Connect Google Webmaster Tools Search Console To Google Analytics

By | August 23, 2019

Hey Guys, It’s Ileane and I started a new blog it’s called Ms. Ileane Speaks and it’s over on Blogger. And i just wanted to show you really quickly how to connect your Webmaster Tools into
your Google Analytics account Now when you don’t have your Google Webmaster tools and your Google
Analytics accounts connected this is what will happen. When you go over
here under Searchn Engine Optimization and you go to look for Queries – Landing
pages – and Geographical Summary – You won’t have
any information you’ll have this error message that lets you know that you need to set
that up. Let’s set up that connection so we won’t have
a blank page! all i have so far more on Ms. Ileane Speaks dot com is one post. Just posted one episode of my podcast here And over in Google Analytics you’re going to
go to the Admin area then you’ll go to property settings. Make sure that blog is listed there and its optional here but you can fill
in the industry category and then right here where it says Webmaster Tools Settings This is where you’re going to fill in
the blog Now that’s going to open up a window
that will bring up access to all of your properties that you have
over in Google Webmaster Tools so here’s Ms. Ileane Speaks dot com right here I’ll save that and that’s it! Now you see that this account is connected So now that we have it all setup let’s go
back over into Google Analytics And let’s just refresh the page Now of course there’s no data there
because as I mentioned to you this is a brand new blog I just posted something on it
yesterday but you see here that the connection is now made between the two accounts. Now were over
on Google Analytics from our main blog which is BasicBlog TIps dot com this looks a lot better doesn’t it when you actually see some traffic there let’s go over into those Search Engine Optimization reports and look under
Queries and you can see here that I’m seeing the data that’s coming in and let me know
the impressions that are appearing in Google search and how many clicks they’re getting The average position that uh… my blog appears in when people are
searching for these queries and the click through rate so this is very similar information to
what you’re going to see in Google Webmaster
Tools now you won’t have to pop back-and-forth you can check all that stuff out right
here in Google [Analytics] and i mentioned to you before in a video
I did about adding Adsense on a Google Custom search one of the ways that I determined what pages on my blog, I’ll and AdSense is i’ll use this right here. I’ll sort this by the clicks and I see that they’re you know I got
basically close to a thousand clicks on this post
which is a pretty old post but actually you add them up Here’s a search query for that post here’s another one here’s a different one a different
search query. They’re all leading back to this one post which is pretty old and uh… it’s but is still valid is
about getting followers on Twitter I have adsense running on that page and it does pretty good and I also have
a video that I inserted on that page and that video is starting to skyrocket and get more views and I’m also getting more sign ups for my email list. So that’s why this
information is very valuable so I suggest you make that
connection save yourself a few steps so you don’t have to log in and out of Google Webmaster tools because this is what you really want to
see here the search queries. Landing pages that helps too also tells you what pages those people are going to from all those search queries, just makes it more faster for you to know exactly where they’re going and then if you’re somebody who is concerned about the geography or what country that people are actually coming from In my case I don’t care as long as they are coming from the planet earth that’s fine
with me allright I hope you’ve enjoyed watching this
video and here’s what I’d like you to do While you’re over when you to subscribe to my
channel that when you can keep up to date with
of a blogging tutorials social media and anything that’s going
on with YouTube or Google Chrome Thanks so much for joining me today I really appreciate it and I’ll talk to you soon once again it’s Ileane from Basic Blog Tips bye for now

17 thoughts on “Connect Google Webmaster Tools Search Console To Google Analytics

  1. Kenneth von Rauch Post author

    Thanks for the amazing screencast. I did not set it up when I created my account. And it just was sitting there blank and empty. I postponed it for a few moths now. And today I got a newsletter from your with a link to the video. So, I followed your video and it worked like a charm. I mean I did not waste andy time. I just did what you showed on the screen. Done deal! I like when everything works like a breeze. 🙂 Thanks again.

  2. Ileane Smith Post author

    Thanks for the nice comment Kenneth, I'm so glad you took action. Keep me posted on your progress.

  3. fshsunlimit21 Post author

    I was in the same boat as Kenneth! Thank you sooo much IIeane!!! Do you have any videos on conversions? I have a site called crockpotkingdotcom. And linking as well.

  4. Ileane Smith Post author

    Hi Ben! Nice to meet you. Yes I have a video dated May 1, 2012 here called "Track Social Media Conversions in Google Analytics". Let me know if there is something specific you want me to make a video on and I'll get it done asap! Thanks for your comment.

  5. paul gorman Post author

    Really helpful video Ileane, Thank you so much. I like your delivery, it's effortless and clear.
    Have a great day. Paul

  6. Ileane Smith Post author

    Thank you Paul. I also have a podcast where I go into more detail on blogging and content marketing topics. You can search for Ms Ileane Speaks Podcast or find the link on my channel page.

  7. BoopityBoo Post author

    Ileane your video was superbly simple to follow. Thanks so much! Look forward to checking out the rest of your videos 🙂

  8. Ileane Smith Post author

    That's awesome feedback, thanks so much! Let me know if you have requests for any future videos.


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