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By | March 10, 2020

so you clicked on this video because
you’re interested in driving lots of traffic to your Clickbank offers well
you’ve come to the right place because I’m going to show you three sites today
where you can drive lots of traffic to any clickbank offer that you offer and
one of those sites focuses primarily on Canada market so you’re going to want to
stick around and see this video and I’m going to get you started on that right
now all righty guys welcome back to the
video like I said in the intro here we’re going to show you three sites
today that are high-traffic sites where you can place your Clickbank offers and
drive targeted traffic to your offers and make Clickbank sales okay alright my
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you to as well alright alright guys let’s go ahead and
get in on this I got three high traffic sites I want to share with you today
that you can place your Clickbank Clickbank offers and drive some targeted
traffic to them alright so we’re going to come over today today’s video we’re
going to use the upper Chrome browser rather than the Opera
and open that up first thing you want to do of course you’re gonna come to
Clickbank right you’ve got to get your product first or your offer now these
sites that I’m going to show you you can use on any Clickbank
offer so you come to Clickbank and you get signed in with your account if you
have on the count this side in click on the marketplace it brings you over to
the marketplace here and you can scroll down and you see there’s all kinds of
different categories here I just clicked on health and fitness you can actually
use any category you want or if you want you can just simply click on the click
on the button there to search you don’t have to
type anything into the search engine just click it and it loads up the most
popular sites in you can also search by popularity or gravity or whatever now I
like to search by gravity myself because the higher gravity like for example the
Cinderella solution here this is a weight loss a woman’s weight loss
product and you see the gravity down here is about you know it’s not going to
let me highlight it here I guess but the gravity is 387 people that are marketing
this on the Internet successfully alright so nevertheless I
guess a you can use any product on this site that you want in fact the more
products you use or more products you market the more chances you’re going to
have to make money ok like I sent in in the beginning this is all free can be
done anywhere in the world all you need to do is sign up for an account on these
websites now the first site that we’re going to come to is focuses primarily on
Canada the Canada market and it is a site called Kijiji you can see it right
here Kijiji dot CA or if you type in kijiji com it gets you to this same spot
here okay you see it up here in the address bar Kijiji dot CA right there
alrighty now you come over here to this site now why would we choose this site
well let’s just take a look and see here if I click on similar web here I’m going
to show you why we choose this site because of the high traffic if you look
here guys kijiji gets about 64 million visitors
per month that’s a lot of traffic that’s a lot of traffic for your offers right
there 64 million visitors a month you can see that sometimes it’s even up to
75 this is for the whole year so coming from April about the last six seven
months from April up to of fact back in May it was up to seventy-five million
people per month in that month of May and then on down from there and to the
currently it’s at about 64 million so that is quite a lot of traffic for your
office now I type I typed in here Clickbank in here just to show you that
other people are also promoting Clickbank profit products on this
website as well so as we scroll down here you can see some of these other ads
here and you’ll notice that you see the Clickbank affiliate hop link right here
these people are putting this hop link these hop Clickbank hop links into their
their ads now I recommend that you do not do that what you want to do when you
get your hop link from Clickbank for example let’s just let’s just take the
Cinderella solution as an example right here
so if I click on promote and put in my account nickname here right or your
affiliate nickname and then click generate hop links you see it gives you
that long ugly clickbank hop link i don’t recommend using that in your ads
what you want to do is copy that and then bring that thing over to
bitly comm bi tly calm it brings it up here and then you’ll just paste in your
your affiliate link there your long ugly clickbank link and then click on the
shorten button over here and shortens it up and gives you this much
better-looking link right here much nicer looking much sorer and probably
more likely to be clicked on because it doesn’t say click back and people don’t
feel like they’re having products thrown down their throat so to speak so
you take your busily shortened up link and then we want of course you want to
test it you always test it I don’t I don’t trust Ben Lee
so I always trust or test my links before I use them so we click in there
and the new tab in our browser we open up and we’re going to paste that link in
there and go and we see it brings us over here to the video sales letter for
the Cinderella solution product it should do the same thing with you on any
product that you use it doesn’t matter like I said you can use any product that
you want to promote on any of these three sites so kijiji as you can see
there’s a few people posting Clickbank products marketing them on this site and
like I said they’re all using that ugly long Clickbank hop link and I’d
recommend that you don’t do that use the Bisley shorter link and be more apt to
be clicked on rather than that long ugly clickbank hop link there you can see all
these people use that down there I don’t know you know they’re still probably
getting traffic no doubt and as you can see these are all free ads free posted
ads here you can you can buy an account on this side if you want to but it’s not
necessary all right basically all you want to do is come here to Kijiji you’re
just going to click register right here and you’ll register with an email
address your name and a password and click register and they’re probably
going to send you a confirmation mail email and you’ll need to confirm your
account or your email address on the site so that you can get your account
locked in here all right and then then all Det points once you
get registered and get signed in you just click on post and ad and then it
will bring it up of course I’m not signed in here so it brings up want me
to sign in but it’ll bring it up and you can fill out your ad and post your ad in
for me in there that you want to do and and
your pictures from your product on Clickbank and then post that and then
you have opportunity to get lots of traffic to your Clickbank offer here now
