Comment réaliser une mangeoire pour poules. Astuces supplémentaires.

By | September 25, 2019

(Chick says) Small, stayin ‘, we’ll get you out of there. Come on guys, we’re digging! Hi ! The link of the first part is in the description. She shows how to make this manger. It has been two weeks since
my hens have adopted this feeder. I can tell you today that
the waste is almost zero. Here, I show you how to block the access of this manger to hens but also to weasels, weasels … How to prevent the rain from engulfing it. Finally, how to control the grain level without touching anything. So far, the rain has never infiltrated this manger. However, I will take precautions. You never know ! Easy to do and quickly installed. Plus, it does not bother chickens. I know, it’s not very aesthetic. But after all, we’re in a hen house, right? We start by cutting a piece of pipe from a
length of about 14 cm. Then we cut it in length. It remains to cut the space enough to pass the head. This piece will naturally fit. It will withstand the wind very well. However, you can paste it. My chicks, who have a manger adapted to their size, come to plunge their heads. If for one reason or another you
want to block the entrance to your hens, It’s very simple and this cap will suffice. It can be very useful for forcing chickens to eat the grains that line the ground. Place this cap two to three hours before they return to sleep So you are sure not to feed
generations of rats. For hens it’s ok. For weasels or weasels, they can easily push the cap from below. That’s how to fix it. Just recover this fall that was cut before. To stick directly on the
lid. Here, this feeder is now inaccessible to pests. Otherwise, you have other very simple options. I finish with the grain level, easy to do. A pot and a string will suffice. I reduce the length of the string by 10 cm in relation to the length of the pipe. Better have a margin of safety. Once the size of the string is set, the pot is placed directly on the beans. Then we close the lid. Good! I’m going to do the chicken, meanwhile, take a good look at the string. That’s it, with this string you’ll save time. For me it’s over, hoping this movie helped you. Thank you all for your support. I always find you with other videos. Thank you, hello !!

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