Chelsea Ann Goodwin Real Estate Interviews | Lead Generation, Objection Handling and ISAs

By | January 27, 2020

Okay in real life Yeah, so we’re live if anybody’s watching make sure to hashtag live in the comments if you’re watching the replay later it makes your hashtag replay in the comments and Yeah, we’ll just jump right into it. So Chelsea tell us a little bit about Who you are and where you work and all that fun stuff Thanks so much for having me Matt. My name is Chelsea Atkins I run the inside sales team at the Haro group of keller williams. We’re out of Greenville, South Carolina last year our team did 478 transactions for 96 million at the time we had eight buyer’s agents two listing agents a builder trade and specialists in three inside sales agents and This year we are on track for the same production with three buyer agents One listing agent one builder agent and five inside sales agents. So we’ve restructured the team Each agent is going to be doing significantly more production and we are in the hiring conversation Of course so that we can continue growing and moving forward But that’s me. And like I said, I am in charge of the inside sales team So we are the group that prospects for all of the business for the team Okay And so you went from I notice you said this you went from three is a is to five is a yeah with fewer buyers agents You know, I when we hire we’re just hiring for great talent And we’re hiring to put the individual in the role that’s going to best suit them So we just have more is A’s and we have agents right now And we also believe that inside sales and learning that prospecting muscle Is a great way for a younger person or someone new to sales to get their feet wet before? Transitioning into an outside agent, so we follow the inside sales model It’s kind of a hybrid of the career is and the agent in training so everyone starts in the is age apartment and they either can stay on as an ISA and make a career of that or Transition to becoming an outside agent and we work in the specialist model So fire specialists listing specialists builder specialists or inside sales and they’re all pure level positions Okay, so do the inside sales agents do they work in a specialization? Like structure as far as buyer’s or seller’s or out loud or inbound, you know We’ve we’ve tested that and what we have found on our team Is that would we put someone in a specialist area? They just burn out So with the current group that we have they’re doing inbound and outbound both buyers and sellers now They may specialize a little bit within that like if you’re a really high expired converter you love calling expireds I’m gonna give you more expired to call we have someone that like really loves fizz Bose and it’s just Killer at converting fizz Bose. So of course, I’m gonna give him more fizz boats to call so it you know I kind of look at it on a case-by-case but the broad scheme everyone’s inbound and outbound buyers and sellers. Okay Yeah, awesome. So how many leads are you guys bringing in? Every month, that’s such a great question Wow So it depends on the lead source With like our just website registration leads We’re bringing in somewhere around 500 a month We’re a really low expired source. We just don’t have a ton of them I mean We may have thirty expires in a month Not a ton and and fizz bows were we’ve we’ve got a lot of fizz bows. We’re probably 10 to 12 add a New fizz both coming from Vulcan. I don’t know what that what that math is. But with they love going Fizbo let’s go out here that as well is that Expires are not not dried up, but they’re drying up and my owners are a lot more popular, especially because some of them are selling yeah, and we have a really high percentage of repeat and referral business So we do a kind of past client event. So our clients are constantly referring us friends and family members they’re coming back and using us again and because of HA rose reach across the country We do have a lot of agents from all over that send us referrals and Greenville is a popular town We have a lot of people move in here. That’s awesome so in Part of it as I was wondering because I think you and I have talked about this before like how many leads can an inside? Sales agent actually handle right how many new leads can they handle each month? Yeah So we are actually adjusting our rules of the pipeline right now for a while We were just letting inside sales agents have as as Many leads as they wanted and if they had a to do on the lead that was more than two weeks old Somebody could then come in and take over that lead So that was our accountability metric, but now we recently hired an amazing database manager She’s right next to me in the red and she’s setting up new rules for our pipeline. So We’re gonna have ISAs handling three hundred and their pipeline outside sales agents handling 200 nurtures And you also get 50 hot leads. We define hot as Buying and selling in the next gosh. What did we define us? I think it’s 30 days or They have an appointment set and they haven’t met with an agent yet and a nurturer is Will by seller refers business in the next 12 months. So everyone else is we’re gonna start moving to the pond system Where the other leads go to a pond they’re monitored with drip plans and then the database manager Catherine Will spit them out to agents as as needed. Okay, so if you’re moving to a pond system Previously on boomtown right? Yeah, we’re still at boomtown so our pond we have just a general Haro group account So they’ll just be transferred into the Haro group and that accounts monitored by the database manager. So that’s what we’re calling our pond Okay, so you’ve made your own pond basically? Yeah. Yeah, we’ve made our own ponds And then like when we pull from other sources like Okin for example for phys bows and expireds We don’t put them into boomtown until they’ve been spoken with so there’s also kind of another pond set up there so we have You know one agent that calls all of the new leads and anyone spoken with gets deleted out of Vulcan put into boomtown but all the non spoken was stay in Vulcan and then other agents are going through those older leads constantly trying to Talk to them and move them over. Okay with the tools that you’re using right now. You’ve got Vulcan seven you’ve got Boomtown I’m guessing mojo is where everybody’s sitting before you call through them So we power dial says those and expires through Vulcan We circle prospect through the C’s the market dialer. We only sees the market for appointment to close And then you’re gonna think we’re crazy, but we do not use mojo We typically hand dial our lead follow-up and I think that’s going to change shortly We’re just looking at you know always to maximize the efficiency of our lead gen and before I joined the team a couple years ago all agents did have mojo and I don’t know why it we did away with it But I think within the next three months we’ll be bringing back mojo for all agents that are dialing Okay, that makes it nice. So we’re kind of covering all sorts of stuff What you doing? But we’re out here for like scripting language patterns and self-accountability Which yeah, I mean you’re the director would use your title is a director or what is your title there now? We’re not really a title company So, um, I sit in the the seat of Inside Sales Lead So anyone that’s over a department is inside sales lead marketing lead Operations lead so we try not to get too heavy on titles. Awesome. Awesome. So with what you’re doing Scripting is obviously very important. Yeah It is it’s so important I love scripting and I get super intense about it So one of the very first