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By | August 5, 2019

if you’re looking for something fast
fresh and fabulous for breakfast look no further you have to try it my coconut
and banana pancakes for this recipe I need three whole eggs I wanted to show
you another egg replacer idea and this is ground flax meal so 1 tablespoon
equals 1 egg and for every tablespoon you need 3 tablespoons of water and
that’s about half a cup of water in just a couple of minutes sort of like this
sticky gooey consistency and into the blender we’re gonna put 2 whole bananas
I want to save one or two of them for garnish I love that idea of having that
banana flavor in the pancake and then having fresh bananas on top with warm
syrup how delicious does that sound so into our bananas we’re gonna add our
flax meal and what I love about this recipe is that it’s a lighter version of
pancakes because we’re using something called coconut flour it’s dehydrated
coconut that’s made into a flour like consistency it’s 100% gluten free and 1/3 cup into the blender it goes 1/4 teaspoon of salt
you don’t have to add this but when you’re baking something that has a
little bit of sweetness I find that a little bit of salt just makes everything
a little brighter sort of like when you brighten up photos on your phone this is
gonna brighten up the recipe 1/2 cup of water and the final final ingredient
a pinch of baking powder this is gonna help everything raise just a little bit and that’s it this is the world’s easiest
pancake recipe you don’t have to make pancakes from a box you can use
ingredients you already have in your kitchen and we blend it until it gets like a
batter like consistency our batter is ready we’re gonna let it
rest for about five minutes and as my batter is resting I’m gonna bring my
skillet up to a medium heat add some coconut oil the reason that I like
coconut oil coconut banana pancakes so you want that extra flavor that extra
tropical paradise taste to this I’m gonna put a spoonful of our batter oh it
smells so good already cook it for about 4 to 6 minutes and when you see little
bubbles come up just like a normal pancake recipe it’ll be ready to flip
don’t be concerned if it’s a little dark there are natural sugars in the
pancake from the coconut flour and for the bananas it’s gonna caramelize and it
adds like a crunch and extra flavor and it’s a good thing when you have that
behind me I have a cast iron pan on a very low heat this is a great area of
putting your finished pancakes to stay warm while you’re cooking them all up
now there’s one more thing we have to stack it and eat it so look at all these beautiful banana coconut pancakes we’re gonna do seven
need some fresh bananas a dusting of our coconut flour and this adds an extra
dimension it’s kind of like powdered sugar and I think it looks really pretty
too a little bit of maple syrup and toasted coconut flakes I’m gonna make
the perfect bite take some fresh banana some of the pancake dip it in the maple
syrup you got that natural sweetness from the
bananas it’s crispy it’s caramelized coconut
banana pancakes they’re gluten-free dairy-free egg-free
but 100% perfect for breakfast

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  1. Carlos Garza Post author

    Great job to all on your TV show! Very inspiring and well done ✨

  2. Rhonda Bailey Post author

    Looove your tv shows. You're a good person sharing good stuff.~~~~Sure would be helpful to have the recipe under video~


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