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By | August 25, 2019

SEO Marketing Experts at Central Coast Digital
Design in San Luis Obispo, CA. Contact them at (805) 234-5431. We are currently searching
SEO Companies in San Luis Obispo. Notice that Central Coast Digital Design is at the #1
position on Google. Our general promotional video on YouTube is at #2, concurrently. Now
we are looking up SEO Services San Luis Obispo, another highly competitive SEO keyword that
has brought Central Coast Digital Design many leads from both Google and YouTube. Notice
that our home page rests at the #2 position, while our SEO Services page is, of course,
#1. Our next keyword being displays is “San Luis Obispo SEO Experts.” Can you guess who
is #1? It’s out website’s SEO page. Now again, our YouTube promotional video is supporting
our SEO Marketing and proof of performance, by resting at #2. No other local company is
taking the top 2 spots from Central Coast Digital Design for our target keywords. At
least not for the most lucrative keywords that actually generate sales for our world-class
Marketing Company in San Luis Obispo, CA. Did you know that Central Coast Digital Design
is the FIRST and ONLY Google Adwords Qualified Individual and Bing Accredited Professional
in San Luis Obispo County? We’re able to diaply the prowess we have over any SEO obstacle
by ranking #1, #2, and #5 concurrently for this SLO City Pay Per Click Management keyword.
Wondering who the best seo company in San Luis Obispo is? Just Google it! Notice that
we rank #1 and our video SEO services brought our promotional video up to the #2 position.
Local SEO Companies in SLO is our next keyword on display. A #1 ranking is good enough. And
really all we need. With 30+ local SEO Companies and even more self-professed experts in SLO
County, I’m sure you’ll understand that it might take us a few more weeks to also gain
the #2 position with the video you’re watching now, or perhaps our traditional promotional
video, as is the custom. eCommerce SEO Solutions keywords are very, very lucrative keywords.
All the SLO County Marketing Companies know this. And yet, despite all the SEO power in
this area, there can only be one that ranks atop the rest. You guessed it. Central Coast
Digital Design. You’re full service and problem solving eCommerce Solutions provider. For
the keyword that shows how important our Google certifications are, we only highlighted the
top 2 results because this video is of lower quality (we spend too much time serving our
clients and making things perfect for them to worry about our own video quality). Now
we show you how to contact Central Coast Digital Design and give you a snap shot of what our
online profile looks like. Now we cut to a cool looking logo and graphical arts that
we like to think might make you trust our abilities to display your brand in a way that
makes you proud. Thanks for viewing! Feel free to call us or shoot and email when you
visit www.CentralCoastDigitalDesign.com

11 thoughts on “Central Coast Digital Design | SEO Services in San Luis Obispo

  1. Justin Morgan Post author

    I'm pleased with this video.  Although the screen shots are a bit choppy, and the graphics leave something to be desired, it's a good first try.  The point of the video is to show our prowess over local SEO.  Regardless of the low quality of the video, I think the point was made.  How does everyone like the intro and outro logos?

  2. Clay Van Schoyck Post author

    The intro/outro is good. It is not too long and the overall quality looks professional enough. The ending and switch to the outro was a bit abrupt. I would have liked to see the music and video fade out slow. It would imply there is a lot more to see and would not be so jolting.

  3. Tyler Gross Post author

    Looks great. Very professorial. I do need to agree with Clay. It would have been better if the music and video would fadeout slower.

  4. Justin Morgan Post author

    Central Coast Digital Design needs your input on this video.  IF you can please provide a suggestion on how we could make it better, Central Coast Digital Design will donate $10 to any non-profit cause of your choosing.  This would apply to all your friends, too!  So get some friends to comment here with helpful tips on how we can make this video better in the eyes of business Owners who want to gain more visibility online.  It's fun and fast and well worth it!

  5. Rainey Offield Post author

    I feel that there could have been a better option to choose from when it comes to the music. Also, I think that there could have been more editing/transitions to make it more pleasing to the eye and different from the rest. I did enjoy the way everything was typed and google searched, but I think it could have been tweaked a little more to have a little bit of variety. Other than that, I thought it was a good idea and I can see the effort everyone put into this video. 🙂

  6. Bonita Ernst Post author

    For me just way too much stuff to read. Sorry, you didn't sell me. Open was the best part.

  7. Andrew Anderson Post author

    Great examples of your work but its just to long. You have a max of 45 second attention span. Also it would be good to see some passionate owners. 

    Also the music didn't transition which thru me off. 

  8. SLO Stoked Post author

    Besides the abrupt transitions mentioned already… It's hard to pay attention to what's on screen and read the subtitles at the same time. Maybe consider using a voice-over so the viewer can watch your graphics and screen-grabs more closely. I also like the idea of having the owners or a spokesperson onscreen, for at least a portion of it anyway. Great content for demonstrating your abilities at SEO though! Impressive results!

  9. Justin Morgan Post author

    Please visit www.centralcoastdigitaldesign.com/seo to learn how you can earn $10k in just a few Google searches for "SEO Services San Luis Obispo" and "Search Engine Optimization."

  10. Rosy Heart Post author

    Change Soundtrak: it's cold…not very inviting/appealing; maybe a V/O;  a warm, resonant voice…also way too much to read; find a different way to present it; I know I know I'm old school but most edits, these days, look Choppy/bouncy/silly,cliches with subliminals , to me;  jump cuts are the rage with LOTS of EFX- but the substance/the message,  gets buried under…Are You looking for Artists, or clients? Both, it seems…Since You're on the Coast, do Inspired Pre-production; developing your Concept(s) in a Beautiful (Visual Way) with a Soundtrack , that invites one in…Over-all critique, Amigo, it's just  too cold/industrial, machine-like; Humanize it…i.e. warm it up.  Who is your audience? You need a more Artistic Vision to start with, methinks…Cheers.

  11. Life2Essence Post author

    I know your secret but won't post here. If you're looking for an SEO expert who can build sites and lead gen sites with callout number, mobile responsive let me know. Computer tech, graphic design tech and SEO tech, PBN builder for traffic. 🙂


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