things that you have to do when you’re hired before I ever let you get on the phone as you do a script check off Because everyone knows there are three different stages of learning a script. So first you memorize Then you turn allies and then you personalize And the personalize is way down the road, but I really like to do that right away. They don’t like me Right, right. Well, have you sold four thousand houses the people that wrote the script have so that’s why you use the scripts That’s why you use them So, you know The first thing that I want to do is see that any agent that’s gonna be on the phone can memorize the script? Exactly as it’s written. So before they get on the phone, it usually takes them about a week They have to memorize our course scripts and that’s going to be circle prospecting Beyer we call it LP mama Fizbo expired a general listing scripts digging for motivation like the three-step digging process and then the Objection handler language pattern and that’s what they have to check off with me before they can get on the phone Wow Yeah, yeah we used to just let people kind of dive right in and then we found that it was causing some bad habits ie the personalizing before the memorizing and internalizing Yeah, so we decided hey We’re just gonna make sure that we do this right and wait a week to get them on the phone and we’ve seen our inside sales agents that Started with that protocol ramped up much quicker and have more success with learning their scripts and language patterns Okay. Now the ISAs that are working I guess what are like some of the measures that you guys are measuring each month? Oh, we measure all the things so our Main focus is appointments held That is our minimum standard and we’re a very high standards and accountability organization That keeps the emotion out of things you have certain numbers and if you don’t hit them It’s just a conversation like okay. These are the numbers you have to hit. You didn’t hit them You know, what do we need to do? So we focus on health and of course the leading indicator to a held appointment Is an appointment set in the leading indicator – that is number of contacts and the leading indicator if that is number of dials So we track all of those we track dials contacts sets Held’s signed You know, we track conversion rates on just about everything and we track those Everywhere we use CTE We also have a really fancy accel-tracker where we put in all of that and it does our conversions for us Okay And then each department also has a scorecard where we look Departmentally at all of those production numbers and then we look at a team wide scorecard with all of those production numbers as well Wow, I Love a good spreadsheet. I love numbers but in my expectation Conversation that I do in hiring someone like the biggest way to win with me is to know your numbers and track your numbers Okay, that’s part of what I tell someone when I’m hiring them on like I’m gonna know your numbers I want you to know your numbers Right. No that makes sense. So we’ve got a couple of questions coming in already. Okay for one? Where did you guys get the scripts from? So a few different places we use some scripts from the Keller Williams Bold class and we use some Dianna Koko’s got her sign calls If you can shift a little bit to your left boom now you’re in center, okay? That’s very bright right here and so I’m like seeing the reflection Right for you guys It’s pretty bright, but I mean, I still think I think we’re still getting the kansai And so some people in the inside sales world may know of Ana Kruger she was Part of the group that started the ISA Maps coaching program through Keller Williams She started on the haru group So she we never worked at the same time but she was the first is a that the horror group ever had and she crafted a lot of those scripts and Finessed them through that is a maps coaching program so they’re also proven through that program the majority of The clients of that are using the same scripts, okay See what else do we got here how many contacts in a database would you say is needed before hiring an isa? How many contacts in a database I mean, I I don’t I don’t think that there needs to be any contacts in a database I think an ISA is a leverage point and if you have a cellphone And you have a hundred people that you know And they have a hundred people that they know and they can just start calling through your sphere in their sphere you know 200 people should give you about 20 deals if you communicate with them in the right way, so You you really don’t even need a database? I mean you also can send an ISA out door knocking that’s one of the things that inside sales agents do so I mean I doubt this is true for anyone but say no You don’t know anyone and your is a doesn’t know anyone like pick a neighborhood that you really want to target that has a good turnover rate and send your is day out to Methodically Dornoch that neighborhood and get to know people that way It’s gonna put you as an agent in your 20% what you need to be doing as an agent is is going on appointments and writing contracts and closing deals like an ISA is specialized in talking to people and converting leads. So let them do it They’re great at because then you have more opportunity to go on those appointments Absolutely. Absolutely, and he said something great there about the ISA having a database as well Yeah for sure like my first full year 10% of my close business was for my own friends and family that I’ve brought to the Haro group. That’s awesome By hiring somebody you’re bringing in Their database and then it’s more income for the team. Yep. Absolutely for sure That’s one of the requirements when you join the team Within your first 30 days You have to turn in a list of 200 people from your sphere that you agree to let us market to Oh, that’s awesome. That is really and then let’s see. What was the next question here Have you ever used a 1099 independent contractor agreement for an ISA? So when I first started I negotiated one of those because I was taking a pay cut and I just wanted to delay The taxes but no all of our all of our ISAs are just you know normal full-time employees so I personally have not hired an ISA that way I I was that when I very first started with the company for three months, okay? And also are you using all in-house IFAs, or are you using any virtual or so on right now? We have all in-house is a z’ when you’re currently interviewing for our first virtual is a My vision with that person is that they will be prospecting that pond Database that we talked about going through those colder archived leads And converting nurtures or appointments ready to be set in kind of rotating them out to the inside sales agents So as we’re converting leads to appointment our pipelines constantly getting filled from that virtual who’s specialized in Colder lead and also some circle prospecting. Okay, so they’re they’re working Less I guess not so hot leads, correct Reviving them and bringing them back and nurturing them and things like that. Yes Yes, what it’ll be my first virtual hire. We’ll see where we go with that. But I think right now that would be a great Morale boost and again a leverage point for the ASA’s. Yeah. Well you guys have a massive database So, I mean you toss How much 30 3,000 3,000 Wow Wow Since you said it where do most of them come from um All of the sphere from anyone that’s ever worked here. Then we also have a website. There’s no place like Greenville comm which ranks super high and You know the SEO and any kind of search that you could possibly think of for Greenville real estate, and we’re right up there So we