COMPLETE GUIDE to Pricing Digital Marketing Services for Your Agency

By | August 16, 2019

What’s going on everybody Cereal
Entrepreneur here and in this video we’re gonna quickly talk more about
pricing for your digital marketing agency services you guys keep having
questions so I keep providing answers here we go all right guys so like I said
in the intro we’re gonna talk about pricing again so let me just go ahead
and clarify some things really really quickly that a lot of people get wrong
alright stop undervaluing your service people go out there and they try to give
away free shit and they try to do stuff for like $400 $500 you guys are under
valuing yourself you’re under valuing your service thus making it harder for
you to grow your agency if you go out there and you just succumb to every
customer because like oh we can’t afford it if they can’t afford it then you
can’t work with them that’s how this works if they can’t do a minimum of a
thousand you do not need to work with them there is a proven system to this
okay if you start taking clients at less than $1,000 apiece it’s going to make it
very difficult for you to be able to afford the cost for you to operate the
softwares plus the ability to pay yourself or pay others to work with you
so that way you can outsource it to free up your own time right that’s the whole
point behind this so if you’re only going to charge $500 and you know the
same thing that I’m doing for $1000 do you think you’re gonna last yes you may
be able to pick up more business but you’re gonna do 10 times the amount of
work and make less money doing it so just trust me guys when I say you want
to start at at least $1,000 per month per customer and that’s just management
that doesn’t include any ad spend or anything like that okay
so just some quick notes what I stick to and you guys have heard me teach this I
stick to about a thousand a 2500 and a $5,000 package so what does this mean it
doesn’t mean that I $1,000 package you get Facebook you get Instagram you could
email you get website at the 2500 you get Facebook you get Instagram you get
email you get website you get SEO at the 5,000 you get Facebook you get Instagram
you can email you get website you get SEO and you get pay-per-click that’s not
how this works okay yes you do add more services on but there is no template to
it every package that you should that you create should be completely
customized to fit each business so if you’re going in and trying to sell for
like attorneys they do really well with pay-per-click
with pay-per-click campaigns because people go directly to a search engine to
find relevant attorneys to whatever they’re trying to find an attorney for
so you guys have to understand what works best for what niche or what
industry attorneys don’t do as well with generating leads from facebook as they
would from google search okay so you need to know this and that’s how you
develop the actual plan so just say for instance you wanted to do pay-per-click
for a real estate agent but they only have a thousand dollars to spend well
you could look at it and you could really go two ways you could take that
thousand dollars and you can try and do some email remarketing for them you
could do some social media posts or you could just take that whole thousand
dollars and you can put it into pay-per-click ad budget and that’s it
you could just run pay-per-click ads for them granted you won’t make a ton of
money off of that but you have to do what’s best for the customer if you’re
able to get them leads they’ll pay you more okay sometimes it makes sense to
take on a customer you know make the bare minimum you’re still charging what
you should be charging but you’re making the bare minimum just because of the
type of service it is so that way you can get results and scale their
marketing budget that’s what you’re really trying to do you’re trying to
scale their budget you’re trying to build upon their budget so to do that
you have to get them some results so that means working with the best
possible package for their business not just whatever’s gonna make you the most
money okay so now let’s get into a little bit of the actual pricing talk
just really quickly here so if you guys want Before we jump into this we’re
gonna go basically you’re gonna see me following the blog article that we put
together if you want to check out the blog article just go here at Cereal
Entrepreneur Academy you can also find the link to the blog article in the
description below I recommend going there the videos posted there and the
articles there so you can actually scroll and follow along the blog article
as you play the video that’s kind of my recommendation makes it easier for
everybody but number one first thing we’re going to talk about is social
media management okay social media management is simple okay
we’re gonna keep this video simple it’s a complete pricing guide there’s other
pricing videos that I put together so if you want even more information you can
go watch one of those videos but it is this simple you should seriously just
keep it this simple if you were going to do social media management I recommend
starting off at a minimum of five hundred dollars for that specific
package just for social media management okay I would recommend starting off at
five hundred dollars and you managed either two or three platform
for them depending on what it is so if it’s YouTube and Facebook you’re
probably only gonna do two if its Facebook Instagram and Twitter you can
do three right you can even throw in Google Plus as a bonus like if you
wanted to just for free and give it some added value if you wanted but you want
to start at about $500 and then from there as you increase by adding on
platforms how much you post a week how much engagement you do whether you’re
messaging people or if you’re responding to comments all of that says how much
more work you’re doing so you would up the cost from there anyways but you have
a base price of about 500 dollars that you want to charge just for that one
service all right social media ads all you really need to
know and this goes really for pay-per-click as well for ad spend all
you want to do is so if you do a thousand dollar package right for a
marketing client or if you do a twenty five hundred dollar marketing package