my my recommendation is to do more than one product right you can do could you
imagine if you did ten Clickbank products this is just an example but if
you did ten Clickbank products on Kijiji here and then on the other two sites I’m
about to show you how much traffic you would get to all these different offers
and you’d have more than many different ways to make money with Clickbank
products here all righty so the first site is Kijiji dot CA all righty the
next site that I want to show you here is called class org CLA Z dot o-r-g see
it right here in the address bar as well and it’s the same thing here I think if
we type it and click back here see if it shows us any Clickbank ads here yes it
does you can see here that people are posting Clickbank products here offers
on this site as well and again as you look you see they’re using that long
ugly Clickbank hop link you can use it if you want to but I don’t recommend it
myself I would go with the shorter better-looking link from bid Lee okay as
you can see down through here is a lot of different people posting Clickbank
offers I actually I think the fact that they’re putting that long
Clickbank ugly link on there is they’re just lazy or they don’t know about bid
Lee where they can shorten that link up make it look better and it’d be more apt
for people to click on their links but anyways that nevertheless there you you
can use this if you want the long Clickbank link it doesn’t matter but you
see there’s quite a few people here posting Clickbank offers on this site
so you can get a lot of traffic on here now let’s check it out and see what the
traffic rank is on it as you see we’re bring out similar web extension which
you can get for free go to the Chrome Web Store and install it on your Chrome
browser okay you see it’s class tile work in there
for similar web if we scroll up we see here that this website is getting right
now about close to 1 million visitors per month 9 98.1 almost 1 million if we
look back up here through April to September it even got up to about 1.4
million in June and then in August it was back up to one point one two million
and now at this point it’s at about 1 million no less than one main’ that’s a
lot of traffic that’s a lot of people folks same thing here you sign up for a
free account and then you just click on post and add and it’s free to post your
ad here on this site again they do also have paid ads if you want to add more
time or so on and so forth or whatever you can also sign up for a paid account
here as well so as you can see other people are promoting Clickbank products
on this site so that tells you there must be a reason why right they’re
probably getting some pretty good sales off this site so why can’t you you can
do this same thing you sure can’t just come over here to class org take
advantage of their high traffic that they have to this website and post your
offers on here as well alrighty that’s the second site and the third site is
Hubli whoo bleak Lassa fides same thing here is you can sign in or register up
here register for your account click on that and you use your email address
choose a username and a password and they will probably send you a
confirmation mail like most websites do most of these classified type sites do
that or most web sites do to get you to confirm so the
not using some sort of a fake email address right so click register get your
account confirmed your email address confirmed and then come back over and
sign into your account here and then click on post an ad and then it will
bring up your ad thing here where you can post your ad on this site as well so
I don’t think that there’s many people using let’s see if we click type in
Clickbank here see what we get here there’s a few there’s a couple here not
many people so this is a wide-open site right here for your Clickbank offers
there’s not many people that know about this site apparently for Clickbank so
you can give it a shot come over here sign up register and get signed in and
post an ad on Hubli and you can see they have lots of categories that you can
post an ad in I mean I mean every category that’s here is just about every
category that you have on Clickbank and all these products that you can promote
off a Clickbank here okay home-and-garden is one if you click on
that you see that they’ve got home-and-garden down here all these
categories that you can post your offers into in home and garden same thing with
anything else that’s on Clickbank you can also find products that you can use
to post on Hubli and market your Clickbank products on this site as well
and I think that let’s take a look at the traffic on here and it’s going to
tell me it doesn’t but I know it does because it did it before there it is
hubli com let’s check it out and there you go you see sir the monthly visits to
this website is two million people that’s a lot of folks that’s a lot of
traffic looking from April to September it went down as low as 1.74 million
that’s still a killer amount of traffic and it went up as high as in July to two
point two six million and right now it’s right at about two million people even
for the month of this month anyway between September and October so there
you have it guys that’s three websites with high traffic you’re looking at
somewhere around a total of probably so you’re looking at almost seventy million
people that you feel you guys can market your Clickbank products to and drive
traffic to your offers and make Clickbank sales alright guys well that’s
what I had for you today wanted to show you these three high traffic websites
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that out I’m gonna let you go with all that I’ll see you again here in a couple
of days or so with the next exciting video you guys take care and have an
awesome day today

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    Hey what’s up man thank you for the video thank you for making and sharing it. I know you said click bank links but have you had the experience of using your funnel links? As you already know we like to be build to list. I’m just wondering either or I’m going to put it to work. Have a good day good night

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    Thank you for all the info Kevin! I learn so much from you! All of your videos are so helpful!! I hope to grow big one day!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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    Thanks for the 3 tips. I have been trying to post everything from used clothing to click bank offers. I like the way you explain stuff. I have been making a lil money so far. Sold some clearance items from Walmart and then posted them on craigs list and ebay. Also sold some used clothes from garage sales on Mercari. I'm trying to figure out a way to make a sale with affiliate marketing. That's the tuff part.

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    Hi Kevin,
    Does this classified ad made you any sales?
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