just drive a lot organic traffic to that website Thanks, yeah nice and then let’s see, where would someone go to start learning to structure this aspect of a business Where would somebody go to to structure the is a yeah role of the business Well, you know I definitely join the is a mastermind group on Facebook, there’s a lot of great Tools there. I would say you probably want to get a coach or a consultant That has done it before somebody that Can just kind of guide you through the process? And and say hey, I’ve done this here the mistakes I may take you from point A to point B I think when someone’s done it before there’s no point of reinventing the wheel. You just need to find someone that Had it has done it in the same way. You want it done? so figuring out what is a model you want to use whether that’s agent and training or someone to be a career is a and then find a Good mentor To guide you through make sense make sense. There’s no point in the person with arrows in your back Unless you absolutely have to do otherwise, there’s no point Getting back to the scripts in the scripting side of it. Yeah, obviously that’s like huge for anybody that’s starting out. Mm-hmm what are some of the key mistakes that people are making when they’re coming in with the scripts and like what are some things that they can do – I guess boost their scripting levels So back to what I was saying earlier the biggest mistake I see is Personalizing it too early The scripts are written with really specific Sales language and like that verbiage is what makes the script work and make it powerful So I think especially if you’re new to sales in general you may not even know like what part of the script you should change so I would say just Stick to the dang script and as you expand your knowledge of sales language Eventually, you’ll understand where you can Make those those tweaks and changes. I also find that One of the most important things to do when you’re new on your learning to script is just ask Rick freaking lot At one point I had ten Different scripting partners and I scripted two times a day for 30 minutes every single day because I was going to be the absolute master of Scripts and dialogues. Yeah I mean, that’s just what I was devoted to doing and now I Script five days a week for 30 minutes a day So, you know, I’ve taken it a little bit But I still script a lot and I think that you just have to commit yourself to mastery and just know that it’s going to take some time and Being a master of scripts takes away a lot of that fear and nervousness that comes along with sales I remember being terrified of being on the phones when I first started this job and as soon as I knew the script or the language pattern for every possible scenario is like Oh, I got I got this and the conversions just skyrocketed makes sense. So with that You said you’re practicing all the time.we you’re scripting a freaking lot How are you doing that are you doing that when you’re when you’re making calls or you have a script partner I mean so Our real estate team is extremely structured so every single morning every Person on the team from operations to inside sales to outside sales is in the office at 8:00 a.m Okay have a team meeting until 8:30. Then you have 15 minutes to Break and get coffee and then at 8:45. Everyone is scripting Operations sometimes do their own scripting as well, but everyone’s scripting and one of my inside sales agents Matt He actually makes a scripting calendar for us Yeah, so Matt Henson does that and it’s basically a way for us to make sure that every language pattern in scripts that we work on is rotated through and is built upon and he’s really good at organizing that for us and you just match up if if there’s Something that I think someone’s weak on I’ll make sure to pair with that person and that yeah, we just script every single morning together and then everyone also has At least one outside scripting partner and then they work with them in the afternoons typically right after lunch We take a Power Lunch So we do 12:00 to 1:30 and then typically like 1:30 to 2:00 as afternoon script practice Okay, so you’re doing morning and afternoon script practice? The my agents are I just do morning. Typically my afternoons are spent coaching or in leadership meetings or interviews stuff like that, but the rest of the inside sales team does both Okay, awesome. And somebody just asked where can they find the is a mastermind group? that one’s just a Mastermind group. Yeah. Yep. It’s been really called is a mastermind group I’ll put it on the screen the admin. I don’t know if it lists the admin Anna Krueger It’s probably gonna show up as the admin And that’s that’s a great resource for anybody who’s getting into scripting or trying to improve their scripting I mean, it’s there’s so many different resources from there. It’s not just for is a anybody who’s in real estate Can I can yeah, yeah Let’s see. What about well, I love this question. What about when bulb comes to town? And we’re all calling expires and for sale by owners That that is a tough time for sure We just Know that we’re gonna have to be more diligent. So like we will do our first call at 7:30 a.m And then we make sure to call three times a day and do the five-day voicemail campaign and like stick to that to a tee Okay, then there’s like part of it. We just know like okay, there’s gonna be more people calling so we’re gonna get that done and we’re really gonna focus on our database and our follow up right now cuz it’s just gonna be a Little tougher on those two lead sources for three months. Yeah. Yeah and It may it’s you wouldn’t think it makes that big of a difference because there’s so many agents in every market anyways Yeah but when you have 50 to 100 all of a sudden decided to start dedicating a couple hours a day to expire them for sale by owners I mean, it makes a difference and I I mean we call those every single So we’re going to be better at talking to them than the majority of the agents that are calling those for the first time So you also have to be just confident that the quality of our conversations going to be very different You know not to say that people in that class shouldn’t dive in and start calling and won’t convert them. They absolutely will and We just know that we’re really great at talking to those leads and our team Has a lot more to offer than a brand new agent like we have a lot of value adds Which is why we continue to call Exactly, and let’s see do you recommend tweaking the script slightly because Sellers hear the same thing over and over I once actually had a seller recite a bold script back to me That is awesome We don’t use the bold scripts for fizzbuzz or expireds we use The ones that I was saying Anna Krueger kind of tailor-made for us And I would say like a lot of times Conversations you can have a script but that’s why you have to know language patterns and how to dig deep on things how to Handle objections rather than using a one-liner but like welcome the objection rephrase ask three questions About it dig into it then you rephrase again? Then you do conditional closed If you know these patterns you have your script Which is your framework and those parts of the script that never change but that allows you to take their conversation wherever it needs to go and then get back to the script and then you may use the language pattern over here and get back to the script so just because I say stick to the script in the way that it’s worded like how often does the conversation actually follow the script so when it does I mean you deal with that by just knowing your stuff like you have to know every language