management package for a client and they want to spend seven hundred and fifty
dollars in ads that means if you have the twenty five hundred dollar package
they’re spending seven hundred and fifty on top of that so that means they’re
spending thirty to fifty right but here’s the thing you have to make money
off of that ad spend so here it’s super easy guys don’t complicate this I get
people they see this type of video and I’ve done it before and then they still
ask me that they don’t understand look if you have a thousand dollar package
and they want to spend seven hundred and fifty dollars on ad spend great that
means seven hundred and fifty total seven hundred and fifty dollars is their
total spend right a thousand on management seven fifty on ad spend but
you have to make money on the ad spend right so you take pay 20 to 30-percent
management the off of that ad spend so if they do seven hundred and fifty
dollars we’ll say at twenty percent just to keep it easy ten percent of seven or
fifty seventy-five dollars so twenty two percent would be 150 150 dollars comes
off of that seven hundred fifteen goes into the management side of things your
management fee okay so basically all that means is if you’re charging a
thousand dollars for management 754 ad spend a hundred fifty comes off that
seven hundred fifty making it six hundred dollars that actually is spent
on ads and then you keep eleven hundred and fifty dollars your company money for
management fees right that for that’s for the social media management the ad
spend management all of that does that make sense it’s not complicated do the
math there 1150 plus 600 is what seventeen-fifty that is $1,000 in
management 750 Atzmon – here 150 dollar ad management feat not complicated don’t
over complicate it another thing is I don’t recommend spending it unless
they’re gonna do at least $300 ad spins that’s just me
email marketing super simple for this you’re just gonna do start off with a
base rate it depends on what you’re doing if you’re doing like consultation
like the thousand say you do the thousand dollar base rate package and
you’re gonna manage three social media platforms for them you’re gonna consult
them on email marketing and you’re gonna consult them on web marketing right that
means for consulting email marketing I’d probably do about 250 to 300 a month but
if you’re gonna start managing it the base rate I would charge is about
another $500 I just keep it simple 500 bucks for a month and then you
create your packages you know whether you want to do four emails a week or
three emails a week whether that will be you know no regular campaigns but you’re
gonna build automations for them you have to get specific with it think about
the different types of email marketing there’s campaigns or blog updates
newsletters and then there’s automations those are two separate types of like
email marketing content alright just determine what you’re gonna do how much
of each and then boom that’s $500 worth of money alright and then work up from
there as you add on more services that’s it
SEO same thing start off at $500 so if it makes sense for the business it makes
sense for their marketing plan add it to the marketing plan charge 500 bucks
minimum to start doing that that’s just me that’s what I recommend charging at
least $500 a month for basic SEO you should be doing some on-site some
off-site SEO they’re pay-per-click is number or is the last one and that one
is going to be basically running Google ads or it’s not the last one but it’s
running Google ads the last of sweats but you’re going to run Google ads and
all you have to do is the same thing as Facebook if you’re gonna do say a
thousand dollars on pay-per-click ads which is the minimum I recommend that
somebody spend if they’re not gonna spend a thousand bucks don’t do Google
Ads they’re gonna spend a thousand bucks a month though you should take twenty to
thirty percent off of that ad budget which means if they spend a thousand you
take anywhere from two to three hundred dollars depending on your percentage off
of that customer’s ad budget and then you spend these seven or eight hundred
dollars on pay-per-click ads or Google that’s it don’t overcomplicate it like
Pitt pricing for pay-per-click ads and for like Facebook ads that’s super
simple you just say how much do you want to spend you want to spend ten thousand
dollars great we take 20 to 30 percent Matt it management fee you determine
what that will be so I usually charge about 20 percent
that beats out every large competitor out there they usually charge about 25
to 30 percent so me personally I’m happy with making twenty percent right now to
undercut the competition gives me kind of a leg up on them I’m able to tell my
customer basically yeah we spend more on your actual marketing than the
competitor does web development and actually I guess it wasn’t the last of
sweats yeah I have one more year web development is going to be the trickiest
one for you to price and we’re just gonna go ahead and say there is no way
to price it what I recommend you do when you get a web development project is
find a project manager someone in the Philippines or India something like that
get them to quote you a price on it and then you have to markup your your site
from there usually you’re gonna want to basically if you get it made in like
India or the Philippines you’ll basically double your price so if they
charge you three grand you’re gonna charge six grand for it
because they’re usually about half the cost of what it would cost to get it
developed here in the US sometimes even less than half the costs so a good range
to look at and if you’re gonna do these yourself you save even that money and
you can do it yourself but if you’re gonna build a basic website yourself say
unlike Wix or Weebly whatever you I would start off at a thousand and work
your way up between there and five thousand dollars that’s gonna be just
the average range for any four to maybe eight page site at the most and there
shouldn’t be any like you know payment gateways it shouldn’t be for someone
complicated like an insurance or financial industry banking anything like
that anything with drugs or alcohol that’s always super complicated so just
be aware of the business you’re working with what type of site they’re looking
for and make sure you’re aware of the rules and regulations involved anytime
