ClickFunnels Tutorial: How To Track Leads And Sales From Different Traffic Sources

By | January 14, 2020

So a client got in touch the other day and said Gary can you duplicate out a funnel for me so that I can run a separate traffic source and track the stats within ClickFunnels and I said you don’t need to do that because you can actually track your different traffic sources from all within one particular funnel so if you want to view your stats dashboard inside ClickFunnels, not with all of your stats grouped together but you want to see your separate traffic sources I’m going to show you exactly how to do that in this video so lets go ahead, get started and roll that intro What’s up guys, Gary here with Funnel Junkies where we simplify the process of building high converting sales funnels and if that sounds like it would be useful to you, then hit the subscribe button below this video and ring that bell if you want to be kept up to date with future videos Okay so I’m sat down here at my computer, lets jump into the screen and take a look at this So first thing that I’ve done is gone ahead and opened up ClickFunnels and created a new example funnel here and this is just a simple opt-in funnel with an opt-in page and a thank you page Now at the moment all we wanna do is take the funnel step URL which we know is the one up here, we’re gonna take that and we’re gonna copy that What we’re gonna do next is go across to this page which is the Google Analytics Campaign URL Builder Now I’m going to drop the link below in the comments of this video so you can get the link straight to this page you don’t need to sign up for anything, we’ll go ahead and just go straight to this page Now once we’ve got this open, we want to take the URL that we copied from the funnel step and we want to paste that into the website URL field so this is our funnel step URL in here, once we’ve pasted that in, what we want to do is give our campaign source a name so if you’re gonna be sending Facebook Ad’s, then you could use this URL for Facebook and you could put your campaign source as Facebook for instance it could be Twitter, it could be affiliates, it could be whatever the source of your traffic is you want to track it could be blog side bar for instance, wherever you want to track the stats from a particular traffic source, you go ahead and add that in now So I’m gonna go ahead and add Facebook in here just now and when we scroll down again, we don’t need to fill out any of these other fields but what we’re gonna get is this share generated campaign URL here so we need to copy this and this is what’s going to allow us to send people to this URL and track where they have come from, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, any of the above So once we have this URL here, I’m going to go ahead and copy this one and we’re going to save that for later so the next step in this is we need to go and actually open up this page inside the page editor, so this is our opt-in page here so I’m going to open this up inside the page editor, just click the yellow button here then once this is opened in the page editor, we want to go ahead and add a new custom input field so we can go ahead and click add new element and we want to scroll down and go to input here if we click on that it will add this element to the page, we want to then change this and set the input type to a custom type as we have there Now this is very important, we need to give this custom type a name and we need to name this custom type utm_source utm_source and we need to make sure it’s set to not required and then what we can do is actually hide this on the page now so when you click the gear icon that you’re inside the elements settings here, the eye icon down at the very bottom here, this will hide that element on the page so that meant anyone being sent to the page with that parameter will be tracked but it won’t affect anyone who’s coming to that page without that parameter as well, so we want to go ahead and save that Okay so now if we jump over to the stats dashboard here we can see that we’ve got one unique page view one opt-in which gives us 100% conversion rate. What we want to do is we’ve already copied the URL of the parameter that we want to bring across so now I’m going to go ahead and open up a new incognito window and paste in the URL so if I pull this down on the screen you’re gonna see it so you can now see that it’s got this full utm parameter at the end, where it’s bringing in Facebook so when I take us to the page here, I’m going to go ahead and type in an email address as a test here, we’re going to go for [email protected] click download the free report now and that has successfully gone through so we can come out of here then want to refresh our stats again There we go! so we’ve got two unique opt-ins there and we’ve got the 100% rate conversation still So what we can do is actually now go in and we can look at that traffic per traffic source and to do that, we’ll go ahed and click the time parameters here so we’ve got the starting date and the end date and this will bring up a load of other options on here Now don’t be put off by this, there’s only one option that you need to use on here and this is the utm source now remember we used our utm source on this page and we set the campaign source as Facebook so this is what we’re gonna want to paste in and we’re gonna paste that into the utm source field here apply that filter and then when we look, you see that we can view the stats inside the funnel for just the contacts that have been added using that utm parameter so if you imagine you had lots of contacts come in through the funnel from Facebook, that have come from Twitter, come from your blog and you want to know the destination of that traffic, or the origin of that traffic, you go ahead and type that in and you can track and see the stats on here based just for that And that is how you can track different traffic sources inside of ClickFunnels on the stats dashboard without using separate duplicate funnels So question of the day, drop a comment below if you knew that you could do this or if you’ve actually been duplicating out the funnels like I used to do and like my client did as well I’d really like to know if people are using this method and if you’re going to go ahead and implement it now Give this video and like, a thumbs up if you enjoyed the content, if you enjoyed the video and found it useful go ahead and subscribe to the channel and we will see you in another video

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