pattern there is and you just have to know how to have a conversation with people because sometimes when you’re calling and expired They they don’t they just want to be heard. They want to vent their frustration about your horrible time So I mean if you’re saying hey, you know Tell me why do you think your house didn’t sell usually its condition market or agent like what’s your opinion? And then they say kasha was the agent. Okay, tell me more about that What was your experience like and then they just go go go go go and you’re asking. Okay, tell me more about that Tell me more. Okay, how did that impact you and by the end of it? You’ve built so much rapport with them like you because you use the language Pattern then maybe you just get to skip to the part of the expired script where you close so I guess Let’s go through language patterns. What exactly are you talking about when you say language patterns? Okay, so a language pattern and I don’t know the dictionary definition. I’m going to make this up And also, where did you learn it all? Oh, I learned it all from being in the is a mastermind group from being part of Is a Maps coaching. We also recently had a language pattered boot camp here with Anna Kruger. I I’m just always looking to learn more about sales language. I’ve taken language of sales Any any class in every class I possibly can about the topic but a language pattern essentially is just a an outline for a way of communicating that’s not as much of a script but a Kind of a thought process around how to approach certain situations and conversations. So For example the language pattern for handling objections So someone gives you an objection What to most agents do they give you a one-liner they immediately tell you why that’s wrong and how they can solve it So the proper way to handle an objection is step one You want to welcome it so that the prospect feels heard then you want to rephrase it. So Yeah, I don’t want to pay Commission. Oh my gosh, Matt Thank you so much for letting me know that so what I’m hearing you say is You you just don’t want to pay an agent Commission. Is that correct? So in your rephrasing it again, you’re building rapport. You’re using their same words You’re making them feel heard then you are digging into it So Matt, tell me what about paying Commission concerns you so then you’re digging down Finding out the root of the problem by asking questions about initial objection because what do we know about objections? Usually that surface-level objection. Is it the real objection? Matt doesn’t want to pay Commission because he needs $50,000 for the down payment on his next house and he thinks that by paying commission he can’t at 50,000 Well now we know that the true issue is he has to net fifty thousand So then you can rephrase and actually say that back Matt So what I’m hearing you saying is that you don’t want to pay commission, but what it really comes down to is you need $50,000 to put down on this next house, you know, is that is that what I’m hearing you say? Then Matt agrees Then you solve it for him conditional clothes Matt if I can show you a way that even with that fee in there we can net you the $50,000 and get you into the next house and take all of the stress off of doing those showings and doing your contract and Negotiations yourself wouldn’t that be worth a conversation with my listing agent? Okay, great two o’clock today or four o’clock tomorrow Okay, that’s a language pattern So like there’s not a concrete script for it But it’s a pattern of how to handle something and what what’s like a really basic pattern? That somebody could do. Um Like even for the new agent who’s in bulb? Yeah, that’s to compete with you guys. Yeah taking three deep for motivation That’s the most important language pattern to know so whether you’re talking to a buyer or a seller The first thing you need to find out is why the heck they want to sell cuz if they’re not motivated They’re not going to buy or sell wait downsizing is not a motivation. No downsizing. It’s not a motivation Matt So What you just need to do an you know I literally will have a page and I’ll write arrows so somebody tells me you know, hey, Matt, you know Why are you thinking about moving? Okay I want to downsize so I write down Downsize and it’s important you want to repeat their exact words back to them in their phrasing again that builds rapport Okay, so Matt what’s important to you about downsizing you know, that’s that’s the first question Okay, so then Matt gives me the answer. I want a smaller house and less maintenance. Okay, perfect What would less maintenance do for you? Well, it would allow me to Spend time with my kids and spend more time with you know, my spouse because you know We don’t get a lot of time together Okay. Thank you so much for letting me know that you know How would spending more times with your kids and your spouse impact your life that’s question number three So then you have three layers deep you pull back the onion you know why they want to downsize all the way down to how that impacts their life so that When you’re ready to set that appointment Okay, Matt, like you know the next step is for you to meet Well, that’s what we’re really gonna do is talk about how you can spend more time with your kids and your wife, you know So that they can be happy and have you know a parent in their life because you told me that when you’re growing up you didn’t have your your dad around so like you’re tying that back and then when the transaction gets rough and hairy and they’re like Oh, I don’t want to accept this offer. That’s you know, one grand below list price. Okay well Remember when you told me that you really wanted to downsize? Because you need to spend time with your kids and your spouse because you want to be there for them like your dad wasn’t for You I mean, do you think that’s worth like taking one gram less than we originally thought Okay, perfect. So knowing how to dig for motivation and digging deep on anything. Usually the answer that you’re given Isn’t isn’t the real answer Exactly exactly and that’s just like the What is the script from when you walk into a department store and they ask you if they can help you? And you say we’re just looking that’s a stall use language dolls – oh really? So what are some examples of some stalls so there are three? I’m not interested Email me Or I’m busy. I’m busy I’m in a meeting one of those So the way to overcome a stall which this is like the most common thing that you’ll get there’s a difference in a stall in an objection So stall it same thing. You want to welcome it. Oh my gosh. Thank you. I am so glad that you told me that And then you want to ask a question this pattern seemed familiar So if it’s I’m busy. Okay, when would be a better time or email me? Okay, you know perfect what information do you want me to email? What most people ask what’s your email address ask? What information do you want me to email? And then again you because they’re probably not really busy or probably don’t want you to email them It’s okay, you know in 30 seconds or less You know what had you interested in the first place or in 30 seconds or less? What has he thinking about moving and oftentimes? You ask that question you get them talking and then they just keep talking because they really weren’t busy They just wanted to get off the phone with you. Right Wow, and that’s using the the timeframe Is that really important to say in 30 seconds or less? Yeah, because you’re like, you know, I hear you I’m valuing your time, but the trick is if they say a second time, you know, actually I really am busy or actually Matt I am truly just