it’s a highly regulated industry it’s gonna be a way more expensive website
because there’s a lot you have to take into consideration but outside of that
guys I mean a website could range anywhere from like I said $1,000 to
$5,000 for basic site it can go up to $75,000 $100,000 a million dollars
depending on the type business movers website and platform
probably cost them about 750,000 to a million dollars with all of the back-end
data that they have to integrate so there’s a lot that goes on the websites
you need to be aware if you aren’t a web developer which I’m not even a web
developer I hire a project manager or someone that I know I can trust with web
development to tell me hey what do I need here how much is this gonna cost
you okay cool this how much is gonna cost you I’m
gonna mark it up this much and that’s how I make my profit that’s simple last
one is gonna be creating content and videos basically all you need to know is
a blog article that you should charge for or should be charging forward with
customers I have it in the blog article at $50 that’s very like that should be
like a 250 word blog article and that’s not even a blog article really the
minimum I would recommend charging at least you know for like a thousand or a
500 blog article would be about you know a hundred bucks for that 500 words I do
about 200 bucks for a thousand 300 words is about a hundred bucks at least and if
it’s really high quality you include infographics stuff like that you can get
away with two hundred dollars per 500 word article or per 500 two hundred
dollars per 500 words video content what I’m gonna tell you for video content is
pretty simple go out there look up the average rates for videographers you can
literally type that in on Google you can search Google search average
videographer rates and it will give you you know a price chart of you know low
quality versus medium quality versus high quality then do the same thing for
video editors what is the average hourly rate for a video editor film editor and
then look that up and then that should tell you about you know what it will
cost you then you basically again mark up your price from there if you’re doing
it on up work and finding people in like India to do the editing at least it
should usually be about you know a third of the cost if not you know a quarter of
the cost so you can mark it up around seventy five percent to a hundred
percent alright sorry um three hundred percent two to three hundred percent
from whatever it costs you to get that video done if you’re doing it like if
you’re outsourcing it local in the States though your video costs or your
actual filming or producing costs is gonna cost you a little bit more so
that’s something you just have to take into consideration or you can just do
like get a camera and shoot it all yourself
but that doesn’t mean that you’re gonna get the best quality I even don’t I
wouldn’t do that for my clients if like I’d do something simple like a
testimonial or something like that but if it’s gonna be you know a really cool
promotional video or a height video something like that I’m gonna hire a
team to do that and basically whatever they charge me I’m gonna work out the
best deal and I’m either gonna you know break even on the video production costs
or shooting costs and then I’ll make my money on the editing side or I’ll just
break even on the production costs or or they’ll charge less enough to where I
can basically up charge on the video cost and make money on video and editing
it’s kind of how that works so that’s basically it I mean that is a complete
guide to pricing it should not be any more complicated than that guys if
you’re having a harder time than that then you’re thinking it oh you’re
overthinking it way too much I mean there really shouldn’t be that much to
consider really just take into consideration how much time it’s gonna
take you to finish it how much it costs you to get that job done and then you
know what profit margin you need to make to be profitable for that job really is
what you need to you know focus on so that is it guys I hope you guys enjoyed
this video I wanted to let you guys know really quick before I get out of here we
are doing something really cool a Cereal Entrepreneur Academy we are launching or
relaunching our monthly mentorship program so we did a test a test of the
monthly mentorship program it was decent wasn’t what I wanted it to be we’ve done
a whole overhaul of it and we’re doing a whole new set of so basically what we’re
gonna do is we’re gonna do four live videos on our Facebook group every week
okay I’m sorry four live videos on our Facebook group
every month not every week one a week one video a week and this training will
be anywhere from 20 minutes 30 minutes to an hour long and what we’ll do is
we’ll go on live you guys can hop on ask me questions we can get feedback all
that kind of stuff and then we’re going to save that video download it to a file
or upload it to a file and then you guys will have access to download it for life
you’ll have all of this video content that you’ll be able to save and keep
that teaches you how to do all this stuff for digital marketing for life so
the program cost about $100 a month we might be running a promotional sale for
50% off your first month so make sure to stay tuned for that outside
that guy’s all of our descriptions our free training our free content all of
that is listed in the description below plus our social media channels are down
there if you have any questions and you have any comments concerns or if you
just want some free training hit those buttons and those links down there and I
promise you you won’t regret it so I’m gonna get out of here guys I hope this
was enjoyable for you if it was leave a like and a comment below and let me know
you know again what is something that you’re struggling with or any questions
that you have about pricing your services so until next time guys Cereal
Entrepreneur out ready to start living the six-figure work where ever be your own
boss lifestyle well at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how
to use a laptop and Internet to start your own social media and digital
marketing agency get started with our free Facebook Ads training links in the
description below guys see you in the course Cereal Entrepreneur out

