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By | September 3, 2019

In this clip I’ll explain what is SEO for Youtube, How does this SEO help you make views and, implicitly, subscribers, And we start right now. If you’re interested in tricks or tips to help you dominate Youtube and Google, I invite you to subscribe to this channel. Hello I’m Ionut from Meps.ro, welcome to a new clip. SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, In our case, we optimize videos for Youtube, because Youtube is also a search engine, Second, at this time, after Google, and is also owned by Google. SEO has a very important role in clip life, without SEO this clip will not develop completely, But not in the sense that you think, That is, by doing a proper SEO we do not position ourselves as higher as possible in search, By doing a proper SEO we are not very often suggested on clips, So self-standing SEO has only one role, to tell Youtube about what’s on your video. Why do I say it can not be done without SEO? Because if you want to get into a direct fight with other clips, on a certain niche, for certain keywords You really have to tell Youtube what it is about your video. If Youtube does not know, it will not even add you in that fight. So you lost from the beginning. Without a correct title, without a correct description and without proper tags, That clip will not exist. If you did the SEO correctly. then you’ll get into the game, Very important are the thumbnails we’ve been talking about and the titles that will attract the click, And then, in the end, the very important things, the average view duration and the total watch time, But I repeat, without SEO you will not enter through this gate, you will not enter this fight, So you did everything correctly if you did not tell Youtube what your clip is about. So you actually talk to Youtube through this SEO and tell it: I want you to position my video for this and that, And then, depending on the quality of the clip, you will position yourself above or below in searches and suggested clips. The first thing, in terms of SEO, you need to consider, It’s the title of the clip. It must contain the keywords for which you want to position yourself in searches, Or do you want to be suggested by Youtube, You can not start a SEO optimization without title. Youtube recommends that those keywords that interest you, The words you want to be searched for on Youtube, you want to be known on Youtube, To be at the beginning of the title, After that, add Let’s say you have episodes, “episode 1” will be the end, Let’s say you are doing a series of games, Say what keyword you want to position yourself, after which, at the end, add the series name, Because if you add the name of the series to the beginning, Youtube will think you want to be positioned After the series name, You will end up battling an extremely difficult keyword, And, most of the times, being a channel at first, you’ll have no chance. The second factor that you need to keep in mind is the description. So do not leave any clip without description, The description also should contain the keywords you want to position yourself in search, Also, to be in correlation with the title and subject of the clip, The text in the description must not be very large, Keep in mind that many people do not even read the description, The description should be for the search engine, Also, do not forget that this description will be read by Google, So , you will receive views from Google,also, I repeat, Youtube is owned by Google, so it has all the interest to promote videos from Youtube, So keep in mind this, after the title optimize the description. Another very important factor in optimizing Youtube videos is tagging. Tags are those words or groups of words, Which you can put after you’ve made the video, They must be in direct relation with the title and in direct relation to the description. Do not use tags if they are not related to these two things and at the same time with the video, Because you are considered to be in violation of Youtube rules, and you may even get a strike, Which can also cause the channel to be closed, So you use tags only if they are directly related to the title, description and video content, In order not to receive a penalty. If you’ve gotten untill here, let’s tell you a secret about optimizing Youtube videos. Do not forget to add closed caption in the language you made the video, Because that closed caption will be read by Youtube, To better understand what your video is about. So if you want to get your video up, if you want to understand Youtube about what’s on your video, Also add a closed caption, It’s a tip that few know, but if you’re one of the loyal subscribers to this channel, You just found out and you can put it into practice. If you’re interested in tricks or tips to help you dominate Youtube and Google, I invite you to subscribe to this channel. Also, do not forget to tap the bell for notifications to get information Whenever I post a new video that you are surely interested in, And until next time I wish you a nice SEO.

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    Daca vrei sa stii cum se aleg tagurile pentru un clip Youtube, ca sa iti aduca succes, urmareste clipul: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdCXz2nhLxI

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    Cred că este cel mai util video al tău!Mersi mult!

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    Cred ca ar fi ceva interesant daca ai vorbii descpre # .. Are vreo importanta pe youtube, sau nu are? Cum se folosesc corect si cu ce ajuta .. Poti face un clip despre asta?

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    Salut?Like-urile au loc în algoritm?


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