not interested anymore. That that means they’re serious. Okay, perfect. Thank you so much Okay. Yeah. Yeah, so that that’s the key if they say it twice Cool. Just let him go But if they just say it once at the beginning follow the pattern in 30 seconds or less Get them talking and then just keep asking questions and by the end of it you’re having a five-minute combo Wow, that’s that’s awesome. You guys if you’re enjoying this make sure you comment hashtag value below So we’ve covered kind of scripting and language patterns Now we talked about self accountability and I’m sure this is extremely important as a si as well as most agents so especially for you guys you have a ton of Accountability built into your systems we do we do. We are a very accountability heavy team And it starts with our really strict production standards So like I said for ISAs that is 10 held appointments a month 5 must be listings and then there’s the leading indicators of 40 contacts a day You know one appointment set a day and then four outside sales agents It is for buyer side outside sales agents eight signed agent sees a month and four Contracts written two months. Okay and four listing agents. Oh, they just rewrote the standard I believe It’s 12 signed listings and ten contracts Maybe fifteen sign listings. They just rewrote that standard So I’m not sure 100% for listing side and that’s that’s the agents requirements. Is that right? That’s yeah, that is our minimum standard. So what that means is We always are working on a three-month rolling average. So it’s not like you don’t hit it a month and you’re gone But we’re always looking three months back to see what the previous three looked like If at any point, you’re below your minimum standard on a three-month rolling average. You’re moving into a month on a Performance growth plan and that very strictly outlines Your your schedule is a lot more compact you’re having to do more activities a Much stricter 15th protocol and if by the end of that month you are not back up to standard Typically, it is an exit conversation. Okay any 15th protocol? Yeah There’s an accountability tool. Yes. Yes, so a 15th protocol at the beginning of the month At first everyone on the team has a coach whether you are Haro our CEO or you know The the brand new is a and training every single person on the team has a coach. So you’re meeting with your coach typically the last Monday of the month you’re planning for the next month. So you’re talking through your goals We’re doing 15th protocol Usually for the stretch goal rather than the minimum standard because most people here are are hitting minimum standard and have Goals to you know, be 50 to 100 percent above it. I mean we have folks that double the minimum standard So we’re setting 15th protocol based off of their stretch goal And what that looks like is if by the 15th, you’re not at certain numbers agreed-upon by your coach Something is enacted so you may do an action You may do one call night a week for the rest of the month or as an ISA. We don’t typically work Saturday So we may come in and work a Saturday we also have Excuse me Protocol in the positive. So, you know say you have a goal of hitting 15 Held’s and on the 15th you’re already at 13 you may we may say okay if you’re already at you know X number you get to reward yourself by taking a day off and Not having to use a vacation day Yeah, or you know, you get to take a half day on such-and-such Friday So we try and do rewards like that Yeah, so that’s that’s 15th protocol Okay And so what are some of the things that you do as an ISA or as an agent to hold yourself accountable? to hitting your goals The money for a coach. Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. So We have several tools that we use for that. We use a tool called the four one one which is An account be accountability tool that tracks both Production and Personal items that we want to do, but if you talk about production you have a breakdown of your Annual goals kind of at the top of the page. So, you know, I want to do a hundred transactions this year Which means that you know, I need to take a hundred and twenty five clients And then it breaks it down to Monthly and then weekly so your weekly activities if I know I need to make a hundred Contacts this week set five appointments have four that hold and three that sign And you’re either checking, you know I did this or I Hit three out of four and then whatever you don’t hit rolls down to the next week So, you know your breakdown but when something’s not hit it increases the next week, so you’re never getting too far behind We also use just a really simple Excel tracker to track our numbers And I think even if you’re an individual agent, it’s really important for you to track your numbers so that you know where you are Agent I’d make an Excel spreadsheet and I would track my dials My contacts my appointment set held taken contracts written and closings we also track I’m gonna pull up my tracker in front of my face so I can see all the things we track and We also track Like the number of days that we’re here just just so you know, you know how many Business days. Were you here? How many did you take a vacation? So you really know how much you’re working in a year? We track how many people we added to our database how many new nurtures we found that day How many referrals you received how many referrals you sent how many business to business meetings you had? How many open houses you attended? How many doors you knocked on? How many doors did you talk with? How many appointments did you reschedule and then we have our conversions built in? but if you don’t have a way to If you’re not an Excel guru, and you don’t know how to build your conversions You can just do some simple division and figure those out So I would say hold yourself accountable By having tools to measure your weekly success And if you can’t afford a coach just ask someone in your life to hold you accountable Whether that’s a spouse or a friend in business that you really admire that you think would be good at holding you accountable Just ask someone and say hey Every Friday at the end of the week I’m gonna email you this Document that has all of my numbers and I’m just letting you know Like if you don’t get that from me like you need to bug me until I do And just see if there’s someone in your life that can help you with that don’t go out it alone Especially like on that is a mastermind group are a lot of different agent Facebook pages Like I’m sure there are plenty of peers. That would be happy to help hold you accountable as well Absolutely, and a lot of times they want the accountability in return. Yeah for sure for sure And that was something that I used to do with my script partners, you know Once in the talked we at the end of the talk, we would go over our numbers. Yeah replay, you know, that’s awesome How many appointments were set? How many were listed are you on track or not? Yep So we kept a really brief because obviously script partners you want to keep moving Yeah got a goal. But uh, no that that’s one of the things we did as well. Yeah, so I Guess what are what are some other things that you? Like to nerd out about as far as the language patterns the scripting self-accountability What are some of those other? Things that I haven’t have my notes here, I know right? Gosh I like I am such a nerd out just about tracking in general. So I’m gonna pick up my computer so y’all can see all of the trackers that we have up So I track everything and I have like posters because I love like there’s something so fulfilling about like writing in the name of my next closing or