Chase Reiner’s Stockpile SEO Method

By | August 15, 2019

what’s up SEO pros my name is chase reiner and today I’m going to show you what the stockpile SEO method is now the stock pile SEO method is something that I created that works really well and I didn’t necessarily create this in the sense that this is something that people haven’t been doing already but i did create this term and it is something that is working really well for me so what this is it’s basically getting a bunch of videos pre-made or content really made for a later date and time so you can see right now i’m trying to rank a bunch of stuff for 2017 when the current date is 2016 so I’m making all these guides to 2017 local SEO guide 717 social media marketing guide and I’m starting to get all these different rankings for these guys so if we type in something like facebook marketing 2017 you’ll see i’m making for a video there right there and then also for a bunch of other stuff so the reason why this works so well is because you’re getting these rankings before everyone else is going for them so when people actually go and start searching for these things when 2017 hits or even if you’re going to be going for later month or even later Dave you start getting those users signals whether it be for google or on for youtube or any real search engine and so what that does is you start getting better rankings right off the bat and you have more chances of creating links in the in early on getting shares getting us user signals and user intent signals sent to your posts so this is something that works really well and i even did it on google organically last year 4 2016 11 jun 2015 i started ranking for SEO tips and 16 early on and now and it was easier to rank in for that when I kept doing SEO even though I i ended up stop doing that after a while but i definitely encourage you guys to start trying to do stockpile SEO i’m in terms of anything that you guys might be doing 444 something that’s like newsworthy or related to a date and and these days there’s a lot of things that are related to date that people want up-to-date information on so i hope you guys like the stockpile SEO method if you have any comments about it what you think sure to leave those in the description are in the description in the comments and if you like this video make sure to give it a thumbs up we’ll see you guys in the next video

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  1. Jake Goss-Kuehn Post author

    I'm doing this right now, just got to the point too much to edit, shucks.


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