CoreSEO Review & Bonus Offer – Watch CoreSEO Review & Get 100+ HQ Bonuses

By | August 28, 2019

Hey, Sam here. Let’s talk about CoreSEO. Just a few seconds to check my huge list of
high quality bonuses included in this offer. Let me ask you a question. Do you know the most important traffic source
for your business? Google Search. CoreSEO is a cloud based solution, for all
the SEO updates from Google, including fix for Google Panda, Fix for Google Penguin,
Fix for Google Core. The app will analyze your site and in seconds
you will know what’s wrong and exactly what you need to fix. You can use the software to sell SEO services
to your clients. It works in 3 simple steps. Step1: On Page Optimization. Select on page optimization to analyze your
page. Select off page optimization to analyze your
backlinks. Select Sitemap to generate Google Sitemaps. Enter any URL, the software will analyze that
domain. When it’s done it will show you a domain
report. You can also send this report to your clients. You will see exactly what is good, and what
is wrong with the site. Step2: Off Page Optimization. Enter a URL. Choose the backlink source. You will see a list of domains that link to
you and you can check them. Define the domain checking settings, click
on the begin button. After a few seconds you will get the results. You can also mark any domain, as a safe domain,
manually. You can start collecting more backlinks, click
on “begin”. Once it’s done, the app will check the backlinks. You can then create a backlinks review report,
generate a disavow file, and submit the file
directly to google. Step3: Create
Your SiteMap. Enter a URL
and click on “Generate”. The app will create a
Google compatible site map. Click on Export and save it. Put it online, and
it will increase the number of visitors on your site.

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