like crossing off when a new agency’s held I also have like my favorite scripts up on the wall. So Okay, hold on I’m gonna figure out how to make this work Alright so I Have so this is a fun contest I’m doing for myself You can see the wine bottles So for every 20 contacts I get I’m rewarding myself with something and I’m a big I’m a big wine like like nice Old-world red lover so when I get my contact metric, I reward myself with wine And then this pink poster right here or just in general. I Say you reward yourself with wine at the office or in general I heard you In general and Jara won’t mind me saying we’re we’re a very fun team like that’s just If you don’t follow the horror group on Instagram, all I do is win. Wednesday’s follow us. It’s amazing We have a lot of fun here. Okay, so then my pink is my closings tracker So I literally write people’s name when they go under contract. I cross them off I got some like trackers here that our agencies Held take and goal. So that’s all fun and then you can see above my desk Can you see there’s like? Everywhere on the back wall. We have a contest going on for the department. So one of the things that I Love to do and I get super passionate about in The sales department is contest because most sales people are really competitive So if you’re a single agent like find someone you know on a Facebook group that you can do a contest with but right now we’re doing a Personalized contest for everyone. So if if you’re 40% above your minimum standard With at least half of those being listings everyone gets a personalized prize. So like someone’s getting tickets to Bristol because they’re a huge NASCAR Fan we have someone that loves Like going out and like Charlotte or Atlanta like a big city, so he’s gonna get a night away One girl’s gonna get a shopping spree We have someone else that has like several family weddings and he’s new. So we’re gonna reimburse him for some of his airline expense. So, I’m super passionate about doing like little prizes in between especially for inside sales teams because Oftentimes your money is tied in to someone else So there’s little wins in between really. Keep you going And I think for I mean for outside sales as well, the cell cycle is really long So like keeping those little bursts we do some fun stuff at our sales meeting every Wednesday We do money bag polls so anyone that set an appointment a day gets to pull from a money bag and it’s anywhere from five to fifty dollars the most buyer Agencies taken get some money back pull most listing sign gets the money bag pull most is a held appointments get some money bag pull Any operations team member that brought a lead to the team that set an appointment money bag poll So we do little things like that and I’m super passionate of just about like fun Contests every month to keep the energy up. I think when you’re prospecting all day You have to do that. You have to be excited. We also play is a bingo. We have a bingo card Let’s see if I can find the bingo card here. It is a bingo, okay It’s so fun So I’m gonna hold it there for a second. So y’all can see it but um It’s just you know, baby on the way luxury buyer hung up on you Says I’ve sold homes before it’s like all of the things that you run into you Will do bingo and like the winner will get a like a $5 cutie treat, you know, like a slushie or you know Just something small, right? We also have a bell so Catherine will you ring the bell so our Listeners can hear the Bell. So anyone that sets an appointment Brings the Bell and then we have a gong Which is even louder so anytime you get a sign client or a contract you ring the gong? So we just keep things kind of fun and energized around here and it’s just that’s just one of the fun as far as I’m so passionate about all of that all the gamification, right is that Yeah, this is so fun You guys are on track to do you said earlier 400 and how many transactions four hundred and seventy something? Okay so you guys are on track to do four hundred and seventy something and this is and you’ve gone down in the number of people that work there and you’ve maintained that which is crazy because a lot of people right now are looking at Numbers going okay, you know I didn’t do more than last year what’s going on, right? But in this market the way that things are going most people a lot of teams even are doing fewer and fewer transactions over the past two to three years than normal so you guys maintaining and Dropping people off and becoming you know more profitable more effective. All of that is HUGE. Yeah. Yeah I think that that you know really speaks to the the high skill level of the prospecting on our team We are We are a prospecting team inside sales and outside sales everyone prospects for at least three hours a day And that’s just not something that we’re ever going to stop doing You know and when our agent count went down we didn’t lose Anyone in our database we weren’t getting any fewer leads. So it’s just more opportunity for each person to convert more And then we ultimately did hire more ISAs who are doing this full-time so it’s really been great for each individual on the team and I Mentioned earlier. I mean we are always looking for talent and and that in that process with other people But it’s been a it’s been really great to see the people we have here thrive through that change And they’re all gonna have their best years. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. And if anybody’s watching if you have more questions, Feel free to put those down in the comments also, hashtag live if you’re watching live hashtag replay if you’re watching the replay But any other questions put those down in the comments, we’ll try and get them I know we’re at 50 minutes. So we’ll try and wrap up here pretty quick. So You said you guys are always looking for more people and that could be in in are you guys expanding currently are you guys? So expansion is the long-term vision and right now we are Really devoted to the Greenville market and we want to have our systems running really smoothly here And work on rebuilding an amazing culture One of the things that we did when we went down an agent countlessly actually went up an Operations count which normally people you know, like have a heart attack when I say that because That’s not the norm to have as many ops as we do to agents But we just want our systems to be rock-solid so that when we do bring in the agents We have the systems to back it up and the support team to back it up I Have no idea where I was going with that Don’t worry no worries. I’m curious. So when a new lead comes in. Mm-hmm. What’s your your day? One look like your day one to the next couple days AB great questions. So obviously calling them within five minutes Don’t make a big difference. Yeah, because okay So most people are gonna be browsing on their phone, right? I mean, that’s how the majority of people browse the Internet these days So if you call them within five minutes or even better within 30 seconds, they still have that device in their hand They’re still engaged in that activity So you’re more likely actually catch them because they’re holding their phone and you’re more likely to have a great conversation because they’re still thinking about real estate Oh Speed the lead is absolutely key Let’s say we don’t get them on the phone We’re gonna leave a voicemail. We’re going to try and call them several times in that first day We’re gonna send two text messages and email. We’re gonna put them on a Alert based on the kind of property they were looking at or if it was a seller valuation based on their neighborhood or their zip code we’re gonna