Clix-iversary: Scott Copeland | Clix

By | August 10, 2019

So my fourth anniversary is here with Clix, and initially I think probably the most important… probably the best memory, is how I became a part of Clix. I had my own SEO company, I called Clix in to do some consulting and two accounts that I was really struggling with and inside of a few months they were crushing it for both of them so realize it was more out there than what I knew. Frankly, after seeing what Clix did, I felt a little inapt. I thought we were good until never know until you meet somebody’s better at it but, a long story short, we set down and worked out a way that I can join Clix, be part of the Clix team and I stayed on as part of Clix of Business Development guy for Arkansas. So that’s one of my very favorite memories. Maybe my second favorite memory would be when some of the Clix team came down to shoot some videos. Sammie, Ryan, Nicola and Jason came down and got a chance to interact with some of my clients and we a lot of fun in Little Rock. I got a chance to kind of get them into the culture of Little Rock, see what Little Rock is all about. I am proud of my city and I’m especially proud of my team. So I was very proud to introduce the team to some of my clients that they have never actually met face to face. I think the third thing that stands out to me and it’s not any one particular event, but when I come up here I usually come to St. Louis every couple of months or so, but a lot of times we do… we’ve done different outings, you know, we’ll go out for dinner and drinks. Love it we went bowling several times and at that was a lot of fun. It’s more fun ragging and dogging each other other than the bowling itself but anyway and by the way as part of that memory the bowling alley fries were awesome. Bowling alleys, for those of you who don’t know this, little interesting fact, have the best french fries on the planet. So there you have that. So I think all these outings we’ve done we get to know each other so I don’t look at the strategies and the different people that I work with Clix as business associates as much as I do family and this environment this culture creates that. Everybody asks me how things are going…”I’m just living DREAM!”

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