Content Writing Tutorial 2019 – 8 tips for Beginners SEO

By | August 31, 2019

How to write best content that ranks in 2019
so friends in this video we will discuss about a content writing skills
that will help you to rank your website this year
so start to the topic so first I will tell you the layout and format
in which you have to write your content so that you can cover the exact value and
the seo techniques that will helpful for ranking
so suppose this is your writing page and here you need to elaborate your
article in four sections like this
and the first section or we can say first paragraph or first part
so here in this first section you have to agree with the topic
on which you are writing a content like if you are writing for wordpress problems
in cpanel or wordpress hosting problems
so you have to agree with the problems mention all the problems
and in second part you have to
promise your reader that you will fix all that problems
so in this way you will cover your two paragraph or two sections
and in the third section you have to give the exact value
or information which your reader wants to know from you and for that
they visit your website so in next fourth section
you have to give some more value that we discuss in later in this video
so these three paragraphs are critical for ranking
so you have to focus on all that proper layout so in the fourth section you have to
write about the related questions and answers about your topic like
for example we are writing for wordpress problems in server or cpanel
so you have to write related questions and arise related question
regarding wordpress problems and you give questions and answers like this
in your fourth section and it’s about four questions
and you can add four ques and ans or more as
per your requirement so these questions will rank in Google
featured snippet about that question query
and that will be very helpful in SEO 2019 that we also discussed in SEO 2019 video
which you can see from description link in the description
so here you can write these top related ques and answer
in your fourth section and I will tell you how to search these related
questions in this video
so write your topic in google search and then in the second option you will see
people also ask this tab contain few question and answers
so you can add that questions and four questions or more
which you can describe at your level best so that questions will be added in google
featured snippet and that can boost your ranking
in SEO 2019 Also try to give maximum value to thes
related questions and answers because these are very critical as I mention
also for proper layout formatting of your content
use H1 tag for heading and H2 tag for other one or two sub headings
And need not to add other more tags other than these
but when you are writing related questions and answers
then you can add H3 tag for all the questions like all your questions will be H3 tag
and your answers will be in normal paragraph or P format
also when writing best content for ranking in SEO 2019
so you have to give some catchy keywords in your first paragraph
so that will enchance your visitors or reader to read
your complete content also if your reader reads your content for
more than 3 minutes then google finds your content is
relevant and helpful for the visitor and google rank that content higher in the
ranking that you can also learn in SEO ranking video
so these are some catchy keywords like here’s the deal
but there’s a catch and something like that
and you can find more catchy keywords or catchy sentecnce like here
how can actually this is again a very good catchy keyword not
keyword but its a sentence how can you actually use this
so you can solve the problem in wordpress and
the best part about the solution is like something like that
and you can also use why does this matter
like why solving wordpress issues matter in ranking
so let’s take some more topics about SEO 2019 and content writing
so you have to write more than 700 words content per
so this the main
aim of using 700 word content is in 700 you can cover complete topic
and analysis the issue about the topic and can
also 700 words sufficient to rank in Google ranking
Also the next point is proper grammar
so friends the proper grammar is the key to topic and
key thing that can give you top ranking in SEO 2019
in last year in 2018 in some google algorithm updates
Google also mentions that websites which having proper SEO sorry
Grammar will rank top in Google so that’s all for the video
friends you can see that our website and our contents
are ranking already pretty much good in the ranking
so you can use these techniques to rank your website
also in the top of Google so that’s all for video
you can subscribe to our channel and
thank you

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