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By | January 18, 2020

I couldn’t be a doctor anymore
after that. Anyways, I didn’t really desire to be a doctor from the beginning, and
I couldn’t handle it anymore. And I wanted to become
a detective all of a sudden. I thought my brother will be able
to forgive me if I become a detective. My brother always wanted
to become a detective. That’s it! Gook, should we eat some
Asian melons? I want regular melons. I like it too. You must be tired by now,
why don’t you lie down, Tae-il? Can you put his bed down, Dae-goo? Yes. Do you want to watch TV? Sure. Careful with the knife, Soo-sun. Hwa-young liked him a lot, but
Ji-il was also very fond of her. By the way, what’s your father like? I thought you went to the restroom. The guys will be looking for us. What is it? Let me borrow this first. It’s nice, quite cushy. Hey. What? You’re fatter than you look. What?
What are you talking about? You’ve passed the first test. Can I take a nap? Sure. Thanks. Hey, what did your father look like? My father? He was warm, funny, and clumsy. The best dad that I could ever ask for… He was someone that I miss more
and more every day. Why are you asking? Just… Are you sure? Yes. Just because. I heard you’re here to see me. Let’s have a seat. So, what brings you here? Do you know this woman? You did some volunteer work
with her 27 years ago. How… Ms. Kim Hwa-young is my mother. Have you ever heard of the Masan School Nurse murder case
from 11 years ago? I have never heard of it. My mother, Kim Hwa-young,
was the one killed in that case. What? At the crime scene, there was a pendant that is believed to
belong to the murderer. And it has been proven that the pendant belongs to your wife,
Yoo Ae-yeon. I’d like to know why her pendant
was present at the crime scene… And why you’re right next to my
mother in that old picture. That’s why I wanted to see you. Could you please explain these to me? I’m sorry, but I have prior engagements.
I’ll call you soon. Can I have your contact information? You… How old are you? I am 26 this year. I see. I’ll call you soon. I am here to ask some money
to my father. That’s my father! Bye! What’s the matter with him? That Cool Guy? Is he here to see my dad? Cool Guy… No. Father first. Long time no see, Mr. Cho. I found the pendant. But it seems like it doesn’t
belong to your boss. It’s Yoo Ae-yeon’s pendant. The daughter of Congressman
Yoo Moon-bae. Yoo Ae-yeon also struck my mother’s
head with a vase that night. Am I wrong? But why? Am I perhaps the son of Shin Ji-il? Right? This had nothing to do with your boss
from the beginning. It was not for revenge. Hey, kid. Please don’t dig any deeper. At this rate, you and I will both
be dead. Do you think that’ll stop me? How do you think I feel coming
here today? Let me ask you again. Did Yoo Ae-yeon kill my mom because she was afraid that her husband
might be my father? We’re done here. Mr. Cho, you killed my mother. But there is no one else who can tell
me the truth about that day! I am begging you. Please tell me the truth about that day. Mr. Cho!
Cho Hyung-chul! What… You don’t see me as
a person anymore? No matter how graceful you pretend
to be, you can’t trick me, you sly man! You seem pretty drunk.
You should go to sleep. Anyhow, you’re the one who chose
to walk into this hellhole. You made the choice to come here! That’s enough! Aren’t you sick of this? Aren’t you tired of this? Dad, did you see the Cool Guy
yesterday? What guy? That guy who came to
arrest mom the other day. Detective Eun Dae-goo. Didn’t you have coffee with
him yesterday? What is he talking about? I ran into him at my building. I just said hello because I remembered
him from when he visited the house. I’ll get going then. Sure. Were they together for a while? What did they talk about? I don’t know.
I only saw them leaving. Why do you look so surprised? Have you caused trouble again? No, I haven’t. Just eat. [11 Years Ago] No, I’ve been doing well. You don’t have to worry about me. That’s good to hear. What a coincidence
to run into you here! It has been 15 years, right? I know. I hoped to never run into you like this. I’ll get going.
Goodbye. Hwa-young! Is it you, Ji-yong? How dare you look at me straight
in the eyes! Did you think I’d never find you if
you hide away like this? How dare you give birth to and
raise my husband’s son? You’re still rude just like in the past. What did you say? Ji-yong’s not his son. He’s my son. Ji-yong has nothing to do
with your husband. So please leave. Ji-yong will be home anytime soon. You want to die, don’t you? I kept my promise to you. I never saw your husband again,
ever since that day 15 years ago. I never tried to contact him either. So you must keep your promise
to me too. You promised me to never show up
in front of me like this again! Please leave. I’ll say it again. Ji-yong’s not your husband’s son. I’ll never see your husband
again until I die. It’ll never happen.
So you can rest assured. And please don’t ever come
visit me again. Dad… I think I killed a person.

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    Park Tae il story move me to tears what happened was an accident but then he chose to live for his brother dream


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