Content Marketing – Titles for Social Impact and SEO

By | August 24, 2019

Hi, this is Daniel from Target Internet. And
in this video, let me give you a bit of a hands-on tip in terms of how you should be
titling your content, how it has an impact on your content marketing, and really what
this means in terms of driving traffic through to your website. So, when you title any particular piece of
content, in particular, if you think about blog posts in this kind of situation, the
title you give that blog post is gonna have two impacts. First of all, normally what will
happen is you create a blog post title and that title will be shared via social media.
So, if we did “Five Key Trends for Digital Marketing,” that’s the kind of thing that
people are going to tweet about. They’re going to share on LinkedIn, Google Plus and everywhere
else. So, what we’re watching for and trying to do is have an impact as it grabs people’s
attention. And there’s lots of different ways of approaching that. You tend to find that
lists work pretty well so, the 10 things you need to know about, 5 things you should never
do with, the 30 most shocking facts about. And you see these all the time. The reason
they’re popular: because it makes people think that they’re going to get some quick, bite-size
information. Now, there’s a whole way, a whole different
number of ways of approaching how you write that content for social media. But you should
also be taking into account a couple of other things. First of all, you write this blog
post title. You want it to grab people’s attention. But also, you probably want to keep it short
enough that it will fit into a tweet. Now, remember tweet is 140 characters. But if somebody
shares your blog post title, they’re going to need to fit in a link and maybe a comment
as well. So, keeping down the number of characters is gonna be important. But the most important thing to consider as
well as the impact from social media is the long term search optimization impact. Because
if you put words into your titles or blog posts and things like that, it’s the kind
of thing that Google is going to pick up over the long term. So, as you can kind of see
from the chart you can see now, what happens is you send out your content and there’s a
kind of spike of activity from social media, where you shared it from Twitter and Facebook
and LinkedIn and everywhere else. Now, that tends to die off within a couple of days.
And you will gradually get ongoing traction from social media. But then what we’re really
looking for is growth in people coming through to that content from natural, organic search.
And we need to make sure, for that reason, that we’re factoring words into our blog post
titles that people might be searching for. So, if I write a blog post like “Top 10 Digital
Marketing Trends 2015” or 2016, whatever it may be, what’s going to happen is that will
have a social impact. It will grab peoples attention, because they like the 10 key trends.
But also, if somebody searches for digital marketing trends 2015, that content is more
likely to be found. And we know from when we write blog posts, if we do them well, it
will have a good social impact. But then over the long term, that matches the peoples search
queries, and we end up building traffic from search optimization. So, write your blog post titles. Think about
the impact from social media. Grab people’s attention. Then think about, are they the
right length to fit into things like Twitter? But then also very importantly, which get’s
missed a lot, have they got the right words in them to pick up long term search optimization
traffic? Because that’s going to mean every blog post you write is going to have a cumulative
impact. Because if you can get an extra 100 visitors a month because of a particular blog
post being found in the search engines, each time you do a blog post you are adding more
people and more visitors on an ongoing basis. And that can really add some value to the
volume of traffic coming through to your website. So, if you found this useful, please like
the video and subscribe to the channel for more like this. Good luck with all your content
marketing efforts, and I’ll see you on the next video.

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    Very good explanation about how to curate and add value to your content.


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