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By | December 10, 2019

You have a great looking WordPress website,
and now you’ve registered the perfect domain name. Ready to connect them? This video explains how to connect, or forward,
your custom domain name to your WordPress website. If you used WordPress to create a free website, your web address includes the name you chose that’s appended with But if you’ve registered a custom domain
name with GoDaddy, why not use it for your WordPress website? When you set up forwarding on your domain, visitors who search for your domain or enter it in a web browser, will see your WordPress site. Let’s see how… In your web browser, navigate to your WordPress website. Next, click in the address bar of your web browser, highlight the URL for your WordPress site and copy it to your clipboard. Now log into your GoDaddy account. On the Products page, find Domains, and to the right of it, click Manage. On the Domains page, choose the domain name that you want to forward to your WordPress website, and click Use My Domain. In the domain connector, click Connect to an Existing Site. On the Destinations screen, under Websites, click WordPress. Click in the WordPress blog URL field, and paste in the text you copied to your clipboard. When you’re finished, click Next. This dialog box is just asking you to confirm that you want your GoDaddy domain name to forward to your WordPress website. To confirm, click Finish. That’s it! Now when anyone types your unique domain name into a browser, they’ll see your WordPress website. Try it out!

29 thoughts on “Connect Your Domain to a WordPress Website | GoDaddy

  1. Traian Socea Post author

    I have a domain and I want to connect it with blogger. I do not know how.

  2. Shailu S Post author

    From where do I start posting? from WordPress or do we need to sign in from godaddy n post ??

  3. MIKO PRO Post author

    I did this and it still hasn't worked! It been 2hours

  4. SusmitaVersatile Post author

    it doesn't match with my acc. in 2017

  5. Suman D Chowdhury Post author

    Do WordPress also charges separately for mapping external domain if one is using a WordPress free account?
    If they charge, any other option of not being charged by WordPress, for example – Web hosting?

  6. Simonka M Post author

    this made my website fo from .com to .. i want it the other way.

  7. SignalSource Post author

    rubbish. talking like that… !headache starts. why not get a proper tutor instead.

  8. Suhana Khan Post author

    it was extremely fantastic tour…..i love it….keep doing job like this….

  9. Jason Waite Post author … thought it was for business accounts?

  10. Andres Solorzano Post author

    To do this now in 2018 go to MANAGE DNS and copy your word press in the FORWARDING section.

  11. Lauren Wieczorek Post author

    I followed all the steps, but when I put my blog name in my browser, it still comes up saying I need to put my domain to work on the go daddy website.

  12. Celebrity Biography Post author

    Thanks for video. How much yearly charges?

  13. Armond Aponte Post author

    Are you able to change it if you make a mistake?

  14. JakNo Logy Post author

    Do I need to buy hosting in ?

  15. 8Oases Post author

    when i open my domain setting .. it is not showing that place USE MY DOMAIN .. how to solve this problem and connect my custom domain with wordpress site

  16. Isky Post author

    So I have a domain that's already connected to Tumblr, but now I want to switch it to How would I do that? I've looked up so many videos online, and I just don't know how.

  17. premier league Post author

    to do this in 2018 is difficult, because godaddy as changed their web environment which make it complex to login into cpanel or connect with wordpress

  18. RochdiRais Post author

    guys if you want to totally remove the after the website you should make a business subscription otherwise it will be sending to the same link.

  19. Clement Osuide Post author

    This video is a deceit. It claims to change your domain name from to .com but all it does is redirect to the website… Stop deceiving people!!!!!!!!!

  20. Sunil Post author

    Now you have to pay WordPress to connect a domain, welcome to 2019 where nothing is free anymore.

  21. Karim E Post author

    i did this and than i want to stop this connection how ?????

  22. low low Post author

    It's not that easy I've been trying for a month now and I still can't start a blog on word press nor transfer my domain from GoDaddy


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