Changes to Community Guidelines Strikes – Burning Questions

By | November 9, 2019

Wait, the YouTube
strike system is changing? Why? Is this for copyright strikes
or Community Guidelines strikes? Is it true you now get an
initial warning before you get penalised? Hey, it’s Matt from YouTube,
back to help answer your burning questions. This time, around the latest changes to how we give strikes to channels
that violate our Community Guidelines. Let me try to boil it down for you
with some quick questions and answers. So, what’s changing with
Community Guidelines strikes on YouTube? Starting on February 25th, 2019 there’ll be a new
one-time warning for your first violation with no penalties, except
for the removal of that piece of content. We’re making this change because
we know a lot of first strikes are accidental people aren’t purposely
trying to break the rules they just haven’t had time
to review our policies. A warning gives you a chance
to pause and make sure you understand it before there are any
consequences to your channel. Another thing that’s new is that
all strikes will now have the same penalty regardless of the type of content,
like playlists, live streams, and thumbnails. And we’ll have more detailed
resources, emails, and new notifications to keep you up to date on what’s going on. So, why did YouTube make changes
to the Community Guidelines strike system? We’ve heard a lot of feedback from you about how we can
make the strike system work better. You wanted clear explanations
of our policies, consistent enforcement and transparency about
the impact of a strike on your channel. These changes, and this video,
are trying to do just that. What happens
when I get a Community Guidelines strike? After the warning, a first strike
would result in a 1-week temporary freeze meaning you wouldn’t be able
to post any new content to YouTube. Each strike will remain on your channel
for 90 days before it expires. If it’s your second strike,
the freeze would be for 2 weeks. If it’s a third strike in a 90-day window,
your channel would be terminated. If I have an existing strike on my channel,
will I still get a one-time warning? Yeah, in the new system,
everyone will receive a warning the next time
they violate the Community Guidelines. What exactly does it mean
not to be able to post anything when I get a strike? You can still comment in live chat,
but you wouldn’t be able to upload anything including videos, live streams, Stories,
custom thumbnails, and Community posts. When do these changes go into effect? This update starts on February 25th, 2019. It’ll include clear emails and notifications
to give you the details about the strike. You can see
if you already have active strikes in your YouTube Creator Studio. Do I get warnings for copyright strikes, too?
Or is this only for Community Guidelines? This is only
for Community Guidelines, not copyright. Community Guidelines
and copyright strikes are separate and they actually work off separate systems. Community Guidelines
are YouTube’s own “rules of the road” for using our platform. In the case of copyright violations,
when we get a copyright takedown request we take the upload down
because we’re required to by law. Then we issue a copyright strike,
even if it’s the first time. I’m a live streamer. Does the
90-day freeze on live streaming still exist? We heard from lots of you
that this was too harsh. So we shortened
the 90-day live stream restriction. Now, following a warning, the first strike
results in a 1-week temporary freeze on the ability to upload
to YouTube, including live streams. My warning or strike was incorrect.
What can I do? You can appeal,
and our policy team will take another look. See the link in the description of this video
for more information on what to do. What if I appeal and it turns out I’m right?
Do you erase my strike? Yeah, if we find that your video
did not violate our Community Guidelines we’ll reinstate it, and remove
the warning or strike from your channel. You’ll hear back via email
as soon as we review your appeal. Alright, I hope you found this helpful. Learn more about strikes at our Help Center,
linked in the description of this video. Make sure you subscribe
to the official Creators channel for updates and weekly videos
on growing your channel. Thanks for your time.

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