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By | August 13, 2019

hi I’m Chris with Colorado Web
Impressions where we help Colorado small businesses succeed online and this quick
video I want to talk to you a little bit about one of our services and that is
our Colorado Springs SEO service now it’s one of those things to keep it very
brief basically what we do is we help your website get found online and this
is on Google or Bing or the other major search engines that you might use Google
is most most of time to number one but we take a lot of things into into
factoring in terms of your audience you know your competition a lot of different
things but basically SEO stands for search engine optimization so what we’re
doing is we’re optimizing your website in your digital property such as maybe
your Facebook page or your LinkedIn profile or whatever to being search
engine friendly and this is an art and a science all wrapped up in one for us we
love it we live for this stuff it’s almost like a game of chess for us
because if we make a move your competition and their webmaster or SEO
company makes their move and so with being a color springs SEO company that
truly cares you know we hope that we can you know earn your business through
honesty integrity and Trust you know if we can’t help your business we won’t
waste your time it’s not one of those things if you come to us and you say I
have this crazy business and we’ve never even heard of it before we’re not going
to waste your time maybe we’ll get some some tips to you and say hey this is
what we might do and it’s up to you if you want to give it a shot
I get you know but we’ll definitely recommend you to somebody else I mean
somebody else might have more of experience with your industry we our
strongest skill sets are in construction SEO ok so construction companies you
know people that do plumbing electrician you know craftsmen you know carpenters
you know home builders things like that pets we do amazing stuff with pet
companies you know basic you know businesses you know if you offer a
service based business you are our specialty because you are the type of
people we like working with ok we don’t do a lot of e-commerce stuff we usually
kind of you know we recommend you to somebody
else and the reason why because we have such a strong background in
cybersecurity you know it’s one of those things where we do ethical hacking so we
people pay us to hack their website okay and so we know what to look for and you
know unfortunately e-commerce is a crazy thing to work with and you know so for
us you know we we know what to look for you know plus you know we do penetration
testing and we do all kinds of different stuff and so not to be too confusing
with you I mean we take cyber security and hacking very serious and stuff so
with our color springs SEO services you know we are affordable you know I mean
some companies charge two thousand five thousand dollars a month for whatever
and we can offer the same service if not more for two hundred and ninety seven
dollars a month why are we affordable you might say Chris I got a quote from
somebody else in Denver Colorado Denver SEO companies charging $2,000 a month
whoever it is okay they’re going to take care of five keywords a month they’re
going to send me analytics every month and they’re going to track my rankings
great we can do the exact same thing the whole difference is you know we don’t
have to pay for because you know myself and you know any employees we commute
remotely so you know if we all work from our home offices or we oh you know then
you don’t have the you don’t have to pay for $5,000 a month lease a big old
building to look fancy you know you don’t have to pay you know $2,000 a
month for electric bill or whatever you know you don’t pay for all these
different services so now you know at the beginning every month if you’re
already in the hole $10,000 because you have to cover all of your overhead then
yeah you’re gonna have to charge people the money to make that up you know for
me there’s nothing better than if you have employees that are at be able to be
at home with their kids okay you don’t put your kids in daycare you’re there
with your kids and you’re there with your animals maybe you’re there with a
six space maybe somebody’s disabled in the home different things like that that
doesn’t take away from your job by any means okay you can do SEO from your home
we actually show you how to do SEO in fact we don’t even want you to hire
us or anybody else if you watch our YouTube channel you’ll see that we’ll
answer your questions for you if you say Chris I have a landscaping company and
I’m not showing up any search rankings can you help me yeah we’re going to help
you we’ll give you some tips and advice and if you can do it yourself that’s
great because that’s what we want we want to be transparent with you
because there’s nothing we can do or anybody else can do that you cannot do
yourself and that’s the honest truth okay one main thing I’ll tell you though
is we will not promise you a number one ranking we won’t tell you flat out the
hey we will get you the number one spot and you’ll keep it for 10 years because
that’s not true okay Google and being in any of the
search engines at any moment could change their algorithms you know I mean
we’ve already gone through like penguin and hummingbird and panda and and pigeon
you know with Google and at any moment they could change their search engine
rankings and whatever was working for you is now not working for you and I
won’t get into much into it because there are some companies that do white
hat SEO some to do black hat SEO for us we want you to have long term results
you know results and that’s doing things ethical and you know because you might
stay with us for two months most of our people stay with us between five and
seven years but it’s one of those things where if you say you know Chris eyes
need help for three months great we’re going to help you out and then maybe
you’ll come back in six months we help me for three more months you know it’s
one of those things where we look at as art and science is like a chess game so
again every step we make for you your competition might say oh we better do
something too so it’s always the wheels are always turning and the gears are
always spinning so it’s one of those things where you know where’s being
honest and that’s why through these videos I’m talking to you as a person
we’re letting you know exactly you know who we are and what we do and our goal
is to help you get discovered online and make an amazing web impression okay so
if you are anywhere in Colorado and you want to get found online will definitely
help you as much as we can so no matter what I do help you find success online
offline but also in your life thank you for watching and take care

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