Copywriting For Beginners 5 Tips 2019

By | September 10, 2019

In today’s video I will discuss blogging for beginners. and I will cover five copywriting tips to help you with your blogging in the future. I know what it takes to Have effective copy writing skills five copywriting tips that will help you right now So how do you make your writing clear and compelling? Topic and structure are important but the quality of your writing is key here Okay, so that is really the most important. So tip number one is something that I call Guessing jumps. So what are guessing jumps? Guessing jumps keep the reader guessing or intrigued really so it’s a jump between what the reader knows and What the reader wants to know. So, how do you use guessing jumps? Guessing jumps give a little preview or what? I like to call a Logic nugget that will be touched on or spoke about later on in the article of your blog When you give a preview of something later that is coming up. That’s what I call a guessing jump now Why is it guessing jump for copywriting so effective and so powerful? Because people will do anything to answer a question that they have as Far as there are tons of studies out there that will show this and this is just an example of one of them So you want to keep the reader? Reading that is the main objective here. Keep them intrigued So if you take a look at this article from the Forbes, they use a guessing jump so if you take a look right here, it says oh sure the film is dramatized a bit more on that later It’s a guessing jump. It’s keeping you intrigued. It’s keeping you reading So tip number two for your copywriting for blogs for beginners is keep things personal This is very important. You want to use personal wards or personal pronouns words like you she, He, you ,want to make things personal to build a connection with the reader This is very very important words like you things I can do for you. So I went ahead and I took if you take a look here at the Huffington Post blog. They use tons of personal pronouns. So I went ahead and I highlighted them. I find him I’d She so I was I am with you see how they make things very personal moving on tip number three for your copywriting is Keep things short into the point. You do not want to talk on and on too much Okay, so make sure the intro is no longer than ten lines Ten lines is absolutely perfect Include a guessing jump right at the end of the ten lines , to keep the readers wanting more so tip or tactic number three to copywriting for beginners To wrap things up. So you want to keep ten lines? give there a guessing jump and Then you can move forward in the article. Okay, let’s move on. So tip number four lead-ins So what is a lead-in? I’m, you want your readers to stay there and you want them to continuously think what’s coming next. You’re keeping them intrigued Lead-ins are often a question. So questions, right lead-ins are questions that lead to a response that you want You can use lead-ins to move on in an article So as you’re writing you can use these questions to move on an article, but here is a example So here’s a prime example so one to sell more books question mark or hi i’m tim g Which one’s more interest one? Would keep you reading Let’s go ahead and move on so Tip number four lead-ins like I mentioned , so using lead-ins makes the reader wants read more Lead-ins could be check this out. Keep reading the best part why the truth about You could think of numerous lead-ins that you could use to keep the reader progressing throughout the article So tip number five is sub headers. Now., This was an interesting piece of information 80% of people read the headlines 20% of the people actually read the copy. now I’ve highlighted this all the way back dating in 1963 1there was a gentleman by the name of David. Aughh Levy Nobody a butcher that in convert in confessions of an advertising man And this is what he wrote on the average five times as many people read the headlines as they read the body copy When you have written the headline you have spent 80 cents out of a dollar so what this is actually tackling as far as for your copywriting for your blog’s is Subheaders are for the skimmers people that are just skimming the headlines, right? most people will skim over your content so you want to make things jump out so you can get the people to stop and Read use keywords, but also use power words So one of power words power words grab attention and and that’s what’s most effective with copywriting Especially online it’s all about getting and having a person’s attention So here are some examples of power words. This is not all of them, but here are some Examples right here. I’ve gone ahead and made this little outline here. So the power words here they are You can go ahead and Google there’s tons of different power law. There’s lots of them that Anything that’s emotional anything that would grab attention. These are your power words So in the end, I hope that these five Be writing tips have helped you This will wrap up blogging for beginners 5 copywriting tips again I’m Chris Palmer, and I thank you for watching. I hope to see you in the next video. Have a wonderful day thanks for views five copywriting tips for beginners.

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