be emailing them some sort of data and then we’re we also have a 45 day qualify plan that sends a series of value-add emails and auto Populates all of our calls and texts Wow actually Auto sends all of our text for us. So that’s really nice Kathryn the database manager, she’s great She’s using to do that go down. Oh, it’s all through boomtown. Yeah all through boom town. They’ve made some recent Upgrades to boomtown and it’s doing some pretty amazing stuff So, yeah, I mean We’re really hammering them that first day and for 45 days We’re sticking with them and then if we haven’t Spoken with a lead and it’s not a call a day for 45 days by any means the first five days they are getting a call in a voicemail every single day for five days and what if they sound like so It depends the first voicemail is just your general you do want to tell them Who you’re with while you’re calling call me back by 5:00 today so we can talk about moving plans Then your next three voicemails are going to be some sort of value add voicemail. So whatever value ads you have personally That’s what your wanna that’s what you want to have in your voicemail and you want to switch them up a little so you don’t Always want to say hey, it’s Chelsea at the higher group You know, you’ll maybe you’ll go straight into your value add. Oh, by the way, it’s Chelsea at the higher group That little difference in pattern and is more like they’re more likely to stick with the voicemail So three value add voicemails and then your last one. I guess be really careful with your tone, but it’s the like Hey, I don’t know if you’re busy. Or maybe you’re just not interested But anyways, you call me back today by five o’clock, just so I know and that’s the kind of final ditch effort to get them and you’ll be surprised at how many people call back and like oh my Gosh, I’m so sorry I haven’t returned all your calls, or maybe they send you a text and they’re like, yeah, I’m not interested, right you know now But yeah, so we get we get a ton of response we were using a ten days of pain I think a lot of people are familiar with that it just had zero results So this new 45-day drip plan has really increased our conversion unqualified So we haven’t been doing it long enough for me to know the exact data But just the feeling is that we’re getting a lot more people out of qualify now. Oh, that’s awesome And when you say out of qualify, that’s kind of like an inside term. Yes Yeah, yeah So for us when I say qualify That means a lead that we have that we’ve attempted to contact but have never actually spoken with Right. We’re not sure what we’re not sure what to do with them I’ve never spoken with lead that we attempted to contact and so that would be kind of between the new and Interest that are not interested. Yep. Yeah, perfect. Perfect. And then so we’ve gone over language pattern we go over pattern interrupts Um, no, not really. I mean, I don’t know if there’s much to Did you on that do you use pattern interrupts? I? Mean, yeah, and I don’t say it. I wouldn’t say that I’m like passionate and like Super level ttan knowledge of all things pattern interrupt. Mm-hmm. Yeah, because that’s Those are always Interesting and I’ve heard some people say that they love them and some people say that they’ve just kind of ignore him and they stick To the language pattern like what you’re doing right there. Yeah. Yeah And it’s it’s just kind of it’s like the voice mail thing like some people have voiced and some people won’t leave voicemails at all we use the I Guess it’s a pattern like the opposite is reasonable. Like that’s kind of a pattern interrupt like You know, hey, a lot of people would stay renting like what has he thinking about buying a house? Every week we use them some better and that was that one you referred to just now it’s the opposite The opposite is reasonable. So you say Whatever they think you’re gonna say, you’re actually going the opposite to put them Subconsciously on the defensive but not in a way to make them argue. Okay The opposite is reasonable. So awesome Yeah, like most people would be looking on Amazon today. What has you out driving around looking at houses or you could have been? Online shopping for clothes. Why did you log into our website? That’s awesome and now does that work for the most part really well most people laughs and they’re like, oh yeah Well, tell you why why they’re doing what they’re doing. Well, it’s great because it throws them off their guard, right? So they’re planning on like I’m just gonna tell them I’m not interested thing And then also you throw something in there and they actually have to think about it It’s like yeah, that’s the whole point of a pattern interrupt. Mm-hmm. Exactly. So We’ve got a couple minutes left I guess what are some of your parting thoughts or anything that you would leave any agents watching this with to? maybe use as an actionable step or something to learning scripts or being more accountable or like learning language patterns other than Is a mastermind group? Yeah. It’s a great group So I would say if you’re not tracking your numbers just start tracking your numbers tomorrow Or better yet start tracking them today Just build a simple spreadsheet and make sure that you just track them Build it into your routine every single day Because that’s just how you’re going to increase your business because if you don’t know what you’ve done You don’t know what you need to do and you won’t know how you’ve grown. So start tracking your numbers Find scripts that work and just memorize them and Lean in to the funkiness that you’re gonna feel at the beginning because everyone has that thought of oh, this doesn’t sound like me and That’s okay because the people that wrote them sold thousands and thousands of homes And most likely if you aren’t using scripts yet, you’re not at that level yet and by using that script you can get there and Hyerin is a hyerin is a they’re just amazing leverage Good you hire is your first hire? Could they be an admin? Is a or does it have to be a direct is a or can you hire part-time is a I mean? What are your options there? Yeah, I mean, I think you could definitely hire a part-time is a I Don’t know if the personality type for an is a and an admin or an assistant would necessarily Be the same So, you know You may find that they’re gonna burn out on one end of the spectrum Usually an is a is a little more sales minded So if you have the expectation of okay, you’re gonna be is a slash admin and no admin It’s not your thing, but like do it for six months We can increase my business and then replace that end or the other way around hire someone that’s admin brain Is that hey? I know that the phone’s thing may you know not be your favorite If you can just stick with me and help me increase my business so I can hire a full-time one of those You know, we’ll get you out. I think it could work ASA’s, do you have to have the ability to do some systems things because they’re Putting appointments in the system. They’re taking down a lot of data. They’re doing confirmation. They’re doing follow-up there in the database a lot So there’s probably some crossover Obviously, you know probably want to hire an assistant before you hire an isa Because you need someone to help handle all of the business before you can go crazy and increase the business There may be a great second hire You know to get you ramped up to hire your first buyer’s agent Make sense make sense and like you said when you bring in the ISA you’re bringing in more business So yeah, that’s certainly a cost. There’s much of an investment right? It’s definitely an investment. I would say The average ramped