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By | January 20, 2020

Yes, sir. Hey! Joong-taik, long time no see! Hi! I heard that you have
been to Brazil. Right? You haven’t changed at all! It’s been awhile. I heard that you caught the killer
of the School Nurse case. Great job. I’m actually here to ask you
something about that case. Yes, he briefed me on the way here. So a high school girl came the
day after the incident. The girl said she saw
a guy chasing after Kim Ji-yong. The guy with a scar behind his ear. But he didn’t seem to
know anything about it! There is no record of her testimony. I did think it was weird after
getting the phone call… I did write it down on a piece of paper
after hearing her story… And gave that piece of paper to
someone to pass it to our boss. But… I don’t remember to whom
I gave that piece of paper to. I’ve been trying to
remember since last night, but it’s just a big blur. Why don’t you give it one last try? If someone hid that information from us, that means there was an accomplice
within the police force! Yes, I almost got fired because
the pendant disappeared also! That’s already 11 years ago. I even forgot about the girl’s
testimony until last night. Do you really remember nothing? I tried to remember the
whole night in vain. But please do keep trying to remember. If you remember anything,
however small, give me a call. You’ve been working very hard,
Detective Seo! It must be difficult for you
since it involves Cho Hyung-chul! So how’s Chief Kang doing? Yes, she’s doing well. A witness for Kim Ji-yong? Yes, but Pan-seok isn’t
answering his phone. He’s probably extremely busy. Give me that, I’ll pass it along. I see. Here you go. It was Chief Kang! Chief Kang took that
piece of paper from me! Chief Kang Seok-soon? Yes. As I was getting up from my desk,
she asked me to give it to her. She said she’ll pass it along to you. I’m positive it was her! That can’t be possible! Are you sure? I’m positive! I gave it up because it was her! I wouldn’t have given it to anyone else. It was Chief Kang. As our police department came in first place for
violent crimes solved rate… You should’ve put it on your neck… Tae-il the Detail! Let’s forget about work today and
have fun this afternoon! That’s all! Five people! We have five people here! We passed! Three people! Three people! Out! Only two here! What’s this? Gross! Get a room! Spit it out! Get a room! For your effort! Hey! You can keep it. No! It’s okay! I don’t need it, just use it. Go for it! That’s right! You caught up to him! That was great! Oh my goodness! You did well. Very well! I’m so proud of you! You’re all surrounded! Cheers! Now that I look back,
I’m very proud of you. You said you joined this team
because it pays well… And you joined because the traffic
department was already full! And Dae-goo just said
he doesn’t want to say it! It was just yesterday when all of you drove me
crazy all the time! How have you grown up
so much already? We have grown up a lot, detective! Of course you have. By a lot! I have so many stories about you guys! Including the one when you were
arrested by the other police station… Don’t you remember? Of course we do! We do. Don’t you remember, stubborn boy? Why aren’t you answering? Yes, I do remember. Pan-seok, our kids have
grown up so much! Of course they have! But they still have a long way to go. “You’ll never become detectives.” Look what you have done. Look at me. “My instinct is wrong only as often as someone getting
struck by lightning!” They’ve lost their fear of you! How dare you to make fun of him? Let’s order more meat! We’re going all the way tonight! Yes, sir. I don’t think Detective Seo
is coming back. He’s probably still held up
at the station. Once the toad starts going off,
no one can stop it! Speaking of the toad,
I’m reminded of it again. Eun Dae-goo, Uh Soo-sun. Yes, sir? You’re dating, right? That kiss from the other
day was real, wasn’t it? No, it wasn’t! Geez, tell me the truth! I won’t tell other teams! No, it wasn’t real and we’re not dating. And… He’s not my type. Are you sure? Yes, he’s not my type. She says he’s not her type! It was just business! Just business! Not me. It wasn’t just business for me. For me, it was real. Eun Dae-goo is a man! I’m going to the restroom. I’m sorry. It was real for him? Really? That means he really likes me… Is he insane or something? But how could he say it like
that in front of everyone? I’m really slow because
I’m not smart… And I… That little brat! How could you not think about Detective Eo when you
just said that before? Can’t you imagine
how embarrassed she was? It wasn’t within the realm of logic. What? His logic wasn’t in
control at the moment, so he just blurted it out. What are you talking about? Were you drunk? Yes, drunk! He was drunk. A young one like you shouldn’t
get drunk too easily… Let’s get out… Geez, I must have lost my mind! Chief Kang took that
piece of paper from me! So did you put Ji-yong under
me on purpose? Yes, I did. Why? Why did you? I’ve supported him ever since
he was in that orphanage. But one day, he came to me and
said he wanted to be a cop. As I reported earlier, I’m working on the
Eun Dae-goo assault case. It’s an order. Get yourself off that case and
