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By | August 27, 2019

Hi there! In this video, you’ll learn how to upload website files to your hosting account using the FTP client, Filezilla, with cPanel shared hosting. The Filezilla Quickconnect tool links your local computer with your hosting account to allow quicker, easier uploads of website files and data. The settings you enter in the Quickconnect tool can vary slightly based on the type of shared hosting platform you purchased. For this reason, it’s important to know which platform you have. If you’re unsure which shared hosting platform you have, access your Hosting Accounts page and at the bottom of a domain name’s card you’ll see the name of the platform you purchased. The directions covered in this video are specific to Filezilla and the cPanel shared hosting platform. If you are using a different hosting platform, please refer to the GoDaddy Help article that is specific to your hosting platform. Before you begin, ensure that you’ve set up your cPanel hosting account at GoDaddy, and you’ve downloaded and installed the
Filezilla application. To start, open Filezilla on your computer. To link Filezilla to your hosting account, you’ll need to enter four settings in the
Quickconnect tool. First, in the Host field, enter the IP address for your website. Not sure what your IP address is? Just log into your hosting account, and open your cPanel dashboard. Your website’s IP address is on the left side of the screen, right here. Got it? Great! Next, enter the username and password for your hosting account. Keep in mind, this is the username and password you established when you set up your hosting account in cPanel; it may differ from the one you use to access your GoDaddy account. Not sure what your hosting username or password are? No problem. Just go to in a web browser click the ‘I forgot’ link and you’ll be able reset your hosting account’s username and password. Now, let’s get back to FileZilla. In the Port field, type 21. Keep in mind, if you’re using a hosting platform other than cPanel, the Port number may be different. The ‘Successful’ status message in this window indicates that Filezilla is now connected to your website hosting account. The Filezilla screen is divided into two main parts; the left side is the Local site area, where you can see the directories and files stored on your local computer. The right side is the Remote site area, where you can see the website directories and files you have stored at your hosting provider. In the Remote site area, open your website’s root directory, or the public html folder. Remember, this video is specific to the cPanel shared hosting platform; other hosting platforms may use a different name for the web root directory. Now, on the Local site side, find and open the folder that contains your website’s files. Select all of the files in your website folder and drag them across to the Remote site area. During the upload process, a series of status messages will display in the window at the bottom of the screen. When the upload is complete, a copy of your website files will display in the Remote site area of Filezilla. That’s it! Now that you’ve uploaded your website files, open a web browser and navigate to your domain to see what visitors will see.

34 thoughts on “cPanel Hosting & Filezilla FTP – Connect, Upload, And Transfer Files | GoDaddy

  1. Mauro Bernoco Post author

    I can't connect, I can't find the username or password, and when I found it, it says don't exist

  2. Sherlyn Tayag Post author

    can you show to us if what can we do if our website cannot be open when it will clicked ?? It is so hard to make

  3. Julian Moreno Cano Post author

    I'm unable connect Filezilla when I save the FTP credentials in the Site Manager. Why?

  4. Carmem G Post author

    Very useful! It worked fine for me 🙂

  5. Deepali Jain Post author

    After connecting manually created theme to wordpress using Filezilla how should I show my all pages to server. I can see only my homepage on server but wordpress editor show all my pages

  6. Deepali Jain Post author

    When I am publishing some post then its structure does not match with my website

  7. G L Post author

    I couldn't connect until I realize GoDaddy account and Cpanel are two different accounts!

    You need to use your Cpanel user and pass, if you don't know it, reset! 🙂

  8. Brad van siclen Post author

    except you forget a very important piece or 2, your FTP must be configured and you must download an key depending on your FTP client….come on GoDaddy up your game!

  9. Ashez Post author

    Wrong tutorial. Filezilla doesnt need Godaddy login details.
    Here is the actual trick.

    1. Login to cPanel and find your ip address on the left hand side.
    2. Now open Filezilla and
    2.1 enter that ip address in host
    2.2 enter cPanel username in username
    2.3 enter cPanel password in password
    2.4 enter 21 in Port.
    2.5 click on Quickconnect
    3. Enjoy 🙂

    If 21 doesn't work, try 22.

  10. Patrick G Post author

    I'm confused… if you have cPanel from GoDaddy why do you need Filezilla? Doesn't cPanel give you the ability to upload your files?

  11. Lay Some Eggs Post author

    I couldn't connect… until I realized I was using my GoDaddy's account username and password. After a few colorful words, I remembered that cPanel has a different username and password. Oops!

  12. Ayodeji Akintoye Post author

    i successfully uploaded my files to the cpanel using filezilla but when i try to visit the website using the domain shown in cpanel, it tells me coming soon. what am i getting wrong

  13. Blue Moon Realty Group Post author

    I have watched seven videos today on this subject and still cannot connect. Not even sure what questions to ask. If I transfer my domain from GoDaddy, would another platform be easier to use?

  14. Tina Marriner Post author

    I build my website with a mix of my photographs & my personal life. Thank you Godaddy

  15. Debajyoti Biswas Post author

    After this full transfer pages are not showing!! Only plugins are showing!

  16. DHARMIK SONI Post author

    how can i transfer only logs files from godaddy to cpanel hosting environment?

  17. Mark Hopkins Photo Post author

    how do I know what my port number is?

  18. Tuncer Kocabaş Post author

    hown can people download from your ftp ?

  19. Eric Meece Post author

    useless. how do you save the host, username and password so you don't have to enter it each time you open filezilla??????

  20. ritnesh rai Post author

    awesome tutorial!!!
    finally i set up my FTP account with filezilla hosted on

  21. Muhmmad Arslan Post author

    How can access images after uploading on server by use Filezilla without password just use image



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