up time for an isa we found is about six months They can be setting appointments You know the first week that they’re on the phone, but for them to really be firing at a hundred percent capacity Rockin and rollin feeling confident setting that one to two appointments a day does take about six months So just expect their return to be a little delayed especially with a longer sales cycle Just know about month 6 and since we’re going in this in this direction What does an is a typically cost or what are what is the investment for an is a initially? Um So I’ll speak for what our team does we We believe that the way to retain great talent is to pay them well And we want career ISAs And the way to have a career is a is to make sure that they can make as much as an agent So when they are in their first 90 days They are sort of on Their auditioning for a role in our team. I Didn’t use the word probation But you know They’re there We’re seeing if they’re gonna be a fit and be able to do to role so their base salary is a little smaller. They’re at $24,000 and then they get a flat fee bonus for closings of three hundred and fifty dollars They’re required to get licensed during that 90 days Once they pass that, you know 90 day point. We increased the base salary to thirty thousand dollars and then they’re getting 10% on each side buyers and seller at close so first year you can expect an ISA to make fifty thousand then 75 then a hundred plus by year three, so yeah, yeah it you’re gonna have someone stay with you if they know that that that’s a possibility for them that they can have a Six-figure income in three years. Yep. And so what are some of the things that you look for in an ISA? When you’re hiring and I know you’re very big on the disc profiles as well. So you can yeah So we we’ve kind of gone all over the board now with disc profiles We used to we used to hire kind of an agent disc profile the the DI ir ID now i’m looking more for I with some level of s Because of the follow up in the steadiness and I want to retain them here and I think the higher d’s tend to want to move out and become agents really quickly So i’m looking for a high level of AI because I wanted to love talking to people With some s I certainly would wouldn’t turn away An ID or even an I was with a little bit of C that I is just really important, but I think for us We’re just looking for a track record of success We typically don’t hire people that have been in real estate. We don’t even hire people with a sales background I was a theater major Who had been working for a financial planning firm? But we just look at the track record of success we look at how they show up to interviews how they communicate and I Think when there are those indicators you’re going to have a good person I’ve heard of a lot of teams that will just Put them on the phone or do like a script practice it somehow they dive into things. I think that’s a fantastic idea Yeah great to see whether or not somebody can jump in there or Even a role play if you don’t want to get them on the phone Even a role play can make a huge difference and I think just setting good expectations of like you are going to be on the phone all day and your job is Absolutely integral to the business like you support the agents you support the operations team if they understand that they’re more than a telemarketer that they are the lifeblood of an organization you’re going to hire great talent because People want to be important and they want to see the difference that they’re drop makes and I feel like an inside sales agent. I Mean, that’s shit. That’s the role on the team that gets everything spinning and going Yeah and it can make so much difference because like I think we talked about I run Facebook Ads for a lot of agents and The difference between an agent being able to convert and not being able to convert is whether or not they can be on the phone And if they’re doing three deals a month four deals a month, it’s tough for them to respond to those leads quickly Yeah, the agents who have is a is we see a higher conversion rate right off the bat? Yeah, and it doesn’t much I mean we’re talking what two closings a month and it it pays for itself And everything one on top of that is boss Yep So, yeah, it’s uh, and you went over that I and the D and do you mind really quick? Just going over the di SC sure absolutely so the the D is Is the the dominance? It is oh Gosh, I wish I had my disc chart around you I’m gonna I’m gonna just totally botch this but DC is for dominance I is influenced So the the people person s is is steadiness and C is compliance So I S is the largest majority of the population If you talk to someone on the phone like the highest likely disc profile that they have is s C think of your engineers, I Think of the person that is gonna talk to talk your ear off and D is the person that’s just short straight to the point Sometimes may come across as a little bit of a asshole. Yeah I’m Heidi. Yeah, I’m very nice But they’re you know, just quick to the point, right? Okay. So with the the is that you were talking about earlier you’re looking for something is that the talkative person who also has that? steadiness Yeah because I want them to nurture and stick with people and be okay with follow-up and be Okay with a long ramp up process that we have and be okay with our slower sales cycle in this business And I want them to be content as an is a in this department and to love it and just stick with this role yeah, and that’s something that you’re not necessarily going to get out of the really Heidi it seems like their their first thought is like Wait, how much did the agent just make I’m gonna go be an agent. Yeah. Yeah, right. Yep. Absolutely So better they want to jump on expires. Yeah Wow, so how long are people in the program before they get to touch expires and stuff like that? So first 30 days all you get are archive leads and you get the circle prospect We just want to see you dive in there do the grunt work learn how to create nurtures find nurtures And just talk to people like we would rather you screw up on a random Call than with a super hive how you lead. That’s just your time to learn and make a messy sauce and get better Then after you pass her 30 days you get access to for sale by owners both new and old and then you get Depending on how the month falls I’m one to two on-call slots where you’re receiving Inbound leads and that’s going to be towards the end of that and You also have to do another scrip to check off for sign calls that comes after that first script check off and then your last 90 days you get access to Expired both new and old and seller valuation leads. Okay, and then We also assign inbound leads based on production So, you know typically when you’re new like that 90 days you may get three or four slots And then after that after you pass your ninety days you have access to all leads. You’re just a normal rotation based on production Awesome. Yeah Well, I mean, thank you so much for being here We’re already over an hour and I want to keep you too long because we did go up ever on this stuff. Yeah But yeah, so thank you so much for being here. We totally appreciate all the information you’ve brought to us It’s been awesome. I added you to the group so you can see this later. Perfect. Thanks. Well remind everybody They can check out a lot of this sort of stuff in the is a mastermind group in facebook. Yeah, awesome Thanks for having me. Oh, thank you. And we don’t follow her on Instagram. Yeah, do it do it. So awesome Well, thanks again. Thank you Okay That awkward part where we

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