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By | January 17, 2020

Did you get to see the test results? That was brought to me by your son. I was never interested in whether you
were my father or not from the beginning. So let me ask you this. Where is Yoo Ae-yeon? I must know why she was mistaken. And if she wasn’t mistaken, I must know
what motivated her to kill my mother. I need some time too. Please give me some time to
figure out the whole situation. Why are you doing this all of a sudden? You even signed the document. I signed it as you told me because of the
pressure from the shareholders’ meeting. But I feel like I should
see her at least once. See her at least once? You treated her as if she
was invisible for many decades. And now you want to see her? She’s become like that because of me. I can’t possibly ignore her. You’ve always been like that. You always managed to escape yourself. Just as if you didn’t do anything wrong. Even when you first married into this family, you put on an act as
if you hated joining my family. But in the end, it was your own
choice to be a part of our family. You always pretended to be a victim even
though you were busy fulfilling your greed. And now you want to pretend
like you are a good husband? I’ll decide whether to get my
daughter out of there or not. I’ve always been the real
protector of my daughter. Not you but me. How are you any different from me? People like us who started
from nothing are all the same. Either we rely on our
wives’ money, or we steal it. At least I won’t rely on my own child. Where is Ae-yeon? Do you remember her? Yes, the woman who was
carried away in an ambulance! She woke me up from
my nap with her screams! She was resisting two men by her sides
who were trying to put her in the ambulance. She was resisting? Yes. Maybe she was hospitalized against her will. That can’t be. Forced hospitalization requires at least
the consent of her two family-members. Dear sponsor… Because you sent me to the English Village,
I experienced many new things. I had a great trip thanks to you. Now I have memories to cherish. I’ve received your books. I really like them. In conclusion, thank you. I got into law school. I leave here tomorrow. Thank you very much for everything so far. I found it. Did you really find it? I did. You’ve really found it! Well done! Please tell me again. What am I supposed to do? Go make one copy of this. With the opposite result. Of course, you’ll have to
manipulate the testers too. Geez, Yoo Moon-bae! So you want me to counterfeit
the DNA test result? You want the test result to show that
Kim Ji-yong is Shin Ji-il’s son. And are you going to show
the fake result to your daughter? This is the only way I can get Ae-yeon
to support me before the election. I can’t let her cut off my campaign
money over her stupid husband. Instead, you need to promise me to
take care of me once you get elected. Don’t worry about that. Just get your job done perfectly. So, in the end, even Yoo Ae-yeon
got tricked by her father? And now she’s locked up in a mental hospital. This is it? The reason why my mother died? Hello, Lieutenant Seo. Long time no see. I knew we’d meet again someday. Take every piece of information you can! Go through every cabinet and drawer! Yes, sir! Search there! What are you doing? What are you doing right now? Haven’t you heard?
I’m the new prosecutor on the case. Of course that also means the
investigation team has changed. All thanks to your passion, Lieutenant Seo. What are you talking about? Why is the investigation team changing? You hid away an important piece of evidence
from the prosecutors and lost it. And you just investigated on your own
without getting the prosecutors involved! Did you think everything
will be okay after all this? Who do you think we are? No, who do you think we are? We found that piece of evidence
after 11 years, we didn’t hide it. We didn’t lose it, we got robbed. They robbed it from us while Detective Park
was trying to protect it with his life! That’s enough, Detective Eo. Why, Detective? This doesn’t make any sense. We gave everything we found to them. But who tried to bury this case
without further investigation? They’re the reason why we
started our secret investigation! What’s in there? Open the door! Yes, sir. Dae-goo! What is he doing? You’re not going to use all
these even after taking them. Stop it! Stop it at once! Do you want to get arrested? Arrested? Hey, stop it, now. Who the heck is that man? This is driving me crazy. Like bosses like subordinates! I think you should leave. Be quiet. We’ll leave when we need to leave. Do we have everything? We haven’t searched that room yet. We’re done for the day. We’ll be back, so I’ll be expecting your
full cooperating next time. If you don’t want your subordinates to be
punished for hiding important evidence. And Lieutenant Seo… The audit team will be here soon. Have fun getting audited. Where are you going? Step aside. I’m quitting. You can’t, Dae-goo. I said I’m quitting. I don’t want to be such a
powerless cop anymore! Dae-goo! Just try to forget this one more time, okay? For how long?
How much more? You can’t go like this, Dae-goo! – Let go of me!
– Please… Let go of me. Don’t hold it back. You shouldn’t hold it back. Don’t hold it back. You’ll fall sick if you keep holding back. So don’t do it anymore. Do you think you can get to
the very bottom of this case? Do you or not? I’ll get to the bottom of it no matter what. How about all of you? I will. I’ll discover the truth. I can do it. Okay, then we must do it. But… You must follow me regardless of whatever
I do and whichever decisions I make. Have you forgotten? I’m Seo Pan-seok, the Legend. Is this Mr. Park at the Joong Ang Daily? May I speak to Ms. Lee
at the Dong Won Daily? Good afternoon, I’m calling from
the Gangnam Police Station. Today, the Prosecutor’s Office released its preliminary report on the investigation
of the death of the police chief. We’ve concluded that this case is a
murder disguised as a car accident… This was perpetrated by Mrs. Yoo, the same suspect from the
Masan School Nurse murder case. We’re focusing on collecting more evidence
and witnesses to support our indictment. They’re accusing Yoo Ae-yeon as predicted. As predicted, of course. Without any mistake. Let’s continue with our work. Yes, sir. What kind of major
announcement are they making? Are they going to lift our press embargo? They might talk about
something completely new. Maybe something related to a celebrity. Is this the only way, Pan-seok? It’s not too late to look for other ways. I really don’t think this is the solution. How do I look? Pan-seok… I’m afraid I won’t be able to maintain
the Police Code of Ethics today. The reason why I’m resigning today is
to get someone else to resign too. Some might say justice is dead in this land. You pretend to be a reliable politician… This is a plot against me! How could you kill a person like that? I’ll prove my innocence at all cost. Are you still a human being? There’s nothing you can do even though it’s unfair. I’ll kill you!

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    What a father commissioner Yoon is using and ruining his daughter because of his political ambition and in the midst of it he ruined another family


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