take over the Park Soo-seok case! You aren’t sleeping yet? I figured you might be knocked out
after all those drinks. Why aren’t you sleeping? I usually can’t sleep once
I drink the right amount of alcohol. Take a seat. How long have you been
collecting all of these? About 8 or 9 years. I started when I thought
it might be murder by a hired hit man. But there’s not a single document
that talks about Cho Hyung-chul here. I could have never imagined it. Have you returned to see
Cho Hyung-chul since your last visit? No, I haven’t. Would you like to go with me
when I go? I was going to suggest that. It might be more effective to
convince him together. Sure, let’s do that. Good night. Ji-yong, I’m sorry…for not being
able to protect your mother. I’m very sorry. It’s late. Good night. How’s the preparation for
the shareholders’ meeting going? Yes, if we can convince Mr. Han, we’ll be able to keep the
control of a company. Mr. Han? It’s not Mr. Kang? There’s a rumor that Mr. Han is
hoarding the stock because you told him to. What is she talking about? Nothing you should worry about. I think Mr. Kang’s people are
creating rumors to split us. Why are you only
worried about Mr. Han? I’m the biggest
shareholder of the company! Who says I’m guaranteed to
be on your side? Mom, just stop! Let us eat at least breakfast in peace! My stomach is killing me right now… So how long are you
going to live like this? You should either
continue your studies abroad, or find another school here. Should I become a cop,
Grandfather? That man before looked
so awesome! “You’ll be punished by law,
Ms. Yoo.” What an idiot! I must get going first. I have a morning meeting. The concentration at the
last moment is always the problem. Once you lose your focus
by at least a little bit… The target flies away
and disappears. You’ve hit nine out of ten. That’s great. It doesn’t matter if I hit 9 or 99. The problem always arises
from that missed one. Don’t you think so? You especially seem to be losing
your focus often these days. I guess I’m still more
focused than you are. I don’t shoot at wrong places
and miss my target entirely. You just said the missed one is
more important than the nine you got. Let me ask you something then. Where are those nine targets
that you’ve aimed at so far? What are you trying to say? You’re already
a two-term congressman. But you still haven’t called for
any public hearing… And I heard you aren’t
active at all in your committees. When are you planning
on showing me results? Where are you aiming your gun at? I thought you wouldn’t change
once you were in power because your roots are in the police force. But these days,
I suspect that you’ve changed… No… I suspect that you never had
the intention to begin with. Don’t you think you’re too deeply
involved in this to say such things? I do. But at the same time, I hope you realize that I’m not the same
Kang Seok-soon as before. I’ve grown up a bit. Grown up? Show me some results. Do not test my patience anymore. Detective Eo! You took everything out! What should we do? Please bring those downstairs. Okay. Thank you! This is so heavy! I’ll do that. I’ll bring that down,
so just keep packing up. I’m coming inside. What? Okay… Am I really not your type? What? Well, that’s… Did you really kiss me purely
because of business? I got it. Mom! It looks cool! Where did you get this? Where did you get this pendant? I picked it up from the
school’s science lab when I was in high school. The science lab? Kim Ji-yong! Where on earth is he? Forget it. What apology? It’s pretty! It’ll be perfect for my auditions. You got this right after
you saw Cho Hyung-chul. And you couldn’t
connect them together? I couldn’t, because I thought the pendant probably belonged
to a woman. Then you could’ve
at least thought about it when we arrested him… I’m sorry. I totally forgot that I had the pendant. No, that’s possible. It’s a woman’s pendant. It’s possible that
she couldn’t make the implication! However, this is very fortunate for us. Without Soo-sun, there’s no way
we could’ve found it after 11 years! Of course. What should we do
with the pendant, Pan-seok? Should we pass it along
to the prosecutors? You can’t. Let’s continue with
our own investigation, in secret. The investigation
on the killer isn’t over, along with the identity
of Detective Seo. But the prosecutors are
closing the case based solely on Cho’s testimony. So if we hand them
the pendant at this moment, it won’t do anything to
help the investigation. That’s right. I’ll investigate this myself and find out if the business owner
dropped the pendant… Along with the identity of
Detective Seo that helped Cho. We must keep this confidential
even from Chief Kang. Why? The Chief is a person of principle. Once she finds out, she’ll tell you to give the
pendant to the prosecutors. I see. We must find out
who made the pendant… I think we can exclude
all name brands. I looked at every name
brand’s catalogue for the last 11 years. I couldn’t find anything like it. Limited editions and free gifts
don’t show up in catalogues. Is that true? I know nothing about jewelry… Let’s get a professional’s opinion. It looks pretty expensive. So it’s not a regular
product of a name brand, right? Yes, I’ve never seen anything like it. Then, it might have been made by