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    What do you think about a deal such as: Minimums management fee + % of earned revenue? If I can scale the clients business (ecommerce), then I receive more money for that, which in my head makes it win win, as I make more money for them and they are willing to pay more.

  61. Form & Image Creative Post author

    Very helpful, thanks a lot Jordan.

  62. Surrealistic Slumbers Post author

    Thanks for this video! I think I have a much better idea of pricing services now… I've been asked to continue managing the social media and email marketing for a small organization (little nonprofit museum, non-govt affiliated) with whom I've previously worked in an administrative role (but am stepping down from that role, just doing remote digital marketing now). Thus, I'm trying to figure out what to charge them moving forward.

    Was thinking $500 or so a month for email marketing (through Mailchimp) and all their social media (FB, Twitter, IG). Does this seem like a fair rate, guys?

  63. Fat Wallet Internet Marketing Post author

    For your money, Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing is the best way to achieve long lasting online visibility and stimulate multiple streams of targeted qualified leads delivered straight to any business, especially in local areas.

  64. Marisa E Post author

    this channel is so helpful idk how i’ve never come across this before

  65. Tedsting82 Post author

    This is the first time I’ve ever heard of taking a percentage of ad spend on top of the monthly service fee

  66. Boris Paz Post author

    Cereal can you write this information on a PDF document for download it.

    Thnkx man.

  67. Rishi Kumar Post author

    I agreed what you said….undercharging its really harm the business.

  68. Jose Falconett Post author

    It get's complicated because every youtube on here promoting there program likes to ignore the client business's profit margin. It's easy to say ya we can generate $3-4k of revenue and we charge you $1k for my service, don't make it complicated. Business's such as resturaunts only make on average 3-4% profit margins on every dollar in revenue. So justifying $1k cost to them is taking a loss.

  69. ray edmondson Post author

    Awsome content dude! Question – do you use customer debit/cc for billing ads spend or do you simply have your own debit card (on each client account in your mcc account)? You mentioned about making commission on the ad spend…. whats the best approach? Regards – Ray

  70. Jason Moore Post author

    So where can I find the project managers you were referring to any specific website?

  71. Dezmond Abrams Post author

    What exactly does management fee mean? You mentioned that ad spend % would also be added to the management fee. Wouldnt all the ad spend go to their ads 100%?? Great video! Thnx

  72. Gordon Robinson Post author


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