can specify a second file to store the save information. This is useful, if for example,
you want to store the information as a text file too. This file could later be imported
into a database. If you save the guest book and try to use it in your web browser, you get an information page stating that you
need to upload this page to a web server with FrontPage extensions installed. I am Luis
Estrada and I’ve just showed you how to create a multi-media website using FrontPage.

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  1. Inachu Ikimasho Post author

    Blow your nose and swallow so you do not sound nasal.

  2. davenport1947 Post author

    I use a hosting service that has extensions installed and I have no trouble with making the guestbook, however, when I try to use the guestbook in the browser it asks me to input a username and password…what's up with this??? do you have any idea?


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