a designer who only deals with a small number of customers. You can put it up on
a jewelry auction site. Once you post it there,
some professionals might recognize it. Or you can seek out the
opinion of an actual jewelry expert. I see. Thanks. You can go ahead. Let’s get dinner either
tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Can you be free? You’ll get very busy now that
you’ve found the pendant. You should just dedicate the
rest of your life to this investigation. It fits you the best and
makes you the happiest. I’ll make time no matter what! I must know why you
handed me the divorce papers. Even Park Tae-il knows about it. What did he say? Something about through humanism… So you just hug him
so easily like that? How come you never
hug me like that? Park Tae-il told me that
he’s sorry but not sorry. What is that? Is he teasing me? Anyway, call me once
you decide on a place. I’ll make time no matter what. Humanism? Whatever… He’s getting cuter and cuter. Let me tell each of you
what you should do. It’s unlikely that the pendant was made by a mainstream
name brand manufacturer. It’s more likely that it’s made
by an independent designer. We can’t possibly visit
every designer out there… There’s no guarantee that
it was made by a Korean designer either. That’s why we need to
get help from others. Eo Soo-sun, Ji Gook, post this pendant up on
every popular auction site. Ensemble of platinum and diamond… Starting from $0! Are there any experts out there
who recognize this pendant? Please help. There must be someone
who’ll recognize it there as these are the sites where they congregate. Focus on those online groups
that deal with rare designer jewelry. Anything up yet? Not yet. Is this from a new designer? I’ve never seen anything like it before. It looks a bit like
Karembeu 2012 SS collection. No? We also need to visit the experts who are interested in expensive jewelry
along with some jewelry outlets. I’m a police office from the
Gangnam Police Station. I have a question to ask you. Have you ever seen
a pendant like this? It should be in this book
if it’s from 11 years ago. I think it’s made by a foreign designer. Figure out how much it’ll be, and if there’s any designer
who makes similar products. All diamonds are less than 0.1 Karat,
so it’s not too expensive. But the design is very subtle and rare. So you can charge whatever you want. Try to find out if there’s any story about someone losing
an expensive pendant. If someone lost
something that expensive, people would’ve talked about it! I never heard about it. My mom never heard of it either. And she knows everything
about the rumors! And if you ever hear
anything in the future… Detective Seo… Let’s go. Mr. Cho has refused to
meet with you. Have you found something? Someone has finally
recognized the pendant I’d have never expected
to see this here. It certainly is my first time
seeing it online! It’s made by Henri Jung,
a Korean French designer. It’s his 2002 limited edition. It’s the only-for-you concept. The work’s motif is supposed to
reflect the wearer’s personality. Which rich family has
gone bankrupt for a pendant like this to be on an auction? Yes, I think we were right to guess
that it was made by a designer. His name is Henri Jung. He majorly works in France. This was one of limited edition pendants that he made for
VVIP’s in Korea in 2002. So do we need to go to
France to meet this designer? No, luckily he’s in Korea
right now for his exhibition. He’s leaving in two days. Did you say that you guys are officers
from the Gangnam Police Station? Yes, sir. Here… No, thanks. We’re on duty right now. I’m also fine. So, what can I do for you? This is your work, right? It is my work. But how is this in your hands? Someone has lost it. We’re trying to find the owner. So we were wondering
if you know the owner yourself. The design of this pendant is
just like the name of the owner. The motif was the
image of the client… It was made as her signature item. Then you must know
who the owner is. Of course. But since this is quite old,
I must double check. Let’s see… Here it is. Yoo Ae-yeon Yoo Ae-yeon Yoo Ae-yeon… Is she the wife of the
CEO of Cha Sung Industries? I’m not sure. Hold on. You’re correct. Cha Sung Industries Yoo Ae-yeon,
vice president. How could this be possible? How… So Yoo Ae-yeon came to
my house 11 years ago? She killed my mom? Perhaps… Do you know her from before? Or perhaps,
she knew your mother? Not that I know of, no. You really don’t know
anything at all, do you? Your name is Eun Dae-goo? Who are you more like
between your parents? It’s only natural to be more passive
after having such an experience. There can’t be any possible connection between the business owner
and Yoo Ae-yeon. Can you think of anything? Nothing… But now that I think of it,
something was weird. She sounded like
she knows whom I am. Let’s go see her. We’ll find out soon enough. Mrs. Yoo, you know this pendant,
don’t you? How can a pendant that disappeared 11 years ago
come out of nowhere? Where did they find it? Was it him? Report to me
how Cho Hyung-chul is doing. I’m getting dinner with Detective Ji. He’s working hard on a crab. Oh, crap. This is totally planned. It’s me. Proceed as planned.

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